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Digimon Anode/Cathode Tamer: Veedramon Version

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Title Screen

Digimon Anode

Developer: SIMS
Publisher: Bandai
Platform: WonderSwan Color
Released in JP: September 18, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A re-release of a game for the original WonderSwan and one of the very few WonderSwan games with an official English release.

Scene Viewer

Digimon Anode Cathode Tamer Veedramon Version scene viewer.png

Set breakpoint at D2BB:0280 and modify the value at DS:1402 to 0x15.

Incorrect Palette

When loading the palettes for Datamon's Server Room, the original background colors are overwritten by ones for the player sprite. This results in garish, clashing colors.
The original color scheme can be mostly restored by changing the player's palette location value at 0x3EEF86 to 0x28, which will prevent the player's palette from overwriting the previous one. However, the first column of tiles will still be distorted due to the sprite overlay. There is a patch available to fully restore the background palette.

Original Partially Restored Fully Restored
Digimon-Anode-cathode-server-room-original.png Digimon-Anode-cathode-server-room-partially-restored.png Digimon-Anode-cathode-server-room-restored.png