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WCW Nitro

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Title Screen

WCW Nitro

Developer: Inland Productions
Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Windows
Released in US: February 1998 (PlayStation), February 1, 1999 (Nintendo 64), May 4, 2000 (Windows)
Released in EU: June 1998 (PlayStation)

SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

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WCW Nitro, named after one of the programs that was part of the Monday Night Wars, is the second WCW game to be released on the fifth generation consoles, best remembered for the wrestler promos rather than the gameplay.

Unused Credit Song

There is a song in the game data that mentions how they need to finish lyrics for the song to use for the credits.

Version Differences

As the Nintendo 64 and Windows versions were released later, both feature an updated roster from WCW/nWo Thunder, as well as its "rant" videos in the case of the PC version (with a Nitro background instead).