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Spider-Man 2: Activity Center (Windows)

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Title Screen

Spider-Man 2: Activity Center

Developer: AWE Games
Publisher: Activision Value
Platform: Windows
Released in US: June 28, 2004

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

A bunch of Spider-Man 2-based mini-games for kids.


Unused Code
Every commented out line of code.

Unused Graphics

Most of the game pictures were used, but not all of them.

Unused Mission

There are some leftovers of one additional scrapped 8th mini-game in the files of the game. It's called "Secret Hideout". This mini-game has no preview, but there's a "help" page for this game still left. Judging by this description, this mini-game must be the same as the warehouse infiltration, but this time you would web the guards and lasers in order to progress, plus there was an option to jump some obstacles. There's no other assets related to this mini-game, so maybe it wasn't even created at all, but judging by the name "bonus" (it's also called warebonus in the files) it could be the final mini-game unlocked after you completed everything else. It would make sense, because the game has no actual ending. But the mission seem to be cut because of the fact that a similar mission is already in the game.

Help8Sneak.png Warebonus Rline.png Warehouse h.png Secrethide over.png

Another funny thing to notice: UI file names for some mini-games don't really connect with the exact mini-games. For instance, the Mug Shot mini-game is called PoliceHQ in the menu script, but the building UI is called "pizza_h.bmp". Cafe Attack mini-game building is called "jewelry_h.bmp". It might mean that initially they planned to create some different mini-games and a pizza one might be even confirmed, judging by the fact that it was in the main PS2/Xbox/GameCube version of the game.

Catch The Crook

There are some unused camera snap pictures. For some reason one of them is worse in quality. Maybe they are somehow used in prerendered cutscenes, but no scripts use them.

CameraSnap.png CameraSnap2.png

Mug Shot

Some faces created for this mini-game were unused. One of them is clearly a placeholder template, but others look like they could be used. Try not to puke!

Base.png Ruff.png Jack.png Dem.png

Wall Crawler

There are some unused people, obstacles, and one cat fully animated. Some of them are in the scripts, but the lines are commented. Also, there's some unused line.

Line2.png Washer.gif Realmadgirl.gif Short2.gif Short3.gif URR.gif Cat.gif

Warehouse Infiltration

There are two unused elements and also unused sprites of one laser. This exact laser possibly was unused, because only the laser itself was used (top_short1_LZR) and the metal thingy of this laser was put on backgrounds of the levels.

Wall41.png L21topLZR01-06.gif Wall11.png

Lab Work 101

For some reason, there's many unused animations and sprites for that mini-game.

MainbkrL1 hlite.png Sink.png Sinkhl.png Heat over.png Heat drag.png Num 00001.png Num 00002.png Num 00003.png Num 00004.png Num 00005.png Num 00006.png Num 00007.png

FireL1On 01-03.gif FireL1 00-12.gif Wsmkcrklpop L2.gif Spks Wsmoke L2.gif Spks L2.gif Spks Bsmoke L2.gif

Ylobubl 2 watr L2 00001-00011.gif Ylobubl 2 red L2 00001-00011.gif Ylobubl 2 blu L2 00001-00011.gif Redbubl 2 ylo L2 00001-00011.gif Redbubl 2 watr L2 00001-00011.gif


There is some unused "Print" UI button. It looks like some temporary design and it's unclear why it wasn't removed from the files of the game. The button uses the box art of Neversoft's Spider-Man 2000.

Printlit.png Printover.png


A UI element for locked minigames. This suggests that at least one minigame would have to be unlocked, but in the final game they're all available from the start.

Locked over.png

Unused Audio

Many sounds and some music pieces which aren't present in any script. Some are copies of used sounds, but in other folders. Some are weird placeholders, likely used until the voice talent could be brought in.

Catch The Crook

Sound Subtitle Comment
None Unused camera sound.
A duplicate of the used camera sound, but this file wasn't used.
"I'll use the zoom lens." There's no zoom option in this mini-game and the line isn't used.
"Wow! I guess I just wasn't fast enough with the camera!" This line could be used on fail.

Wall Crawler

Sound Subtitle Comment
Music Unused music loop for the third level. For some reason it wasn't used. However, the music was still made by KMFDM for the main console version of the game, so it's nothing really new.
"Try this on for size!" Unused voice lines of Doc Ock. It's funny how the first one was also said by Puma in The Fizz Factor's Spider-Man 2 PC game.
"Not again!"
"You're wearing me thin, Spider-Man!"
"Stay still, so I can crush you!" This line was meant for Ock, but it's left voiced by a placeholder actor. Funny, a similar line was said by Rhino in The Fizz Factor's Spider-Man 2 PC game.
"He got to get around this!" An unused Spidey line.
"He jumped to another building! Let's follow him." This is a duplicate of the used line. This file however wasn't used.

Cafe Attack

Sound Subtitle Comment
None Some unused crash sound.
A couple of unused web sounds.
"Ha! You think you've won? You'll never catch me in your web!" Unused placeholders that weren't recorded by star actors.
"Ooo! That was close."
"Grrr! I'm losing all my gems and jewelry!" An unused line of Ock. It's funny, that the level is still called "Jewel" in the files of the game. However, Ock doesn't have any stolen goods in this mini-game, he literally just tears the buildings apart and that's it. Plus Spidey never even tried to hit or web him.
"There he is. Get him!" Another unused Spider-Man line.

Lab Work 101

Sound Subtitle Comment
None Some unused sound effects.
"Great job!" Many unused placeholder voice lines.
"Excellent work!"
"Very good!"
"Very nice work!"
"You can do better. Try again for a higher grade."
"Please, see me after class."

Web Slinger

Sound Subtitle Comment
None Unused miss beep sound.
"It's time to get moving!" Unused Spider-Man voice lines.
"Which way should I go?"
"That way!"
"This looks right."
"Darn! Wrong turn..."
"Uh... That doesn't look right!"
"Hm..." More weird placeholders. Can't imagine why they needed these sounds for this mini-game...

Warehouse Infiltration / Secret Hideout

Lots of these unused sounds were related to the cut Secret Hideout mini-game. Also there's a checkpoint.wav sound and it was used, but not from this folder - there's an identical copy of that sound with the same name in the Global folder and it was used from that place.

Sound Subtitle Comment
None A sound of a guard guy being taken out.
An unused laser switch sound.
These Spidey jump/lang grunts weren't used, since there's no jumping ability in this mini-game. They could be in the cut Secret Hideout version of this mini-game, though...
These web sounds aren't used for the same reason - they were meant to be in the Secret Hideout version.
These grunts were meant for Spidey, but it's not Tobey who recorded them.
"You'll have to do much better, than that, Spider-Man..." A placeholder line that was meant for Doc Ock.
"It looks like this might be a tough nut to crack..." Lot's of unused Spider-Man lines, this time voiced by Tobey.
"Gotta move quietly now..."
"That was useful!"
"Hey, stick around! I can't believe I just said that..."
"Don't... turn around..."
"Ah, you turned around!"
"Oops!" This is the same audio file as Wssm019 from Web Slinger mini-game. Both unused.

Print Center

Sound Subtitle Comment
"Thanks for all your help! I couldn't have cleand up the city without you. Print out some of your certificates to show your friends." There's one unused Tobey line. It probably could be played after you unlocked all of the pictures, but for some reason it wasn't used. Judging by the name, it was meant for your first time in the Print Center. It's known that the devs planned for mini-games to unlock one by one. Maybe print center could be unlocked later as well. In this case such intro would make sense.


Sound Subtitle Comment
None Unused UI button sounds. At least some of them were used, but only their duplicates, not these files.
An unused Doc Ock laughs.
"I don't think so..." Also one short unused Ock line. Too short...
"Welcome to my turf: Manhattan. My spider senses are going off like crazy and I can use your help to get things sorted out. Scroll through the city and find the danger zones. It's time to do some good." This Spider-Man's voice line from the menu intro cutscene was left in the sounds folder, so you can listen it without any other sounds of that cutscene playing.