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WCW/nWo Revenge

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Title Screen

WCW/nWo Revenge

Developer: AKI
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in US: October 26, 1998
Released in EU: November 30, 1998

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

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WCW/nWo Revenge is the second of AKI Corporation's WCW-licensed wrestling games developed for the N64.

Unused Graphics

Cage Match

Imagine that.

Hidden among the graphics for the special match types (Handicap Match and Battle Royal) is a Cage Match graphic, in a different style from the other menu items. (Cage Matches would later appear in WWF WrestleMania 2000.)

You can view this graphic in-game via a GameShark code: 810C911E 00A2. It will replace the Handicap Match graphic in the Special Matches menu with the Cage Match graphic.


Although Wrath is in the code of this game, he is not playable through normal means. He is mostly complete, but some of his moves are missing sounds or have incorrect animation. In addition, he does not have his own costumes, using one of Sting's for all four slots.

To unlock everyone, including Wrath, use the GameShark code 8107F07C FFFF. He will be in the WCW 3 section of the character list. He will not be saved automatically, but if you complete any of the titles with him, he will be permanently added to the roster once you play that same title again and defeat him.

(Source: GameWinners for the code and GameFAQs for additional information)