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Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Unused Graphic Effects


Link has two unused graphic effects. They are similar to his Spin Attack from Super Smash Bros. Melee. They are internally named "EffLinkKaitengiri" and "EffLinkKaitengiriAir". "EffLinkKaitengiri" is a complete animation, but "EffLinkKaitengiriAir" seems to be incomplete. A texture for the effects also exists.

EffLinkKaitengiri EffLinkKaitengiriAir Eff_link_kaitenB

Unused Texture Areas

Hidden Mr. Saturn

Tattoos for Metroids?

The body texture for the Metroid assist trophy features a small copy of Mr. Saturn's sprite from EarthBound/Mother 3. The sprite is placed in a part of the texture that isn't mapped to any part of the Metroid model.

Snake's Text

Red text, no less. How ominous.

The texture for Snake's head has some red text written in an empty area near the hair tufts. It reads "def n_f_o layer", though the top of the letters are usually hidden by alpha transparency. This text is present for each of Snake's alternate colors.

Link's Ordon Sword

SSBB Ordon Sword Texture.png

For some reason, Link's BodyB texture has textures for the Ordon Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, even though the sword is nowhere to be found in the game.

Distant Planet Tile


The texture for the blurry tiles in the background of Distant Planet have four different tiles, but only the bottom left one is used.

New Pork City Pieces

The textures for the background of New Pork City contain a large number of flat objects based on graphics from Mother 3 that are simply not used. These include wooden crates and rusty fences that are scattered about the city and a golden dragon statue meant for the tower. The texture sheets also include the original graphics for the tower spikes and Viking ship ride, which were modeled out for the final version. The biggest group of these textures is a set of modern buildings and structures from the distant background, which were replaced with a photo-realistic city skyline. Due to the amount of content in the bigger sheets, the unused graphics were outlined in red for your convenience.

Frigate Orpheon Texture


While this texture isn't unused in itself, a lot of the space in the image wasn't utilized at all. In fact, you can still see the image of the UV map viewer behind the texture. The blue lines seen in the image don't quite match up with the layout of any of the other textures.

Ike Hair Textures

Parts of Ike's hair go unused in the top right corner of his Fit_Ike01 texture. These strands are leftover from an earlier character model, as the final one uses a separate texture entirely for them. This older model can still be seen in Subspace Emissary cutscenes and even his unused Great Maze character icon.


Unused Textures

Shadow Doodle

It's-a me!

The texture used to hold character shadows on stages starts off as this doodle of Mario's silhouette. Or at least, it looks like Mario... hmm.

Battle Damage

Some characters have textures for cosmetic changes as a result of sustaining significant battle damage. Originally, Brawl was going to have a battle damage system. See the translated interview with Sakurai here. Interestingly this feature only got added to the Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon which shows you would deal less damage and knockback the more you take damage.

Captain Falcon

SSBBcaphelmet.png SSBBcapface.png

Part of Captain Falcon's face and helmet textures show that his helmet was intended to crack, which would have revealed one of his eyes. As such, an eye mesh is part of his model, but never seen.

Meta Knight


Meta Knight has a separate texture for a cracked version of his mask. While it is missing from his regular trophy, it shows up in his Final Smash trophy and in the texture set used for the "Dark" palette in the Great Maze.



Link also has cracked versions of his weapons. Like Meta Knight's, they are only found within his Final Smash trophy. Not only could his weapons crack, but it appears they were actually able to break, as indicated by the "Crc" and "Brk" suffixes used in the texture names.


BrawlFitMarth00 CrcWeapon.png BrawlFitMarth00 BrkWeapon.png

Just like Link above, Marth has two textures displaying damage on his Falchion sword, labelled "FitMarth00CrcWeapon" and "FitMarth00BrkWeapon" respectively. The texture sizes are as shown in the files, implying that the Falchion may have actually been intended to break in half when certain conditions were met.


BrawlFit Ike CrcWeaponBlade.png BrawlFit Ike BrkWeaponBlade.png

Ragnell, the massive two-handed sword wielded by Ike, was also intended to display similar wear and tear. The first texture can actually be seen in the intro.


BrawlFitLucas CrcStick.png BrawlFitLucas BrkStick.png

Cracked and "broken" textures for Lucas' makeshift stick bat, which he uses in his forward Smash attack. Intriguingly, Ness has no "damaged" textures for his own baseball bat.

Unused Peach Eyelash Texture


It seems that Peach was meant to have modeled eyelashes that used texture alphas to fade out, but the transparency just shows up as black. In the final model, her eyelashes are part of her face texture.

Unused CD Labels

Ssbbitmcdzelda.png Ssbbitmcdstarfox.png Ssbbitmcdyossy.png
Each CD is actually made of two meshes using the same texture: one for the whole CD, and another one covering one side. The second mesh might have been intended to add a label, like the ones shown above, which are included with the CD model. The two N64 discs appear to be Ocarina of Time (or a generic Zelda game) and Yoshi's Story.

(Source: Peardian)

Goombella's Back


The trophy for Goombella includes a texture that would have been used for the back side of the model, named cb (for "Christine Back"). The image itself is actually an image of her model from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, jumping. The final trophy model just uses the same texture on both sides.

Boss 1 Icon


Giga Bowser's Melee stock icon with "BOSS 1" written on it. Chances are it was a placeholder used to mark Subspace Emissary boss icons.

Old Jigglypuff Stock Icon

SSBB Unused puff.png

An unused stock icon for Jigglypuff, lacking in shading details compared to the final version.

Melee Stock Icon


The Melee stock icon for Mario can still be found in the PAC file. Either the Melee stock icons were placeholders, or they were going to be reused.

Although this particular icon is unused, they did incorporate the stock icons in the classic mode character select.


Red background added for your viewing pleasure.

Distant Planet's files have textures for a 20-pellet. Even though such a pellet exists in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, pellets in this stage can't grow past 10. 20-pellets would later be used in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Placeholder Character Roll Portrait


This texture, found in the "stage" file for the character roll, is simply named notfound. The Japanese characters on the image translate to "nothing".

Melee Stadium Leftovers

Because the Pokémon Stadium stage was ported from Melee, it contains all of the same textures. This includes the unused textures and "How To Play" graphics.

Stage Builder Pieces

test_icon RR_block_01 RR_block_02

These textures are included in the files for the Stage Builder. The first file, test_icon, is likely a placeholder graphic. The other two, RR_block_01 and RR_block_02, likely belong to some kind of prototype block.

Frigate Orpheon Light Texture

Used Unused
SSBB-Fa stage light01.png SSBB-Fa stage light01Glow.png

A blurry version of the light texture normally used in the stage. It may have been used to create a glowing effect at one point.

"Level" Bar

Brawl unused SSE level bar.png

An unused HUD element named "InfAdvLevel0000", apparently intended to display a shrinking bar for 50 frames (5/6 of a second) with a "level number" in the circle. The bar labelled "pp" refers to a cut scoring mechanic known as "Power Points", which is referenced by name in the file "adv_result_en.msbin", but has no other remnants. The black areas of the textures would have been transparent in-game.

Mario Bros. Splash


The stage based on the arcade game Mario Bros. has graphics for the game's splash effect that plays when an enemy is kicked off the stage and falls off-screen. Since the bottom of the stage is completely solid and enemies cannot be kicked off, this effect never plays. Oddly, the sprites have no alpha channel and are heavily compressed, so they wouldn't have looked so good next to the perfectly duplicated enemy sprites.

Unseen Boo Texture


In Luigi's Mansion, there is a hidden texture of a Boo on the underside of the bed. Under normal circumstances, the player will never get to see this, since the only way to view it is to hack the camera.

Adventure Effect Test Placeholders

SSBBAdvTest 23.png SSBBAdvTest 24.png SSBBAdvTest 25.png SSBBAdvTest 27.png

A series of odd textures included with the effect files for some Subspace Emissary stages. The files AdvTest_23 and AdvTest_24 are found in the first and last rooms of The Ruined Zoo, which has breakable wooden and metal walls. The file AdvTest_25 is found in the first and last rooms of The Cave, which have large rocks that generate dust and rubble particles as they move. The file AdvTest_27 is found in the second room of The Wilds (first), which has boulders that shatter.

Great Maze Character Icons

It's a bit cramped here...
This collection of character portraits can be found in nearly every one of the Great Maze shadow character battle rooms under the name bossmae01_2. Of all the characters, only Kirby and Pikachu are using their final game portraits. Most of the characters are just in a neutral pose, looking off in one direction or another, but Lucas is in his default T-pose and Mr. Game & Watch is using his Melee artwork!

The most interesting of these are the boss icons at the top. Aside from Rayquaza, all of the bosses use official artwork. Petey Piranha uses a render from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Meta Ridley uses concept art from Metroid Prime, Ridley uses his artwork for Super Metroid, and Porky uses the original sprite from Mother 3. Both Galleon and Duon appear to use what is likely part of their official character design sheet, with Duon completely lacking shading. Rayquaza's icon seems to use the official model, though the lighting and light green background are unusual.

The first battle room also has a bigger portrait of Pit, simply named pit. The first room is the arena for the shadow Pit, so it is likely that the rooms were to display which shadow fighter was currently being battled, with the smaller icons used to show which fighters (and bosses) were left to defeat. In the final game, a similar system is used in the room that leads to the final boss.

Unused Models


Poor kid. Animation


The Bridge of Eldin stage has a model of Colin tied to a bendy spear, right from Twilight Princess. The model is named StgOldinColin, and has a single animation of the feathery flag waving from forward movement. Also, most of Colin's models are hidden by other models.

Port Town Platform Parts


The main stage platform for Port Town Aero Dive has not one, but two hidden meshes for extra glowy light effects on the underside. One is a pulse-like effect meant to cover the orange areas. Because of how the mesh is set up, it would require a texture animation to see it, which the model does not have. The other is a blue glow that surrounds the three blue cylinders on the underside. The asymmetrical design indicates the platform had a slightly different design when this mesh was cut, with the appearance of the left side resembling the turbine engines seen elsewhere in the stage. The image above is a best guess at what these would look like in action based on the model's material data.

Early Blue Luigi

Shadow Luigi

An unused blue costume for Luigi exists, under the name FitLuigi02.pac, which differs quite a bit from both Luigi's and every other character's model. One major difference is that this costume has its shadow model integrated into the model itself, rather than having it as a separate model.

Unused Stage Builder Tile

There is a tile for the Stage Builder which can't be used. It has a bump shape and is fully functional. It even has a full set of HUD icons. This can only be accessed using third-party tools like Stage Studio.

SSBBbumpiconnatureS.png SSBBbumpiconnatureM.png SSBBbumpiconnatureL.png

SSBBbumpiconruinsS.png SSBBbumpiconruinsM.png SSBBbumpiconruinsL.png

SSBBbumpiconfactoryS.png SSBBbumpiconfactoryM.png SSBBbumpiconfactoryL.png


Unused Trophies

A number of trophies were left in the game, with most of them being from the Donkey Kong series. Errors in color are simply a result of using brresviewer.

  • Diddykongoriginal - Diddy from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. This is one of the only two unused trophies to have preview images.
  • Donkeyjr - Donkey Kong Jr.'s trophy from Melee.
  • Donkeykongoriginal - DK from Barrel Blast. Guess they felt they had enough Kongs already. This trophy also has a preview image.
  • DreadKong - Dread Kong from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
  • Firesting - Samurai Goroh and his vehicle from F-Zero. Another Melee trophy.
  • LectureKikki - A party monkey from Jungle Beat. Too many monkeys already?

Extra Character Trophies

In Melee, each playable character had several trophies to collect, showing off various poses. This was originally going to be the case here, too, as every main character trophy is labeled with "R1". There are 16 "R2" trophies as well, belonging to a seemingly random selection of characters. Neither miniature icons nor preview images exist for any of them. Additionally, Captain Falcon has a duplicate of his normal trophy with the name CaptainR1. Oddly enough, LuigiR2 is used in cutscenes for the Subspace Emissary (albeit with his hat on), instead of his regular trophy.

Name Information Picture
CaptainfalconR2 Captain Falcon doing a flying kick. SSBBT 1.png
DededeR2 King Dedede raising his hammer defiantly. SSBBT 2.png
DiddyR2 Diddy Kong ducking. SSBBT 3.png
DonkeykongR2 DK winding up a punch. SSBBT 4.png
FalcoR2 Falco running while leaning. SSBBT 5.png
LucarioR2 - Lucario with its arms crossed. SSBBT 6.png
LuigiR2 Luigi screaming in terror, his hat flying off his head. SSBBT 7.png
MarioR2 Mario doing his signature jump. SSBBT 8.png
To do:
Find some way to load this in the game.

Pikachu stretching on his side, looking adorable. This model is very similar to Pikachu's Alt trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

SSBBT 9.png
PitR2 Pit with wings spread, crossing his twin blades above his head. SSBBT 10.png
PoketrainerR2 Pokémon Trainer issuing a command. SSBBT 12.png
PurinR2 Jigglypuff leaping and reaching upwards. SSBBT 11.png
SheikR2 Sheik falling, her arms crossed in front of her face. SSBBT 13.png
SnakeR2 Snake throwing off his cardboard box. SSBBT 14.png
SzerosuitR2 Zero Suit Samus kneeling, gun at the ready. SSBBT 15.png
ZeldaR2 Zelda preparing a spell. No spell effects, though. SSBBT 16.png

Mite Trophies

Extra trophies of the Mite enemy exist, one for each color (MiteR, MiteG, and MiteY), with poses identical to the group Mite trophy. In the game, all Mite enemies give out the group trophy.

Leftover Trophy Previews

A number of trophy previews from Melee are present, depicting random fighter trophies. These may have been used as placeholder graphics. They were removed from the main Trophy display files, but can be found in the files for the Trophy item.

Missing Trophies

A couple of trophy preview images do not correspond to any Melee trophies, nor any of the existing trophy models in the game.

So many points.
This image depicts Galaxia, Meta Knight's sword. It is numbered 499, making it the first Kirby series trophy in the list.

Kuru kuru?
This image depicts colored Helirins. It may have been considered redundant with the Helirin Assist Trophy and Action Helirins Trophy. It is numbered 582, making it the last Other Nintendo series trophy before the Metal Gear series trophies.

Early Trophy Base

The trophies for Manaphy and Zant include a copy of the trophy stand texture used by the Trophy Collection screen, which is brighter than the regular texture. Unlike the Collection texture, there is also a specular map to go with it. Additionally, the Assist Trophy trophy includes a hidden copy of an earlier trophy stand model, but no textures to go with it. Unlike the final trophy stand model, there is no inset Smash Bros. emblem.

Import Leftovers

Many of the trophies in the game are models imported from other games. As such, most of these models have extra textures included that were used by the source game. There are too many to list individually, so only general examples will be given here.

  • All fighters include textures for their appearance when ready to perform a Final Smash.
  • All enemies, bosses, and stage props from the game include all textures related to them, including animations and projectiles not used in the trophy.
  • All of the extra Pokémon from Pokémon Battle Revolution have blinking and mouth animations built into their textures.
  • All characters from Twilight Princess include their blinking textures.
  • Darknut includes glowing Triforce effects used on the back of Link's hand in the game.
  • Candy Kong includes a blinking texture.
  • Sothe and Elincia have blinking frames as part of their eye textures.
  • Turret Tusk, which actually depicts Grave Tusk, also includes the original texture for Turret Tusk.
  • Blaze the Cat's trophy includes all of Amy's trophy's textures, as well as Sonic's mouth.
  • The Coin trophy includes the Yoshi's Story disc texture from the CD trophy.
  • The Cracker Launcher trophy includes the textures from the Box trophy.
  • The pirate ship from Wind Waker includes Tetra's textures.
  • Fracktail from Super Paper Mario has the same unused palm tree textures.