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WWF Super WrestleMania (SNES)

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Title Screen

WWF Super WrestleMania

Developer: Sculptured Software
Publishers: LJN (US), Acclaim Japan (JP), Acclaim Entertainment (EU)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: April 24, 1992
Released in US: March 1992
Released in EU: October 22, 1992

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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WWF Super WrestleMania is the first World Wrestling Federation game released for the SNES.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Text

Starting at address 0002EF0E, there is some pre-fight text that doesn't show up after choosing wrestlers.


It could be assumed that the wrestlers were supposed to have some optional pre-match taunts. Instead, the game simply skips to Howard Finkel announcing the wrestlers before the match starts.