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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Blood & Magic

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Title Screen

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Blood & Magic

Developer: Tachyon Studios
Publisher: Interplay
Platforms: DOS, Windows
Released in US: November 26, 1996

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Blood & Magic is just your average Dungeons & Dragons RTS on the PC... that's what you're told, anyway. A couple of copies of the demo, such as the one in the The Forgotten Realms Archives, contain the source code and assets used for the game.

To do:
See if the monochrome monitor can be made working again. There's also a map editor that was commented out of the final game.

Monochrome Monitor

While the messages that were meant to be printed using a monochrome monitor are still in the game's executable, the functionality itself appears to be disabled.


In the final version of the game, there's a batch file named GETSRC, which was likely used to copy over the code to other places for portability. This is also likely how The Forgotten Realms Archives ended up with a copy of the game's source code.

md c:\watcom\code
md c:\watcom\code\bam
md c:\watcom\code\tigre
xcopy code\bam c:\watcom\code\bam
xcopy code\tigre c:\watcom\code\tigre