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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Title Screen

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Also known as: Bokujō Monogatari: A Wonderful Life (JP)
Developer: TOSE
Publishers: Natsume (US), Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Ubisoft (EU), Nintendo (AU)
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: September 12, 2003
Released in US: March 16, 2004
Released in EU: March 26, 2004
Released in AU: 2004

MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is the first Nintendo GameCube entry in the series, which involves living the life of a farmer while everything ages over time.

A girl's version and a "Special Edition" for the PlayStation 2 was released the following year.


Notes on the game's internal data.
Debug menu 2.png
Unused Text
The game contains a debug dialogue file with unused lines of dialogue. Many of them are untranslated.

Unused Items

To do:
Add screenshots of hacked items.

There are a number of unused items that can be hacked into the game.

Invisible Items

Hacking these items into the game will show your character holding nothing (invisible item):

  • Goat
  • Teddy Bear
  • Flower Pot


This could mean that there was originally the ability to chop trees/stumps, similar to other games in the Harvest Moon series.

Name Image
Ax (HM-AWL).png


These items could mean that there was originally some planned customizability with regards to fishing.

Name Image
Lure 1 Center
Lure 2 Center


There are some unused records. Hacking these into the game will reveal that they don't have any included audio.

Name Image
Record13 Center
Record14 Center
Record15 Center

Nursing Bottles

Could mean that you'd be able to bottle-feed your child when it's an infant.

Name Image Description
Nursing Bottle (Pink Lid) Center これロキャラのモ—ション用のアイテム
Nursing Bottle (Green Lid) Center これロキャラのモ—ション用のアイテム


These are items that the player encounters, but they are immediately consumed and are never put into the inventory.

  • Welcomush - These are the mushrooms that grow outside of the Harvest Sprites' home.
  • Red Punch
  • Blue Punch
  • Moon Trip
  • Moomoo Milk
  • Cherry Pink


  • Trash
  • Drawing Book
  • Closed Book 1
  • Open Book 1
  • Closed Book 2
  • Open Book 2
  • Closed Book 3
  • Open Book 3
  • Closed Book 4
  • Open Book 4
  • Blocks 1
  • Blocks 2
  • Blocks 3

Unused Videos

Rebirth FMV Tech Demo

v1.01 of the Japanese release contains an unused video of Nintendo's Rebirth FMV Tech Demo, listed as demo.thp on the disc.

This was likely used as a placeholder video to play on the title screen when left idle.

It was replaced with actual gameplay footage (demo3.thp) later in development.

Regional Differences

Character Names

Many character names were changed during the localization process. However, the dialogue files for each character retain their original Japanese name (or some variant thereof).

English Name Japanese Name (name of dialogue file)
Celia Sepilia
Chris Kris
Cody Godey
Flak Flat
Galen Ghali
Grant Gurat
Griffin Garfun
Hardy Badog
Kassey Kesaran
Marlin Mash
Muffy Muumuu
Murrey Moi
Nak David
Nic Ebony
Patrick Pasaran
Ruby Rou
Samantha San
Tartan Tsurutan
Tim Tai / Tay
Van Bahn
Wally Suary