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Yo-kai Watch Blasters

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Title Screen

Yo-kai Watch Blasters

Also known as: Yo-kai Watch Busters (JP)
Developer: Level-5
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released in JP: July 11, 2015
Released in US: September 7, 2018
Released in EU: September 7, 2018
Released in AU: September 8, 2018
Released in KR: April 19, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Yo-kai Watch Blasters is the first action-RPG game in the Yo-kai Watch series, which is based off the mode with the same name from Yo-kai Watch 2, except fully fleshed out with new mechanics, new Yo-kai, and a fresh coat of Ghostbusters paint.

Unused Graphics

Iron Oni Force Super Link

Yo-kai Watch Busters: Iron Oni Army (妖怪ウォッチバスターズ 鉄鬼軍 Yōkai Wotchi Basutāzu: Tekki-gun) is a version of Yo-kai Watch Blasters released in Japanese arcades in late 2015. After the release of the Moon Rabbit Crew expansion for Red Cat Corps and White Dog Squad, you could link the two games with Iron Oni Army for extra functionality.

The ability to link with Iron Oni Army was disabled in all versions released outside of Asia, but mostly-translated image assets exist for the linking interface within the data of the 2.3 Moon Rabbit Crew update, where it is referred to as Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Iron Oni Force.


Yokai Watch Blasters IronOni 01.png
Yokai Watch Blasters IronOni 02.png


Yokai Watch Blasters IronOni 03.png

There is also an untranslated logo included in this image data, implying that a localization of the arcade cabinet was either not planned at all or abandoned very early on in development.

Yokai Watch Blasters IronOni 04.png

Moon Rabbit Crew Opening Icon

There is a thumbnail for the Moon Rabbit Crew Opening Theme in the data for the Movies app, despite the opening theme for Moon Rabbit Crew getting cut from the western localization.


Yokai Watch Blasters MRCOP.png

Unused Text

Song Medals

In the Moon Rabbit Crew update, Song Medals were added to the game to give stat boosts during missions.

In the western localizations, the Song Medals were cut from the update and replaced with summoning songs for the Yo-kai Watch Model U. However, text strings for some of the Yo-kai Song Groups still exist in the data. This change would later be retained in Yo-kai Watch 3.


Japanese Translation Localization
ドンブリーズカムトゥルー Donburies Come True The Brave
アメコメ倶楽部 Amekome Club The Mysterious
ニャニャンオールスターズ Nyanyan All Stars The Tough
アッチィソウルブラザーズ Acchi Soul Brothers The Charming
KOTOSHI NO OWARI End of The Year The Heartful
クレイジー極バンド Crazy Goku Band The Shady
たべものがかり Tabemono-gakari The Eerie
Mr.イヌドレン Mr. Inudren The Slippery
ヘヤノスミス Heyanosmith The Legendary
サマーウォッチ Summer Watch The Wicked
ツイトルズ Tsuitles The Neatles
ピントクルセイダース Pinto Crusaders Pinto Crusaders
ミズかき隊 Mizukakitai The Water Boyz
いろいろツクローバーZ Iroiro Tsuclover Z Mystery
モグモグブラザーズ Mogmog Brothers Nomnom Brothers
レッド ホット オニ バッカーズ Red Hot Oni Backers Red Hot Oni Backers
タロニャントリオ (1) Taronyan Trio (1) Kintaronyan Trio (A)
タロニャントリオ (2) Taronyan Trio (2) Kintaronyan Trio (B)

Along with the Song Medal Groups, English descriptions for the respective groups are also in the data for the song menu.


Group Name Description
The Neatles It's a wonder that this trio met! HP slowly heals with their happy song!
Pinto Crusaders They're idiots on the march♪ Sing along and raise your Speed!
The Water Boyz Kappa perform this happy rap song! SPR rises with the charming rap!
Mystery A bright harmony with five singers♪ SPR and Defense will rise!
Nomnom Brothers A happy song with a special guest♪ HP slowly heals. Free smile included!
Red Hot Oni Backers Strong and shaking with powerful soul! All Statuses rise for a furious battle!
Kintaronyan Trio (A) The three cats come together in song♪ Their lively voices make HP slowly heal.
Kintaronyan Trio (B) An energetic song with the trio singing♪ Raise SPR and go get that boss!

Iron Oni Army Super Link

Leftover text strings for the Iron Oni Army Super Link can be found in the data for the base versions.


Japanese Version English Version
鉄鬼軍と連動する Link with Iron Oni Force
バスターズライセンス登録 Blasters License Registration
バスターズライセンスのQRコードを読み取ります Scan Blasters License QR Code
ライセンス未登録 Unregistered License


報酬受け取り時に にっきに記録します。

Connect to the Internet and link with

Iron Oni Force? When you receive a

reward, it'll be saved in your Diary.



受け取り後に にっきに記録するまで



Mission rewards were sent from

Iron Oni Force!

After receipt, do not turn off your

Nintendo 3DS or end the game,

until they are recorded in your Diary







If there are rewards that haven't been

picked up yet, they may become unavailable

and previously sent Challenge Tickets may

also become invalid. Are you sure you

want to register a new Blasters License?

<YEAR>年<MONTH>月<DAY>日まで Valid until<MONTH>/<DAY>/<YEAR>
挑戦券を送信しますか? Send Challenge Tickets?


Since your Challenge Ticket

has expired, the ticket is invalid.







Choose the Challenge Ticket to

send. When sending a Challenge

Ticket using multiple save data

with one Blasters License,

previously sent Challenge Tickets

become invalid.

いくつ 送信しますか? How many do you want to send?
<ITEM_NAME>を持っていません! You don't have <ITEM_NAME>!


送信時に にっきに記録します。


Game will be saved during transfer.

挑戦券を送信しています… Sending Challenge Tickets...
送信が完了しました! Transmission complete!
これ以上送信できません。 Unable to send any more.
インターネットに接続中です… Connecting to the Internet...




This License card is unregistered.

Please register your Blasters

License with Iron Oni Force.






Server communication has failed.

Please wait a while and try again.

The server's operational status

is described in the electronic

manual and can be checked on the




Failed to send.

The maximum number of Challenge

Tickets have been registered.



Server communication has failed.

Please wait a while and try again..

As such, a text string also exists for when you unlock the ability to link with Iron Oni Force.


You can now

Super Link with “Iron Oni Force”

from the Blasters House basement!

Regional Differences

To do:
  • Replace the screencaps with model rips of Whisped Cream, the Blastersmobile, and the Jibanyan B, Komasan B, and Usapyon B.
  • Rip the graphics containing them, too.

Yo-kai Watch Busters was heavily influenced by the Ghostbusters franchise, with several parallels to established characters and locales existing. While a few of these managed to remain largely untouched in versions released outside of Japan, several changes were made to certain aspects of the game to distance similarities between the two series, likely to avoid legal action.

A majority of these changes are not present in the Korean version.


The English localization renames Whismellowman to "Whisped Cream", and his design was completely changed due to the original's likeness to the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Despite this, Whismellowman appears in the international versions of Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble.

Asia International
YokaiWatchBusters-Whismellowman-jp.PNG YokaiWatchBlasters-Whismellowman-world.png


The car shown in the cutscene when departing on missions was moderately tweaked due to the original being too similar to the Ecto-1.

Asia International
YokaiWatchBusters-Bustersmobile-jp.PNG YokaiWatchBlasters-Bustersmobile-world.PNG

Title Screen

The artwork was modified to reflect the changes made to Whismellowman and the Bustersmobile. The logo also changed "Busters" to "Blasters".

Asia International
Busters-Title-Screen.png Blasters en title.png