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Five Nights at Freddy's (Windows)

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's

Developer: Scott Cawthon
Publisher: Scott Cawthon
Platforms: Windows
Released internationally: August 8, 2014

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Five Nights at Freddy's is the result of throwing Chuck E. Cheese, Night Trap, and the Weeping Angels into a blender. The end result is a bombshell of a horror game that manages to pull off suspense, terror, and multitasking all at the same time. For a while, you could not escape this game.

It also loves using jumpscares as a form of punis-


To do:
  • This gallery has explanations on how the AI works, as well as several bits of unused text.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Unused Graphics and Objects
Horrific creepshots that give nightmares and interface duplicates.
FNAF1 Unused Demo Strings.PNG
Unused Text
Lots of duplicates, why not.

Debugging Material



To no one's surprise, "test" is a counter used for debugging. This was used to test the length of Foxy's "locked" state whenever he is viewed on the cameras, which always selects a random value between 50 and 1,050 every ten milliseconds. It should be noted that values that always decrease like these are not calculated in seconds but frames instead (unless it is tied to a timer event). Since Five Nights at Freddy's runs at a constant 60FPS, this would mean that Foxy's locked state can last anywhere from a minimum of 0.83 seconds to a maximum of 17.5 seconds if the cameras are not being watched.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Cheats and Debugging Codes

Key Effect
C + D + 0 (v1.0) Skips the player straight to 6AM while in any level.
C + D + Numpad+ (v1.1+) Skips the player straight to 6AM while in any level.
C + D + 1 Unlocks Night 6 and grants the first star if pressed on the main menu. This is reset upon dying or closing the game.
C + D + 2 Unlocks Custom Night and grants the second star if pressed on the main menu. This is reset upon dying or closing the game.


Cut-Off Sounds

Generic Jumpscare Scream

The infamous animatronic scream actually lasts for a full five seconds. It is actually a sound byte from an old audio library released in the 1990's. The sound itself was sampled from the 1981 horror movie Inseminoid (referred to as Horror Planet in the United States release). While the game does use the full sound, it will normally get cut off after the first second. However, pausing the game during a jumpscare by pressing CTRL and P allows you to hear the full sound in-game.

(Source: Shareware Breakthrough Soundworks)

Golden Freddy Jumpscare Scream

Golden Freddy's scream (which is actually a slower, distorted version of the main animatronic scream) lasts for about 16 seconds, but is only played for a single second before the game closes itself. Pressing CTRL and P during this jumpscare allows you to once again hear the full sound.

Revision Differences

Early Access Builds


Built on an unknown date. Private early access beta. Seems to be identical to v1.0, however this version is currently lost.

(Source: Ben The Scoopist)

Full Versions


Released on August 8th, 2014. Initial release. The .exe file is dated July 23rd, 2014.


Released on August 13th, 2014.

Changes included in the v1.0 Demo are also included here.


  • The key combination to skip the night is now CD+ instead of CD0.


  • Continue now shows Night 1 instead of Night 0 if there is no save.
  • Opening newspaper slightly more titled, and the ‘pizzaria’ misspelling was fixed.
  • Game border is now black instead of white.


  • There is now a windowed mode.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed bug where if Bonnie or Chica was jamming the door, and the other is by the door but not jamming it, you could flip your camera down without dying.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “option selected” counter moved.
v1.0 v1.1
FNaF1Newspaper-Old.png FNAF1 newpaper.png

(Source: ItzTaken)
(Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20140815033402/http://www.indiedb.com/games/five-nights-at-freddys/downloads/five-nights-at-freddys-demo-11)


Released on August 17th, 2014. Initial Steam release.

Changes included in the v1.12 Demo are also included here.

[New Features]

  • Added a warning screen.
  • Added a third star for beating 20/20/20/20.


  • Added Golden Freddy jumpscare when trying to play Custom Night with AI of 1/9/8/7.


  • Custom Night’s “extreme” difficulty range changed from “12+” to “13-20” and whole text moved slightly.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “v 1.12” string changed to “v 1.13”.

(Source: ItzTaken)
(Source: https://www.indiedb.com/games/five-nights-at-freddys/downloads/five-nights-at-freddys-demo-113)


Released on December 2nd, 2014.


  • Opening newspaper even more zoomed in and titled, and the 1-888 phone number was changed to 1-555.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “v 1.13” string changed to “v 1.131”.
v1.13 v1.131
FNAF1 newpaper.png FNaF1Newspaper-New.png

(Source: ItzTaken)


Released on October 27th, 2015.

[New Features]

  • Added Halloween pumpkin and lights on Halloween.


  • Fixed inconsistent/fast night lengths (and other timers/intervals) due to engine bug.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed potential bug that would result in failure to save.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “v 1.131” string changed to “v 1.132”.

(Source: ItzTaken)


v1.0 Demo

Released on July 25th, 2014.

[New Features]

  • Added demo restrictions.
  • Added end of demo screen.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “Custom Night” text now reads “Demo” and moved slightly.

(Source: ItzTaken)

v1.12 Demo

Released on August 14th, 2014. No proof has been found of a full version of v1.12 existing.


  • Freddy’s AI on Night 5 & 6 is now always 3 & 4 instead of randomly choosing between 2/3 & 3/4.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed being able to flip cameras during Foxy and Freddy's jumpscares.

[Unused Content]

  • Out-of-frame “DEMO?” counter moved slightly.
  • Out-of-frame “v 1.1” string changed to “v 1.12”.

(Source: ItzTaken)
(Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20140815091207/https://www.indiedb.com/games/five-nights-at-freddys)