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Harvest Moon DS

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Title Screen

Harvest Moon DS

Also known as: Bokujou Monogatari: Colobocle Station (JP), Mokjjang iyagi: Colobocle Station (KO)
Developer: TOSE
Publishers: Natsume (US), Rising Star Games (EU), Marvelous Entertainment (JP), Daewon Game, Ironos Co. (KO)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: March 17, 2005
Released in US: September 12, 2006
Released in EU: April 13, 2007
Released in KR: August 28, 2009

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Harvest Moon DS is the first entry for the Nintendo DS in the long-running series. It seemed to have made the mark of the franchise's decline, due to the increased difficulty and repetition in the game, along with the glitches present depending on the region and version.

A girls' version was released later on in the same year in Japan, though it would not come out in North America for another year and a half and would skip Europe altogether.

To do:
There's a lot to be covered!
  • Too many regional differences, to the point of even Europe cutting some features. See the sub-page for what needs to be done.
  • Revisional changes. A total of SEVEN different revisions were put out across all regions; the most for any Nintendo DS game!
  • Typos and translation errors, though not as much as the last few games.
  • Any leftovers from the previous game?


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
HMDS PeriodBubble.png
Translation Errors & Typos
Would you like to take a toilet?
HMDS MailboxMail.png
Regional Differences
You've got no mail (or news!).

Unused Graphics

Unused Character Expressions

Sprite Station Members

To do:
Some of these may be used in the Japanese version, as some of the channels aren't accessible in localised versions.

HMDS MercuryUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS VenusUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS EarthUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS EarthUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS MarsUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS MarsUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS JupiterUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS SaturnUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS SaturnUnusedExpr3.pngHMDS UranusUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS NeptuneUnusedExpr1.pngHMDS PlutoUnusedExpr1.png
Each character of the Sprite Station shares the exact same expressions, only with different colors. Some of the following ones are unused..

HMDS MercuryUnusedExpr3.pngHMDS VenusUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS EarthUnusedExpr3.pngHMDS MarsUnusedExpr3.pngHMDS JupiterUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS SaturnUnusedExpr4.pngHMDS UranusUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS NeptuneUnusedExpr2.pngHMDS PlutoUnusedExpr2.png
...While those graphics of them looking angry aren't used at all.

Unused Foods

There are three unused food items with unused sprites, and one existing food item with an unused sprite. These four sprites are still present in the data of Harvest Moon DS Cute. To view these sprites in-game, use the Action Replay code 023D6B24 0100xxxx (or 023B9BAC 0100xxxx for Cute) to place it in the first Rucksack slot. Replace xxxx with an item ID listed below.

HMDS Water.png Water (0159) is an existing item that can be purchased at the Blue Bar. But none of the drinks there have sprites in the shop menu, and they cannot be held nor placed in the Rucksack. When hacked into the Rucksack, it has the same description as in the bar.

HMDS Milk.png This Milk (0151) is different from the S/M/L milks that can be obtained in-game. It is also different from the drink that can be purchased at the Blue Bar, Moomoo Milk. Milk heals +2 Stamina and -20 Fatigue, while Moomoo Milk heals +2 Stamina and -21 Fatigue. When hacked into the Rucksack, its description reads, "Drink milked from a cow."

HMDS Soup.png This unused soup (0088) does not have a name or description, but it is functional, and heals +5 Stamina and -3 Fatigue.

HMDS Dish.png This unused dish (00AD) also has no name or description, and it has no effect when consumed.

Unused Music

Three different music tracks go unused in the final game.


The theme used for some contests from Friends of Mineral Town. Judging from the filename, it was likely intended to be used during contests rather than as an obtainable record.


The theme before the Music Festival ceremony in Friends of Mineral Town. It's used in DS Cute at the beginning of the game where the character, dog, cat and farm is named.


The song used during the concert in the Music Festival from Friends of Mineral Town. The Music Festival may have planned to make a return in the game.

Unused Sounds


A placeholder sound effect. The filename is mistakenly spelt as "Dammy" rather than "Dummy".



The Cicada and Cricket noises were used in Friends of Mineral Town, but they cannot be heard at all in the game.

Unused Text

Scrapped Events

To do:
Compare with DS Cute text?

There are some random events that don't appear in North American or European versions of the video game, but some of them have leftover text. They eventually all reappeared in DS Cute, but most of the text for them have been completely re-translated.

Daniel Walks

Japanese English (DS, Unused) English (DS Cute)
<Daniel>: ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
<Daniel>: つぶらな瞳で見られている…。
<Daniel>: ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
<Daniel>: Those beady little eyes.
<Daniel>: Hum hum hum hum hum hum hum
<Daniel>: Those cute almond eyes are
looking at me...

While Daniel does make an appearance in the game as a background character, his character mugshot doesn't appear at all.

Gambler Vs. Gambler

Rock: Congratulations! 
Kai: What? 
Rock: You have been chosen
as my rival.
You seem like you are down.
I know that!
As my rival,
the pressure
is making you feel down.
What are you talking about?
 I feel we are the same type
of person.
Aren't we?
You pick up girls, donft you?
 No way.
 I have never done that
 You don't have to make
excuses. I know you.
We're the same type of
 Huh? Where are you going?

"Picking up girls" was changed to "hitting on girls" for obvious reasons. There's also a typo in that sentence.

Mimi: I want to play
with (child name)
It that okay?

Mimi: Thanks.

Mimi: Oh, you're so cute!
(child name)'s cheeks are so

Mimi: Ohhhh... Really cute.

Mimi: (child name), do you want to
play with me?
What shall we play?

Child: Hmmmmm...
Child: I want to ride the horsey.

Mimi: You want to ride on my back?
All right... 

Mimi: Thank you so much for today.
I had a lot of fun.

Mimi: I want children soon. After
today I really want kids.

Mimi: Well, I'll be off.

Small Adventure

Wake up!� Dad,
The picture book that I read
yesterday had an adventure!��So now I think I wanna go on
an adventure, too...��Dad, let's
go on an adventure together!��It's near the spring... Great, Dad!
I knew you'd understand.
Well then, let's go!� Dad, I've heard that ghosts
haunt this area. I heard that��there are lots of small doll-
like creatures around here.� Dad,
did you know that?� Oh yeah...
I wonder where they are..
Maybe I can't see them.��If we find them let's have
Daryl research them!� Okay?
Why not?� Because you'd feel sorry for
them if he knows about them?� Hmmc yeah that's true.
Well, how about if we find
a ghost we just look at it?� I'm starving.
Shall we call it
a day?��Let's hang out again,

Whip Practice

I can't do this wellc� Hey (name) I'm not good with a whip...
As leader, I'm embarrasedc��ÿ$, what do you
think I should do to get
better at using the whip?��Could you tell me?� Practice. You have no talent. Really? So if I
put a lot of effort into
it, I'll get better! I just��need to keep trying! I'll
give it the old college try!� That's not truec
I'm already good at it. I'll
keep practicing on my own.
Don't worry about failing.

Memory Stories

Lalaa Lalalalala Lalaaa♪
Lalaa Lalaaaaa♪
Lalaa Lala Lala♪� 
Hmm? I've heard
that tune somewhere.� My mom often used to
play that tune on the piano.� Oh! Of course!��I thought I knew that tune.��I heard it when I used to
play at your house.��Which reminds me,
your mom sure was
beautiful. Yeah.� What?� Back then, I went through your
room so I could hear your mom
playing the piano.� Yeah, your mom was really,
really good at playing the
piano...��Huh? Wait!
Why are you angry?� Leave me alone!� If I did something wrong,
I'm sorry!� Whatever!


To do:
Needs original Japanese text and English translation side by side.

In the Japanese version, the player could read letters sent to the mailbox, but that feature was cut from international releases.

You can't read letters when
you're holding something.
No letters or newspapers.
Read letter 
Read Mineral Newspaper 

Unused options for reading the Mineral Newspaper or a letter.

You have lots of letters in your mailbox. 
I'd like you to check it once in awhile.

Thomas would have said this if the player had too many letters in their mailbox.

Unused Item Descriptions

Increases your income.
Bronze Coin
Increases your money.
Silver Coin
Increases your money.
Gold Coin
Increases your money.

Those coins ARE obtainable in the Third and Fourth Mines, but they're stored to the player's inventory automatically leaving the unique description unused.

Placeholder Message


Translates to "There is no message data". It's used in Cute if the player tries to request Gotz to build something out of stone, and the player decides to provide the materials for him.

Revisional Differences

To do:
Please explain these in detail (see the Guidelines page).

The original North American version was rife with glitches which were fixed with a later revision, v1.1. Among them:

  • Due to missing requirements, two characters are unable to be married. The Witch Princess (because the game fails to count dead animals) and the Harvest Goddess (if the Buckwheat Noodles are obtained instead of the needed Buckwheat Flour at the New Year Festival, because they are unavailable elsewhere).
  • Mining Data (because of the Choker not registering), Recipe Data and Shipping data (because of Buckwheat Flour not registering) cannot be completed.
  • Typos and random freezes and save-corrupting glitches (Winter, after 255 saves, saving in the Harvest Tree or while hiring the fishing team).
  • The milker easy-leveling glitch.
  • Other glitches.

The Japanese version had a V1.1 version issued shortly after the original release date, which fixed most of the glitches of the original game. For some reason, Natsume used the original glitched version when creating the American version, despite the JP V1.1 being available. The European version used the bug-fixed Japanese version as a basis.


Alternate Leaving Forget-Me-Not Valley Dialogue

When the player tries to leave Forget-Me-Not Valley, they will be stopped by Jackie the Harvest Sprite and be teleported back. Though Jackie is required to be unlocked, he has unique dialogue for when the player tries to leave the valley reminding that "dark roads are dangerous" rather than the player telling to get back to work. This could probably imply that Mineral Town could have been visited during development of the video game.

Vinyl Record Cabinet

The cabinet where records are stored list the number of records the player has collected, and doesn't seem to have much use in the game. In the previous entries, songs from past games could actually be played from on a record player inside the player's house. It was likely replaced by Channel 5 of the Harvest Sprite Station making the music playable wherever the player goes.

Sad Grant Curiosities

Sad Grant is one of the unlockable records in the video game that can be bought after the character gets married. It's the only piece of music in the video game to be non-sequenced, and is compressed into a different file format from all the other songs in the game. Its description suggests it went unused in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

In some versions, the song doesn't play at all.

Leftover Menu Sound Effect

Contrary to popular belief, the menu selection sound effect from Friends of Mineral Town is actually used in the game during the Witch Princess' fighting challenge (that can be activated when the player looks at their doghouse at 4:44 AM) when the player uses Super Defense.

The name for the sound effect in the file is called "WINDOW_OPEN", meaning it was likely used during development of the game.

Golden Egg Request

On Winter 2, Thomas will ask the player to get an unusual item in exchange for Golden Lumber (and Harvest Sprite Leader Oran if they do it the first time), and one of the items he could ask for is a Golden Egg. A Golden Egg is obtainable in Friends of Mineral Town as an item, but it's not referenced in the item name list or in the code at all, meaning this was likely a leftover from earlier in development.