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Block Party

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Title Screen

Block Party

Developer: MP Game Studio
Publisher: Nickelodeon
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: 2011

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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It's like Mario Party but with Nickelodeon characters.

To do:
Find older versions of the game that may or may not have differences or unused content


Blockparty yorunningrace leftover 5.gif
Unused Graphics
Keep running from Yo

Unused Text

<!-- frequency should be an integer greater than 0 -->

Text on coins.xml that serves as a guide for the frequency of board characters that may give a special coin to players.

<!-- The main movieclip associated with the character -->
<!-- In case a game uses a special version of the character include it here as in the example -->

Appears on players.xml and seems to relate to the minigames that can be playable. However, only a few characters include these.

Unused Boards

<!--<board id="fop" comingSoon="true" comingSoonTextID="boards.comingSoon"/>
	<board id="avatar" comingSoon="true" comingSoonTextID="boards.comingSoon"/>-->

	<!--<board id="tuff" comingSoon="true" comingSoonTextID="boards.comingSoon"/>-->

boards.xml lists all the available boards that are playable in the game. Two lines of the .xml file lists boards for Nickelodeon shows The Fairly OddParents and "(Avatar: The Last Airbender that were never released during the game's lifespan. A "coming soon" text for a Tuff Puppy'" board can also be found, but this is just a leftover from an earlier version of the game.

These can be modded back in with very basic editing of the .xml file, although the Avatar and Fairly OddParents icons are missing.

Block Party Unused Boards.png


	<!--<tileGroup id="spencer">13</tileGroup>-->
	<!--<character id="spencer" mc="spencer" onLandedOnTile="idle"/>-->
		<outcome tiles="spencer" weight="20" messageId="spencerMessage1" avatarId="spencer" effect="+c" character="spencer"/>
		<outcome tiles="spencer" weight="20" messageId="spencerMessage2" avatarId="spencer" effect="-c" character="spencer"/>

Spencer himself is not unused, as he's the host of the iCarly board. However, the .xml data of the board may suggest he was intended to appear as a character in the board, and in case of falling on a tile close to him, would give or steal coins.

Penguins of Madagascar

	<!--<outcome tiles="ferryWheel" weight="20" messageId="blowholeMessage8" avatarId="blowhole" effect="give" character="blowhole"/>-->
	<!--<outcome tiles="private" weight="20" messageId="privateMessage8" avatarId="privatee" effect="give" character="privatee"/>-->
	<!--<outcome tiles="trampoline" weight="10" messageId="mortMessage8" avatarId="mort" effect="give" character="mort1"/>-->
	<!--<outcome tiles="julien" weight="10" messageId="julienMessage8" avatarId="julien" effect="give" character="julien"/>-->
	<!--<outcome tiles="volcano" weight="10" messageId="kowalskiMessage8" avatarId="kowalski" effect="give" character="kowalski"/>-->
	<!--<outcome tiles="buildings" weight="10" messageId="ricoMessage8" avatarId="rico" effect="give" character="rico"/>-->

All but one of the board characters have an unused string where they would give the player a random powerup according to the effects list given on the board's files. Players cannot get powerups outside of the store.

	<!--<outcome tiles="penguinhq" weight="20" messageId="penguinhqMessage8" avatarId="penguinhq" effect="cm" character="penguinhq"/>-->

A string where getting on the outcome tile of the penguin headquarter would start the "card monte" game. This is actually a duplicate of "penguinhqMessage7" meaning that this can happen in-game. However, since this specific outcome tile does not have a "give [random powerup]" effect, it may be a leftover that was not edited before the "give" effects were scrapped.

Mr. Krabs "Patrick Challenge"

	<!--outcome tiles="krustyKrab" weight="20" messageId="krabMessage1"  avatarId="krab" effect="pc" character="krabs1"/-->

An unused string where getting on Mr. Krabs' outcome tile will start the "Patrick Challenge" mini-game. Strangely, The XML of the board does not list the Patrick Challenge as one of the effects characters can do. In fact, none of the characters in the board outside this specific string have any other effect that is not related to coins.

Unused Powerups

	<!--<item id="7" type="googles" nameId="googles" descId="googles" imageId="googles" coins="2" />-->
	<!--<item id="8" type="invi" nameId="invi" descId="invi" imageId="invi" coins="2" />-->

Two unused powerups called googles (a misspelling of "goggles") and invi (short for "invisible") can be found on the file regarding the powerups that the player can buy on the game store.

Similar to the unused boards, you can mod the .xml files to put back these items into the game. You're able to buy them, but your next turn will cause the game to crash.

Block Party Googles and Invisibility.png

SpongeBob Trivia Images

A folder titled "imgs" can be found on the data folder of the trivia game. It includes pictures of different SpongeBob characters. These are not used in-game, as the actual trivia pictures can be found inside its respective swf file. The images are actually called on "configuration.xml" as separate assets from the swf, yet does not appear in-game.

Debug Mode

	<partial file="index-debug.html" description="DEBUG" isPublic="false"/>

In "version.xml", a debug mode is mentioned. It calls for an html file that is not present in the game files.


Patrick in the Main Menu

Despite never being an actual playable character and only making cameos on the games. Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants appears in the menu since its initial release, suggesting he may have intended to be a playable character at one point.

Mr. Krabs' First Name

One of the questions in the SpongeBob board is "What is Mr. Krabs' first name?", but none of the choices given are the correct answer of Eugene, with the game instead ruling "Seymour" as being the correct answer.

This is even odder given that Mr. Krabs is referred to by his correct first name in other questions.

Revisional Differences

Initial Release (2011)

The earliest version of Block Party. As of now, this version is lost, meaning it is only available in video form.

  • The image of the menu features less characters that in future updates.
  • The main menu music is an earlier version of the one that would be in future updates of the game.
  • Only five characters are playable in this version: SpongeBob, Fanboy, Skipper, Sheen, and Dudley Puppy.
Initial release Final update
BlockParty2011InitialRoster.png BlockParty FinalRoster.png
  • Only the SpongeBob SquarePants and Penguins of Madagascar boards are playable. The rest are replaced by images of the show's logos with text saying "Coming Soon"
Original Final update
BlockParty2011InitialBoards.png File:BlockPartyUpdatedLogo.png
  • The number of turns for Medium and Long are 20 and 30 respectively, which were dropped to 15 and 20 in future updates.
Original Final update
BlockParty2011InitialTurns.png File:BlockPartyUpdatedLogo.png
  • Only a few of the minigames are available on this version.
  • Despite Player 2 being colored blue and Player 3 as purple like in the final game on the character select, during gameplay the colors are switched.

Unknown Update(s) (2011-12)

Unknown if these were added in different or in the same update.

  • The music on the menu will be replaced with the final one.
  • The next characters would be added:
    • Carly Shay from iCarly
    • Tori Vega from Victorious
    • Chum Chum from Fanboy and Chum Chum
    • Kitty Katswell from Tuff Puppy
  • The image from the menu would be updated to include the new added characters. Aside to that:
    • Some characters would be less in size to give space to the new characters.
    • Private was moved from the table to be jumping alongside Dudley Puppy.
    • Dudley Puppy was tweaked a bit.
    • Patrick was moved a bit down and to the side to make space for Tori.
Original release Update
BlockParty2011InitialMenu.png BlockParty2012menu.png
  • The next boards would be added:
    • Tuff Puppy
    • Fanboy
    • iCarly
    • Victorious
    • Planet Sheen
  • New mini-games were added.

Mikey Update (circa December 2012 / 2013)

This update added Mikey from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a playable characters. Additionally, some new TMNT mini-games would be added.

Sam & Cat Update (2013)

This update added Sam and Cat from the show of the same name as playable characters.

Other changes include:

  • The addition of mini-games themed after the respective show.
  • The "NEW" text on Mikey's shoe in the main menu and icon in the characters selection menu was removed.

Logo Title (Unknown)

Previous Update Final update
BlockParty2013menu.png Block Party-title.png

At an unknown update, the logo of the game was switched from a colorful one to a plain blue one. Additionally, the "NEW" texts on Sam and Cat on both the menu and the character selection menu were removed.