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Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen MD

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Title Screen

Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu: Soccer Hen MD

Developer: Aspect
Publisher: PALSOFT
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: August 7, 1992

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club: Soccer Edition MD is the only Kunio-kun game ever released on a Sega console. Ironically, it's a port of the game that became Nintendo World Cup in the west.

Sound Test

Enter the password 4126. Sound codes must be manually keyed in, just like passwords; codes above 0080 are known to work.

To do:
Figure this part out; it involves going into the sound driver if you don't want to try 65,536 codes, most of which won't work.