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WWF WrestleMania Challenge

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Title Screen

WWF WrestleMania Challenge

Developer: Rare
Publishers: LJN (US/EU), HOT-B (JP)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: March 27, 1992
Released in US: November 1990
Released in EU: 1991

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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WWF WrestleMania Challenge is the second WWF/WWE game on the NES.


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Prerelease Info

Regional Differences


The HOT-B logo was added in the Japanese version.

USA Europe Japan
WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESUSACopyright.png WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESEURCopyright.png WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESJPNCopyright.png

Copyright information was updated.

USA Europe Japan
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge (NES)-title.png WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESEURTitle.png WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESJPNTitle.png

The garbage graphics at the top was removed.

USA/Europe Japan
WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESUSAMenu.png WWFWrestleManiaChallengeNESJPNMenu.png

The blue and white font was changed to just plain white.