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The Smurfs (Game Boy)

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Title Screen

The Smurfs

Developer: Bit Managers
Publisher: Infogrames
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy
Released in US: 1998
Released in EU: 1994

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The Smurfs is a Game Boy game based on The Smurfs (what else?).

Level Select

The Smurfs UE Level Select GB.png

By beating the game and pressing Start after the staff roll, you can access a level selection screen. Note that this level select uses Hard difficulty and that the twelfth level is missing. The Game Genie code 311-C3F-2A2 will enable the level select on all versions of the game.

Unused Music

The music for Act 9 (Inside the Volcano) lasts for approximately 1 minute and 35 seconds before looping, yet the actual level lasts for around 40 seconds. Additionally, the level's main gimmick involves lava that starts rising a few seconds after starting the level, so it isn't possible to prolong the level long enough to hear the full song.

Revisional Differences

Language Select

Version 1.0 – which was released only in Europe – supports four different languages: English, German, French and Spanish.

Version 1.1 – released in Europe and the US - removed the Spanish language, perhaps to make space for the Super Game Boy support.

Super Game Boy

La la la-la la lazy

Version 1.1 features very basic Super Game Boy support, which basically amounts to a lazy border and a more Smurf-like color palette for the game.

Dragon Boss Glitch

The Dragon's head is despawned.

On version 1.0, if you pull out many present boxes at once during the Dragon fight, the object/enemy slots would be filled up for the rest of the battle due to a glitch. The Dragon's head doesn't load anymore and the present box is rendered unusable. This was fixed in version 1.1.