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Bloons TD Battles 2

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Title Screen

Bloons TD Battles 2

Developer: Ninja Kiwi[1]
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi[1]
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: November 30, 2021[1]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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  • Unused "Paper Lantern" MOAB skins, the models of which were removed in later versions (but not the textures).
  • More unused text and graphics.
  • Sounds for temple fast forward upgrades and VTSG upgrade

Bloons TD Battles 2 is the long-awaited sequel to Bloons TD Battles 1. It gets the competitive gameplay of its predecessor, but also has most of the new things from Bloons TD 6. The game had a very slow start, causing it to lose most of its popularity after it launched. But as updates go on, the game is (probably)slowly reviving.

Also, there are hundreds of hundreds of cosmetics, so you can deflate your opponents in style!

Unused Bling

Bloon Decals

Overlay Name Description Notes
Normal Regrow
Battles2 quincy hood.png
Tactical Hood
Nothing gets past these bloons!
Grouped with Quincy's Hero Rewards.
Battles2 bling decal arcticwind.png Battles2 bling decal arcticwind regrow.png
Cosy Bloons
Wrapped up warm.
Grouped with the Ice Monkey's Monkey Mastery.
Battles2 bling decal flag frames.png
Bloon Flags
Fly the flag!
Grouped with the Monkey Village's Monkey Mastery.

Unused Textures


Battles2 foam bloontonium dart.png A foam bloontonium dart. Bloontonium Darts as an upgrade in Bloons TD 5 and it's spinoffs, and was planned and scrapped for BTD6, with an unused projectile sprite. It's likely the developers saw the texture and made a foam darts skin for it before remembering it was unused.


Battles2 buff icon true sun god555.png

Could be seen in the Bloons TD 6 24.0 update video as a Bloon decal, though blurry. Leftover from BTD6.

Unused Audio

Fast 5xx Super Monkey upgrade sound

Because Fast Forward is not a feature in Bloons TD Battles 2, the sound for upgrading to the True Sun God with Fast Forward turned on is unused.

555 Super Monkey upgrade sounds

Both normal and Fast Forward versions of the upgrade sound for the Vengeful True Sun God, a special form of the True Sun God in Bloons TD 6, exist in the game's files. It is impossible to create the Vengeful True Sun God anyway due to having no form of adaptation of the "There Can Be Only One" Knowledge from the original game, as well as no way to add a fourth tower type as the fourth sacrifice category to a loadout in a match.

Unused Text

Placeholder Text


A placeholder name for season rewards.

Unused Item Descriptions

Every customization item has a description associated with it, but only the descriptions for Monkey Masteries and Hero Rewards are used, leaving the descriptions for the default, Season, and Showcase items unused.

Oddly, only Quincy's Showcase items have proper descriptions; every other Showcase item uses a placeholder description that, appropriately, reads:



Name Description (unused)
Good Game! Well Played
Good Luck! May the best monkey win
Oops! Mistakes were made
Sorry! Are you really though?
Love Show you care
Facepalm D'oh!
Eyebrows If ya know what I mean
Eyeroll Ugh. Really?
Happy Two thumbs up
Laughing Ha ha ha!
Sad Don't cry!
Taunt Na na nana naah!
Wave Just being friendly

High Roller Showcase

Name Description (unused)
Flashing Cash Spreading the wealth
Golden Bow The ultimate bling
Play it cool Such a charmer
Golden Pop Not just from Golden Bloons
Make it Rain He's a high roller
Money Bags An expensive celebration

MOAB Skins

Name Description (unused)
Junkyard MOAB This MOAB is rubbish!
Junkyard BFB This BFB is rubbish!
Junkyard ZOMG This ZOMG is rubbish!
Junkyard DDT This DDT is rubbish!
Junkyard BAD This BAD is rubbish!
Plushie MOAB Cute as a button
Plushie BFB
Plushie ZOMG
Plushie DDT
Plushie BAD
Voxel MOAB MOABCraft
Voxel BFB
Voxel ZOMG
Voxel DDT
Voxel BAD
Gem MOAB A bloon's best friend
Shark MOAB The Apex Predator
Shark BFB
Shark ZOMG
Shark DDT
Shark BAD
Kite MOAB Soaring on the wind
Kite BFB
Kite DDT
Kite BAD
UFO MOAB They don't come in peace
Football MOAB Definitely a fullback
Football BFB
Football ZOMG
Football DDT
Football BAD

Season 1

Name Description (unused)
Googly Eyes The bloons are watching
Barbed Wire They'll pop you back!
Sunk! Down with the ship!
Vanish! Ninja? What ninja?
Wow! Such bloons!
MOAB Mauler Lead bloons beware!
ZOMG Attitude You talkin' to me?
Funky Bloon Boost Bloon boost to the beat!
Disco Tower Boost Pop faster when you party!

Season 2

Name Description (unused)
Fangs Better get the wooden darts
Tache A touch of class
Catching Snowflakes Taste like winter
Wizard Prince He just wants a kiss
Go! Go! Go! Chaarge!
Psychedelic Tower Boost Groovy baby!
Party Pops Every pop's worth celebrating
Dark Champion: The Animated Series The animated classic that never was
Uphold the Law You have 20 seconds to comply
(Source: Original TCRF research)