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Bloons Tower Defense

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Title Screen

Bloons Tower Defense

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: August 16, 2007

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Bloons Tower Defense is the first of a rather popular long-running tower defense series of games.

Unused Graphics

Bloons Tower Defense (Adobe Flash) unused bloon.png
A placeholder graphic, presumably as a template for the resolution needed for the graphic size needed for the bloons.

Unused Text

this is test text

Text that would be replaced by a script.


Text that would have been used on the unused loading screen.

Unused Tower

BTD4 Flash-Tower.png

There's an unused tower called the Spikey Ball Tower, as seen in these code snippets:

   var COST_DART = 250;
   var COST_TACK = 400;
   var COST_SPIKEY = 500;
   var COST_BOMB = 900;
   var COST_ICE = 850;

   var RANGE_DART = 100;
   var RANGE_TACK = 70;
   var RANGE_SPIKEY = 85;
   var RANGE_BOMB = 120;
   var RANGE_ICE = 60;

         case "spikey":
            this.attackRate = 130;
            this.attackRadius = this.game.RANGE_SPIKEY;
            this.pierceMax = 2;
            this.shootPower = 12;
            this.isspread = true;
            this.towerName = "Spikey Ball Tower";
            this.spentonme = this.game.COST_SPIKEY;

The tower can be restored and is functional. A quick demonstration can be seen here.