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Spider-Man 2: The Game (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen

Spider-Man 2: The Game

Developer: The Fizz Factor
Publishers: Activision (Windows), Aspyr Media (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: June 29, 2004
Released in EU: July 9, 2004

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Spider-Man 2: The Game, based on the Sam Raimi film of the same name, has no connection with the console adaptations of the film, besides using some music tracks and voice lines from them. This iteration was made by a small inexperienced team and targeted to kids, with the end result having a tremendous amount of bugs, a simple storyline, and low-quality gameplay and visuals.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Movie ticket token.png
Unused Models and Graphics
Scrapped collectables, old Spidey HUDs and etc.
Unused Sounds & Voice lines
More, than 1000 unused sound effects and story voice lines!
Developer functions and options to explore the game.
Unused & Commented-Out Code
There's A LOT of unused code!

Unused/Unreachable Areas

Test map

SM2PCHudAdrenometerTestMapRoom1.png SM2PCHudAdrenometerTestMapRoom2.png

There's one unused test map in the files of the game called "HUD-Adrenometer". It has two small generic rooms with an old adrenaline HUD texture on its walls.

Hidden room near Oscorp


There's a hidden room near Oscorp on wallstreet_citystreet.whr map. This area has cops, used in the first cutscene of the 4th mission. There's also an unused second purse snatch mission. It's mentioned in the game save file, but available only using "ghost" command. The second purse snatch mission is as broken as the first one - you can complete it only on your first visit to Wall Street.

Hidden tech room in Oscorp


Oscorp has this hidden room, which has all special actors of the level. They get taken from here when needed. For some reason they needed even three different Rhinos loaded on the level...

Unused Cutscenes/Videos

Alternate Game Finale

'causeevent MJescape' command on the last level starts a completely unused conclusion of the final mission with 2 unused cutscenes.

Originally the developers planned a different conclusion for the final mission. After the MJESCAPE cutscene you'll be kindly asked by the game to help MJ escape the powerplant. That's why there is such a big practically unused area under the final Ock battle. That's what all these interactive objects were for. This mission is something completely new for this game - there was never a mission where you needed to escort somebody. Also it's the only non-cutscene interaction of Spidey with MJ.

What's even more interesting - here you can see the toughest QTE in the game. It's not only super fast and consists of almost 10 actions, but it also uses previously unused "Right" danger sense action. This mission isn't polished, judging by the dialogues and animations, but completely playable and even finishes the level. I think it was removed, because Spidey's escape with MJ was replaced with a cutscene and the devs decided that kids wouldn't need another mission after the Ock is already defeated.

Oscorp Cutscenes

Almost all unused, but finished cutscenes are from Oscorp.


A scrapped cutscene, showing the reactor room with electrified walls. Most likely was removed, because it's not needed at all - it doesn't even show the bomb in that room. However, it looks pretty cinematographic. The cutscene is still linked to a trigger near the door to this room, but the trigger misses Spidey as its proximity target - that's why the cutscene doesn't play at all, even though the trigger is enabled.


Looks like the devs planned to give you an option to use some security cameras in Oscorp, maybe using computers. Here you would see that this scientist needs Spider-Man's help.

L4m3_2fSecurityCam1 / L4m3_2fSecurityCam2

These two cutscenes basically show the same thing, but in different locations. Only one of them would be used. The cutscenes show, that turret cameras could be used from the very beginning of the Oscorp level, but there's no cameras in such places in the final game, that's why the cutscenes look unfinished and don't make sense. They also use an unused "better stay clear of those cameras" voice line.

SpideyElevatortoLobbyb / SpideyElevatorto2fb

The elevator next to the one you use in the beginning of Oscorp level is working and has two unused cutscenes. The elevator can be used to move between the second floor and lobby both ways, but its doors never open in the game. The cutscenes are kinda unfinished and Spidey makes a bit more steps, than he needed to make. Maybe at some point of the development it could be needed.

Broken/Unfinished cutscenes

  • Crystal Tower (construction site) has three unused cutscene events: SS2_DS01, SS2_DS01_Succeed and SS2_DS01_Fail. These are some totally unfinished cutscenes for a Danger Sense QTE in the last Puma fight. We can only guess what that danger sense could be and why it could be needed. Maybe that's where that "block" DS action would be used - in some fierce Puma's attack you needed to dodge as fast as possible.
  • There are two unused cutscenes in Bronx: RedSpiderMiniGame and ReturnToMJPrompt. However, if you cause these events - the game will crash. It's unclear what these cutscenes could be for. At least ReturnToMJPrompt doesn't have any camera actions at all (it might be the reason it's lethal for the game). Obviously, RedSpiderMiniGame was some intro for that challenge, where you needed to find 50 red coins, but why would you need to return to MJ from Bronx? Maybe Puma mission could be right after the Rhino? It rather was a very early cutscene.

Unused Demo Leftover Video

The game has a leftover intro from the demo "ESRB.bik", but it's unused in the final version:

Unused Music

Audio Notes
It was probably meant for the van chase. Most likely, it could be longer and more difficult, at least some unused voice lines may indicate this.
It could be used instead or with the heartbeat sound when Spidey is about to die.
There's a file with the same name, but in the Default folder and it was used instead of this track.
The same thing happened with this track, but this time the version from Default folder is unused. It could play on the final level. Not a big loss, since it's a track from PS2 version.
TC means Twisted City. There are 3 files with the similar name. TC1_IntroAmbient was used in the beginning of Twisted City 1, but Twisted City 2 and Twisted City 3 both use the same TC3_IntroAmbient. It's unclear if it's a mistake or not, but it makes the TC2_IntroAmbient unused. It still sounds similar to TC1_IntroAmbient...
Another unused track from PS2 version. It never played in any of the Doc cutscenes and interactions in Oscorp (and anywhere else in the game too).
It was partially used in the opening cutscene, that was taken from the Treyarch's Spider-Man 2 game. However, this file was never used in the game. Other two Stingers played after successfully completing mini-games and mini-challenges around the city, though.
This ambient wasn't used in any menus of the game. Most likely an early theme for the main menu.
It's super groovy, but unused! It was used in the demo for Rhino battle along with CS3_Action3 (which is a copy of Bot_TwCity1c.ogg in the TwistedCity_Part01 folder), but it's unclear if it was its initial music or they decided to use it for the demo specifically.
Unused Used
CS3_Action2.ogg sounds exactly like TwistedCity_Part02/Bot_TwCity2c.ogg, but it's slower and lower. The faster version was used in the final game, but demo used the first one as thug music. P.S. if you want to legitimately make mysterio bots use these tracks, just put them in TwistedCity_Part01 or TwistedCity_Part02 folders, but be sure to rename them respectively. For example, Bot_TwCity1a and Bot_TwCity2a, since "a" letter is missing.
Thug2 Thug_WallSt1
Some music files are duplicated with a different name or the same name, but in a different folder and there's no differences in the files. However, there's one track that has 2 different names in the same Default folder. Thug_WallSt1.ogg has 1153 more bytes in it. Most likely because it has short silence in the beginning and the end, but sound waves of the two tracks are a bit different overall and you can notice it if you compare the tracks in any music editor. I also made a comparison track by pushing Thug2 to the left and Thug_WallSt1 to the right almost perfectly matching the similar parts of their sound waves. In the result you can hear some small differences, especially in the left channel: Thug2 has a bit different settings of delay and reverb. Both of the tracks are used, if you name some other track like Thug_WallSt1, then you'll hear it sooner or later.

By the way, there's one music file, that isn't present in the Music folder, but ParkAve map has links to it. If you create ParkAve_CityStreet folder in the Music folder and put any music in there, naming it as Puma_Pave_Chase, then the music will play during the Puma battle outdoors after you quit his hideout. There's no Puma_Pave_Chase file, only Puma_PAve_Chase2, so it could either be just the same track or some other cut version of it.

Unused Animations

To do:
would be nice to make a proper research and upload the unused animations as gifs, separately. the video has animations from the demo also, so it might be a bit misleading.

There is plenty of some unused animations. Here are the most interesting ones to mention:

  • First of all, the animations just prove that they planned to give you an option to use web against Puma and Ock: they could block your web with arms and Ock also would use his tentacles. Puma's animation can still be seen in the game if you change the properties of Puma in order to make it possible to shoot web at him. Ock's animations aren't used at all, though.
  • Ock has an animation called "GetsHitByPalette". So you really could attack him with objects. The warehouse level has some palettes just lying around.
  • Rhino has different "gets hit" animations, they prove that he was also meant to be attacked by some bigger objects. He could even be knocked down... Also Rhino could pick up and throw objects as well. There's also an animation called "WebwallCollide". Imagine making some web traps between walls and catching Rhino that way...
  • Spider-Man has sneak animations. It proves the fact they really planned to add stealth sections and give you an option to walk slower using left shift.
  • Spider-Man has animations of shooting webs being on the wall. He doesn't use them when you shoot web from the first person mode, that you can activate pressing space on the wall.
  • Spidey also has an animation of shooting web projectiles using his both arms.
  • Spider-Man has a real block animation. It proves that they replaced this block with the dodge later. That's why dodge is called "block" in QTE and the code of the game.
  • Spidey has a wall run animation. Imagine running on walls instead of jumping... He even had a better animation of jumping on the wall: lunge.
  • Spidey has an animation of walking with a throwable object in his hands. He really meant to be more mobile and comfortable to play as.
  • Spider-man could web feet of the generic thugs.
  • It also seems that someone could grab thugs by their hands and throw them away. They have animation of being thrown.
  • Super Thugs could create some power beam directed forward.
  • Thugs could be stunned, most likely by some of your hits. Maybe it was used in the demo.
  • Thugs have unused "club" animations. There's also unused club and crowbar models in the files of the game, so they could have more attacks.

Unused Level Select

The devs planned to make a level select accessible for players after they finish the game and it's still in the game, but it's broken a bit (some missions simply doesn't start the second time). Maybe that's why they rejected this idea... But you still can access this menu and there's at least 3 different ways to do so.

1) If you don't want to edit any game files, you can see how speedrunners make Puma stuck in the elevator and defeat him early. After that you need to finish the game and come back to the Crystal Tower in free play. The game will remember that you defeated Puma early, so there are still some checkpoints you didn't complete and it will spawn Puma for you to defeat again. After that the game will think that you was in this mission select mode and will allow you to access this menu naturally. That's how it looks like:

2) The second path is very simple and you need to edit one file. Open the gamestate.ini in the System folder of the game. Find a line MissionMode=0. Replace 0 with 1. Now your new game will skip the tutorial and will show this level select menu at the end of the mission, but all levels will be locked.

3) And the last path mostly requires to use some debug commands. For that you need to open User.ini in the same folder and bind DebugLevelComplete command to any button you prefer. When you press this button the mission will end and show you this menu. But I recommend to do so only on save files with already completed game.

Originally devs planned to put a "Mission Select" button in the "Load Saved Game" menu, even the official game manual have this information. The button is left in the files completely unused:

SM2PCMissionSelectButton1.png SM2PCMissionSelectButton2.png SM2PCMissionSelectButton3.png

The button is referenced in the code of the game, but that code part wasn't finished and so there's no real way to enable this button, but it would be near the other buttons in the load game menu. There's a gap between two buttons, but it's used to confirm the deletion of a save. Maybe there would be just a bigger gap, but just know - the button would be there somewhere.

And because the feature wasn't really finished, there's also some unused warning about losing your progress if you swap a mission:


Unused Subtitles

To do:
subtitle names are the same as the audio files they are linked with, would be nice to compare the subtitles with the actual sound files. you know, make a table and etc...

At some point Fizz Factor planned to add in-game subtitles, but this feature never made it to the game. However, in the Subtitles.int file you can see some of the subtitles they already made. The subtitles weren't finished for every level, so maybe this feature was scrapped not in the very last moment. Also, judging by these subtitles, it's obvious that some lines were different back when the subtitles were made. Most of these old narrator lines you can even hear in the files of the demo.

Below you can see the contents of that Subtitles.int file. The name of subtitle must be the same as the voice line, so some additional researches of changed or removed voice lines could be made. I also placed an "!" symbol before the most interesting lines you should check out.

Na_Id_E_Welcome=Hey, hey, Spider-Man, looking good.  Nice suit!  Ya ready to start swinging?  Let's make sure you know how to do those super powers of yours first.
!Na_Id_E_keyboard=Alright, here are the basics.  Check out the keyboard. 'W' moves up forward and 'S, backs you up.  'A' takes you to your left, and 'D' goes right.  Got it?  W-A-S and D.
!Na_Id_E_mouse=Move the  mouse to look around.  Give it a try.
Na_Id_E_mouseclicks=Your left mouse button fires your web, and the right one jumps.  Got it?
Na_Id_E_firstswing=Time to test your swinging skills.  See this web target?  You can swing from it.  No kidding.  Aim the mouse at the web target, then left-click to fire your web.  Go ahead, give it a try.
Na_Id_E_firstswingsuccess=Not bad, Spidey.  Now go to the next one.
Na_Id_E_keepswinging=Good job.  Let's keep going.
Na_Id_E_completeswingcourse=You're getting the hang of it.  Now keep swinging to complete the practice course.
Na_Id_E_swingencouragement1=Oh yeah, looking good.
Na_Id_E_swingencouragement2=Look at you!  Got that swinging down!
Na_Id_E_swingencouragement3=You make it look so easy.
Na_Id_E_arrow=See that arrow over your head?  Yeah, that one floating up there.  It points you where you need to go. 
Na_Id_E_quitswinging=I know you're an ace swinger and all, big fella, but if by chance you want to quit swinging, right-click.  
Na_Id_E_swingfail1=Good try, Spidey.
Na_Id_E_swingfail2=Yeah, not quite the one you want plastered on the front page, is it?
!Na_Id_E_swingfail3=Whoa, let's hope Mary Jane didn't see that one.
Na_Id_E_resumeswing=Give it another go, what do you say?
Na_Id_E_keepcrawling=Keep crawling till you find the hotspot.
Na_Id_E_keepzipping=Hey, Spidey.  Aren't you going to finish the zip test?  
Na_Id_E_keepdanger=Don't stop now.  Get to that danger zone.
Na_Id_E_keepcombat=You tired already?  You better keep practicing, 'cause I have a feeling you're gonna see a lot of these bad dudes.
Na_Id_E_startcrawltutorial=You're a wall-crawler, right?  So let's crawl.  First, follow the arrow to the red Spidey beacon.
Na_Id_E_crawltutorial=Now, right-click to jump onto the wall, then use your direction keys to crawl.  Make your way up to the next check point.
Na_Id_E_ziptutorial=Alright, let's practice zipping.  Aim for that airplane and zip across to the hot spot.  How hard can it be, right?  Go ahead, show me what you got.
Na_Id_E_doubjumptutorial=Let's try your double-jump, which lets you catch some serious air.  Click the right-mouse button twice.  Double-jump up to that next check point.
Na_Id_E_encouragement1=Good job.
Na_Id_E_encouragement2=Hey, not too bad!
Na_Id_E_encouragement3=I like what I'm seeing.
Na_Id_E_encouragement4=Man, you know how to work it.
Na_Id_E_encouragement5=Not bad for a man in tights.
!Na_Id_E_blues=Grab the blues to boost your health.
!Na_Id_E_yellow=When your web juice runs low, pick up some yellow spiders.
Na_Id_E_red=Hey, like those read ones, huh?  There's a lot more of them hidden all about the city. 
Na_Id_E_danger=Now, how about zipping over there to the Danger Zone.  I have a little test waiting for you.
Na_Id_E_danger2=Good job.  Now go to the next check point to test out your Spider-Sense.
Na_Id_E_dangertutorial=Remember your Spider-sense?  That super-human sensation that warns you when your little Spider-self is in danger.  Well, when it starts going nuts, you better take evasive action, 'cause I don't get paid enough to go cleaning up squished spiders.  
!Na_Id_E_right=Move right!
Na_Id_E_left=Move left!
Na_Id_E_fight=Uh oh, here come the bad boys.  Let's see you go chop-chop on 'em.
Na_Id_E_webface=Here's something they hate: aim for their face and left-click.
Na_Id_E_attackthug=To attack, get close then left-click.
Na_Id_E_jumpkickthug=To jump-kick, right-click to jump and when you're in the air click the left mouse button.  You have to do it real fast.
Na_Id_E_dodgethug=To dodge a punch, tap the space bar.
!Na_Id_E_practicefight=If you want to keep pounding those thugs, approach the door, 'cause they'll keep coming.  These bad dudes are slow learners, aren't they?
Na_Id_E_jumptoendfight=When you've had enough practice with the combat, jump off the roof.
Na_Id_E_tutorialend=Well, not too bad there, Spider-Man.  You know how to swing, zip, crawl and fight.  Think you're ready to take on this big ol' city?  I sure hope so, 'cause we need you.
Na_Id_E_tunnelblocked=Tunnel's blocked.  Better go over find another way around.
Na_Id_E_chasevan1=Better stick with that van.
Na_Id_E_chasevan2=Don't let the van get away.
Na_Id_E_chasevan3=Follow the arrow to the van.
Na_Id_E_vanprison=Uh oh, this doesn't look good.  That's the city prison.
!Na_Id_E_vanlab=Uh oh, this doesn't look good.  That's a high-security research lab.
Na_Id_E_firsttower=Oh no, they've taken the first guard tower!
Na_Id_E_secondtower=And the second one!  They control the gate now.
Na_Id_E_gateopen=The gate's opening!  They're rushing in!
Na_Id_E_breakout=It's a break out!
N_Id_E_vanenter=The van's entering the prison.  This is not good.
N_Id_E_beatthug1=Better get those thugs.
N_Id_E_beatthug2=Thug alert. Let 'em have it!
N_Id_E_beatthug3=Get 'em!
N_Id_E_walcrumble=Ew, this is not good.
N_Id_E_rhinoout=It's Rhino!  He's broken free!  Look out for his charge!  It's lethal!
!N_Id_E_rhinohint=Maybe if you web up his face, you can trick him into running into walls.
N_Id_E_rhinohitwall=Trick Rhino into running into a wall.  That's the only way to weaken him.
Na_Id_E_rhinostomp=Looks like he's stunned after he stomps.  That's your chase to get in a few punches.
Na_Id_E_avoidcharge=Look out for his charges.  They're too powerful for you.
Na_Id_E_rhinoweak=Hit him when he's weak.
Na_Id_E_getrhino=Now where's he going?  Don't let him get away.
Na_Id_E_rhinomad=Uh oh, now he's angry.
Na_Id_E_rhinocollide1=Ouch, that had to hurt.
Na_Id_E_rhinocollide2=Ew, hope someone had that insured. 
Na_Id_E_rhinocollide3=That Rhino, not a very delicate fellow, is he?
Na_Id_E_rhinocollide4=Wham!  That had to hurt.
Na_Id_E_rhinocollide5=Someone has a headache now.
Na_Id_E_rhinohitsign=Look out!  It's gonna blow!
!Na_Id_E_collectreds=There are 100 red spiders hidden throughout the city.  See if you can find them all.
Na_ID_E_rhinoExplode=Ooh, I think he's the one who "got it"… extra crispy.
Rh_ID_E_angry1A=Nice try, Spider-Man!  But I’m not ticklish there.
Rh_ID_E_angry3A=What was that, a pinprick?!
Rh_ID_E_charge1C=Just keep talking, chump!
Rh_ID_E_charge2A=Stand still so I can smear you, wall-crawler!
!Rh_ID_E_hint1A=Guess what, webhead?  I’m free now and my charge is lethal.  
Rh_ID_E_hint2C=You can’t win fighting me face to face; I’ll run you over like a freight train.
Rh_ID_E_hint3A=You can’t hold up against my charge attack.
Rh_ID_E_hint4A=My stomp attack is unstoppable!
Rh_ID_E_hint5B=Dodge me all you want, I got all day.
Rh_ID_E_hint6B=I only need to hit you once, wuss!
!RHINO_02_327=I had him!
Th_Id_E_breakout2B=This teargas will get 'em!
Th_Id_E_breakoutA=Let's crack this joint open, boys.
Th_Id_E_getspidey1B=Get a load of these fists, wall-crawler!
Th_Id_E_getspidey3A=Outta my way!
Th_Id_E_getspidey5A=Get him, boys!
Th_Id_E_takehit2B=What the ...!
Th_Id_E_takehit4B=Quit it!
Th_Id_E_takehit6a=Hey, that's not funny!
Th_Id_E_VO012D=Get him!
!Th4_Id_E_breakout1A=C'mon, there's guys that look just like us inside clamoring for freedom. Go! Go! Go!
Th4_Id_E_breakout3A=You take out the guards, I'll handle the compound.
Th4_Id_E_getspide10A=Let's do it!
Th4_Id_E_getspide11A=You and me, pajama boy!
Th4_Id_E_VO002D=The only thing you're getting close to is my fists, Spider-Man.
Co_Id_E_001B=Spider-Man! What are you doing here?
Co_Id_E_002B=Be my guest.
Co_Id_E_003B=Pull the van over. Now!
Co_Id_E_004A=You'd better come with us.
Co_Id_E_007B=Spider-Man! Lend us a hand, will ya?
Co_Id_E_008B=Thanks, Spider-Man!
Co_Id_E_congratulate1B=Nice moves, man.
Co_Id_E_congratulate2B=That was something else.
Co_Id_E_dashfire1B=Spider-Man! The fire! We need help.
Co_Id_E_dashfire2B=Shoot the fire hydrants!
Co_Id_E_dashfire3A=Web up the fire hydrants. It's our only hope.
Pe2_Id_E_distress4=Somebody Help!
Pe2_Id_E_thanks2=Uhh.. Thanks Spider-Man.

// LEVEL 2
Am_Bk_I_thanks=Peter, thank you for taking time out of your school day to come to the bank with me.
Sp_Bk_I_yourewelcome=It's my pleasure, Aunt May. I'll just make some time to study later.
Am_Bk_I_tease=I hope you don't spend too much time cutting classes.
Sp_Bk_I_modelstudent=No way. Of course not.  I'm a model student.
Sp_Bk_i_restroom=Sorry, I don't feel well.  Will you excuse me?
Am_Bk_I_ofcourse=Of course, honey. I'll be right here.
Sp_Bk_I_findAuntMae=First things first! I've got to find Aunt May!
Sp_bk_I_auntmayhint=They couldn't have taken her far... I'll check behind those teller windows.
Am_Bk_I_thanks1=Apparently police work in this city is not what it once was. 
Am_Bk_I_thanks2=I suppose I shouldn't be rude though. Thank you for your help, Spider-Man.
Teller_Bk_I_findsecureguard=Look for one of our security guards, Spider-Man. They have keys that will help you get down to the vault.
Thug1_Bk_I_opensafe=Hurry up! I need you to open that safe now!
Guard1_Bk_I_fastasIcan=This is a complicated system.  I'm opening it as fast as I can.
Guard1_Bk_I_thanks=Thanks, Spider-Man! 
Guard1_Bk_I_instructions1=Doc Ock's on his way to the basement, but he broke the door when he forced it open.
Guard1_Bk_I_instructions2=There's another way to the basement, but it won't be easy.  Look for the security guard stuck on the second floor behind the security doors.  He'll help you from there.
Guard1_Bk_I_instructions3=Take this keycard and use it to access our security room.  From there, you can open the second floor doors.
Sp_Bk_I_guardstuck=Security guard stuck on the second floor.  Got it.
Guard2_Bk_I_thanks=It's great to see you, Spider-Man!
Sp_Bk_I_wherebasement=Is there a shortcut to the basement?
Guard2_Bk_I_instructions1=Look for the elevator shaft on the first floor, then take it to the basement.
Guard2_Bk_I_instructions2=You'll need this keycode to get into the elevator.
Guard3_Bk_I_instructons3=Take the maintenance shaft to the basement.
Guard3_Bk_I_instructons=Thanks, Spider-Man! Doc Ock is in the Precious Metals vault. I don't have the code, but my partner does. He's locked in the cash vault. This code will get you in there.
Guard4_Bk_I_instructions=Thanks, I was getting hot in there. Doc Ock is in the other vault, the Precious Metals vault. This keycode will let you in.
Sp_Bk_I_doorbroke=Looks like Ock broke this door.  It won't budge.
Sp_Bk_I_sghostage1=Bet that security guard needs my help as much as I need his.
Sp_Bk_I_needkeycode=This door won't open.  Need to find a security guard who'll give me the keycode.
Sp_Bk_I_needsecurityrom_=These doors are shut tight. Need to get into the security room to open them.
Sp_Bk_I_presume=Doctor Octopus, I presume?
Sp_Bk_I_dropit=Whaddya want with diamonds, Ock?  Your kind of ugly goes deeper than jewelry can fix.
!Do_Bk_I_squashspidey=Spider-Man!  I weary quickly of your foolishness, accursed arachnid.
GenThug_Bk_I_vamamos=Let's get out of here!
GenThug_Bk_I_grabsmay=Come on, lady, you're riding with us!
Am_Bk_I_helpspidey=Help, Spider-Man!
Sp_Bk_I_followsmay=I'll have to catch up with Ock later.  Can't let them take Aunt May!
silence_wallstreet=There is no need to go this way.
Sp_Bk_E_gohome=Don't worry, ma'am.  I'm sure he's just fine.
Am_Bk_E_wherespeter=Thank you, Spider-Man. That's  twice in one day you've saved me. Maybe I misjudged you. Have you seen my nephew Peter?
Sp_Bk_E_poormay=Poor Aunt May.  I hope she's okay.
Sp_Bk_E_ashamed=You fellas should be ashamed.  That sweet lady in there could be somebody's aunt.
Sp_Bk_E_grayvans=More gray vans.  Ock sure knows how to travel in style.
Sp_Bk_I_SmyPleasure=It's my pleasure.

// Level 3
Ma_Rs_I_returncall=You never did return my call yesterday.
Pe_Rs_I_helpaunt=I'm sorry.  I was, uh, helping my aunt.
Ma_Rs_I_sheokay=Is she okay?
Pe_Rs_I_lockedin=Yeah, she was just tied up at the bank.
Ma_Rs_I_stealcar=Hey, he's taking my car!
Ma_Rs_I_cantbelieve=I can't believe this!
Pe_Rs_I_findphone=Wait right here.  I'll find a phone and call the police.
!Ma_Rs_I_havecell=Where're you going?  Don't you have a cell phone?  I do!
!Pe_Rs_I_cellbroken=It's broken.  I'll be right back with a cop.  Don't move!
Ma_Rs_I_strangeboy=Peter Parker, you are a strange boy.
!Sp_Rs_I_geronimo=Alright, let's get in there, web up the knucklehead, and let the cops sort it out.  With a little luck, I'll make it to Mary Jane before she even notices I'm late.
Sp_Rs_I_carbiz=Puma!?  When did you get into the stolen car business?
Pu_Rs_I_trap=Since you started being dumb enough to follow any hot car back to my trap.
Pu_Rs_I_gethim=Get him!
Sp_Rs_I_dayswork=Hideout located.  Thieves detained.  And it's not even lunchtime.
Pu_Rs_I_dayyoung=Oh, your day's just beginning, Spider-Man.

// Level 4
Sp_Os_B_doors=What do these guys have against doors?
Sp_OS_B_holdelevator=Hey! Hold the elevator!
!Sp_OS_B_locked1=Locked. And wouldn't you know, I left my keys in my other pants. 
Sp_Ge_B_sense8=Spidey-sense is going nuts.
Sc_Os_B_help=Spider-Man! Please help me!
Th_OS_B_tauntingtights=My oh my, where do I start?  With the man in tights or his nerdy little friend?  (cruel laugh) 
Sc_OS_B_theresmore=Thanks Spider-Man.  These thugs are all over the place, and they have my friends.
SC_OS_B_takekey3=Here's a keycard.
SC_OS_B_takekey5=This will get you in some locked doors.
sc_os_B_takekey1=Here. Take this.
sc_OS_B_docplot=Spider-Man, Doc Ock is going to blow up the building!  He's set eight bombs and they're already ticking down. 
Sp_OS_B_bombs1=Gotta find those bombs.
Sp_Os_B_webprojectile2=Why do I get the feeling someone has plans for this?  And I won't like them.
Rh_Os_B_smashyou=That's it!  I'm gonna smash you!
Rh_Os_B_offmyfoot=HA-HA-HA.  Let's see how funny you are after I scrape you off the bottom of my foot.
Rh_ID_E_Oscorp1=Remember me, Spider-Man?
Sp_Os_B_private=Oh, I'm sorry.  I requested a private room.
Rh_OS_B_Noroom=Where you gonna run this time, web slinger?  Ain't much room to dodge in here.
Sp_Os_B_aint=Don't say "ain't."  It makes you sound stupid.  Uh... never mind.
SP_OS_B_rhinoglow3=Is it just me, or is he getting more powerful?
Sp_OS_B_finddoc3=Ock has to be around here somewhere.
Sp_OS_B_ridetobasement_a=Hey! How do I catch a ride to the basement? The elevator is locked.
SP_OS_B_trick=Now that Rhino's out of the way… gotta find Ock.
Rh_OS_B_notsofast=Not so fast, you little bug.  You really think I'd be that easy?
Rh_OS_B_comespain=Here comes the pain.
sp_os_b_icedrhino=Mm, mm, iced Rhino.  Christmas just comes earlier every year...
silence_oscorp=You've found the Web Projectile Prototype!
sc_os_b_thanksspiderman=Thanks Spider-Man!
rh_id_e_oscorp3=Have anything to say before round 2 bud?
!sp_os_b_coolant=Hmmm, coolant tanks. They say fight fire with fire, but I think that's only when coolant tanks are unavailable.
sp_os_b_goldilocks=Maybe not goldilocks, but it sure is fun trying!
Sp_os_b_ramgenerator=This room's too small to dodge Rhino. Maybe I if can make him ram these generators.
th2_Vo001=Spider-Man! Your luck just ran out!
sp_gn_b_066=Something's wrong.
do_os_b_shipment=Be sure the shipment arrives by freight train tonight. The time frame for my experiment is more delicate than you fools seem to appreciate.
do_os_b_spiderproblem=And be ready to handle my "spider" problem if Rhino fumbles the task again.
sc_os_b_takekey2=You'll need this to open locked doors.

// LEVEL 5
My_Fl_E_tornwolrd=How do you like my new playground, Spider-Man?  I find it to be an improvement. 
My_Fl_E_yourenext=I ripped your entire city apart, Webslinger.   And you know what, little  man?!  You're next.
Sp_Fl_E_generator=Hey, there's a generator.  What do you want to bet it's helping Mysterio with his little magic show?
Sp_Fl_E_onegeneratorded_=When I knocked out that generator, something happens over there.  Maybe if I destroy all the generators I can get out of this bizarro world.
Sp_Fl_E_osexitfixed=Alright, the OsCorp entrance is fixed.
Sp_Fl_E_twodown=That's two.  Bet there's another one of these doodads hiding around here somewhere.
Sp_Fl_E_threedown=And baby makes three!  Hey, it feels like my spider-sense is coming back.
Sp_Fl_E_portal=Looks like some kind of portal.  Well, you know what they say.  The grass is always greener... if there were grass.
My_Fl_thinair=You may have passed the first test, but you won't survive this one.  
Sp_Fl_E_seesturret=Hmmm... New and improved generators.  Now with turrets.
Sp_Fl_E_gendestroyed=Gotta pull the plug on all of these generators.
My_Fl_E_endisner=Spider-Man!  I don't know how you made it this far, but it's time to get serious about this city's pest problem.  
My_Fl_E_surprise=Here's a new little surprise for you, Spider-Man.
My_Fl_E_ultweapon=This is my ultimate weapon.  You're embarrassingly outgunned.  Give up now and I may show you some mercy.
My_Fl_E_showmercy=Curse you, Spider-Man
My_Fl_E_faileddoc=You may habe defeated me, but you're too late to stop Dr. Octavius.
Sp_Fl_E_whereisdoc=Where is Doc Ock?
My_Fl_E_neverfindhim=You won't catch him, Spider-Man.  His plan is already underway, and you were wasting your time with me when you should have been catching the train.  
Sp_Fl_E_train=Real cute, Fishbowl.  I take it he's at the train station.  (to himself)  I can still make it.
!Sp_Fl_E_rockcollection=Later, tough guy.  Gotta run.  But it was great playing with your rock collection.  Really.
Sp_Fl_E_statue=A big Mysterio statue?  That's gotta go.
My_Fl_E_hardesttest=This time, I'll deal with you myself.
!silence_bank=Pick up a rock and throw it at a Turret.  While it is shooting at the rock get behind it and web up the air intake.  After a few more shots the Turret will over heat.
My_Fl_E_toofar=I don't know how you made it this far, Spider-Man, but you'll go no further.
My_Fl_E_warmingup=Think you're winning, Spider-Man?  Well, think again.
My_Fl_E_wantyou=Now I have you right where I want you!
Sp_Fl_E_shocked=All right, Ock!  I know you're -- (beat, shocked)... here?
Sp_Fl_E_goeshood=What the...?  Well, there goes the neighborhood.

// LEVEL 6
Sp_Tr_E_thereheis=There he is!
Sp_Tr_E_ticket=Not so fast, Doc.  I need to see your ticket.

//Level 6 Warehouse
Sp_Wf_I_findmj=I'd better find M.J. Fast!

>>>>>>> 1.18

If the subtitles were used, they would look like this:


To make it possible, I changed some properties of SpideyHUD class using 'editactor class=spideyhud' command. In "None" section variable "bDisplaySubtitle" must be true and then the value of "Subtitle" variable will be displayed, making SpideyHUD transparent. Maybe they couldn't find a way to display subtitles without creating conflicts with the HUD and the top line is used for tutorial messages, so they completely rejected the idea of adding the subtitles.

Mac Version Differences

Mac version has some differences. For example, movies are in "mpg" format, not "bik". The videos are the same, but the filesize is larger and Activision intro was replaced with the Aspyr one. Notably, the Activision billboard wasn't replaced in the game. Also all sounds in VOAudio.uax take much more space as well, what makes the pack as big as 166 mb, when the same pack on Windows was only 36.6 mb. The sound quality is the same, though... Also there's no dll files, but instead Mac version has a few dylib files and some spidey2-bin file. But the most interesting difference lies in the Webhead.u file of the System folder. It's 2.22 mb instead of 917 kb, because it has a lot of decompiled code, which makes it much easier to analyze the functions of the game! You can download it here: File:SM2Mac Webhead.7z You can see the most interesting dev comments and unused code on this page: Spider-Man 2: The Game (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused & Commented-Out Code

Regional Differences

To do:
It's 100% known, there's also a German version, but it's not available on the internet yet, so it's hard to say anything about it now. If you have the Deutsch version - please, contribute to the paragraph.

Most of the regional differences are in the sound packs. Spanish, Polish, Italian and French versions have unique voice lines that were seemingly cut from the US release. Most likely every country got its own early build for translation. VOAudio pack has a different number of files in all of these versions. Also some files from HiTechSounds and People packs were transferred to VOAudio pack, but with different names. Overall, almost half of the file names in VOAudio pack are different, sometimes even for the used lines. But maps using these lines weren't changed, most likely the sounds don't play in-game because of these mistakes and differences. Also for some reason Webhead.exe file has a different filesize in each version and it varies from 400 kb to 1500 kb.

Non-US versions also have a full version of that intro cutscene, taken from PS2 version. US version use a cut version, which is shorter by 15 seconds. You can compare the French and US cutscenes below. Most likely US version originally had the full version of this cutscene as well, because the only possible explanation of this difference would be the fact, that other countries needed the version without voice lines so they could dub it. However, Polish version didn't dub the cutscene and simply inserted subtitles, but Polish version still has the longer version of the cutscene.

French US