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Tales of Phantasia (SNES)

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Title Screen

Tales of Phantasia

Developer: Wolf Team
Publisher: Namco
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: December 15, 1995

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

The SNES Tales of Phantasia is the first title in the long-running Tales series. In this case, the story is about a group of five adventurers (six in the PlayStation rerelease) trying to save the world from an environmentalist villain trying to save his own homeworld in a rather daftly villainous fashion.

The original game is notable for having the first music track in an SNES game with actual audible in-game vocals (the intro track, The Dream Will Never Die).


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Battle Graphics


Mint Rambard Morrison Rhea Scarlet Miguel? Bush Baby?
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit Mint.gif
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit Rambar.gif
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit Morrison.gif
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit scarlet.gif
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit unknown.gif
Tales of Phantasia-Battle spirit Doggie.gif

These sprites are present around 0xC7E20, among the other battle sprites. From left to right: Mint, Rambard, Edward D. Morrison (or possibly Trinicus/Tornix), Rhea Scarlet, what appears to be Cless' father Miguel, and possibly a Bush Baby. The presence of a Bush Baby is quite odd, as they're used very little in-game and have no relevance to the story, suggesting this is a placeholder. Mint is also among these since there is no other character in the game who can cast Raise Dead on the main cast, so her sprites go unused as well.

Battle Arenas

There are three unused battle arenas, two of which are recolors of existing arenas.

Destroyed Castle

Tales of phantasia castle unused 2.png

To see it, use Pro Action Replay code 7E03BF00. This arena appeared in an old magazine screenshot:

Tales of phantasia magazine battle.png

(Source: Unseen64)

White Forest

Tales of phantasia with forest.png

A white recolor of the forest battle arena. Most likely intended for the Unicorn's Forest, a white forest area that has no random encounter data. To see it, use PAR code 7E03BF0.

Pink Catacomb

Tales of phantasia pink catacomb.png

A pink version of the catacomb. To see it, use PAR code 7E03BF0F.

Player Icons

PAR Code
Slot 2 7E6B9207
Slot 3 7E6C9207
Slot 4 7E6D9207
Slot 5 7E6E9207

Tales of phantasia player icon.png

Player icons for Rambard and Rhea, who never appear in battles due to being NPCs. Rhea's icon does not appear if added with the other heroes as the data is missing to draw her sprite.

Unused Hero Data


Tales of phantasia rambar 1.pngTales of phantasia rambar 2.pngTales of phantasia rambar 3.pngTales of phantasia rambar 4.png

Rambard is normally an NPC, but the early "Destroyed Castle" screenshot indicates that he was playable at one point. It's still possible to play as him with these PAR codes:

  • 7E6B9205 (to slot 2)
  • 7E6C9205 (to slot 3)
  • 7E6D9205 (to slot 4)
  • 7E6E9205 (to slot 5)

His class is "Unknown", he doesn't have a "best weapon", and he has no spells of his own. In-battle, he uses Klarth's sprites and AI and his tactics reflect Arche's. (He uses the spells of the character he replaces due to data in RAM that dictates which spell list to load. This can be done for any playable character who uses magic, though it only works in battle.)

His class being "Unknown" and his tactics being the same as Arche's are interesting. The "Unknown" string follows suit exactly where his actual title would be, so this was probably a scrapped string for him. His tactics, though, are a copy of Arche's: They both share the exact same type set, but they are stored in completely different locations, so this means Rambard technically has his own tactic strings as well.

It's good to note as well that in the RAM that dictates what skills a character has learned, Rambard has his own area to determine which skills are learned. Rhea, however, does not.

To assign some spells to Rambard, use the below PAR codes (where "??" is 00 for no spells, 01 for Arche's, 02 for Mint's, or 03 for Klarth's):

  • 7E6B3C?? (to slot 1)
  • 7E6C3C?? (to slot 2)
  • 7E6D3C?? (to slot 3)
  • 7E6E3C?? (to slot 4)

Rambard doesn't have a sprite for riding a Rhea-bird, so the game will crash when attempting to fly with him in the party.


Cless has unused AI for when you're not playing as him, which is absolutely impossible in this version. To have Cless function automatically, use PAR code 7E08A701.

The data indicates that this AI is used only in the introduction scene where Cless performs Tiger Teeth. Beyond this, he will perform basic attacks and try to keep his distance from the enemy at points. Not the best AI, but the fact it exists and is fully functional is noteworthy.

Another bit of unused data for Cless is while he's riding Pegasus. The game forcefully equips the Gungir and you're supposed to use the spear weapon throughout the entire aerial battles. However, sword data also exists while riding Pegasus as well! The sword has it's own attack effects from the spear AND it's own hit box data on top of that! Furthermore, there's also a weaponless variant of Cless that has it's own hit box data as well while riding Pegasus with a lack of attack effects.

Cless's Artes

There's a couple of unused/broken artes in Cless's list. Neither of them have a name but one of them is actually somewhat functional. The first one in the arte code for Cless shows it would've taken place after Shugouhoujin (Guardian Field) and before Akisazame (Sword Rain: Alpha). The other is in the middle of his space-time artes, after Kuukan Shouten'i (Chaos Lunge/Eternal Slasher) and before Jigenzan (Distortion Blade).

The first unused arte appears to be fully coded and functional but does not work due to a broken animation for Cless and also his weapon. It also loads the wrong arte text and voice. Altering the animation to one that is not broken will allow the attack to physically hit the enemy. It deals physical damage and is able to hit three times at max with each hit dealing 1.5x damage with the ability to critical hit. Each hit uses his "Slash/Slice" total. When the attack lands no sound is played. It doesn't appear any projectile was coded in this so it was a purely physical arte. The TP cost of this arte is listed as 4. The range from an enemy before the arte could be used is #$24 pixels (36 decimal) so it was a "short range" arte. The arte did not affect Cless's momentum or his jump height so he stayed in place when the arte was used.

The second unused arte has very little code to it. It does a basic check for Cless's status and tries to load another broken animation. After, it'll check for the animation timer being < #$0004. When the timer is > #$0004 it'll set an unknown bit that's commonly used in almost every single attack in the game. After, it'll check the animation timer to be #$0039 (57 decimal), if not, run a common end for Cless's artes. Otherwise, once it hits 39, it'll set the game to read 16-bit mode for bytes and immediately end. Absolutely no idea what this would've been used for as there was no other code to it for damaging, projectiles, range, knockback, sound or anything. Maybe a pre-cursor animation for something at best. The TP cost of this arte is listed as 18.

While not an unused arte, Kokuu Souhazan (Chaos Blade) has some unused code in it. Most of Cless's artes that are long range have code to force him to run back to his original coordinates that he ran from. Strangely enough, this same code exists in this arte and goes completely unused. This definitely hints that this arte was supposed to be a long range arte that Cless was supposed to run up to and use. Even if the arte is hacked into any range, it still will not do this action so it's 100% unused at this point.

Cless has a list of artes that must be mastered before specific artes can be used. (IE: Demon Fang and Swallow Dance to use Demonic Swallow Kick). However, there are artes that Cless has percentage values for but do not get used anywhere. These values are:

  • 7E7156: (Tiger Blade)
  • 7E7157: (Demon Fang)
  • 7E7158: (Guardian Field - UNUSED)
  • 7E7159: (BROKEN - UNUSED)
  • 7E715A: (Sword Rain: Alpha)
  • 7E715B: (Void Tempest - UNUSED)
  • 7E715C: (Beast)
  • 7E715D: (Hell Pyre - UNUSED)
  • 7E715E: (Inspiration - UNUSED)
  • 7E715F: (Focus - UNUSED)
  • 7E7160: (Coil - UNUSED)
  • 7E7161: (Rising Phoenix)
  • 7E7162: (Swallow Dance)
  • 7E7163: (Lightning Tiger Blade)
  • 7E7164: (Light Spear)
  • 7E7165: (Chaos Blade)
  • 7E7166: (Eternal Slasher)
  • 7E7167: (BROKEN - UNUSED)
  • 7E7168: (Distortion Blade)

Introduction Characters

All of the characters viewed at the start of the game when Dhaos is being defeated all have some very basic stats set up. Most of them are the same overall, but they do have a maximum HP amount that you would normally not see unless viewed in their stats. This is set to give their HP the red appearance when it's low or when they're dead. Otherwise, most of their stats default to the same value across the board.

Character Max HP Current HP Max TP Current TP Str. Exp. Wea-
Hand Acce-
Run Accu-
Char. Byte Level Spell List Current Status NPC Status
Edward D. Morrison 2311 2311 435 435 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 0 0 8 1 0 0 0
Alan Albane 3413 1810 251 251 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A 1 0 0 9 1 0 0 0
Carol Adenade 1572 765 312 312 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 0 0 A 1 0 0 0
Winona Pickford 3113 0 113 113 50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 0 0 B 1 0 0 0

Unused Status Buff

By setting a value of 08 in RAM for any active party member at:

  • 7E6AAA (Buffs and Debuffs #2) [PC #1]
  • 7E6BAA (Buffs and Debuffs #2) [PC #2]
  • 7E6CAA (Buffs and Debuffs #2) [PC #3]
  • 7E6DAA (Buffs and Debuffs #2) [PC #4]

This will allow any active party member in battle to heal 5% HP about every 4.50 seconds. This effect directly mimics the "Holy Symbol" accessory which also will restore the same amount of HP. However, the difference here is that buffs and debuffs are specifically set for spells and nothing else. Accessory and item buffs are in completely separate RAM locations leaving this spell effect entirely unused.

Unused, Broken Items & Item Notes

Fly Symbol

TOP SNES Unused FlySymbol.png

This accessory is inaccessible and unused. This accessory is supposed to make the player immune to the "Chameleon" summon. Though, there are no enemies in the game who can use any of the summon spirits which makes this completely unnecessary. There is a value that does get set when this accessory is equipped, however, it's ineffective and does not work.

Demon Symbol

TOP SNES Unused DemonSymbol.png

This accessory is inaccessible and unused. This accessory is supposed to make the player immune to the "Death Cloud" spell. Though, there are no enemies in the game who use this spell which makes this completely unnecessary. There is a value that does get set when this accessory is equipped, however, it's ineffective and does not work.

White Mist

TOP SNES Broken WhiteMist.png

This accessory can be obtained, equipped and it also sets an item effect bit that is completely broken. This item was supposed to make you escape battles 30% faster, however, this item never gets read by any code making this completely worthless. Running away speed is specifically set as you enter battle and it's based on the monster group you encounter. The actual code for running away has no check for any item either making this broken in every aspect.

Mist Rune

TOP SNES Broken MistRune.png

This accessory can be obtained and equipped but it is completely busted. There is an unused item bit setting and the Mist Rune was SUPPOSED to use it, but it doesn't even set it properly! This item was supposed to make you escape battles 50% faster, however, this item never gets read by any code making this completely worthless. Running away speed is specifically set as you enter battle and it's based on the monster group you encounter. The actual code for running away has no check for any item either making this broken in every aspect even upon equipping!


TOP SNES Herb Verbena.png

While this herb item does NOT go unused, it's behavior is a bit pointless in this version of Tales of Phantasia. Verbena increases the character's "Agility" stat permanently. However, Agility is specifically only used in battle but as apart of another formula for blocking. That formula being "Evasion + (Agility / 3)". Agility can only be upgraded via Verbena herbs or by leveling, which makes this item nearly pointless to have with the scarcity of it.

Agility is believed to be a main stat in which Evasion and Accuracy are based off of. While this is true for the PS1, GBA, PSP and iOS versions of Tales of Phantasia, for the SNES version this is incorrect. Agility, Evasion and Accuracy each have their own base stat that gets increased only by leveling. Verbena herbs will increase Agility but they will NOT increase the Evasion or Accuracy base stat which makes those only possible to increase via leveling up. Though, Evasion and Accuracy can be at least increased more via items while Agility can't.

Unused World Map Time Period


The world map has three time periods: the past, the present, and the future. That said, there is an unused fourth world map time period, which lacks music and renders some locations inaccessible (such as Totus, Euclid, Midgard, Freezehill, etc.). Its appearance is the same as the future's, though Volt's Cave has been replaced with a lava stream.

Unused Dhaos Walking Animation

Tales of phantasia dhaos unused.PNG

In-game, Dhaos is only seen facing forward, but the ROM contains sprites for him facing left, right, and away from the screen.

Unused Enemy Data

??? (Prologue Dhaos)

Talesofphantasiaunknow1.png Talesofphantasiaunknow2.png

The version of Dhaos seen in the prologue can be encountered with PAR code 7E03C005. He has 10,000 HP and 1,000 MP. When struck, he attacks back and then goes into a normal stance that locks up due to the game not being able to play the required "INDIGNATION!" animation afterward.

Talesofphantasiaunknow3.png Talesofphantasiaunknow4.png

He does not lose when his health is completely drained, and only a Chameleon can properly kill him. When beaten, he gives the player 1 Gald and 13 EXP.


TOP SNES Stalker.png

Going through the game's data, checking a few guides and such, it appears this enemy is missed quite frequently. It looks like it's spawn location on the overworld is in an incredibly odd place which might be why it's not noted. It's supposed to be up by Arlee in general but it appears the coordinates it should spawn in are completely busted.

TOP SNES StalkerSpawn.png

As far as tests go, this was seemingly the only spot capable of spawning Nightstalkers. If you go further north to where the land and water are set, you won't have ANY battle encounters. It's likely a coordinate issue from the looks of it.

However, for when it does spawn, its stats listed are:

  • Level: 65
  • HP: 8220
  • TP: 0
  • EXP: 3000
  • Gald: 3000
  • Attack: 995
  • Defense: 80
  • Agility: 55
  • Accuracy: 185
  • Evasion: 120
  • Drops: Magic Lens (Spy Lens)
  • Resists: Water, Fire, Lightning and Wind by 1/2.

Interestingly enough, this enemy does exist in the GBA version of Tales of Phantasia and can be fought properly in the same area but it's called "Nightstalker" there.


Going through the enemy stats, something peculiar was noticed with Jahmir. Every enemy has a four spells they can have at max on their spells list unless some other AI code is specifically set inside them. Jahmir is noted on the SNES version to only have Ice Wall and Tractor Beam, however, in the actual stats she has Ice Wall, Tractor Beam, Thunder Blade then Tractor Beam again! What's more interesting is when her stats are viewed in real-time in battle, Thunder Blade and the second Tractor Beam get removed from her list! The action that removes those spells from her list, ironically, is her spell casting action. The moment she starts casting anything it'll wipe those last two spells out.

Fen Beast

Fen Beast, among other humanoid wolf type creatures, have an unused action for spell casting and spell release. None of these types of enemies have any spells and when spells are put into their pool, they still will not use them. Interestingly enough, their actions ARE coded in for both of these and will function if they are forced to use the action, otherwise naturally in their AI, it doesn't ever get loaded.

Included in their actions are some unused sprites for spell casting start and spell casting as well!

Spell Cast Start Spell Cast
TOP SNES FenBeast SpellCastStart Unused.gif
TOP SNES FenBeast SpellCast Unused.gif

Unused Music Box Choices

To do:
Find the ROM address for the Pro Action Replay code?
Tales of Phantasia (SNES)-music box.png

The player can only select 64 tracks from the music box, rendering these tracks unused. PAR code 7E020642 will force the song selection to 65 and let you access the tracks 65 and beyond.

The 16 songs lack in-game titles normally. They are as follows:

  • 65: Rally X (past)
  • 66: Rally X (end)
  • 67: Rally X (begin)
  • 68: I Miss You (without loop)
  • 69: Goodbye, Friends
  • 70: Credits
  • 71: Tomorrow Is A Holiday
  • 72: Recovery
  • 73: Totus Attack Theme
  • 74: Pegasus Run Theme
  • 75: Ridge Racer
  • 76: Piano Lesson 6
  • 77: ??? (unused)
  • 78: ??? (owls)
  • 79: Silence

Attempting to enter a number over 80 causes the game to crash.

Inaccessible Chest

Talesofphantasiahiddenchest1.png Talesofphantasiahiddenchest2.png

For some reason, an inaccessible chest containing a Mystical Rune is hidden in the Morrisons' house.

Game Over

TOP GameOver Townies.png

If you modify RAM and remove ALL active party members on your team or if they're all dead, the game will force a "Game Over" event.

However, if you force this to happen inside a town, NPCs will try to path find the closest way possible to you and square off your body and stare eerily at it. Trying this in any town seems to actually work so it's a forcefully scripted event that essentially goes mostly unused. There's a few areas where this more than likely exists such as when you die at Demeter or in Odin's Tower but there's generally only one NPC around and not multiple. So seeing the full action of them squaring the PC body is an interesting note.

Also, there's a cut off for whom can circle the PCs or not:

  • 00: Cless
  • 01: Mint
  • 02: Arche
  • 03: Chester
  • 04: Rambard
  • 05: Klarth
  • 06+: Square off PC body

If it's any of these values, it will FORCE them to be in their "dead" pose on the overworld. Though, Klarth and Rambard lack them in this event. Anything that's 06+ will have them square off the PCs instead. It's an interesting scripted event that has more detail than one would think.