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Bloons TD 6

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Title Screen

Bloons TD 6

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publishers: Ninja Kiwi
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: June 14, 2018 (Android/iOS), December 18, 2018 (Windows), March 13, 2019 (Macintosh)

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Bloons Tower Defense 6 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 5. But this time, it's in 3D!

To do:
  • There are several freeplay rounds with custom layouts that are functionally impossible to reach (such as round 10,000, which always has 100 Fortified BADs).
  • There are some oddities with the Ice Monkey that suggest that it was originally planned to be a magic-class tower instead of a primary-class tower:
    • Some of its weapons are flagged as belonging to a magic tower instead of a primary tower.
    • The game forcibly crashes if a tower is given an upgrade combination that is normally impossible (such as 3-3-3), but the Wizard Monkey, Druid, and Alchemist won't cause a crash if at least two of the paths are tier-2 or below (such as 3-2-2), because these towers are meant to work with the Monkey Academy's Wizards Library upgrade. However, this trait is also shared by the Ice Monkey, suggesting that this tower was also planned to be affected by Wizards Library.
  • More unused graphics and models that got taken out in version 24.0.
  • Document the prototype builds have been uncovered, such as builds 71 and 102.


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Prerelease Info
Unused Text
Instructions not included.
Version Differences
Hope you like bug fixes, because there's a lot of bug fixes.

Unused Tracks

Monkeys in Space

This track was allegedly cut from the final game because one of the founders of Ninja Kiwi, Stephen Harris, does not like space maps. It was going to be Intermediate difficulty. The model for the track was removed in version 24.0, while the textures and thumbnail for the track only existed in early builds.


It's not easy being green
As the name suggests, this is a recreation of the track from the very first Bloons Tower Defense game. This was most likely used for testing. The thumbnail for the track only exists in builds from early 2018, though the thumbnail itself seems to be a remnant from an even earlier build. In the early 2018 builds, the map model included several decorative objects for testing purposes, such as houses, flowers, and a windmill, the models of which were later used for other maps such as Monkey Meadow and Town Center.

Test Maps

There are two additional test tracks, TestMap and TestWaterMap, both of which have the same path layout as BTD1. TestWaterMap has a mask (defined area for tower placement, such as the path or the ground) entirely of water, while TestMap has no mask at all.

(Source: BowDown097)

Unused Graphics

Extreme Icon

An icon for the Extreme track category, which was previously seen in BTD5. Interestingly, while this icon is not used anywhere in-game, the official Ninja Kiwi Discord server used to use this icon as an emote.

Hero Level Badges

Seven different icons exist for Hero levels, but only icons 3, 4, 6, and 7 are used in-game, leaving icons 1, 2, and 5 unused.

Elite Defender Buff Icons

Buff icons for the Elite Defender's passive abilities. These have existed since version 12.0, but have never been used.

Fortified Bloons

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
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Specifically: These bloons were functional at one point, but were removed in a later update. When were they removed?
Red Blue Green Yellow Pink Purple White Black Zebra Rainbow
Fortified BTD6-RedFortified.png BTD6-BlueFortified.png BTD6-GreenFortified.png BTD6-YellowFortified.png BTD6-PinkFortified.png BTD6-PurpleFortified.png BTD6-WhiteFortified.png BTD6-BlackFortified.png BTD6-ZebraFortified.png BTD6-RainbowFortified.png
Regrow Fortified BTD6-RedRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlueRegrowFortified.png BTD6-GreenRegrowFortified.png BTD6-YellowRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PinkRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PurpleRegrowFortified.png BTD6-WhiteRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlackRegrowFortified.png BTD6-ZebraRegrowFortified.png BTD6-RainbowRegrowFortified.png
Camo Fortified BTD6-RedCamoFortified.png BTD6-BlueCamoFortified.png BTD6-GreenCamoFortified.png BTD6-YellowCamoFortified.png BTD6-PinkCamoFortified.png BTD6-PurpleCamoFortified.png BTD6-WhiteCamoFortified.png BTD6-BlackCamoFortified.png BTD6-ZebraCamoFortified.png BTD6-RainbowCamoFortified.png
Camo Regrow Fortified The meme is dead BTD6-BlueCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-GreenCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-YellowCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PinkCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PurpleCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-WhiteCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlackCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-ZebraCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-RainbowCamoRegrowFortified.png

Fortified variants used to exist for every Bloon type in the game, but only Lead, Ceramic, Golden, and MOAB-class Bloons can be fortified in the current version of the game. Fortified Purple Bloons could appear in freeplay mode at launch, but this was removed in version 2.0. These Bloons were made non-functional in an unknown version, and their graphics were removed in version 24.0.

Shielded Bloon

Shields up

This overlay texture was added to the game's files in version 24.0, but was never used. It may have been intended as an ability of the Golden Bloon, possibly as a nod to Bloons Super Monkey 2 where it was always protected by a shield.

A very similar graphic would later be used for the Shielded Bloons in Bloons Pop!.

Early Churchill Texture

Early Final
BTD6-ChurchillTextureEarly.png BTD6-ChurchillTextureFinal.png

Early textures for Captain Churchill. These textures are less polished than the final textures, and they bear a striking resemblance to his appearance in an early render. These textures don't fit Churchill's model or UVs in the final game, which indicates that Churchill also had a different model at one point.

Early Crate Textures

The Support Chinook's texture map contains placeholder textures for crates. The cash crate texture uses the icon for NK Coins, the currency formerly used on Ninja Kiwi's website, while the lives crate texture reuses a heart icon from BTD5.

Early Dartling Gunner Textures

An assortment of projectile textures and visual effects that were originally intended for the Dartling Gunner. These were added to the game's files in version 9.0, but were removed in version 12.0. The Dartling Gunner was later released in version 22.0, but the projectile textures it now uses are completely different, leaving these early designs unused.


This weird-looking texture for a rocket projectile has three duplicates. Most likely a placeholder texture, given its ubiquity. Removed in version 24.0.


The same graphic as the above, but grayscale and with the bottom half cut off for some reason. Also removed in version 24.0.

Early Monkey Ace Projectiles

A number of early, strange-looking textures for the Monkey Ace's projectiles.

Blue Shuriken

A blue shuriken. It seems that the Ninja Monkey would have used this when upgraded to Seeking Shurikens, rather than using the regular shuriken textures, as it does in the final. Similarly, a second texture was supposed to be used for having both Seeking Shurikens and Sharper Shurikens at the same time, but is also unused and, oddly, is completely identical to the blue shuriken. Both were removed in version 24.0.

(Source: Original TCRF research)