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Wii Play: Motion

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Title Screen

Wii Play: Motion

Also known as: Wii RemoCon Plus: Variety (JP)
Developers: Nintendo, Good-Feel, Arzest, Chunsoft, Prope, Mitchell, Skip Ltd., Vanpool
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: July 7, 2011
Released in US: June 13, 2011
Released in EU: June 24, 2011
Released in AU: June 30, 2011

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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To do:

Wii Play: Motion is the sequel to Wii Play and is perhaps most notable for having several different developers (including Good-Feel and Chunsoft) behind its twelve minigames.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

An unused graphic with someone's Mii on it.
This unused graphic can be found in common/mg121.brres.lz under the name mii_face_dummy.tpl.

Another unused graphic with someone else's Mii on it.
This unused graphic can be found in common/mg150/map_obj.brres.lz under the name mii_face.tpl.

WiiPlayMotion-MiiBodyGr.png WiiParty-MiiBodyGray.png WiiPlayMotion-MiiBodyPpl.png WiiPlayMotion-MiiBodyRd.png WiiPlayMotion-MiiBodyWh.png WiiPlayMotion-MiiBodyYe.png
In the same file as the second unused Mii face above, there are some unused Mii bodies as well.

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 00.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 01.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 02.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 03.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 04.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 05.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 06.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 07.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 08.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 09.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 11.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 12.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 13.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 14.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 15.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 16.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 17.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 18.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 19.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 20.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 21.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 22.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 23.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 24.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 25.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 26.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 27.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 28.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 29.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 30.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 31.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 32.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 33.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 34.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 35.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 36.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 37.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 38.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 39.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 40.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 41.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 42.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 43.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 44.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 45.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 46.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 47.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 48.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 49.png WiiPlayMotion=Mii face 50.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 51.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 52.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 53.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 54.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 55.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 56.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 57.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 58.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 59.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 60.png

WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 61.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 62.png WiiPlayMotion-Mii face 63.png
A ton of very small unused graphics with numbers on them.
These unused graphics can be found in common/mg170/ex_obj.brres.lz.

WPM-title cap 03.png
A very early title screen that resembles the Japanese version of Wii Play, (Your First Steps to Wii), and is titled "Chanpon: Your first step to Nagasaki". Chanpon actually is a noodle meal which originated in Nagasaki which is in Japan, and it's the codename of the game. The background lacks details and the copyright date is 2010. The graphic can be found in common/title/add/gf/model.brres.lz

Unused Textures

WiiPlayMotion-Ex goal 1.png
An unused goal texture.
This unused texture can be found in common/mg170/ex_obj.brres.lz under the name ex_goal_1.tpl.

Unused Objects

Jump Park

Jump Park has two unused objects: a balloon and a star ring. The balloon, which contains 8 gems, pops when a Mii collides with it; the popped balloons will respawn whenever a Mii passes through a star ring.

(Source: xUniverse1)

Skip Skimmer

Skip Skimmer has an unused rock model which has a drawing of Mario on it.

WPM-Stone 33.png

Unused Music

There are two music files for the unused "Loony Cycle" mini-game.


The intro at the start of a level.


The results for a level.

There seems to be no music for when you actually play the minigame though.

(music dumps: u/M3KAI5ER44)

Unused Boss/Enemy

To do:
There is some models associated with these textures at files/locale_us/common/mg180/enemy_ninja2.brres.lz Try and document them.

Robo color.png Robo giniro.png
These two look to be body textures.

Robo me2.png
This one looks like it would be mirrored to make up the eyes.

These textures are stored along with the other files for the ninja stage of Trigger Twist and the file, locale_us/common/mg180. This looks to be an unused final boss that would either replace the ninja's final boss or be its own stage.
A wireframe of this is also in the game with the file name, pr1_en10mdx1xx.

Unused Minigames

100 Spooky Search
101 Cone Zone
102 Jump Park
110 Star Shuttle
111 Dolphin Park Unused
120 Loony Cycle Unused
121 Treasure Twirl
122 Puppet Mii Show (Circus Game) Unused
130 ? Unused
140 Flutter Fly
141 Pose Mii Plus
150 Wind Runner
160 Teeter Targets
170 Skip Skimmer
171 Veggie Garden'
180 Trigger Twist

The second digit shows the minigame's developer.

0 Arzest Corporation
1 Chunsoft
2 Mitchell Corporation
3 Nd Cube
4 Skip Ltd.
5 Vanpool, Inc.
6 Nintendo
7 Good-Feel
8 Prope, Ltd.
(Source: RoadrunnerWMC)


One of the unused minigames, internally named mg111, is an action game set in an ocean. The object seems to be to swim through as many gold rings as possible within the time limit. The Wii Remote steers the dolphin, and the player can press A to swim slower and B to swim faster. The HUD (which is mostly non-functional) includes an overhead map, and a point meter that uses the Cone Zone "Points" icon. Miis in boats hold even more gold rings over the water, which you can reach by jumping at high speed.

(Source: RoadrunnerWMC and Wipeoutjack7)


One of the unused minigames, internally named mg120, is a cycling minigame. You maneuver through an obstacle course floating in the sky over a valley. You hold your Wiimote like bicycle handlebars and "pedal" it, avoiding hazards and collecting balloons. There are a variety of levels. You can choose the first few through the level-select menu, and you can play the others by renaming files in the "common/mg120/map" folder. There's even a functional multiplayer mode! You can crash into opponents, and there are now bombs to avoid. All balloons are gone in this mode.

(Source: RoadrunnerWMC and LuFer)


One of the unused minigames, internally named mg122, is a rhythm game set in a circus. The Wii Remote is held sideways, and the player can march by tilting the Wii Remote left and right, marching while tilting forward or backward will have the player move accordingly and jump by pressing 2. Additionally, the player can change the camera angle by pressing 1 and reset the game by pressing +.

(Source: RoadrunnerWMC and xUniverse1)


The only title screen demo that goes unused is internally named td002. This demo allows you to look around a small environment using the Wii Remote to control your field of view. You can see Miis and other objects all relating to the minigames within Wii Play: Motion.

(Source: Wipeoutjack7)

Unused Text

There contains three unused text strings in common/mess/bin/USEnglish/glossary.msbt that may be debug text or text used for message editing program.

Explanation of this file
Editing rules for this file
Labeling Rules

Regional Differences

North America Japan
WiiPlayMotionTS.png WiiPlayMotion Title-Japan.png
Europe Korea
WiiPlayMotion Title-Europe.png WiiPlayMotion Title-Korea.png

The title screen is different between regions.

Text Sample File

The binary text file named sample in the directory common/mess/bin/*languagedependent* after decompression only has 8 lines of empty text.

Internal Name

The game's internal name is "Chanpon" as shown by the early title screen and sound effects file, titled ChanponSound.brsar.