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Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

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Title Screen

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Also known as: FNaF: Special Delivery
Developer: Illumix
Publisher: Illumix
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: November 25, 2019

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Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery marks the series' first foray into augmented reality. It also marks the first time the series put microtransactions in the game since the original mobile port of FNaF 1.

To do:
Things from this Google doc, courtasy of the r/technicalFNaF Discord.
See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down (as of March 14th, 2024). As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
FNAFSD EMail-icon.png
Scrapped Emails
Emails that were going to appear in the player's inbox
Unused Droprates
Some drop rate data that never saw the light of day.
FNaF AR Audio Icon.png
Unused Audio
Unused Sounds and Voice Lines from the game
FNAFSD Plushicon.png
Unused Textures
Old and Unused Textures

Unused Text

Early CPU Descriptions

Some early CPU descriptions for animatronics.

  • Bare Endo - "Performs default automated functions."
  • Freddy Fazbear - "Plays his patented jingle when in close proximity."
  • Bonnie - "Plays his guitar and is more difficult to locate in static."
  • Balloon Boy - "Continually sends greeting messages when in close proximity and walks silently."
  • Chica - "Walks around erratically and can charge suddenly."
  • Foxy - "Moves around quickly and goes Haywire more frequently than others."
  • Circus Baby - "Highly dangerous automated functions. Can go haywire during charges."
  • Springtrap - "Highly dangerous automated functions. Exhibits unique Haywire behavior."
  • Funtime Freddy - "Will always have his buddy Bon Bon there to support him!"

Early Plush Suit Descriptions

Some early Plush Suit descriptions for animatronics. Funtime Freddy doesn't have a unique one unfortunately.

  • Bare Endo - "The mechanical platform used for animatronics."
  • Freddy Fazbear - "The main mascot for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza."
  • Bonnie - "An animatronic rabbit who takes the stage as the guitarist in Freddy's band."
  • Balloon Boy - "A human-like animatronic in the form of a child with balloons."
  • Chica - "An animatronic in the form of a large bird carrying a cupcake."
  • Foxy - "A pirate-themed animatronic with an eye patch and hook."
  • Circus Baby - "The incredibly large mascot of Circus Baby's Pizza World."
  • Springtrap - "A decaying and damage animatronic rabbit that is rumored to contain the remains of a person."

Unused Characters


Lefty, teased since the beginning of FNAF AR, hasn't made it in the game. Lefty has unused assets found in a pre-release version of the game's assets.

There is a string for the description of their lures

When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Lefty.

Lefty also has a few quotes they say on the map before attacking the player:

Stalking (Circling around player)

Hello new person. 
It is almost the end of your story.

Entering Player's House

Shame on you!
Peek-a-boo, I see you!
Come, give me a big hug, won't you?

Early Mechanic

Before the Dark Circus DLC was being conceptualized, Illumix was tossing around the idea of adding Lefty. The mechanic was going to revolve around the player closing their eyes upon hearing an audio cue along with a haptic cue. After a few seconds, another audio cue and a haptic cue would indicate that they need to open their eyes back up. This would involve the front camera being active and actually checking if the player's eyes are closed or not. There were several obvious issues with this mechanic and this ended up being scrapped.

Multi Room Experience

After that last concept was scrapped, Illumix then had an idea where Lefty would chase you into different rooms. This evolved into what is now the Dark Circus: Encore! DLC.


One of the few remains of this character is an eye shader that was found in the same pre-release assets as Lefty. After accurately recreating it in Unity, it looks and is compiled suspiciously similar to Toy Chica's attack eyes.

The only other thing left for this character is a string for the description of their lures in the shop.

When activated, this device guarantees a personal visit from Nightmarionne.

Easter Chica

At one point before the release of Chocolate Bonnie, a duplicate Chica suit and a duplicate Bonnie suit randomly appeared in the Plush Suit selection menu that were later removed. After looking at the game's data from that time, they were later revealed to be "EasterChicaSkin" and "EasterBonnieSkin". It is believed that the tag on Easter Bonnie's left ear is a reference to her since if you remove the blue S from the tag, it reads "Happy Eater". It is unconfirmed if there was ever a model for her.


Judging by early master data found in the game's 1.0.0 files, it was suggested that Endo-02 would have released after Mangle. This is supported by text strings referring to a profile avatar pack appearing in the master data soon after Mangle's launch. It's possible they would have used the Visibility Alter Effect mechanic (Mentioned later) that was added to the files, again, after Mangle's launch. There is a profile icon for them that is the normal Bare Endo icon, but rotated to the left by 45 degrees in a similar fashion to Golden Freddy's profile icon. Unfortunately, there isn't much concrete information regarding Endo-02.

Promotional Renders

Early on in the game's lifetime, Kirin Sinha (Illumix's CEO) created an Instagram filter named "Which FNaF Character Are You?" At the time nobody ripped the assets and then it seemingly vanished. But what really happened is Instagram updated and dropped support for that filter. After downgrading Instagram, we were able to extract the official marketing renders that were used in that filter. Unfortunately, the quality isn't the best but here they are!


When Illumix was developing 9.0.0 (The Map Update) They were going to originally use Crates rather than Balloons.

There were also going to be corresponding frames (as in picture frames) for each different crate that the items would be inside of.

Crate Inventory

The tab in the menu that showed this image:

FNaF AR balloon teaser.png

Was named "Crate Inventory" It's unknown what this was going to be used for as it was removed for the photobooth. Disabled GameObjects show that it was an exact copy of the inbox tab with that "BalloonTeaser" as an overlay.

Unused Mods

Fnaf ar battery.png Alpine ui mod battery2.png
Alpine ui mod battery.png
Direct look at the battery mod (mods menu) A side view of the mod (rewards screen) A glyph of the mod (Workshop UI)

The only unused mod type with an icon is the battery mods (as shown above).

Like the used 5-Star "General Stalking Actuator" mod, there was going to be another 5-Star mod named the "General Gear Actuator". This was going to be a mod that

Changes Haywire Look Away behavior to Look At behavior, instead.

This means that any animatronic that normally haywires with red eyes, will now haywire with white eyes. It is uncertain if this would have also changed Look At (white eyes) to Look Away (red eyes).

If you had an animatronic patrolling on the map, there was a mod known as the "Hunter-Killer Circuit". This "Significantly increases chance to defeat hostile animatronics. Significantly increased chance of malfunction"

For every mod type, there were going to be "Experimental" mods that would have been slightly better, but they would also have "Increased chance of malfunction"

Here is a table detailing all of the details of the other unused mods:

Mod Category: Mod Name Flashlight: Induced Pulse Generator Light: Eclipse Generator Time To Jumpscare: Aggression Booster Battery: Power Siphon Map Detection: Turbocharged Servos Patrol Recovery Time: Pressurized Cooling Vents Remnant Loss Reduction: Emission Recovery System
Duct Taped Decrease time between flashlight malfunctions by 10% Reduces visibility during decloaked charge by 1% every second Decreases time before jumpscare by 25% Increase power drain on battery use by 8%. Increase detection range by 10% Decrease patrol recovery time by 10% Decrease animatronic Remnant loss by 10%
MK 1 Decrease time between flashlight malfunctions by 20% Reduces visibility during decloaked charge by 2% every second Decreases time before jumpscare by 40% Increase power drain on battery use by 12% Increase detection range by 20% Decrease patrol recovery time by 20% Decrease animatronic Remnant loss by 20%
MK 2 Decrease time between flashlight malfunctions by 30% Reduces visibility during decloaked charge by 3% every second Decreases time before jumpscare by 55% Increase power drain on battery use by 16% Increase detection range by 30% Decrease patrol recovery time by 30% Decrease animatronic Remnant loss by 30%
MK 3 Decrease time between flashlight malfunctions by 40% Reduces visibility during decloaked charge by 4% every second Decreases time before jumpscare by 70% Increase power drain on battery use by 20% Increase detection range by 40% Decrease patrol recovery time by 40% Decrease animatronic Remnant loss by 40%
Experimental Decrease time between flashlight malfunctions by 50%. Increased chance of malfunction Reduces visibility during decloaked charge by 5% every second. Increased chance of malfunction Decreases time before jumpscare by 90%. Increased chance of malfunction Increase power drain on battery use by 25%. Increased chance of malfunction. Increase detection range by 50%. Increased chance of malfunction. Decrease patrol recovery time by 50%. Increased chance of malfunction. Decrease animatronic Remnant loss by 50%. Increased chance of malfunction.

It should be noted that the Remnant Loss Reduction mods are in the context of patrolling animatronics, not from regular encounters. It is still unknown exactly what patrolling was going to be unfortunately.

Flashlight flickering / malfunctioning is an unused mechanic. Self-explanatory.

"EM Jammer" mods were going to originally "Reduce the duration of warning static before unstealthing" rather than "increase the amount of shake required to clear Disruption" as they do now. It is uncertain exactly what "warning static" was supposed to be. It's possible disruptions were originally going to be a form of warning before animatronics charge.

"Broadband Jammer" mods were going to have the opposite effect where they would "Increase locational static range" rather than decreasing it.

Unused Animations

Ballora Spinning (Idle Attack)

An animation of Ballora twirling. This plays while she is circling around the player. It's theorized that she was meant to always be decloaked during her encounter and twirl around the player.


Freddy Decloaking

This is an animation that would have played when you select Freddy in the workshop. This would transition into his idle animation.


Plushtrap Decloaking

Similarly to Freddy, Plushtrap would have done the same thing, but this goes to a pose from an unused workshop idle animation. Unfortunately we do not have this version of his idle.

Plushtrap decloak animation FNAF AR.gif

Unused Mechanics

Visibility Alter Effect

Around the same time of Shamrock Freddy's initial release, Illumix began work on a new "VisibilityAlterEffect" mechanic. This would spawn a prefab named "FakeEndo/EndoCard_Visible" (This prefab has never been included in the game's files) This would take a "Distance" and an "YOffset" value. It would then begin following the animatronic and staring at the player while they are either Circling and/or in the Paused state. Judging by the name, it's possible this was going to be a mechanic for Endo-02 who was speculated to launch after Mangle. Here is a demonstration of what's left of this mechanic on a cube.
(Ignore the modified character this was applied on, the point is to show the mechanic)

Patrolling System

AR's text files suggest that there used to be a PVP mode within the game; where animatronics sent out by players would fight animatronics sent by that player's friends. Unused MODs made specifically for this system suggest that remnant would be lost if an animatronic is beaten.

Crafting System

An unused crafting system was found in the game suggesting that the player would be able to make plushsuits and MODs based off items they could gain via encounters. The items for plushsuits were separated in the categories of Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Arm, Right Arm, Torso and Head. The items for MODs were separated in the categories of Motherboard, Logic Circuit, Sound Card, Control Unit, Hard Disk and Heat Sink.

It is unclear if this crafting system would grant the player with custom animatronics and MODs, or would've simply been used to craft ones already in the game. The system also suggests that an inventory system would've been in place for the various parts you would acquire.

Inbox Image and Audio Attachments

There were going to be image and audio attachments to inbox messages. This was never finished sadly. There are UI prefabs and all but empty scripts left from this.