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Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Arcade)

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Title Screen

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Developer: Technos Japan
Publisher: Technos Japan
Platform: Arcade (Double Dragon hardware)
Released in JP: March 1989
Released in US: 1988

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

To do:
Acknowledge Japanese version differences, such as flashing continue screen, now that the rom is playable.


More of a remix of the first Double Dragon arcade game than a completely new adventure, although in this version of the game Machine Gun Willy decides to make things more personal for the Lee brothers by gunning down Marian rather than just kidnapping her, which is where "The Revenge" part of the title comes into play.

Unused Graphics

With the exception of the Lee brothers, Jeff and Willy, all of the returning characters from the first game were redesigned in some form or another. While there are some leftovers from the first game that were left unchanged, there are also redesigned sprites for this game that went unused as well.

Dd2ac Marian walking.PNG Marian's face on all of her walking animation frames was redrawn, but she only uses her standing pose (the first frame) in the game. Unfortunately for her, she gets shot by Willy in the opening sequence before getting a chance to go anywhere.
Dd2ac Williams sitting.PNG Williams sitting atop some sort of higher ground. In the first game, he sat atop trees during Mission 3.
Dd2ac Rowper knife throw.PNG Rowper's knife/dynamite throwing animation, an ability he lost in this game.
Dd2ac Ohara ryoute harite.PNG This square-haired strongman (named O'Hara in the Mega Drive version) never actually uses this double hand slap technique, much like the bald Abobo from the first game.
Dd2ac Ohara wallbuster.PNG O'Hara breaking through a wall, which he never actually does in the game. His head-swapped counterpart, Bolo, uses this animation sequence in the beginning of Mission 2.
Dd2ac Ohara jumping.PNGDd2ac Bolo jumping.PNG Jumping animation frames for the two strongman in the game (Bolo and O'Hara), which they never get the opportunity to use. In the first game, Abobo uses similar frames when he jumps down from a tree trunk in Mission 3.

Unused Music

ID# Track Notes
Located between the Missions 3 and 4 themes. Due to its infinite looping, perhaps this was unused stage music.
A short jingle perhaps intended for a Game Over theme, or perhaps after you defeated the final boss, judging from its happy-sounding tone.
Another short music track. Possibly intended for after the final boss fades away upon defeat.
The intro cutscene for the final fight plays this eerie ambient track, which is programmed to run for just over 4 minutes (when every audio channel syncs up). However, only the first 10 seconds are heard in actual gameplay before the cutscene ends, leaving the rest of the track unused.