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Stronghold (1993, DOS)

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Title Screen


Developer: Stormfront Studios
Publisher: Strategic Simulations
Platform: DOS
Released in US: September 1993

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Debug Mode

Enter the command prompt argument debug when booting up the game (i.e. strong debug). Then, create a new game and begin. During gameplay, press Alt along with one of the following keys to get these effects...

Key Effect
B Change a building by 1. This only works when there's an existing building owned by someone.
C Change a character to another character or creature. Note that this character/creature can't be controlled by the player.
D Show character locations.
F Similar to pressing B, by 10 rather than 1.
G Get a game over by destroying the player's main stronghold.
H See the RNG seed used to generate the area.
J All castles get new units.
K Instantly destroy the building on screen.
L Raise a character's level.
M A very glitchy memory list printing function.
P The main character will upgrade in status.
R The player will immediately become an emperor/empress.
S Advance in time by a season.
Y Kill a random character on screen.
Z Hurt all monsters.

(Source: CooperTeam)