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Nicktoons Racing (Windows, Arcade)

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Title Screen

Nicktoons Racing

Developer: Software Creations
Publishers: Hasbro Interactive (Windows),
Chicago Gaming Company (Arcade)
Platforms: Windows, Arcade (PC-based)
Released in US: September 18, 2000 (Windows), 2003 (Arcade)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
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Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Nicktoons Racing is the very first Nickelodeon crossover game, and the first video game to feature SpongeBob and well the first to feature characters from The Wild Thornberrys.


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Prerelease Info

NASCAR Racers Leftover

Nicktoons Racing PC about.png

A dialogue box referring to the game as "Nascar Racers" can be found by opening the game's executable in a resource editor. Software Creations also developed NASCAR Racers (based on the concurrently-airing animated series) the same year as Nicktoons Racing, so this is most likely a leftover.

(Source: TCRF user DigitalOmega97 (dialogue box))

Unused Graphics


Nicktoonsracing badgerman.png

Code\pc\Data\Shape\SC20.WIM has a badger wearing a green suit. It might have a relation to Jeff Badger, who is listed as "Morale Consultant" in the credits.


Nicktoonsracing mainscreen.png

Code\pc\Data\Shape\SC01.WIM has a meter saying "MAINSCREEN". It does not fit the game's art style, and is most likely from something else.


NicktoonsRacingPC Copyright320.png

Code\pc\Data\Shape\Copyright320.bmp is an early version of the copyright screen.

Unused Models


NicktoonsRacingPC mystery high wheels.png

models\carwheels\Mystery\mystery_high_wheels.max is a 3D Studio Max file of the Mystery Racer's wheels.

Unused Text

In toonse.TDB at 51A is a leftover from an E3 demo.


Version Differences

The arcade version, released in 2003, is actually a modified version of the PC game with a Windows XP OS embedded (essentially a computer bolted into the arcade cabinet). While all the files from the PC version are still present, some changes were made, partially to accommodate for an arcade setting.

To do:
Is there a way to re-enable Stimpy?
  • The most notable change is that Stimpy has been disabled, likely due to Adult Party Cartoon premiering the same year. The Gritty Kitty item has also been disabled, however the Ren and Stimpy-themed track, Race Madness, is still included.
  • The animated FMV intro no longer plays, not even during attract mode. This may be because the video files require Windows Media Player to run.
  • The player is only given a certain amount of total playtime (adjustable from the service menu). When the timer runs out, the continue screen pops up asking for another credit. Continuing will refill the timer. This was likely done to discourage players from hogging the machine.
  • Each race now only lasts one lap, possibly due to the aforementioned time limit.