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Spider-Man (Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X)

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Title Screen


Developers: Neversoft, LTI Gray Matter, Westlake Interactive (Mac)
Publishers: Activision, Aspyr Media (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X
Released internationally: September 19, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

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Just one of Spidey's many adventures. This game was originally developed for the PlayStation, but it was later ported to Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Windows, Macintosh, and Game Boy Color. This particular article will be covering the computer versions of the game.

Development-Related Text

To do:
  • More console leftovers ("SLUS-00875", "NTSC TV"/"Pal TV", "GD not ready", memory card/VMU strings)
  • There's more than shown on this page.

Hidden Developer Comments

The Windows executable and Mac application data fork contain a large number of rather amusing—and sometimes vulgar—developer comments and error messages. Many of them are aimed at some poor developer by the name of Matt Duncan (although given the context, it's highly likely that Matt wrote the messages himself).

0x147A70 (Windows), 0x1B1BE8 (Mac):

numFrames <= 0 illegal. you're under arrest dipshit
NULL pointer to targetPos
no acceleration specified!
fix this mr. matt duncan
Background index error
Negative NumBaddies
Bad script command
This shouldn't be zero.  Remove state from table
Hmmm... these aren't equal!  Fire Matt immediately
Unknown die state
something's wrong in the state of denmark

0x148800 (Windows), 0x1B340D (Mac):

Eh? Recovered pointer does not match original
Eh? Recovered pointer not an env obj

0x14949C (Windows), 0x1B48BE (Mac):

Unknown cop type!
Unknown anim mode.
Illegal to specify 0 frames for HITINFO slide frames.
What, no waypoint in cache?
Matt needs to fix ChasePlayer.
Unknown substate.
Pointer to mpThrowPoints is NULL.
Shouldn't be in TOSS_GRENADE state
Unknown sub-state!
Crate not in the environment???
Woops, loads of crate_destroy recursions

0x14AE24 (Windows), 0x1B7505 (Mac):


0x14B1C4 (Windows), 0x1B7ADD (Mac):

What the fuck? Scorp ptr isn't scorp

0x14E130 (Windows), 0x1BAB37 (Mac):

NULL pBody sent to CDamagedSoftSpotEffect
No ribbons?
More 16C palettes used than expected
More 256C palettes used than expected
Tried to create two global fade palettes
Region became unusable
Tried to do two fade ups
Repeated softspot
Too Many Softspots on Mysterio
Now how, I said how in the hell did this happen?
Unknown mysterio xa
Unknown xa response
Unknown state
No mysterio.  Fire Matt
Fire Matt after kicking him decidedly in the nutsack

0x15231C (Windows), 0x1BF09D (Mac):

Fire Matt, he fucked up the rhino XA.  Actually, kick him in the nuts first
Unknown difficulty level!
What in the name of God above?

0x152450 (Windows), 0x1BF480 (Mac):

No checksum in ID_BREAK_WALL type scriptpoint!
No link through wall into next room!
No link through wall to next room!
no link to next room from node %d
Don't collide with manipobs please
Don't collide with yourself idiot
Not detecting baddy polys!
Stuck again. Emergency fix required
what in the name of Dog?
Scorp tail has changed
Unknown object type in MonitorTail( )
Just how in the name of Jeezus did zis happen?
Not enough slots for collide objects for player and jonah!
No target mode!
Stuck goddammit
What the fuck?

0x155608 (Windows), 0x1C2E55 (Mac):

Not enough slots.  Fire Matt
Non symbiote sent to CSimbyEmerge
Bad NodeIndex sent to CSimbyDroplet
Hit env obj!
Not in list
Bad model in SimbyModels
NULL pSimby sent to Simby_SplattyDeath
What the hell?
Unknown impact web xa
Unable to set up stretch to script point!
Unknown attack method
Unknown step in GetToTarget
Unknown substate!
Shit, base is scaling to zero!
Where did slinkribbon go
What where'd slinkribbon go?
Unknown substate
Fire matt
Should never get here.
Demote Matt immediately
Who's been smokin' crack today?
fire matt immediately please
(Source: Cuber456)

0x4DDF50 (Windows):

Entity '%s' is active but has a '0' alpha render color.

Reverting to a 255 render alpha to make AI visible again.

If this AI is supposed to have a render alpha of '0' and be active, please report specifics of situation to Jason Bare.

0x4DE070 (Windows):

Entity '%s' is active but invisible.

Forcing AI visible again...

Did you give them health before waiting for a FADED_OUT signal,
or did you just forget to make them visible or suspended?
If they AI is supposed to be invisible, then it needs to also be suspended.

If this AI is supposed to be invisible and active, please report specifics of situation to Jason Bare.

Jason Bare is the Lead Engineer for this game.

Removed Cheat Code

0x1516F8 (Windows), 0x1BE731 (Mac):

J James Jewett  RULUR

Found with the rest of the game's cheats in the executable file. In the PlayStation version, this would unlock Joel James Jewett, the head of Neversoft, in the character viewer. However, entering it in this version does nothing.

File Paths

These are only present in the Windows EXE:

0x13B6CC C:\spidey\src\????????.???
0x162DC4 C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\DXinit.cpp
0x163B48 C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\DXInput.cpp
0x163D40 C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\DXPoly.cpp
0x163F40 C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\DXsound.cpp
0x168580 C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\PCMovie.cpp
0x168C5C C:\backup\SpideyPC\SpideyPC\D3d\PCTex.cpp