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Download Play (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen

Download Play

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: February 26, 2011
Released in US: March 27, 2011
Released in EU: March 25, 2011
Released in AU: March 31, 2011
Released in KR: April 28, 2012
Released in CN: December 2012
Released in TW: September 28, 2012
Released in AS: September 28, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Download Play is a pre-installed application on Nintendo 3DS systems. It is a returning feature from the Nintendo DS where only a single game copy is required to play with other players, or it can be used to download demos.

Unused Icons

In the first version of this application, a set of 32 icons can be found in romfs/icons.

Big Icon Small Icon Software Name Notes
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps000.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps000.png Health & Safety Information
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps001.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps001.png Steel Diver An early icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps002.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps002.png Nintendo 3DS Camera
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps003.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps003.png Nintendo 3DS Sound
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps004.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps004.png Mii Maker (Nintendo 3DS)
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps005.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps005.png StreetPass Mii Plaza
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps006.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps006.png AR Games
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps007.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps007.png Activity Log
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps008.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps008.png Nintendo Zone (Nintendo 3DS)
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps009.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps009.png Download Play (Nintendo 3DS)
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps010.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps010.png System Settings (Nintendo 3DS)
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps011.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps011.png Nintendogs + Cats An early icon, also seen in the Nintendo 3DS 2010 trailer.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps012.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps012.png Nintendo eShop (Nintendo 3DS) An early icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps013.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps013.png N/A The gift icon that would later be used for software downloaded from the eShop.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps014.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps014.png N/A This unused icon is also found in the files of Nintendo 3DS Camera with a banner.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps015.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps015.png N/A This unused icon can also be seen in the Nintendo 3DS 2010 trailer.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps016.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps016.png N/A An unused icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps017.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps017.png N/A An unused icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps018.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps018.png N/A This icon is also used in Nintendo 3DS Sound as a playlist icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps019.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps019.png N/A This icon is also used in Nintendo 3DS Sound as a playlist icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps020.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps020.png N/A This icon is also used in Nintendo 3DS Sound as a playlist icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps021.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps021.png N/A This icon is also used in Nintendo 3DS Sound as a playlist icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps022.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps022.png Mii Maker (Nintendo 3DS) An early icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps023.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps023.png N/A This icon is used in the Nintendo 3DS notifications applet.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps024.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps024.png N/A An early icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps025.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps025.png Mii Maker (Nintendo 3DS) An early icon.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps026.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps026.png N/A Possibly an early icon of Nintendo 3DS Camera; the background is borrowed from Nintendo Wii's Photo Channel.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps027.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps027.png N/A A blue variant of the software present. A model of this can be found in Nintendo 3DS files on version 1.0.0-0.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps028.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps028.png N/A The logo of Nintendo DS. Download Play (Nintendo 3DS) might possibly allow the user to choose DS software without rebooting to DS mode.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps029.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps029.png N/A Parental Controls may possibly have been a separate app.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps030.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps030.png N/A This is a dummy icon used in various places when a software's icon is deleted or missing.
3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Big-Apps031.png 3DSDownloadPlay-Unused-Icons-Small-Apps031.png N/A An early icon. A similar one can be seen in Nintendo 3DS manuals. The text "ゲーム" translates to "Game".
(discovery: MilesTheCreator)