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Neopets: Turmac Roll

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Title Screen

Neopets: Turmac Roll

Developer: Neopets
Publisher: Neopets
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: October 14, 2003

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Revisional Differences

  • Multilingual support was implemented in v13.

Bios Loader

v12 v13 - v15 (current)
Neopets-Turmac Roll-BiosLoader v12.png Neopets-Turmac Roll-BiosLoader Current.png

The "Bios Loader" was changed from 330-MEGA to 8.0.


v12 v13 - v15 (current)
Neopets-Turmac Roll-Instructions v12.png Neopets-Turmac Roll-Instructions Current.png

The color of the border around the text was made darker. Also, the name of the berries were colored yellow in the later versions.