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Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

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Title Screen

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie

Developer: Idol Minds
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: November 15, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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When the Darkest Faerie is awakened, it's up to Tor and Roberta to save Neopia!

Unused Areas

0x67, 0x68 - Ancient Castle Spires

This area can be found by clipping through the wall by Fyora's Rod in the Meridell Treasure Vault. The area seems to have had work done on it, but some collision data and grapple-able points are missing. It seems as though the map would have been used between the Knight's Crypt and Meridell Treasure Vault levels. The map also contains some puzzle elements that are barely functional. Interestingly, the level does have a map icon, which means that the map was used for development builds and was cut before the final release.

0x94 - Debug Map 1

There are several squares in this map, and standing on them spawns various enemies and characters.

Ntdf debug map 1.png

0x95 - Debug Map 2

The geometry seen in the background of this screenshot is not part of the map - the game always loads 2 maps, an exterior and a transition map, and this particular map doesn't disable the transition map or load in a new one so it keeps whatever one was loaded before.

Ntdf debug map 2.png

0x98 - Fyora's Tower

Download.png Download Fyora's Tower Unused Area Savestate
File: NTDF_Fyoras_tower_unused_area.zip (32 KB) (info)

There's a "Fyora's Tower" area in the game that is only accessible via editing of save-files, as there are no loading triggers capable of loading the area. It contains both the portal area at the bottom used in Act 3, and the boss fight area at the top used in Act 4. However, they cannot be activated in any way. There are multiple levels, each connected via spiral staircase, but one of the levels has an "overgrown" style, and the upward staircase has a one way wall. So once you enter the room from the top, you cannot return. Each room, with the exception of the overgrown styled one, contains a boss used previously in the game, but standing in a standard T-pose.

This may suggest that one of two possibilities: Either this is a test map, or Act 4 was added on later and the end of Act 3 led directly to the final boss-fight.

File:NTDF Fyoras tower unused area.zip

Unused Items

0x23 - Crimson Ergyfruit

"What a strange color for ergyfruit...". The item is missing an icon. Picking it up will have this text:

   Strange... This looks like an Ergyfruit... Except that it's bright red!
   I'm sure it's good for something...I should hold onto it.

Or this text if a flag is set:

   Strange... This looks like an Ergyfruit... Except that it's bright red!
   This must be the Crimson Ergyfruit that Motara is looking for!

0x25 - Sir Not Appearing

This item does not have a description or an icon. Picking it up results in the text "You shouldn't get this! EVER!"

0x40 - Regal Stationary

"Very nice parchment. Bring to Lady Felina."

Ntdf regal stationary.png

0x41 - Lord Cedrick's Invite

"Lord Cedrick's invite to Lady Felina's Party."

Ntdf party invite.png

0x42 - Lady Deborah's Invite

"Lady Deborah's invite to Lady Felina's Party."

Ntdf party invite.png

0x43 - Lady Margo's Invite

"Lady Margo's invite to Lady Felina's Party."

Ntdf party invite.png

0x44 - King Skarl's Key

There is an item called "King Skarl's Key", with the description "This should open the doors to King Skarl's chambers!". This item can be obtained in an unused area in Meridell Castle.

NTDF king chambers key.png

0x47 - Stolen Loot

"A sack containing the items stolen from Meridell." Picking this up results in the text:

   The stolen items from Meridell!
   I'll just return these to Officer Kendrick.

Ntdf stolen loot.png

0x4E - Black Feather

"The feather from a common Crokabek."

Ntdf black feather.png

0x4F - Green Feather

"The feather from a Swamp Crokabek."

Ntdf green feather.png

0x50 - Brown Feather

"The feather from a Mountain Crokabek."

Ntdf brown feather.png

0x8c - Tal, 0x8d - 5 Tal, 0x8f - 25 Tal, 0x90 - 100 Tal

Possibly an unused Altadorian currency? There are no icons or models associated with these items.

Unused Graphics

Beta World Map

Ntdf world map.png Ntdf world map labeled.png

Unused Map Images

The food chute is the exit to the Meridell Treasure Vault. Unfortunately, the developers forgot to make it so when you go up into the food chute the map image is displayed.
Ntdf food chute.png

This is the map image for the end-area of Heroes Rest, where you free Jerdana, however in this area, the map image for the previous area of Heroes Rest displays instead.
Ntdf heroes rest end.png

Unused Screen Graphics

Ntdf unused screen.png
There is a menu that uses this screen background:

Ntdf unused loadgame.png
Selecting one of the items simply results in opening the regular load-game menu.

Unused Music

Track #21 "DARF"

Short sections of this music can be heard in some FMV cutscenes in the game, however the full song itself is not used anywhere.

Track #32 "HUNG"

Track #34 "ILLU"

Track #42 "LOD3"

This music can be accessed in-game by going out of bounds in Meridell Plains, loading the scenery area that loads when going to the spot where Brightvale Beach is visible, and then running all the way over and touching Brightvale Beach.

LOD1 and LOD2 refer to the music used in the Sewer Shrine in Act 4. However, these two tracks also used in the unused Ancient Castle Spires area. In addition, accessing the music in-game using the above method will cause the same bubbling-lava ambience to play in the Meridell Treasure Vault. Since the Treasure Vault was intended to come after the Ancient Castle Spires, it is reasonable to assume that this music was intended to be used in the vault after the undead draik is defeated.

Track #52.1 "CADU"

Track #52.2 "CADU"

Track #52.3 "CADU"

Track #52.4 "CADU"

Track #54 "SIST"

Some of this song was actually on the website for the game, before it got taken down. A rip from this website can be found here, albeit in low quality.

Debug New-Game Menu

Ntdf debug newgame.png

Selecting one of the items in this menu sets all the appropriate game states, and gives the player the necessary items.

Debug Mode

At memory address 0x17D170 is a function called "IsDebugMode". This function is hardcoded to return zero, but changing it to return one instead enables debug mode. This mode does two things: It enables debug printfs (enable EE printfs in PCSX2 to see them) and it also enables a debug screen in certain areas of the game, which shows various flags. You can use X to go down, TRIANGLE to go up, and O to toggle the flag. This screen only shows up in certain areas.

The following PNACH can be used to enable this in PCSX2:


Ntdf debug screen.png

Unused Code


This function can be found at 0x0017B978. It seems to exist for debugging purposes - calling it with the a0 register set to "1" will cause the game to only render stuff in the same "zone" as the player.