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Wii Fit

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Title Screen

Wii Fit

Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 5
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii
Released in JP: December 1, 2007
Released in US: May 21, 2008
Released in EU: April 25, 2008
Released in AU: May 8, 2008
Released in KR: December 6, 2008

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • There may be debug options at offset 43ABF0 of the executable USA Rev 1
  • Prerelease content from E3 2007.
  • Translate Common/RPHealthZazen/common.carc/Zazen.brres into English.

Wii Fit is an exercise game that uses the Wii Balance Board for a bunch of different minigames, as well as doing yoga with a woman who somehow became a fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game was a huge success, and even spawned a sequel.

Unused Models

Soccer Heading

Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\hdg.brres has an earlier version of the Soccer Heading field without footballs or a panda head being spread across the ground.

WiiFit Soccer Heading.png

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\ball.brres has 3 Soccer Heading balls with different models and lighting compared to the final ones.

WiiFit Panda.png WiiFit Spike.png WiiFit Ball.png

Balance Bubble

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\iraira_map.brres has a version of the Balance Bubble course with textures similar to E3 2006's Obstacle Course Demo.

WiiFit Balance Bubble.png

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\ira_bee.brres and Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\ira_baloon.brres are early bee and balloon models

WiiFit Bee.png WiiFit Balloon.png

Ski Jump

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\3D_word.brres contains unused 3D text for the Ski Jump minigame.

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\skj_board.brres Contains unused Skis for the Skiing Minigames.

Unused Skis for the Skiing minigames.

Table Tilt

Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\kkg_board.brres contains two unused Table Tilt levels from the E3 2007 demo of Wii Fit.

Table Tilt Unused 1.png
WiiFit Table Tilt Unused 2.png

Lotus Focus/Zazen

Common\RPHealthZazen\common.carc\zazen.brres is an unused candle with some text on it used for the Lotus Focus/Zazen game.

Model Texture
WiiFit- Zazen.brres.png
Wii Fit Mozi01.png


Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\parachute_course.brres is the Wii Sports golf training course, used for the scrapped Parachuting game.

WiiFit Glf course fc11.png

Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\parachute_data.brres are parachute and target objects used in the Parachuting game.

WiiFit Target.png WiiFit Parachute.png

Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\GateRing.brres is a ring associated with the Parachuting game. It resembles the one seen in the the E3 2006 Wii Sports Airplane demo., although it lacks the red stripes.

WiiFit Ring.png


To do:
  • There are also textures for the rest of the sports balls from Wii Sports and Wii Play.

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\fencing.brres and Common\RPHpe2Scene\common.carc\fencing.brres contains the Wii Sports Boxing training ball, used for the scrapped Fencing game.

WiiFit Tennis-Ball.png

Common\RPHpeScene\common.carc\sabel.brres is a sabel model for the Fencing game.

WiiFit Sabel.png

Balance Test

Common\RPHealthBalance\common.carc has four brres files for some sort of test with a ball, goal, seesaw, and... stop!!

Realistic Trainer

To do:
Make GIFs of the animations.

Common\RPHealthMainScene\common.arc has a model of a more realistic female trainer with textureless, solid-color clothes.

Wiifitplus realistictrainer.png Wii fit plus realistic trainer body.png

Based on the structure of the model and the full version of her body texture, it is apparent that the model was originally nude and the developers simply retextured parts of her body to create her clothing. The color of her clothes roughly match that of the normal trainer in the original Wii Fit. (They appear white in the image due to a rendering error.)

The clothing meshes have their UV data removed, making them unable to use the body texture. The trainer has a few animations of some warm-up stretches and yoga poses, but her shoulders get distorted and inverted due to how they are rigged. Additionally, while the warm-up poses flow together, the yoga poses (different steps of the Tree pose) are almost completely still and have no transition between them.

Unused Graphics


Common\RPHealthCommon\common.carc has two unused dummy textures. The first one, "仮", translates to "temporary".

Wii Fit dummy.png
WiiFit DummyMii.png


LayoutCommon\RPHealthTraining\common.carc has two unused textures which are of a person breathing.

Tex breath 00.png

Tex breath 01.png


Common\RPHealthCommon\common.carc contains a file called icon_checkpoint.bti, which could be a icon for a checkpoint, as the name suggests, in the unused Balance Test game.

Icon checkpoint wiifit.bti.png


LayoutCommon\RPHealthBalance\common.carc has an unused texture of a placeholder image for the Balance Test minigames. "仮", translating to "temporary"

Wii Fit - Oh expPicture 05.png


Common\RPHealthTraining\common.carc has a file called item_test.brres, which has instructions on meditative breathing.

Wiifitplus breath tex02.png

Wiifitplus breath tex01.png

Wii-Fit-Tj dummyFace 00.tpl-0.png

In various files, a placeholder graphic of a very blurry Mii face can be found, likely most often used as placeholder Mii faces in games like Table Tilt.


Layout Common\RPHealthMenu\common.carc has unused icons for the Training Menu, showing locked icons for minigames that are normally available on a new profile.


Common\RPHealthMainScene\common.carc has three icons of Tree Pose.

Yoga01 01 icon.png Yoga01 02 icon.png Yoga01 03 icon.png

Unused Animations

Body Test

Common\HealthShared\common.carc\avatar.brres & Common\Hpe2Scene\common.carc\health_test.brres contain unused animations for the Body Test, most of which include what animation your mii will do when the game calculates your BMI and Wii Fit Age.

Balance Bubble

Common\HpeScene\common.carc\avatar_ira.brres contains unused animations for Balance Bubble, mainly having to do with how your Mii moves inside the bubble.

Basic Step

Common\HpeScene\common.carc\avatar_step.brres contain unused animations for Basic Step, which were earlier animations for the Miis stepping on and off the balance boards. These animations look similar to the ones used in the E3 2007 trailer for Wii Fit. It seems like the Balance Boards were positioned higher up when these animations were made as the Miis float a bit above the Balance Boards when the animations are used.

Unused Text

Fit Credit Unlocks

There is unused text in US\Message\health_message.bmg that would have implied that you would have had to unlock more training games, rather than already having those games unlocked as in the final game. It seems that Soccer Heading and 2P Run would have been the only games that would've been already unlocked.

Balance Games

You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Ski Shalom.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Ski Jump.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Table Tilt.


You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Hula Hoop®.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Basic Step.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Basic Run.

Strength Training

You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Single-Leg Extension.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Torso Twists.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Lunge.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Push-Up and Side Plank.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Jackknife.


You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Deep Breathing.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Half-Moon.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Warrior.
You've collected enough Fit Credits to unlock Tree.

Basic Step

Unused text in US\Message\health_message.bmg suggests that Basic Step would have originally have had an Advanced and Expert Difficultly, instead of Advanced being a separate game and Expert being completely unused in the final game.

You're getting good at this. Unlocked: Advanced
You're getting good at this. Unlocked: Expert

Lotus Focus

Unused text at entry ID 2600192 in US\Message\health_message.bmg suggests that Lotus Focus would have had subtitles for the announcer.

Katsu! Sit still.
And that's the end.

Regional Differences

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!

Wii Fit Plaza

Some of the Wii Fit Plaza options' translations are different.

North America Japan Japan (Translated)
Wii Fit Plaza みんなの広場 Everyone's Plaza
BMI BMIの変化 Change in BMI
New Profile 新規登録 New Registration

Training Game Names

Some of the Training games' names were changed when localizing to other regions.

North America Japan Japan (Translated)
Soccer Heading へディング Heading
Ski Slalom バランススキー Balance Ski
Balance Bubble バランスMii Balance Mii
Penguin Slide ペンギンシーソー Penguin Seesaw
Snowboard Slalom バランススノボー Balance Snowboard
Aerobics 有酸素運動 Aerobic Exercise
Basic Run ジョギング Jogging
Free Step ながら踏み台 Simultaneous Stepping
Free Run ながらジョギング Simultaneous Jogging

Trial Mode (Training)

There are some differences in Trial Mode in the Training section for the International and Japanese versions.

International Japan
International Trial Mode Training Games WF.png Japan Trial Mode Training Games WF.png
  • The International version has more Aerobic and Balance games, while the Japanese version has more Strength Training and Yoga games.
  • The International version has a more standard layout, while the Japanese version has a "T" shape for the Balance and Aerobic games.
  • The International version exclusively has Tightrope Tension and Balance Bubble, while the Japanese version exclusively has Lunge and Deep Breathing.
  • The “Fit” part of the Wii Fit logo is gray in the Japanese version and light green in International versions.

Development Remnants

Build Timestamps

Present in timeStamp.txt.

Japan Japan Rev 1 USA USA Rev 1 Europe Europe Rev 1 Korea Taiwan
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project
Pack Project

Camera Scripts

To do:
Double check if this applies to other regions.

In the USA Rev 1 edition, two csv files are left behind in "Common/RPHealthMainScene/common.carc" in its "chart" folder. One named "radio_gym_00.csv" and the other "実験トレーニング_データフォーマット.csv" (roughly translating to ExperimentalTraining_DataFormat), they describe camera actions, timing, sound, animation and sequences.

Download.png Download Camera Scripts
File: Wii Fit Scripts.zip (3 KB) (info)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Installation Info

Present in InstallInfo/HealthNand#$.txt is a log-kind of file (presumably meant for the the game's channel) where according to the internal developer wiki, these files are titled the way symbol maps are.

# is the destination (game region) and $ is Target (build target) (i.e. "UP" is US Product). Interestingly, it mentions most likely the internal name of the game's channel.

Europe Rev 1

WadName: HealthNandPackEP
titleId: 0001000452464e50
Company: 01
Blocks : 955
i-node : 13
Date   : 08/08/05 17:37
Tool   : mekeWad ver 1.1

Config File

gameConfig.ini in the disc's root includes a few settings, some of which have been commented out.

# Pack Project Game Config File
#	RootScene		ヘルスパック	#	ルートシーン設定
#	TVMode			16:9			#	TVモード設定
#	Language		EN				#	言語設定
#	Sound			ステレオ		#	サウンド設定
	RPPrint			1				#	共通プリント設定
	RPSysPrint		1				#	システムプリント設定
	RPUtlPrint		1				#	ユーティリティプリント設定
	RPAudPrint		1				#	オーディオプリント設定
	RPSndPrint		1				#	サウンドプリント設定
	RPUserPrint		1				#	ユーザプリント設定
	RPKasPrint		1				#	笠松さんプリント設定
	RPMatPrint		1				#	松谷さんプリント設定
	RPSawPrint		1				#	澤谷さんプリント設定
	RPSakPrint		1				#	榊原さんプリント設定
	RPKodPrint		1				#	幸田さんプリント設定
	RPGutPrint		1				#	坂口さんプリント設定
	RPSaiPrint		1				#	酒井さんプリント設定
	RPSumPrint		1				#	住吉さんプリント設定
	RPUmePrint		1				#	梅宮さんプリント設定
#	GameOpen		0				#	ゲームオープン設定

Debugging Material

Build Display

Oddly not stubbed out in product builds of the game is a hidden display for the product build date.

According to the developer documents in an internal developer wiki found in the 2020-09-09 Nintendo leaks, pressing A, D-Pad Up, 2, D-Pad Down, B, 1, 1, B, D-Pad Left, A, D-Pad Right at the title screen will show a display in the bottom-right corner in black for the region and product build type (found in the executable) and also print out the data in timeStamp.txt until the scene is exited. There is no sound cue.

Performance Meter

WiiFit performanceBar.png

The game's code initializes an instance of the ProcessMeter from the EGG library, used by some first party Wii games. The green one measures the CPU sending commands to the GPU, the blue one shows the GPU rendering from said commands, and the red one displays the total frame time.

In one of the initialization functions (RPSysSystem::setup0), the game deliberately hides the performance bar from the screen (at 0x801850c8 Europe Rev 1. To show it, use the Gecko code below:

Europe Rev 1
Gecko Code
041850b8 38800001

Exception Handler

WiiFit exceptionhandler.png

The exception handler from the EGG library is present. When the game crashes, press the following buttons (in order, from left to right) on the 1st Wii Remote (Vertical) to bring it up:

HOME, A, B, 1, 2, -, +

Use the D-Pad to scroll.

Unreleased Chinese version

The Taiwanese disc contains files from the unreleased iQue Wii (Chinese) version of Wii Fit.

Simplified Chinese Wii Fit Channel Banner

The Taiwanese version includes an unused Simplified Chinese banner (with the "Channel" string displayed as 频道) that can display if the console's language is set to Simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese Safety Screen

Found in LayoutCommon/RPHealthTitle/common.carc/HealthStrap.arc are the strap/safety screens in Simplified Chinese. These match the ones present on Mario Kart Wii.

ChineseStrapScreenWiiFit1.png ChineseStrapScreenWiiFit2.png ChineseStrapScreenWiiFit3.png

Simplified Chinese Channel Installer

Attempting to install the Wii Fit Channel from the Taiwanese version of the game while the system is set to Simplified Chinese, the game will instead display the installer's unused Chinese translation.