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Tales of Destiny II (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Tales of Destiny II

Also known as: Tales of Eternia (JP/EU)
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 30, 2000
Released in US: September 10, 2001

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Tales of Destiny II is actually a renamed Tales of Eternia, as the true Destiny 2 released later on the PlayStation 2 never got localized. It got a re-release on the PSP in Japan and Europe under its original name.

Debug Room

There are debug rooms (which oddly got their menus completely translated) that can be accessed with GameShark code 30132748 0003. An invisible option should be highlighted on the title screen; press X to go to debug mode.

You start in the middle of a small area with two inaccessible houses, a big tree in the lower-left corner, and stairs that lead to an inaccessible path. The characters are Undine, Dede the Miacis, a Craymel ball player, Reid (lying down), Farah, Keele, Meredy, Ras, Chat, Max, and a Townsperson(?). You start with the Sorcerer's ring, Freeze ring, and Inferian Map.

Using the rings on the characters make them behave as if you talked to them normally. If you talk to them, various debugging menus appear.

You can no longer have random encounters. If you lose a battle, you won't get a game over, but you're on the field again with everybody at 0HP.

Party Members

All of your possible party members are lined up on your right side. To have a character join your party, simply talk to them, then select "yes". The character will fall on the ground, and you'll have them join your party. To have a character leave your party (including Reid), talk to their lying down character sprite.


The townsperson behind Max will give you the option to have your current main character changed into one of the characters from the Seyfert Trials: an Eggbear, Little Keele, Little Meredy, and Shizel. Talking to him again will revert you back to normal. You can only have six characters in your party at one time, and only four in battle like usual.


If you talk to her, you get an option to select a Craymel. You can only select one at a time, but you can repeat this until you get the normal greater Craymels. There seems to be no way to get any of the supreme greater Craymels (Rem, Shadow, Maxwell, or Sekundes), but you can get them normally through the game. You must have someone that has a Craymel cage in your party to receive Craymels (i.e., Meredy or Keele).

Craymell Ball Player

If you talk to the NPC at the top of the stairs, you get the following menus:

  • 1. Items, Cooking
    • A. Give All Items(15): Gives all items in the game. Worth noting that this includes are four items requiring the Japan-only PocketStation device to work, that can be got here, each associated with a main character: they are Etapoke1, Etapoke2, Etapoke3, Etapoke4.
    • B. Learn Inferian Cooking: Teaches all cooking from Inferia.
    • C. Learn Celestian Cooking: Teaches all cooking from Celestia.
    • D. Learn Other Cooking: Teaches all other cooking.
  • 2. Set Monster Guide Flags
    • A. Encounter All Monsters: It acts like you've "seen" all the monsters. The monster guide is filled with all the monsters, but none of them show the items or "examined" information.
    • B. Examine All Monsters: Acts like you've used the spectacles on all the monsters. Shows the monster statistics and element information in the monster guide.
    • C. Set All Flags: Shows everything about the monsters in the monster guide. Shows the items the monsters have along with the examined info.
    • D. Clear All Flags: Clears everything mentioned above from the monster guide.
  • 3. Call Auction menu
  • 4. Call C.Cage Menu


Dede (Max's Miacis) starts off at the bottom of the stairs, but will follow the character you're controlling. When she gets to your character, she'll say "Hiya ???" (??? is replaced with whatever character you're controlling) then fall asleep. If you talk to her, she'll say "Restore!" and heal your party.

Event Flags

You have to be in the debug room. Press L2 and a red rectangle appears on your character. Press L2 to enable a no-clip mode.

Walk into the tree, towards the base of the screen.

Note that if you walk "into" the tree, then turn on clipping back (R2) and walk around where the red shadow is around the middle of the tree, and slightly to the left, an odd message should occur: "OFF SWITCH 0-2048"

Press R2 again, disabling clip mode. Now navigate (using the red rectangle as a guide for where your character is) to near the base of the screen, and walk around in the lower left area. This should pop up:

1:toe +1000
2:toe +100
3:toe +10
4:toe +1

These are event flags. Select any flag with X to have it enabled, and the menu should pop up again, so that you can add other flags. Press Circle to exit.

Go to your menu, then exit. If you've gone far enough, it'll ask you to switch discs. You don't need to, just press X, then X again to override the disc change. Interesting bugs should occur.

Field Debug Menu

Can be accessed by pressing Start on towns and dungeons. It consists of various options, with a value next to it that can be changed by pressing Left/Right (holding Square, meanwhile, will change it by increments of 10 rather than 1). Pressing X will execute that option, depending on the value.

The options are:

  • Town Map: Load the chosen location in fields, regardless of the used disc. Max value is 902.
  • Battle Group: The value (max 969) chooses an enemy configuration. X triggers a battle with this configuration and the background value from the next option.
  • Battle Map : The value refers to the background used during battle. X triggers a battle with the enemy configuration chosen in the previous option.
  • Field: Loads a map (max 14). Some are cinematics.
  • Movie: Play an FMV (max 16). If it is not on the disc, it will not do anything.
  • Mini Game: Max 7.
  • Chat: ?? Limit 376.
  • Exit: Go back to the title screen.

Battle Debug Menu

During battles, an invisible option to the right of Items loads this menu. It is inescapable.

The first four options are for setting up the party: You can change the character (Left/Right), his Level from 1 to 250 (L2/R2) or his control method (L1/R1):

  • 1. RID Lv30 Manu
  • 2. FAR Lv30 Auto
  • 3. KEE Lv30 Auto
  • 4. MER Lv30 Auto

Pressing Circle will restart the battle with the specified parameters:

  • Group ?: Enemy Group.
  • Map ?: Selecting the background. Four extra BGs are available, from 116 to 119.
  • OFF: The battles will be normal. Changing it to "ON" or "STOP" keeps the enemies at 1HP, while STOP has the added function of having them do nothing.
  • Nor: Unknown.
  • EL ?: Enemy Level.
  • Exit: Wins the battle.

Other Field Controls

  • R2: Toggles clipping.
  • L2: Toggles a red rectangle below your character that always stays in the foreground.
  • L1: Changes all character sprites' size.
  • Select: Toggles Player control/Event Control. If you open the Field Debug Map its color will be blue or green, depending on the situation.
  • X twice while on Wrong disc screen: Overrides disc change.
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