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Digimon World

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Title Screen

Digimon World

Developers: Bec, Flying Tiger Development (US reprogramming)
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: January 28, 1999
Released in US: May 23, 2000
Released in EU: July 6, 2001

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Digimon World, while not the very first Digimon game to be made, is the first Digimon game to get outside Japan. The goal is to train your Digimon to get other Digimon back into File City and then save the Digital World. Just make sure your Digimon isn't hungry, needs to poop, sick, sleepy, overworked, or injured, then you should be fine.

Unused Digimon

There are a handful of Digimon still in the game that were evidently going to be included but were scrapped for unknown reasons. Most of them still work within the game, but special items have to be used to Digivolve to them, which need codes to get, further making the items themselves unused.


Digivolving into Metal Etemon.

The metal version of Etemon. Can be obtained with the unused DigimonWorld MetalBanana.png Metalbanana item. Considered an Ultimate-level Digimon even though it's a Mega-level Digimon outside of the game.


Digivolving into Panjyamon.

This is actually IceLeomon. Can be obtained with the unused DigimonWorld NobleMane.png Noble Mane item. Considered a Champion-level Digimon even though it's an Ultimate-level Digimon outside of the game.


Digivolving into Gigadramon.

A more metallic version of Megadramon. Can be obtained with the unused DigimonWorld GigaHand.png Giga Hand item. Considered an Ultimate-level Digimon, just as it should.


This Digimon is referenced by the unused DigimonWorld ElectroRing.png Electro Ring item. Hacking the item into the player's inventory and then using it hangs the game.


This Digimon is also referenced by an unused item, the DigimonWorld MoonMirror.png Moon Mirror item. Just as with the Electro Ring, using this item hangs the game.

Debug Room

DigimonWorld DebugRoom1.png

There is a simple debug room within the game that would allow the developers access to various things in the game. This "room" is basically the area with Jijimon's house only with various Jijimon actors that do different things. It can be accessed with the following GameShark codes:

301BDFD2 0000
301BDFD3 0000
301BDFD4 0000
301BDFE6 0000 
30158BE3 0000
30158BE4 0000
30158BE5 0000
30158BF6 0000
(Source: Romsstar at GameFAQs.)

After the code is activated, enter the area with Jijimon's house to get to the debug room. This will remove Agumon from the city, but won't change anything else.

To do:
Document this process and find out how exactly it differs from using the codes instead.

Alternatively, a method can be used to access debug mode on an official PS1 console where the lid can be opened to stop the disc from spinning mid-game. This method requires no third-party cheat devices. Unbeknownst to the player, debug mode is entered at the beginning of every new game after the CGI cutscene finishes. Under normal circumstances, the player is spawned onto a plane that immediately teleports the player as though moving from one screen to another before the screen even fades in. The interactive cutscene with Jijimon and the others around the player then starts as normal. Interrupting the disc reading process by opening the PS1 disc tray and stopping the disc from spinning beforehand will prevent this plane from spawning, but leaves the rest of the area intact. When performed correctly, you will have multiple Jijimon around you and can continue as documented below. Note that at this point, you may close your disc tray, but the plane will respawn if you return to this screen and you must carefully avoid it to continue in debug mode.

The following is a documentation of everything that is offered with the debug code. The Jijimon are designated by their locations in the picture above.

Top Left Jijimon

  • Half dead - Lowers your Digimon's HP to 1.
  • Opening mode - Plays opening cutscene. Yuramon is misplaced upon exiting Jijimon's house.
  • Fast forward time - Advances clock by what option is selected next.
    • Forward one hour - Advances clock one hour.
    • Forward six hours - Advances clock six hours.
    • Forwards ten days - Advances the game ten days. Quite a jump, huh?

Bottom Left Jijimon

This Jijimon's first screen comprises White, Blue, and Red listed three times each, all in their respective colors. The second screen then tells the player's exact in-game play time. It's not until the third screen does this Jijimon tell you that he's in fact Mr. Warp and gives you options of where to go:

  • Near - Takes the player to a nearby place.
    • The peak of Mt. Panorama - Takes the player to the very first path to Mt. Panorama, not the peak.
    • Tropical Jungle - Takes the player to the first Tropical Jungle area.
    • Drill Tunnel - Takes the player to the entrance of Drill Tunnel.
  • Far away - Takes the player a bit farther.
    • Gear Savanna - Takes the player to the Gear Savanna area that contains the electronic sign.
    • Grey Lord's Mansion - Takes the player to the entrance of Grey Lord's Mansion.
    • Great Canyon - Takes the player to the area right after the invisible bridge, with Monochromon's store.
  • Very far away - Takes the player even farther!
    • Anc. Dino Region: gate - The entrance of the Ancient Glacial Region, right after Amida Forest. Its loading screen calls it the Ancient Dino Region, but time goes slow.
    • Anc. Dino Region: back - The very back of the Ancient Speedy Region, where the player finds Meteormon. Time doesn't go fast (because the actor doing this is only present at the entrance, since you never cross it, time doesn't go faster).
    • Unknown World - More options, basically:
      • In front of Curling Cave - Takes the player to the area in Freezeland that is the front of the Curling Cave.
      • Seadra fishing - Takes the player to Dragon Eye Lake. Not really that far away...
      • Lava Cave - Takes the player to where Meramon is fought.

Bottom Left Tokomon

The first screen actually refers to Tokomon as Jijimon. On this screen, Tokomon tells how many lives the player's current Digimon has. On the sceond screen, Tokomon is not Jijimon anymore, yet he claims to be Mr. Digivolution. Whatever he's called, he will digivolve your Digimon into one of the following:

  • Numemon - Digivolve to Numemon.
  • Sukamon - Digivolve to Sukamon.
  • Botamon - Digivolve to Botamon.

Bottom Right Jijimon

  • Store one - Gives you several store options:
    • Shop - A shop with quite an expansive inventory. (based on city shop?)
Item Price
med.recovery 500
Sup.restore 9500
Hispeed dsk 500
S.Def.disk 4000
Auto Pilot 300
Off.Chip 9999
Port.potty 300
Trn.manual 9999
Meat 50
Giant Meat 500
Sirloin 1500
Supercarrot 500
Digimushrm 100
Gold Acorn 8000
Big Berry 1000
Digianchovy 50
Black trout 1000
Digiseabass 8000
Moldy Meat 50
Happymushrm 1000
Chain melon 5000
Grey Claws 5000
Fireball 5000
Flamingwing 5000
Iron Hoof 5000
Mono Stone 5000
Steel drill 5000
Black Wing 5000
Spike Club 5000
Flamingmane 5000
White Wing 5000
Torn tatter 5000
Rainbowhorn 5000
Rooster 5000
Unihorn 5000
Horn helmet 5000
Scissor jaw 5000
Fertilizer 5000
Koga laws 5000
Waterbottle 5000
North Star 5000
Red Shell 5000
Hard Scale 5000
Bluecrystal 5000
Ice crystal 5000
Hair grower 5000
Sunglasses 5000
Fatal Bone 9999
Cyber part 9999
Silver ball 9999
Metal armor 9999
Chainsaw 9999
Small spear 9999
X Bandage 9999
Ray Gun 9999
Gold Banana 9999
Mysty Egg 9999
Red Ruby 9999
Beetlepearl 9999
Coral charm 9999
Blue Flute 9999
Steak 1000
To do:
Research what the price, point, and arena sections do.
    • Market - A shop with only three things.
    • Point -
  • Store two - Gives you more shops:
    • Card - Pulls up the card dealer's shop.
    • Item Keeper - Pulls up the item keeper's menus.
    • Other shops - More options that aren't necessarily shops...
      • Sound Test - Giromon's Jukebox, complete with the odd crashing.
      • Warp Shop - Pulls up Pheonixmon's warp spots and prices.
      • Exchange - Pulls up a Mojyamon's text for trading.
  • Others - Options for rather random things. This is the most dysfunctional part of all of the debug options.
    • Entry - Game hangs up, places the menu browsing/selecting sounds randomly. Other times, it simply crashes.
    • Arena -
    • Various - More options.
      • Opening - Does nothing.
      • Ending - Crashes.
      • Morph - Initiates a Digivolution to the Digimon the player already has, although it claims it will be to Sukamon. Gotcha!
      • Gone - Messages of techniques not getting passed on are shown. These effectively remove the technique from the list if they are there. Continuing to select this option will get rid of more techniques, but the number of successive techniques removed will drop until only one technique gets dropped at a time. After a while, the option will start doing nothing.
    • Price -
  • Enter Name - Allows the player to change either their name or their Digimon's name.

Second Debug Room

DigimonWorld DebugRoom2.png

If the player ventures to the area of Native Forest that contains the entrances to Drill Tunnel and Mt. Panorama, they will find a couple Sukamon, one sitting still (right Sukamon) and one meandering (left Sukamon), that also do debugging stuff.

Right Sukamon

To do:
Research what Treasure Hunter and Fortune Teller do.
  • Change his Parameters - Changes the player's Digimon's stats based on the following choices:
    • Make him most powerful - Sets all of the Digimon's stats to maximum.
    • Make him most weak - Sets all of the Digimon's stats to 1.
    • Make him average - Sets all of the Digimon's stats to half their maximum.
  • Speed up time for us - Advances time, just like one of the Jijimon did:
    • Make one hour pass - Advances time one hour.
    • Make six hours pass - Advances time six hours.
    • Make twenty four hours pass - Advances time twenty-four hours.
  • Change this into a store - Offers more shops that the Jijimon didn't cover:
    • Clinic - Acts as Centaumon's Clinic.
    • Treasure Hunter -
    • Fortune Teller -

Left Sukamon

This Sukamon's first screen simply tells the player their current in-game play time, like one of the Jijimon did. His second screen tells the player what type of Digimon they have in the form of a confirmation-type question. And that's it.

To do:
  • Pictures.
  • Look into the apparent glitch that triggers this debug room.
  • Advance further in the game to understand everything else.
  • Look around debug with a completely new game.

Unused Tournament

The Royal Grade Tournament panel.

The game features 22 different tournaments, including the Beetle Cup. However, only 21 are normally accessible. The Royal Grade Tournament can only be played by overwriting the actual tournament with this one before entering in the arena. You can use the GameShark code 30158C90 0005 on the French version to access it. (The code is untested on other versions.)

Another way to enter without any code is to use Piximon to overwrite the current number of seconds into the tournament value before entering in the arena. To do so, speak to Piximon (before 12 o clock in the current day) in the town shop when 5 seconds have passed in the current hour and cancel its dialogue by pressing Triangle when choosing to buy the training manual or not.

Unlike in other tournaments, any Digimon of any kind can be met here, (including ultimate and in-training Digimons) but all their stats, including their HP, aren't actually programmed, so they will be 0, which causes them to die right after the battle starts. This also means there's no way to lose... ''unless you force your HP to 0 with another code to tie a battle.'' (but why would you do that anyway?)

Prizes also aren't programmed, so winning this tournament doesn't give anything to the player. But entering in it with an ultimate can decrease the tamer level if a yellow tournament was selected before.

A video is available here to explain the tournament.

To do:
  • Force a draw to see what happens when you lose.

Unused Graphics


All of the unused Digimon have accompanying sprites for the tournaments. WereGarurumon also has sprites for the tournament, even though he has no associated model.

Etemon's Open Tree House


A door blocks entry into the tree house during the entire game, but a graphic shows the tree house open instead. Although the door can be moved with hacks, there is nothing inside and no warp associated with the area.

Early Mt. Panorama Spore Area

To do:

Change the value at 00A0E00 to 21 to enter an earlier version of the Mt. Panorama Spore Area. This version is much larger than the final, and the palette for this area is missing. It has three paths to choose from - The upper left and right both lead to Mt. Panorama Plains, just at different sides. In the final version of this area, you can only enter the right path from this part. If you leave the area from below, you're taken to Path Thru Mt. Panorama as opposed to the forked Spore Area (which is where you would normally enter the left side of Mt. Panorama Plains from). The computers are also placed differently, although they are linked to the final version of the area, meaning that if you grab the items from here, the computers won't have any new items for you if you load the final map afterwards. The used version of this level can be found at 234, far away from the values for other areas in this level.

Unused Warp

There is an unused warp in Freezeland that can be accessed by glitching out of bounds. In the area that contains Whamon, move to the far left of the screen and keep moving up and down until your character goes out of bounds. Keep moving left and up a bit and you'll be taken to 'Native Forest'. The game appears to load garbage data.

(Source: fscutaro)

Unused Areas

Some areas in the game can never be entered by any normal means and are left unused. They become accessible by using the cheat code 8013C08C 00XX on the PAL version (replace the XX by the area ID). Most areas are just a glitch screen with nothing interesting to see whereas some others are playable. The video shows the actual areas able to be explored with their IDs in decimal.

(Source: Anonyme358)

Korean PC Version Differences

Digimon World while released to Korea on PS1 but was also ported to the PC being called 디지몬 월드. This version is not a 1:1 port, it contains changes to the GUI and more.

The game itself runs too fast on modern PC's so playing it can be a bit strange.

The game has added real time shadows and also plays at a 4:3 aspect ratio like the PS1.

The video cutscenes are from the US version of Digimon World and have been squished to 4:3.

The sound quality in this port has also taken a hit compared to the PS1 version.

You can save anywhere you want in-game, unlike having to wait for your Digimon to fall asleep or saving at Jijimon's house.

In-game items that are in the overworld have different graphics which appear to be squished versions or smaller version of their PS1 counterparts.

The credits for beating the game are the same to the US version of the game.

With the game itself being in Korean it's hard to say what else has changed but to play the game make sure to set your computer's unicode to Korean or it will not start, you also either need the disc in the drive or the ISO mounted to your PC.

Video Footage: https://youtu.be/1fVAC1kehYA?t=2m10s

Regional Differences

  • On US copies of the game, trying to listen to any song on Giromon's Jukebox causes the game to crash.
  • In the European versions, the player isn't able to interact with the Agumon guarding the fortress, preventing all events related to that part of the game to happen. This is mostly a bug and players must either use a patched version or repeated console openings while loading the Machinedramon battle room through the Back Dimension, after forcing their way to the gate (by mashing the Triangle button while moving up and right / left in the gap between the Agumon and the left wall).