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Digimon World 3

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Title Screen

Digimon World 3

Also known as: Digimon World 3: Aratanaru Bouken no Tobira (JP), Digimon World 2003 (EU)
Developers: Bec, Boom
Publishers: Bandai
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: July 4, 2002
Released in US: June 5, 2002
Released in EU: November 29, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Digimon World 3 leaves behind the monster-raising simulation and dungeon-crawling of its PlayStation predecessors in favor of being a fairly ordinary Digimon-flavored RPG. It also features a number of new monsters from the then-upcoming fourth anime series, Digimon Frontier.

Unused Sprites

Digimon World 3 Blank NPC 1.png Digimon World 3 Blank NPC 2.png

Two sets of sprites for two featureless human characters, including many of the animation frames used by the game's human NPCs. The characters are mostly identical to each other, except for a few frames which only the second one has.

Regional Differences


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Japan International

In the Japanese version of the game, there are two versions of the opening movie. When the game has just been started, the movie plays with the song "Miracle Maker" by veteran Digimon anime musicians Koji Wada, Takayoshi Tanimoto, and Ai Maeda. If the game is left at the title screen and the movie plays again, a second version plays with an instrumental theme new to World 3. The "Miracle Maker" version was removed in all international versions, where the second version plays in both cases.

Title Screen

Japan US Europe
Digimon World 3 Title JP.png Digimon World 3 Title.png Digimon World 3 Title EU.png

The Japanese version uses the same style of logo as the preceding two Digimon World games, while the international versions base their logos on the one used by the English dubs of the third and fourth anime series. The game was renamed Digimon World 2003 for its European release, likely to avoid numbering confusion resulting from how its predecessor, Digimon World 2, was never released in Europe.