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Том и Джерри (NES)

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This page is a translated version of the page Tom & Jerry (NES) and the translation is 61% complete.
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Заглавный экран

Том и Джерри

Разработчик: Software Creations
Издатели: Hi-Tech Expressions (США/ЕВ), Altron (ЯП)
Платформа: NES
Релиз в Японии: 13 ноября 1992
Релиз в США: Декабрь 1991
Релиз в Европе: 22 октября 1992

GraphicsIcon.png Эта игра имеет неиспользуемую графику.
ItemsIcon.png В этой игре есть неиспользуемые предметы.

Том и Джерри - это игра на NES, основанная на классическом короткометражном мультфильме, произведенным MGM.


В этой игре, они говорят...Что сердце мыша уменьшилась в 2 раза в этот день

Сердца среднего и малого размера, вероятно предназначенные для частичной потери энергии. В финальной версии каждый удар вычитает целое сердце.

Неиспользованные предметы

This game contains almost as many unused items as there were used. Set 04FA to any of the following values to view the corresponding items in the HUD (pause game to refresh). Most were likely scrapped due to conflicting graphic banks in the stages where they were intended, or merely the risk of breaking the game.


01 - A jar of jam. One of a few unused throwing weapons, but the only one that is functional.


It even has finished projectile graphics, but they can only be seen in stages 2-4. Otherwise, they interchange with those of the hammer (stage 1) and mothballs (stage 5)


02 - An egg. Uses throwing animation. No function, unknown use.


04 - Soap. Uses throwing animation. No function. Likely intended for stage 5-1.


What appears to be pick-up/use graphics for this item, which load in stage 5.


07 - A fly-swatter. Uses swinging animation. No function, unknown use.


08 - A frying pan. Uses swinging animation. No function - If set to this value.


Again, this weapon has complete usage graphics, which interchange with those of the fuse (see below) and invisible ink in stage 1, and the plank in stage 2. These graphics can only be seen in the other stages if the plank is equipped by setting the value to 0A. If viewed in stage 5, however, the first frame will be replaced by the key. Likely intended for stage 2-1, but was replaced by the meat cleaver.


0D - A bug sprayer. No animation or function, unknown use.


0F - A gold key. Only a silver one is ever used in the HUD (Stage 5-2). Unknown use.


10 - A fuse. Likely intended as an item required for completing stage 1-1 (like the key in 5-2), as evidenced by the empty slot in the fuse box at the end.