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Pikmin 2/es

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Pikmin 2/es

Desarrollador: Nintendo EAD
Distribuidor: Nintendo
Plataforma: GameCube
Lanzamiento en JP: April 29, 2004
Lanzamiento en US: August 30, 2004
Lanzamiento en EU: October 8, 2004

AreasIcon.png Este juego tiene áreas sin usar.
CharacterIcon.png Este juego tiene personajes jugables sin usar.
DevTextIcon.png Este juego esconde texto relacionado a su desarrollo.
GraphicsIcon.png Este juego tiene gráficos sin usar.
ModelsIcon.png Este juego tiene modelos sin usar.
MovieIcon.png Este juego tiene cinemáticas sin usar.
ItemsIcon.png Este juego tiene objetos sin usar.
MusicIcon.png Este juego tiene música sin usar.
TextIcon.png Este juego tiene texto sin usar.
DebugIcon.png Este juego contiene funciones o material de depuración.
RegionIcon.png Este juego tiene diferencias entre versiones regionales.

To do:
Dolphin comes bundled with very juicy and very important codes, especially the EU version. Make use of them to document stuff.

Pikmin 2 eschews the survival aspect of the first game in favor of money, money, and money. Olimar and Louie must erase their company's debt by collecting blatant product placement ancient artifacts and throwing Pikmin at anything that moves. The game was later remade for the Wii.

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Early English Script
What's a Psychotic Jumper?
Unused Caves
There are how many unused cave floors?!
Pikmin2Donut ichigoEarly.png
Unused & Early Treasures
What's this crap?
Pikmin22 ABE north snow manh2.png
Unused Floor Layouts
Exciting stuff.
Version Differences
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Test Map

A fully functional test map can be found on the disc at /user/Kando/map/newtest. While there's no known way to access it properly, the level model and object data can be swapped with The Perplexing Pool's (yakushima) on the disc with this RAR file:

Download.png Download Pikmin 2 Newtest Files
File: Pikmin2YakushimaReplace.rar (8 KB) (info)

Unused Music

File Name Track Notes
Unknown. Possibly an early track for the Piklopedia / Treasure Hoard screens.
Meant for the unused camera tutorial.
Likely meant for a 2P result screen. This variation is for Olimar winning.
Likely meant for a 2P result screen. This variation is for Louie winning.
Likely meant for a 2P result screen. This variation is for a draw game.
"Akirame" means "give up", so this could have been used when exiting a cave.
Another track used in an unused cutscene. As it is, the onions are always above ground,
so there's no need for this track.

Unused Cinematics

Internal Name Video Description
g02_boot_onyonR A short cutscene of the Red Onion booting up...but the Red Onion is always active in the final version, meaning there's no use for this cutscene.

There's a dialogue box triggered, but there's no associated text in the ISO, so it just disappears.
g1E_boot_onyonY Similar to the above, but with the Yellow Onion.

This has the proper text, but no camera values (defaulting to 0,0,0). The Yellow Onion was moved in the video for demonstration purposes.
g20_boot_onyonB It's the Blue Onion's turn. This has the right text and the right camera coordinates.
g33_camera_demo A tutorial for the camera controls. It goes on for a while.

Unused Text

To do:
Add the missing addresses, and explain exactly what these addresses are.

Development Strings

These strings were never intended to be seen.


This message was moved
(ID 1005)

This message was moved
(ID 1006)


Test Area (ID 8394)

Test Area (ID 8394_01)

Test Area (ID 8394_02)

Test Area (ID 8394_03)

Filler Log Entries

This text is stored with the Piklopedia and Treasure Log template text.



Stretches its neck to look for
prey. When it finds Pikmin, it
gobbles them up instead of
chasing them.

Treasure Hoard


A hard, shiny rock.
Highly valuable.
Makes an excellent gift.

Test Messages


Test Message 9995

Test Message 9996


Under Construction (ID9999)

Treasure Log Alerts

These messages were seen in early versions of the game on the treasure collection screen. 0x3898E

It's been added to your Treasure Log!


You can't log this treasure until you
reach the surface.

Suit Damage

This message hints that at one point, Olimar was meant to be alone, as the day would end immediately should a single captain lose all his health.

Your space suit has sustained damage!
Excessive damage to the suit could be life-threatening.
If you sustain too much damage, I'm afraid to say the day's operations will end immediately.
I have no suit-repair facilities, so you must repair your suit yourself at the end of each day.
Your space suit power meter is the round gauge on the bottom-left.
Pay close attention to it.

Onion Cutscenes

The text on the unused Onion cutscenes.

The yellow Onion has awakened! You should pluck the seeds it released as soon as they sprout!

The blue Onion has awakened! Pluck the seeds it released as soon as they sprout!

Camera Cutscene

Text for the camera cutscene.

What are your thoughts, Captain Olimar?
Has this planet changed since your first visit?
I am certain discoveries you missed before await detection by your more-experienced eyes.
I would suggest you appraise your surroundings carefully.
For safety's sake, I shall review camera controls with you.
First, to face forward, press L.
To rotate the camera, slightly depress L and move the camera with Analog Stick.
Next, if you want to zoom the camera, press R.
Press R repeatedly to scroll through the three levels of zoom.
Finally, to adjust camera angles, press Z, which is above R.
Press Z repeatedly to switch between the two different angles.
That is my entire explanation. Olimar, you look bored. Louie... You look confused.
If you fail to learn these basic skills, you will never survive in the cutthroat corporate world.

Unused Graphics

Alternate Title Graphics

Present in /user/Kando/develop/sysres.arc.

Japanese Title

Blue is the future of chrome
This is the word "Pikmin" in blue chrome(?).

English Title

A very blue and electrified "Pikmin 2" title.

Development Graphics

Graphics for two development programs are present in /user/Kando/develop.

(Source: gabrielwoj)

Map Editor

Pikmin2EditButton b.png Pikmin2EditMouse.png Pikmin2EditMousePressed.png Pikmin2EditTrig l.png Pikmin2EditTrig r.png Pikmin2EditZoom.png Pikmin2EditZoomPressed.png
Map editor icons, including a mouse and zoom button, as well as GameCube buttons.

Pikmin2EditGrass.png Pikmin2EditHole.png Pikmin2EditRock.png Pikmin2EditSoil.png Pikmin2EditTree.png Pikmin2EditWater.png
Graphics for every type of surface on the main fields.

Route Manager

Pikmin2RouteDarrow.png Pikmin2RouteSea.png
Arrows to indicate the Pikmin's route settings.

Miscellaneous Icons

Mappy.bti rgba.png Myukies.bti rgba.png
Graphics from Mappy, which was developed by Namco, appear in the game files. They were likely just used for testing purposes, and not meant to appear in the final game. Interestingly, it uses the original power-up graphics.

Pikmin 2 tex.bti.png
A random smoke texture.

Map Screen Mockup

Mockup Final
Pikmin2World map info 00.png Pikmin2WorldMapFinal.png

An early map screen is stored in /new_screen/jpn/worldmap.szs, texture name world_map_info_00. It is very different from the final map screen:

  • The top bar is entirely occupied by a Pokos count. 回収したお宝の金額 translates as "Number of recovered treasures".
  • The day graphic was moved to the lower-right, which is occupied by the Treasure Hoard and Piklopedia buttons in the mockup.
  • The buttons to access the Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard were changed from Y and X to L and R. The Treasure Hoard is called お宝図鑑, or "Treasure Encylopedia", in the mockup.
  • There are four caves with the same name: 最低最悪の洞窟, or "Absolute Worst Cave". This is an early name for the Dream Den. and is referred to as such in the configuration files. The map name is のぞみの大地, or "Land of Hope", the Japanese name for the Wistful Wild.
(Source: divingkataetheweirdo (translations))

Perplexing Pool Wire-frame


This is a wire-frame image of the Perplexing Pool found in the Piklopedia. This is based on an earlier version of the Perplexing Pool: the starting area is noticeably different. It can be faintly seen decorating the background on the Piklopedia, but only a portion of it is shown. It's also on the file selection menu's files, for whatever reason.

Piklopedia Dummy Image

Who's that Pikémon? This dummy image is found in the Piklopedia, probably used in development for creatures that did not have a finished icon.

Waterwraith Dummy Texture

Scathing commentary on Facebook A dummy texture present in the Waterwraith's model file. Because the Waterwraith's main look is created with frame buffer shaders, this underlying texture is never normally seen, and may have been present to warn the modeler that the shader is missing.

This texture is also used in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where it presumably had the same purpose.

Weighted Platform Test Model

Pikmin2Down floorTemp.pngPikmin2Down floorTempTexture.png
A test model for the weighted platforms can be found in /user/Kando/objects/downfloor/backup/downfloor.arc.

Unused Roulette Wheel slots

teki_fuefuki.bti teki_kuma.bti teki_otakara.bti
When you collect a cherry in 2-Player Battle, you get to use one power. These 3 textures are found alongside the possible powerup textures. It seems like they would drop the corresponding enemies on the opponent's army, but they might have been removed for being too cheap. These can be found in /user/Kando/vstex/arc.szs, and there's also a duplicate of teki_otakara.bti (the Dweevil one) under the name teki_otakara_old.bti.

Cave Title Error Icon

Pikmin 2 res floor name eng pal err.bti.png
An error icon to be shown on a cave's loading screen. If the current font does not support a certain character, it gets replaced with this. This can be seen, for instance, by running a Japanese game and using a code to force the use of the early English text. The icon's text translates to "error", as you'd expect. Found in /newscreen/<any language>/res_floor_name_eng_pal.szs/timg/err.bti.

Game Over

Pikmin 2 game over.png

Data for a game over screen exists in-game, in /new_screen/<any language>/res_gameover.szs. Most of the graphics within are the same as in other screens, but two of the textures are the words "GAME OVER" (one of them is just an alpha channel of sorts). This texture is present in all versions of the game, and in the res_gameover.szs of all region folders inside /new_screen.

Area names

When an area is loading, you're shown the area's name and behind it, you have some graphic being distorted in a flame-in-the-wind effect. You also get this on the "Today's Report" title at the end of a day. You'd expect the graphics behind the text to be exactly the same as the text itself, but since you can't really understand what it says, the developers took the lazy route and used vastly different graphics.

Pikmin 2 Valley of Repose title effect.png

"Valley of Repose". This is the texture used on the Valley of Repose's loading screen, which is fair enough, but also on the Today's Report title.

Pikmin 2 Awakening Wood title effect.png

"今日の成績". This translates to "Today's Results". This is the texture used on the Awakening Wood's loading screen. To note is that in Japan, the Today's Report screen actually shows the title "今日の報告" ("Today's Report").

Pikmin 2 Perplexing Pool title effect.png

"Challenge Cave". Not only is this name not seen anywhere else in the game, but its font is also a bit different in that it has a border. This is the texture used on the Perplexing Pool and Wistful Wild's loading screens.

Unused Lighting

To do:
Add hiroba_light.ini and bluefog00.ini. These are also unused (and use the file format version 0000 (final game uses 00001 everywhere (except Cavern of Chaos 10))).

All lighting files can be found in /user/Abe/cave.


Probably used for the Hole of Beasts at some point in development. (Jyoou means "Queen".)


"Sirohana" translates as "white flower", so it's a safe bet that these files were once intended for the White Flower Garden.


Pikmin2Muraon light lv0.pngPikmin2Muraon light lv3.png
Muraon_light_lv0 and muraon_light_lv3
While muraon_light files 1-2 and 4 are used, these variants are not.

Pikmin2Key light lv0.png
This is a slightly brighter version of the lighting used in the Snack Pit challenge level.

Pikmin2Light blue.pngPikmin2Light red.png
Light_blue and light_red
These lighting files use an earlier format than the others, so the only way to get these to work right is to import the RGB and light settings into a different file. It's possible that these settings were meant for Olimar and Louie, who would light the caves with their tracking beacons. Or they could just be test files.

Development Text

Hidden in the ISO, along with some standard error messages, are these odd strings:

  • 0x49903C: damedayo! (Don't do that!)
  • 0x49BD1C: Oh! no!
  • 0x49EFC4: MOC = Mouse on Cars!
  • 0x4B6580: go to hell!

Unused Corpse Values

The following enemies leave corpses and are not found above ground, leaving these seed values unused.

Enemy Seed value
Giant Breadbug 4 Seeds
Anode Dweevil 5 Seeds
Antenna Beetle 5 Seeds
Caustic Dweevil 5 Seeds
Fiery Dweevil 5 Seeds
Munge Dweevil 5 Seeds
Bumbling Snitchbug 8 Seeds
Mamuta 8 Seeds
Bulbmin 10 Seeds
Pileated Snagret 25 Seeds
Ranging Bloyster 25 Seeds
Emperor Bulblax 30 Seeds
Empress Bulblax 30 Seeds
Segmented Crawbster 30 Seeds

Unused Purple Pikmin Data

Enemies and some other objects have properties that control how much damage a Purple Pikmin stomp causes (default is 50), their stun chance (default is 30%), and stun duration (default is 5 seconds). For some reasons, some of these values are unused:

  • Honeywisps, Lithopod rocks and rubble have the damage setting set to 10, even though they don't suffer damage like normal.
  • Honeywisps, Lithopod rocks, rubble, and the Waterwraith's rollers have a 5% stun chance, although they either go away after being touched or aren't enemies.
  • Waterwraiths and the rollers could be stunned for 60 staggering seconds!... If the Waterwraith's stun chance wasn't 0% and the rollers were enemies.
  • Empress Bulblaxes should be stunned for 10 seconds, but they have a 0% stun chance.
  • Honeywisps, Lithopod rocks, eggs and bomb-rocks also have a 10-second stun, but Honeywisps don't get stunned and the rest aren't enemies.
  • Mitites, Toady Bloysters, Ranging Bloysters, Men-at-Legs, Beady Long Legs, Volatile Dweevils, Titan Dweevils and Raging Long Legs have a 0% stun chance, but still have a stun time of 5.
  • Fire geysers, gas pipes and electrical cables have a stun time of 5, but a chance of 0%. Even if the chance wasn't 0%, they're still not enemies.

Unused Map Units

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: way4_kusachi really IS unused, isn't it?

Caves are made up of randomly laid out map units (located on /user/Mukki/mapunits/units), specific to each sublevel. These units are unused:

Image Name Description
Pikmin 2 item way3 conc.png item_way3_conc A concrete three-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Pikmin 2 item way3 metal.png item_way3_metal A metal three-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Visually the same as the used dirt three-way crossing item_way3_tsuchi A dirt three-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Pikmin 2 item way4 conc.png item_way4_conc A concrete four-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Pikmin 2 item way4 metal.png item_way4_metal A metal four-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Visually the same as the used dirt four way crossing item_way4_tsuchi A dirt four-way crossing, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Pikmin 2 item wayl conc.png item_wayl_conc A concrete turning corridor, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Pikmin 2 item wayl metal.png item_wayl_metal A metal turning corridor, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Visually the same as the used dirt turning corridor item_wayl_tsuchi A dirt turning corridor, presumably with an item in the middle, judging by the name.
Visually the same as the used 4-exit circular dirt room room_cent_4_mat_tsuchi A dirt circular room with four exits. A near-duplicate of room_cent_4_tsuchi, but differing on layout.txt.
Visually the same as the used metal zigzagging corridor room room_nobo1_4_metal A metal zigzagging corridor room, near duplicate of room_nobo2_4_metal, but differing on layout.txt.
Pikmin 2 room north4x4k 1 bomb conc.png room_north4x4k_1_bomb_conc The same as the room that sublevel 2 of the Submerged Castle ends in, but part of the tube is above ground.
Pikmin 2 way4 kusachi.png way4_kusachi A four-way crossing used in gardens, featuring a twig with a leaf that casts a shadow. No used floor layout ever has four paths that cross, so this unit goes unused.
Pikmin 2 way6 tsuchi.png way6_tsuchi This unit belongs on the dirt-type levels (_tsuchi), and is meant to split a single path into five different ones. This unit is only incorporated on the list of all units, but that list is referenced by no cave. Even though it looks like it contains all of the necessary map unit data, its strange floor texture is further indication of its exclusion from the game.

Waterwraith Oddities

  • As mentioned above, the Waterwraith has a dummy texture.
  • In the game's files, all sublevels of the Submerged Castle contain a BlackMan_fue_pullout object. This is the Waterwraith (BlackMan) holding the Professional Noisemaker (pullout). It's weird that it's set to hold the Professional Noisemaker when you can't even harm it, on sublevels 1 to 4.
  • All cave sublevels have a timer setting that makes the creature spawn when it reaches 0, if applicable. This timer is worth 0 normally, 60 on the Bully Den, 300 on sublevels 1 to 4 of the Submerged Castle, and 15 on the last sublevel of the same cave. However, on the last sublevel, the Waterwraith can only spawn when you go inside the arena, leaving this unique timer unused.
  • Every animation file for the Waterwraith has the name "Kagebōzu" (or "shadow monk") in it, suggesting that this was the original Japanese name. It is called "Amebōzu" (or "rain monk") in the final game.

Pikmin Leftovers

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.
Specifically: What files?

It seems that Pikmin 2 has most of the files from the original Pikmin. Of course, none of these files are used in Pikmin 2 and was probably used to be built over the original Pikmin files for Pikmin 2.

Ignored Cave Settings

To do:
Finish the list.

Some cave configurations contain cave units and objects that can never be picked, for various reasons.

  • Emergence Cave, sublevel 1
    • The list of cave units includes corridors, crossways and dead ends, even though the sublevel only ever contains 2 circular rooms facing one another.
  • Dream Den, sublevel 8
    • 2 Fiddleheads are meant to spawn, but the room used in this sublevel cannot spawn plants.


The European version of the game has 5 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish and German; the current language can be changed on the options menu. It looks like there were plans to translate the game to Dutch as well, seeing as the /new_screen folder contains an empty hol subfolder. What's even more interesting is that the /message folder has msgRes_hol.szs, a non-empty string file. While the other languages have all strings translated, the Dutch file only has translations for the progressive scan and 50/60Hz mode screens that are displayed when the game is booted. It also contains one of the test strings from the English version: "AquickbrownFoxJumpsoverthelazy".

Pikpik carrots

Olimar's fever dream.

The Challenge Mode caves have data for the starting number of Pikmin. There's also a number for a 7th type (the 6th being Bulbmin): by giving yourself Pikmin of this type, you'll actually have pikpik carrots in your party!

They aren't very animated, articulation-wise, and they float a bit above ground. Their stems always have a leaf on top, even if a bud, flower or spicy glow overlaps it; it also glows green when idle, like Bulbmin.

They act, react and sound like any other non-Bulbmin Pikmin, and have no special attributes or defences. Finally, on the HUD, their "standby Pikmin" icon doesn't exist, and they get skipped over when calculating the closest Pikmin.


  • There is an unused flag in the game related to an E3 Demo, which exists in all versions but currently, the Action Replay code required to play the mode itself only works in the Japanese version of the game.

Turning the code on will replace all menu options with "Main Game" ( starts the "demo" ) and 2-Player Challenge Mode ( crashes Dolphin ). All Pikmin colors are near their respective Onions/Ship, caves cannot be entered, the BGM is broken, and the HUD is gone.

  • The image files used in the high scores screen at the end of the game (/new_screen/cmn/result_final_image.szs/result_final_image/timg/) are called best5_<number>. The final game only keeps track of the top 3 scores for any category, which means that the limit got changed from 5 to 3 at one point.
  • Enemies and objects have a setting that multiplies the duration of their petrification. This setting isn't given any use, however, as all enemies and objects have this set to 1.0.
  • These enemies have HP values that go unused, as they're programmed to be defeated upon being touched by a Pikmin:
    • Unmarked Spectralids have 200 HP (as strong as a Dwarf Red Bulborb), but this is moot, as they're programmed to die in one hit. If petrified, they just shatter when they fall to the ground.
    • Honeywisps have 99999 HP! They're programmed to disappear after being knocked on, and cannot be petrified.
  • There are 7 behaviors for the objects that fall from cave ceilings. 2 of these are not used in the final game.
    • $3 makes it so that the object only falls if a leader is nearby; Pikmin are ignored.
    • $0 transforms the entire object into a fully-functional Common Glowcap... for some reason.
To be fair, these guys are really annoying to defeat without Bitter Spray...
  • Some cave sublevels have the "skybox" property set to the value vrbox (Dream Den 8; Hot House 1 and 2; Collector's Room 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7), and two have it set to f010 (Green Hole 1 and 2). Both of these values are invalid, so the game defaults to having no skybox.
    • In addition, /user/Kando/map/vrbox/ also contains a meck.szs file, but it only contains an empty folder "meck".
  • The Fiery Bulblax enemy has an icon in the Piklopedia that is 80px wide, despite the fact that it is listed as a regular enemy (standard size 40px) and not a boss enemy (standard size 80px). This suggests that, early in development, the Fiery Bulblax was intended to be a boss enemy. This is further supported by his name: the name 'Bulblax' is typically given only to boss enemies.