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Wii Play

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Title Screen

Wii Play

Also known as: Hajimete no Wii (JP)
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 2
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: December 2, 2006
Released in US: February 12, 2007
Released in EU: December 8, 2006
Released in AU: December 7, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • More remnants from Wii Sports (i.e. Nunchuck screen).
  • There seems to be an unused functionality with the background Miis' clothes colors. If you edit the textures used for the clothes, the entire Mii body minus the head will default to that Mii's favorite color.

A collection of nine mostly mediocre minigames, that nonetheless managed to sell incredibly well due to coming with a Wii remote.

Don't let anyone talk smack about the Tanks minigame, though.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Wiiplay ball face.png WiiPlay-Ball face1.png
A rather creepy placeholder for the Mii face in the billiards game, named ball_face.bti. It is found in /Common/RPBilScene/common.carc. ball_face1.tex0 and ball_face2.tex0 (found in /Common/RPBilScene/common.carc/G3D/bad_ball_0_face_2.brres) seem to be a much lower-resolution version of it.

This is actually Reggie's Mii face seen at E3 2006 in the Wii Sports Tennis demo.

WiiPlay WiiSports logo.png
A leftover logo from Wii Sports. Found in /Common/RPCommon/common.carc/G3D/logo_model.brres

Wiiplay test tex.png
A test texture in the files for Pose Mii. Found in /Common/RPBomScene/common.carc/G3D/bom_panelB_model.brres, named test_tex.tex0

A dummy texture in Billiards. Found in /Common/RPBilScene/common.carc/basic_billiards.breft, named dummy_tex

Wiiplay ace dummy.png
A dummy Mii picture for the Targets. Found in /Common/RPDucScene/common.carc/G3D/sht_target_c.brres, named face_dummy.tex0

Block other b test.png
Found in Common/RPTnkScene/common.carc/G3D/tnk_block.brres

A test texture for blocks in Tanks. It is named block_other_b_test.tex0

Looks like a frog or something
An odd picture of a pink and yellow Mii swimming. Its filename is wanted_sea.tex0, and it's stored in /Common/RPWlyScene/common.carc/wtd_field02.brres

The Mii body model in the screenshot looks just like how one would see it using a model viewer. When the game loads this model, it applies a specific color depending on the Mii's favorite color.

Unused Models

Early Mii and Cow Model

Model Render Video

cow_tin.brres in /Common/RPCowScene/common.carc/G3D contains an early version of the cow model. This unused model also shows that, originally, a saddle was intended to be on top of the cow.

On top of it, a model of a blue Mii can be seen, with a completely round, faceless head. It looks very similar to one of the Miis seen at E3 2006 in the Wii Sports Tennis demo.

The cow has 4 animations: cow_tin_runL.chr0 and cow_tin_runR.chr0, cow_tin_waitL.chr0 and cow_tin_waitR.chr0 for running/idling while steering to the left/right respectively.

Wii Sports Menu Background


This is a leftover model from Wii Sports, where it was used in the background on the main menu. It can be found in /Common/RPCommon/common.carc

Unused Clothes

/Common/Kokeshi/common.carc/G3D/clothes.brres/Textures contains three unused clothes textures; body_tex02_a & body_tex02_b (unused Player 3 Mii clothes), body_tex03_a & body_tex03_b (unused Player 4 Mii clothes) and body_tex12_a & body_tex12_b (Tuxedo clothes texture, used in E3 2006's Orchestra demo).

Unused P3 clothes Unused P4 clothes Unused tuxedo clothes

/Common/Kokeshi/common.carc Contains two unused models that are Boxing leftovers from Wii Sports. ava_bodyC0.brres (male Boxing clothes) & ava_bodyC1.brres (female Boxing clothes)

Leftover Boxing Clothes (Male) from Wii Sports Leftover Boxing Clothes (Female) from Wii Sports



Contained in avatarA2_anim.brres (alongside the unused Obstacle Course animations) is a Mii body model with oddly textured pants. Considering it contains the animations from Obstacle Course, it's possible this is the model used for the Miis in the demo.

Unused Animations

Pose Mii


/Common/RPBomScene/common.carc/G3D/avatarA2_anim.brres, contains 4 unused animations for Pose Mii: ira_pose_A.chr0, ira_pose_B.chr0, ira_pose_key.chr0 and ira_pose_start.chr0

All of these are leftovers from the Obstacle Course demo from E3 2006, which was the base for what later became Pose Mii in this game as well as Balance Bubble in Wii Fit.

Unused Stages

Find Mii

Find Mii's stages are stored in two binary files found in Common/RPWlyScene/common.carc: wanted_1p_leveltable.bin, which contains the stage data for single-player, and wanted_2p_leveltable.bin, which contains the stage data for multiplayer.

Unused Objectives


Find Mii has three unused objectives: "Find the insomniac!", "Find 2 insomniacs!" and "Find 3 insomniacs!". In these objectives, one to three Miis are awake, while all the other Miis are asleep. The goal is to find all of the Miis who are awake.


Find Mii's stages contain both a maximal zoom in value and a maximal zoom out value; however, in all of the stages the maximal zoom in value is equal to the maximal zoom out value, so despite being fully implemented, none of the stages use the zooming feature. This feature can be seen in the game's BMG, as implied by entry ID 614656, which says "Move the Wii Remote to zoom!".

(Source: xUniverse1)


To do:
  • Post videos/screenshots of the unused maps.
  • Add more information on each of these maps. Add more info on cow_field1P.brres and cow_field2P.brres

This minigame features 5 unused maps, whose assets are stored in Common/RPCowScene/common.carc: cow_field01, cow_field02, cow_field03, cow_field04 and cow_knit_field. cow_field02 and cow_field04 don't have unique models/collision, only parameter data (PMP), those maps load the models/collision for cow_field01 and cow_field03 respectively.

Use the Gecko code below to load these maps. X is the index for each map.

US Rev 0
1 Player
00280F7F 0000000X
2 Players
00280F8B 0000000X

Enable the following Gecko code, and press 1 on the Wii Remote to have infinite time, or 1 + 2 to end the game.

US Rev 0 EU Rev 0
Gecko code
28371D2A FDFF0200
C227cac4 00000003
3D6045A8 616BC000
916372D4 C02372D4
60000000 00000000
28371D2A FCFF0300
C227cac4 00000003
3D600000 616B0000
916372D4 C02372D4
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
2837A640 FDFF0200
C227D0A4 00000003
3D6045A8 616BC000
916372D4 C02372D4
60000000 00000000
2837A640 FCFF0300
C227D0A4 00000003
3D600000 616B0000
916372D4 C02372D4
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
(Charge! time Gecko code: Bully@Wiiplaza)





This map reuses the models/collision from cow_field01.

This appears to be a 2-player variant of cow_field01. There are two starting points on this map, and the maximum time is 60 seconds, just like in the final 2-players map.





This map reuses the models/collision from cow_field03.

This map has 2 starting points for multiplayer, although the maximum time will be 90 seconds like in the final single player map.



knit is the term used by the game for cows. This map may have been intended for multiplayer, since there are two starting points on this map, and the maximum time is 60 seconds, just like in the final 2-players map.

Unused Map Models

Also present in Common/RPCowScene/common.carc are 2 unused map models named cow_field1P.brres and cow_field2P.brres (the final models are stored inside cow_field.brres).


Unused Music

Three pieces of unused music, meant to be used in Find Mii and Charge!, are present in Sound/RPWlyScene/sound.


It appears to be an unused version of the results theme for Find Mii.


Judging by the filename, it could have been an earlier version of the fanfare that plays before each level of Find Mii starts.


To do:
upload version with popping removed in addition to original

A slow, emotional piano variation of the "game over" theme, meant to be used for if you ran out of time in Charge!. The audio has some weird popping sounds, and for some reason the file is contained in Find Mii's sound folder.

Unused Sounds

To do:
These sound effects (with the exception of RP_BOM_SE_COIN_BREED) come from The Sounds Resource. For some reason, BrawlCrate crashes when opening Pose Mii's .brsar file. See if we can get proper filenames for these.


This is a sound left over from the Obstacle Course demo at E3 2006 (what would later become Pose Mii) for when your Mii went into one of the person-shaped holes.

Explosion Sounds

Two sound effects for explosions found in Pose Mii. Notably, Pose Mii is internally named "BombQuestion", so these sounds could relate to that.

Mii Sounds

Two sound effects resembling the high-pitched Mii voices heard in Shooting Range and Find Mii.

Record Scratch

A short record scratch sound.

(Source: JJ314 on The Sounds Resource)

Unused BMG Content

The /US/Message/message.carc directory of the NTSC-U version of Wii Play houses a file called party_message.bmg that stores the game's text strings. Throughout the BMG file, there are several groups of strings containing information about each of the game's nine minigames in sequential order. In these groups, however, there are always empty spaces between text for Billiards and Fishing. This empty space in this specific spot is repeated over and over again throughout the BMG.

The most likely explanation for this phenomenon is that this space is left over from the conductor minigame that was planned for Wii Play, but later scrapped and reworked into a full game, Wii Music. This matter is discussed in this Iwata Asks interview, as well as in this developer interview. If this is indeed the reason for the empty space, it would also imply that the minigame, now included in Wii Music as "Mii Maestro", would have been placed in between the Billiards and Fishing games.

Removed Files and Folders

Main article: Wii Sports#Scene Metadata

To do:
Get the verbatim strings

The code of the game references some paths for files and folders that no longer exist within the filesystem (or have been moved).

  • SportsStatic/ (Wii Sports)
  • HealthStatic/ (Wii Fit)
  • MusicStatic/ (Wii Music)
  • banner.bin
  • tmp/banner.bin

Party Pack

The internal name of the game is "PARTY PACK for REVOLUTION". Revolution was the Wii's codename, meaning that it would have been in development before the console's name was finalized.

Debugging Functions

Build Date

Present in the root directory file timestamp.txt, with the date in the "YYYY/MM/DD" format and the time below.

EU v1 EU v2 JP v1 JP v2 US v1 US v2 KR TW
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project 
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project 
Pack Project

The function at the virtual address 0x801865d0 reads timeStamp.txt and prints it to the title screen.


To enable this in the US Rev 1 release of the game, change the byte at 0x1ded3b in the DOL from 00 to 01. Alternatively, you can use the following code:

EU v2
Gecko Code
001E406B 00000001

On an unmodified game, entering the key combo mentioned in Wii Fit Plus' internal docs (from the 2020-09-09 Nintendo leak), "A, Up (D-Pad), 2, Down (D-Pad), B, 1, 1, B, Left (D-Pad), A and Right (D-Pad)" on a Wii Remote will show the display.

Placeholder Strap Warning Screen

Also present on Wii Play, is an unused functionality that prints the string "ストラップ警告画面" to the screen, which simply means something along the lines of "Strap Warning Screen".

WiiSeries PackProject-StrapWarningScreen.png

EU v2
Gecko Code
041CB49C 60000000
(Original code for Wii Sports: xUniverse1/GibHaltmannKill)

Loading Screen

Also present on Wii Play, is an unused functionality that prints the string "Now Loading" to the screen each time the game switches between scenes.

WiiSeries PackProject-NowLoading.png

EU v2
Gecko Code
C2184F50 00000002
38C00001 90DF003C
60000000 00000000
(Original code for Wii Sports: xUniverse1/GibHaltmannKill)

Performance Meter

WiiPlay processMeter.png

The game's code initializes an instance of the ProcessMeter from the EGG library, used by some first party Wii games. The green bar measures the CPU sending commands to the GPU, the blue one shows the GPU rendering from said commands, and the red one displays the total frame time.

In one of the initialization functions (RPSysSystem::setup0), the game deliberately hides the performance bar from the screen (at 0x80156944 (EUR Rev 0)). To show it, use the Gecko code below:

US Rev 0
Gecko Code
04156934 38800001

Exception Handler

WiiPlay ExceptionHandler.png

The exception handler from the EGG library is present in the Rev 0 versions of the game (i.e. the ones built prior to 2007). When the game crashes, press the following buttons (in order, from left to right) on the 1st Wii Remote (Vertical) to bring it up:

HOME, A, B, 1, 2, -, +

Use the D-Pad to scroll.

Table Tennis

To do:
  • Find the addresses for different versions
  • Reword the section using the correct technical terminlogy, and minimizing the use of conjectural name.

The player objects (both human and CPU) in Table Tennis have a 16-bit long field at offset 0x82 which stores flags in a bit-field. The function at the virtual address 0x802274c0 in the executable of the US Rev 1 version of the game handles some of the players' flags, including three debugging flags.

Display Collision Flag


The display collision flag's mask is 0x0001. When the flag is set, the player's active collision box will be rendered (red for P1, blue for P2).

To permanently activate the display collision flag for both of the players, replace the instruction at offset 0x2222d8 of the US Rev 1 main.dol file with 0x60000000. Alternatively, you can use the following code:

EU v2
Gecko Code
04227608 60000000

Display Trigger Flag


The display trigger flag's mask is 0x0002. When the flag is set, the player's trigger sphere will be rendered. The trigger sphere is a sphere where if the ball is found inside it, the player will play the hitting attempt animation.

To permanently activate the display collision flag for both of the players, replace the instruction at offset 0x222444 of the US Rev 1 main.dol file with 0x60000000. Alternatively, you can use the following code:

EU v2
Gecko Code
04227774 60000000

Display Text Flag


The display text flag's mask is 0x0004. When the flag is set, the player object will print to the screen the current velocity of the player's hand, and the string "SMASH" if the player's last shot was a smash shot. Both of the player objects write to the same position in the screen.

To permanently activate the display text flag for both of the players, replace the instruction at offset 0x2224f0 of the US Rev 1 main.dol file with 0x60000000. Alternatively, you can use the following code:

EU Rev 1
Gecko Code
04227820 60000000

Find Mii


Each Mii object in Find Mii has a boolean byte at offset 0xdf; if the byte is different from 0 (i.e. the boolean is the true), two red spheres will be rendered - one with a position at the Mii's head, and the other with a position at the Mii's body.


The following Gecko code renders the spheres for all of the Miis:

US Rev 1 EU Rev 1
Gecko Code
042769D4 60000000
04276AE4 60000000