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Bloons TD 6

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Title Screen

Bloons TD 6

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publishers: Ninja Kiwi
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: June 14, 2018 (Android/iOS), December 18, 2018 (Windows), March 13, 2019 (Macintosh)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Bloons Tower Defense 6 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Bloons Tower Defense 5. But this time, it's in 3D!

To do:
  • There are several freeplay rounds with custom layouts that are functionally impossible to reach (such as round 10,000, which always has 100 Fortified BADs).
  • The memetic "Slons Map" is in the game data, apparently. Look into that.
  • Unused data exists for Odyssey Mode from BTD5.

Unused Graphics

Extreme Icon

An icon for the Extreme track category, which was previously seen in BTD5. Interestingly, while the icon is not used anywhere in-game, the official Ninja Kiwi Discord server uses this icon as an emote.

Fortified Bloons

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: These bloons used to be functional, but were removed at some point, leaving only the graphics. When were they removed?

Every Bloon type has graphics for fortified variants, although only Lead, Ceramic, and MOAB-class Bloons can be fortified in the final game. Fortified Purple Bloons used to appear in freeplay mode, but were removed in version 2.0.

Red Blue Green Yellow Pink Purple White Black Zebra Rainbow
Fortified BTD6-RedFortified.png BTD6-BlueFortified.png BTD6-GreenFortified.png BTD6-YellowFortified.png BTD6-PinkFortified.png BTD6-PurpleFortified.png BTD6-WhiteFortified.png BTD6-BlackFortified.png BTD6-ZebraFortified.png BTD6-RainbowFortified.png
Regrow Fortified BTD6-RedRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlueRegrowFortified.png BTD6-GreenRegrowFortified.png BTD6-YellowRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PinkRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PurpleRegrowFortified.png BTD6-WhiteRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlackRegrowFortified.png BTD6-ZebraRegrowFortified.png BTD6-RainbowRegrowFortified.png
Camo Fortified BTD6-RedCamoFortified.png BTD6-BlueCamoFortified.png BTD6-GreenCamoFortified.png BTD6-YellowCamoFortified.png BTD6-PinkCamoFortified.png BTD6-PurpleCamoFortified.png BTD6-WhiteCamoFortified.png BTD6-BlackCamoFortified.png BTD6-ZebraCamoFortified.png BTD6-RainbowCamoFortified.png
Camo Regrow Fortified The meme is dead BTD6-BlueCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-GreenCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-YellowCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PinkCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-PurpleCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-WhiteCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-BlackCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-ZebraCamoRegrowFortified.png BTD6-RainbowCamoRegrowFortified.png

Early Churchill Texture

Early Final
BTD6-ChurchillTextureEarly.png BTD6-ChurchillTextureFinal.png

An early texture map for Captain Churchill. These textures are much rougher than the final textures, and they greatly resemble his appearance in a render from an early icon. These textures don't fit Churchill's model and UV mapping in the final game, which suggests that Churchill had a different model one point.

Early Crate Textures

The Support Chinook's texture map contains early, placeholder-y textures for crates. The coin texture is ripped from the currency used on Ninja Kiwi's website, while the heart texture is ripped from BTD5.

Dartling Gunner Textures

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: When were these graphics removed? Were they removed all at once, or taken out incrementally over several updates?

Various projectile textures intended for the Dartling Gunner. All these textures were removed in later versions.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


This weird-looking texture for a rocket projectile has three duplicates. Most likely a placeholder texture, given its ubiquity.


The same graphic as above, but grayscale and with the bottom half cut off for some reason.

Early Monkey Ace Projectiles

A number of early, strange-looking textures for the Monkey Ace's projectiles.

Blue Shuriken

Some blue shurikens. It seems that the Ninja Monkey would have used these when upgraded to Seeking Shurikens, instead of it using the regular shuriken textures, as it does in the final. Similarly, a second texture was supposed to be used for having both Seeking Shurikens and Sharper Shurikens at the same time, but is also unused and, oddly, is completely identical to the blue shuriken.

Unused Tracks

Monkeys in Space

This track was allegedly cut from the final game because one of the founders of Ninja Kiwi, Stephen Harris, does not like space maps. It was going to be Intermediate difficulty.


It's not easy being green
As the name suggests, this is a recreation of the track seen in the very first Bloons Tower Defense game. This was most likely used for testing.

This image of the map is actually an early version of it, as it is from around 2017. Between that time and its almost complete removal from the game files in February 2018, decorations such as houses, windmills, and flowers were added. Their models would go on to be reused in tracks such as Monkey Meadows.

Test Maps

There are two additional test tracks, TestMap and TestWaterMap, both of which have the same path layout as BTD1. TestWaterMap has a mask (defined area for tower placement, such as the path or the ground) entirely of water, while TestMap has no mask at all.

Unused Text

Dartling Gunner

Various strings exist for the Dartling Gunner, a tower from BTD4 and BTD5 that has yet to reappear in this game. Based on the categories of its unused Monkey Knowledge, the Dartling Gunner is meant to be a military-class tower.

Tier Name Description
Base Dartling Gunner Uses a dart-shooting machine-gun. Aims wherever you last tapped on the screen.
Path 1
1 Focused Firing Increases accuracy of the Dartling Gun.
2 Faster Barrel Spin Makes gun fire much faster.
3 Laser Cannon Rapid fire laser blasts can pop Frozen Bloons.
4 Plasma Accelerator Concentrates a powerful beam of energy to a single point.
5 Ray of Doom Creates a solid line of Bloon annihilation. You can basically erase the Bloons at your leisure.
Path 2
1 Powerful Darts Darts move faster and can pop 3 Bloons each.
2 Depleted Bloontonium Shots can damage any Bloon type.
3 Hydra Rocket Pods Shoots vicious little missiles instead of darts.
4 Rocket Storm Rocket Storm ability: Sends a powerful storm of rockets in all directions.
5 MAD (Moab Assured Destroyer) Each missile does extreme damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.
Path 3
1 Faster Swivel Barrel can swivel much faster.
2 Lock and Load Can lock Dartling in one aim direction.
3 Buckshot Shoots blasts of deadly buckshot instead of darts.
4 Bloon Area Denial System 4-barreled auto-cannon can set to attack automatically.
5 Bloon Exclusion Zone Increased damage and upgrade to 6 barrels. Bloons are excluded.

Monkey Academy

Various strings exist for a tower called the Monkey Academy, a completely original tower that, nonetheless, is seemingly based on a building of the same name in Bloons Monkey City. Based on the categories of its unused Monkey Knowledge, the Monkey Academy is meant to be a support-class tower.

Tier Name Description
Base Monkey Academy Place of Monkey education and training. Grants powerful benefits for Military, Magic and Hero Monkeys. Generates a small amount of Hero XP every round.
Path 1
1 Military Efficiency Decreases footprint of Military Monkeys in the radius.
2 Wider Influence Gives Academy a larger influence radius.
3 M.A.S.H Monkey Army Surgical Hospital gives extra lives for Bloons popped.
4 Military Barracks Military Monkeys in radius get longer range, more pops and can be sold at a favorable rate.
5 Military HQ Military Monkeys everywhere gain huge range, pops and damage buffs.
Path 2
1 Magic Sciences Magic Monkeys in the radius get extra pierce and attack speed.
2 Academic Network Increases Academy radius for all Academies with this upgrade.
3 Wizards Library Wizards, Druids and Alchemists in the radius can learn up to tier 2 in all three upgrade paths.
4 Magic Arcanum Academy Graduate ability: Creates a powerful Monkey whose abilities are based on what Magic Monkeys are nearby.
5 Nexus Crucible Academy Graduates created by ability are permanent!
Path 3
1 Private Tuition Generates more XP per round for your Hero.
2 Heroic Presence Heroes get 15% increased range while in the radius of the Academy.
3 Heroic Academy Your Hero's ability cooldowns are reduced.
4 Power Hero Development (PhD) Generates lots of extra XP per round for your Hero.
5 Dynamic Duo Allows you to get a second hero!

Monkey Knowledge

Name Description
Broad Blade Dartlings Shots from Dartling Guns can hit Bloons more easily.
Dartling Coolant Dartling Gun attack speed increase by 10%.
More Buckshot Buckshot shoots 5 projectiles.
Focused Plasma Plasma Accelerator does damage faster.
Elite Tutors Generates another +15 XP per round for your Hero.
Long Graduation Academy Graduate lasts longer.

Additionally, a duplicate name and description for Supa-Thrive exists, although it is named "SupaGroFertilizer" in the code. Thrive only affects cash gained from popping Bloons, not from farming, so why the name refers to fertiliser is unknown.



Note that "{0}" is used in the game's text as a placeholder for numbers.

ID Name Description
12 Extreme Player Win {0} game on an Extreme map

Pause Menu Options

Text Notes
Continuous Play Probably an early name for Auto Start mode. It may have been changed due to the text being too long to fit in the pause menu panel.
Line of Sight This option existed in earlier versions, but was removed in version 11.0.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Text Oddities

  • Several upgrades have different names in the code and in various file names, suggesting they were changed during development:
    • The Monkey Ace's Centred Path upgrade is named "FlightOrders" in one of its file names.
    • The Mortar Monkey's Shell Shock upgrade is named "Shockwave" in various file names and in the language files.
  • Monkey Meadow is named "Tutorial" in the language files. Despite this, the game's tutorial doesn't take place on this map at all—it takes place on Town Center!
  • CHIMPS mode is named "CLICKS" in several files. This is probably an early name, and presumably stands for something along the lines of "no Continues, Lives lost, Income, Consumables, Knowledge, or Selling", in the same vein as the final name.
  • The Time Stop power is named "DartTime" in various file names and in the language files, and the Longer Time Stop monkey knowledge is named "LongerDartTime" in the same manner. This is presumably an early name, and a reference to "bullet time" from The Matrix.
  • In the language files, the first 8 heroes are organised in a completely different order from the final game:
Internal Order In-Game Order
Quincy Quincy
Striker Jones Gwendolin
Captain Churchill Striker Jones
Gwendolin Obyn Greenfoot
Benjamin Captain Churchill
Pat Fusty Benjamin
Ezili Ezili
Obyn Greenfoot Pat Fusty

Version Differences

To do:
  • Expand this section to include all patch differences - added tracks, balance changes, etc.
  • Move the linked concept art to a prerelease page. (Currently, we only have concept art for Benjamin and Pat.)

Striker Jones

Original Updated
Prepare for obliteration! I love the smell of bubble-wrap in the morning!

Jones was usable since the game launched in version 1.0, though at the time, his icon used a design that was slightly different from the final. This was probably an oversight, as it was subsequently replaced in version 2.0. Compared to the updated version, the lighting was different, his cap had a slightly different emblem, and his fabulous mustache was smaller and didn't obscure his mouth. The original version can also be seen in a teaser image posted on Twitter before the game launched.

Captain Churchill

Original Updated
The sun god fights on the side with the best artillery! It's going to rain hard today!

Churchill's icon has been in the game since launch, although he was not implemented in the game at that time. When he was released in version 2.0, his icon was changed. His original icon shows a rather drastic change in design: his helmet was green instead of brown, his goggles had black lenses instead of green lenses, the barrel on his tank gun was green instead of gray, the antenna on his tank didn't have a cap, and his hat and the side of the tank turret had emblems on them. Additionally, Churchill himself lacked a scar and had beady brown eyes instead of green eyes.


Original Updated
Rules are made to be broken! Let's see what we can do here.

Benjamin's icon has been in the game since launch, although he was not implemented in the game at that time. When he was released in version 3.0, his icon was changed. His original icon is slightly different: he was facing right instead of left, his hairstyle was different, and he had sunglasses in his level 1 form (which matches his appearance in concept art).


Original Updated
Hahaha! What is your will? I have never been stronger!

Ezili's icon has been in the game since launch, although she was not implemented in the game at that time. When she was released in version 7.0, her icon was changed. Her original icon shows some significant design changes: the pattern on her forehead was different, her eyebrows were square-ish instead of circular, her eyelids had small notches above them, and her hairstyle was different. Additionally, in the original icon, she was facing to the left, while in the updated icon, she's facing to the right.

Pat Fusty

Original Updated
It's squashing time! To pop is to serve!

Pat's icon has been in the game since launch, although he was not implemented in the game at that time. When he was (finally) released in version 9.0, his icon was changed. His original icon doesn't show many design changes, although he was originally in a completely different pose. In the original, his arm appears to be glowing orange, which doesn't happen in the final game, but can be seen in concept art, in which it's shown that it would've occurred when using his Rallying Roar ability.