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Rune Factory 2

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Title Screen

Rune Factory 2

Developer: Neverland
Publishers: Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Rising Star Games (EU), Natsume (US)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: January 3, 2008
Released in US: November 18, 2008
Released in EU: October 8, 2008

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Rune Factory 2 is the second handheld entry of the A-RPG Harvest Moon hybrid spin-off series. This time, it spans two generations.

To do:
There's some unused models.

Unused Portraits

Aaron and Aria have unused baby graphics.


Ray is one of the eligible male marriage candidates while playing the "heroine" path, but an unused portrait indicates that the developers had other plans at one point...

Used Unused
Harmless enough... Aaargh! My eyes!

It's possible that Ray was originally meant to be a woman at some point during development, as his name and his other used sprites could suit a female character. They might have scrapped these plans because there would be too many female marriage candidates, which is supported by an unused portrait of a bride Kyle in the first game.