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Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PlayStation Portable)

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Title Screen

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Developer: Rockstar Leeds
Publishers: Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive (AUS), Capcom (JP)
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: July 26, 2007
Released in US: October 25, 2005
Released in EU: November 4, 2005
Released in AU: December 2, 2005

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

To do:
More info on the regional differences.

Released in 2005, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is the prequel to Grand Theft Auto III taking place in 1998 and starring Toni Cipriani. Though a fair number of content was scrapped, surprisingly, most of it can be accessed via trainers.

Unused Vehicles

To do:
Replace these images as they are converted JPEGs.
  • DeadDodo: The Dodo plane that is always in the air back in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is in this game. The DeadDodo is mentioned in handling file and and can be spawned with third-party trainers. However, simply spawning through it without further modifications will crash the game upon spawning.
  • Toyota Supra: Interestingly, a Toyota Supra is listed in text files. It is unknown what its in-game name would be (assuming it would be changed), although the previous game's Jester did resemble a Toyota Supra.
  • Subaru Impreza WRX: Just as interesting, a Subaru Impreza WRX is also listed in text files. It is unknown if this would be its name if it made it to the final, although the previous game's Sultan did resemble a Subaru Impreza.
  • Dodo: Unlike the DeadDodo, this one will not crash the game upon spawning. However, it has no acceleration, making it undrivable.
  • Hunter: The Hunter attack helicopter is in the game as a leftover from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but is never used. It can be spawned during story mission Karmageddon by getting on top of the biggest pyramid opposite police station in Staunton Island and pressing L + Up + Select + Cross. If done correctly, a sound beep will be heard and the Hunter will be accessible on the helipad on top of Big Shot Casino.
  • RC Goblin: The little toy copter from Vice City was to return, but was cut. It can still be spawned with trainers, but a mod needs to be installed in order to control it.
  • RC Raider: Another toy helicopter that was cut. It can still be obtained through trainers.
  • VCN Maverick: Another leftover Vice City asset, can be obtained with trainers. However, it has no acceleration, suggesting it never went any further than a concept.
  • Bus: The Bus from Grand Theft Auto III was most likely mean to return. However, it was disabled for spawning and can now only be spawned via trainers.

Unused Weapon

To do:
Showcase The Weapon And Upload The Model From The Tear Gas.
  • Tear Gas: Like most games from the Grand Theft Auto series Tear Gas is not available normally, but can be obtained through trainers.

Unused Audio and Text


Some of the mission scripts contain placeholder lines or pieces of cut dialogue. Audio for some of them also still remain in the game.

Vincenzo Cilli


This placeholder string also appears in the scripts for Shop 'til You Strop, A Walk In the Park, Caught In the Act, Search and Rescue, No Money, Mo' Problems, Passion of the Heist, False Idols, Munitions Dump and A Date With Death.


An additional line for the dealer.

~w~Hey! Don't leave me here! This is a bad neighborhood dude!

Dealing Revenge

Vincenzo doesn't provide you with anything during the mission.

~w~Vincenzo's left you a present that might help.

Vincenzo giving some great advice that goes unheard.


An alternate take of the line "Fuck him! He made his choice."

Smash and Grab

Additional dialogue for the end of the mission.

~w~So, did you get the money?
~w~We got it all boss...
~w~Hey, listen, there was nothing we could do...
~w~...there was nothing you could do.
~w~Things got fucked up... it couldn't have been worse.
~w~What do you think... are things better now, or worse?
~w~If you fuck it up for me, ever again, things will get worse for you too!
~w~Now clear that shit up, and get outta my sight.
~w~I've got a call to make.
~w~I swear to God, Tony.  The day you came back, my luck turned to shit.
~w~You're like a bad fucking penny.

Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


An unused objective. The game tells you to go straight to the freighters instead.

~w~The place looks deserted. Board the ~y~ship.

Salvatore Leone

Ho Selecta!

Some additional lines.

~w~Hey! I'm coming too!
~w~So, where's the party?
~w~So it's just you and me now huh?
~w~Are we gonna get it on or what?

~w~Aw, gee! Don't be like that.
~w~I just wanna party with ya!

A placeholder clip of a robotic voice reading out the filename.

Sindacco Sabotage

Unused strings of unknown purpose. They appear again in the script for Rough Justice.

Got threat
Had threat
Find threat

Additional lines for the Leones.

~w~Screw them! Let's get the fuck outta here!
~w~We're getting massacred here, Toni!
~w~I don't get paid enough for this shit, man!
~w~You're crazy Toni! We're all gonna die!

Driving Mr.Leone

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


Text for a Jump Speed meter, presumably for jumping the unfinished bridge during the mission.

Jump Speed

An additional line for the news report at the end of the mission.

The Sicilian Gambit

Some lines that are, you guessed it, not used.

<NOT USED>~w~Take out the guards and then let's get after them in that boat!
<NOT USED>~w~Another ~r~boat~w~ incoming...
<NOT USED>~y~I'll move closer to shore so we're more protected... Take it down!
<NOT USED>~w~Good work! Let's move out!
<NOT USED>~w~Ha! They've left a rocket launcher on this thing!

JD O'Toole

Bone Voyeur!

Additional lines for JD.

~w~Reverse up to the ~b~car~w~, nice and close so I can get a look-see.
~w~...nice and easy now, we don't want to disturb them!
~w~Jeez Toni! I can't see a God-damn thing!
~w~...oh yeah!
~w~Go on baby!
~w~That's it. That's it.
~w~...oh YEAH!
~w~This is just beautiful!
~w~Are we done here yet?
~w~For crying out loud, Toni! You scared 'em off!
~w~Nice work Toni!
~w~Never mind! *coughs* Just keep an eye out for your hookers.

Blow Up 'Dolls'

Text for a countdown timer that doesn't appear in the mission.


Calm Before the Storm

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


The Made Man

A placeholder clip of a robotic voice reading out the filename.

Speaks for itself.


Maria Latore

Shop 'til You Strop

While you do get your tires shot during the mission, this dialogue isn't used. The script for the mission has no text for the lines either.

~w~He shot my fucking tires out!
~w~What'd you steal this time?

Ma Cipriani

Snappy Dresser

Alternate lines for Casa getting caught.

~w~Baby needs hug!
~w~I made choc-choc!
~w~Suck my dummy! Suck it!
~w~SHIT! Someone's here!
~w~Quick! Get in the van!

No Son of Mine

Unused objectives suggesting that the mission originally took place at Saint Mark's Bistro instead of the Cipriani restaurant.

~w~The ~r~hitmen~w~ know you're here. You must get far away from Saint Mark's!
~w~More ~r~hitmen~w~ incoming! Get away from Saint Mark's. They know where you are!
~w~Deal with the remaining ~r~hitmen~w~, but stay out of Saint Mark's!

Leon McAffrey

Sayonara Sindaccos

A short unused line of someone telling Toni that Leon's debt has been repaid. No text for these lines exist in the mission script.

Ned Burner (Church Confessional)

L.C. Confidential

Alternate lines for the informant. No audio exists for these lines.

I have the report I promised here...
What the... There's already an agent here!?
Another FBI car? Wait! You're an impostor!

Toshiko Kasen

Post-Mission Phone Call after Shogun Showdown

An alternate version of the first call Toni receives from Toshiko.

Cash In Kazuki's Chips

Unknown where this could have been used.

~r~Kazuki is laughing at you!

You meet Kazuki at the top of his casino, no chance is given for him to get spooked.

~w~You spooked Kazuki! He's escaping! ...you've lost your chance to kill him!

Donald Love

Cam-Pain A description of the mission, most likely a leftover from when the mission was first being worked on.

Toni must get rid of the opposition's campaign workers, thereby weakening the Forelli candidate, O'Donovan's, electoral campaign efficiency.

Love On the Rocks Another piece of text describing the mission.

O'Donovan links Donald Love to Salvatore Leone. Donald Love's political career stands on a knife's edge. Toni must destroy the evidence. 

Post-Mission Phone Call after Dead Reckoning

After the mission Dead Reckoning, Donald calls Toni from a flophouse on his last dime and the call cuts out abruptly. This was more than likely meant to be played at the end of that call.

Stop the Press

Unknown where this would have been used.


Additional lines for Ned Burner being confronted by Toni.

~w~Help! Help! I'm being kidnapped!
~w~Help! He's going to kill me!
~w~Save me.  Someone anyone.
~w~...I'm too gifted to die!
~w~...I can't die, I'm still working on my novel!
~w~My editor never said anything about this shit!
~w~Help! I'm an honest journalist.
~w~Don't move a muscle, assweed!
~w~Stop right there, dickhead!
~w~For crying out loud, will you stop running away!

Love on the Run

A leftover version number for this particular mission.


An objective that simply wasn't used in the final mission.

~w~Head up to the ~y~house.

Paramedic & Vigilante

Text for when the radio cuts out while doing the Paramedic or Vigilante side-missions, which is something that doesn't happen.

~r~The ambulance radio doesn't work in the subway!
~r~The ambulance radio is out of range, get closer to a hospital!

~r~The police radio doesn't work in the subway!
~r~The police radio is out of range, get closer to a police station!

Coast Guard

Police boats are in the game, but never used by LCPD. However, unused quotes for the coast guard can be found in the files.


It seems that the player was originally going to have to pick up a change of clothes at Mr.Benz, instead of the safehouse.

~w~New outfits become available to the player during the game, and must be collected from Mr. Benz.
~w~Follow the ~h~Shirt blip~w~ on the radar to find ~h~Mr. Benz clothes shop.

GTA 3 Radio Stations

Head Radio
Double Clef FM
Flashback FM
Rise FM
Lips 106
Chatterbox FM
K-Jah Radio
Game Radio FM

Unknown messages.


You cannot name your save files in either version.

Your saved filename is:

Radio stations are cycled with the R3 button.

Radio station cycle (L3 button)

Among the debug text above, the "Sick Fuck" strings from GTA 3 are present.

Sick Fuck
Sick Fucker
Sick Fuck Selected
Sick Fucker Selected

Debug Related

Cars turned off.
Cars turned on.
Writing coordinates to file...
Cheat mode ON
Cheat mode OFF
Go outside and wait for your vehicle.

Menu Debug
Reload IDE
Reload IPL
Parse Heap
Big White Debug Light Switched
Show Ped Road Groups
Show Car Road Grups
Show Cull Zones
Debug Streaming Requests
Memory Card Menu
Register MemCard One
Test Format MemCard One
Test UnFormat MemCard One
Create Root Dir
Create And Load Icons
Fill First File with Guff
Save Only The Game
Check Every 0kB4 Save
Save The Game
Save The Game under GTA3 name
Create copy protected mag directory
Memory Card Menu 2
Test Save:
Test Load:
Test Delete:

Debug Menu
Quit Options
Control Configuration
SetUp 1. Enabled
SetUp 1.
SetUp 2. Enabled
SetUp 2
SetUp 3. Enabled
SetUp 3
SetUp 4. Enabled
SetUp 4
Music Volume
SFX Volume
Center Screen
Screen format
Restart Game
Load Game
Save Game
Can save only at your hideout.
Delete Grand Theft Auto Files
Your saved file name is
Parse Heap
CTheScripts::DbgFlag On
CTheScripts::DbgFlag Off
Big White Debug Light Switched On
Big White Debug Light Switched Off
Debug Streaming Requests On
Debug Streaming Requests Off
ShowPedRoadGroups On
ShowPedRoadGroups Off
ShowCarRoadGroups On
ShowCarRoadGroups Off
Show Cull Zones On
Show Cull Zones Off
gbShowCollisionPolys On
gbShowCollisionPolys Off
FormatMemCard 1 (teststuff)
UnFormatMemCard 1 (teststuff)
Gore Level
Sick Fuck
Sick Fucker
Sick Fuck Selected
Sick Fucker Selected
Previous Mission Briefs
Format Menu
MemoryCardTest screen
Register MemoryCard One
Test Format MemCard One
Test UnFormat MemCard One
Create and Load Icons
Fill First File With Guff
Save Only the game
Can't save the game. On a mission.
Can't save the game. You're in a car.
Create copy protected magazine directory
MagazineDirectory Created
MagazineDirectory Not Created

!!Debug Event!!
!!Player is dead or not playing!!
!!Player is in INDUSTRIAL level!!
Trying to make COLLECTIVE with ~1~
Debug Value: ~1~
Debug Values: A: ~1~ B: ~1~
Debug Values: A: ~1~ B: ~1~ C: ~1~
This is Line ~1~

DEBUG 0 (~1~)
DEBUG 1 (~1~)
DEBUG 2 (~1~)
DEBUG 3 (~1~)
DEBUG 4 (~1~)

~h~DEBUG MENU~w~ Select Item with ~h~left button & right button. ~w~Press ~h~X button ~w~to launch. Press ~h~TRIANGLE button ~w~to quit menu.
Level Skip Menu
Car Viewer
Character Viewer
Building Viewer
Weapon Cheat
Player Cheat
Weather and Time Changer
Marketing Camera
MoCap Menu
USJ Editor
Toggle Player Coordinates
Ped Selector
Car Selector
Placeholder: mission will complete in 5 seconds
Placeholder Cutscene
Placeholder (MOCAP) Cutscene
Ma Cipriani stream
J.D. O'Toole stream
Salvatore stream
Completed all Missions in this stream
Number: ~1~
Use ~h~analog up & down ~w~to select story stream. Use ~h~analog left & right ~w~to select mission. Use ~h~L button & R button ~w~to select an island. Press ~h~X button ~w~to start mission. Press ~h~TRIANGLE button ~w~to exit.
You cannot use levelskip when you are ~h~on a mission.
~y~Vincenzo Cilli -~g~ ~a~
~y~Ma Cipriani -~g~ ~a~
~y~J.D. O'Toole -~g~ ~a~
~y~Salvatore -~g~ ~a~
~y~Maria -~g~ ~a~
~y~Ned Burner -~g~ ~a~
~y~Donald Love -~g~ ~a~
~y~Ray Machowski -~g~ ~a~
~y~Toshiko Kasen -~g~ ~a~
Time Frozen
Time Unfrozen
Use ~h~analog up & down ~w~to change weather. Use ~h~analog left & right ~w~to change hour. Press ~h~TRIANGLE button ~w~to exit. Press ~h~SQUARE button ~w~to freeze time.
TIME: ~1~:00
Use ~h~up button and down button ~w~to change character. Use ~h~left button and right button ~w~to rotate camera. HOLD ~h~SQUARE ~w~to zoom in (toggles upper and lower body). Press ~h~TRIANGLE ~w~to quit character viewer.
--------- Select a Viewer --------- --- ~h~Car~w~ - Character - Building --
--------- Select a Viewer --------- --- Car - ~h~Character~w~ - Building --
--------- Select a Viewer --------- --- Car - Character - ~h~Building~w~ --
ROW: -- MODEL: player
ROW: 114 MODEL: cop
ROW: 115 MODEL: swat
ROW: 116 MODEL: fbi
ROW: 117 MODEL: army
ROW: 118 MODEL: medic
ROW: 119 MODEL: fireman
ROW: 71 MODEL: male01
ROW: 120 MODEL: taxi_d
ROW: 2 MODEL: pimp
ROW: 13 MODEL: criminal01
ROW: 14 MODEL: criminal02
ROW: 15 MODEL: male02
ROW: 16 MODEL: male03
ROW: 121 MODEL: fatmale01
ROW: 17 MODEL: fatmale02
ROW: 18 MODEL: female01
ROW: 19 MODEL: female02
ROW: 20 MODEL: female03
ROW: 21 MODEL: fatfemale01
ROW: 22 MODEL: fatfemale02
ROW: 23 MODEL: prostitute
ROW: 24 MODEL: prostitute2
ROW: 25 MODEL: p_man1
ROW: 26 MODEL: p_man2
ROW: 27 MODEL: p_wom1
ROW: 28 MODEL: p_wom2
ROW: 29 MODEL: ct_man1
ROW: 30 MODEL: ct_man2
ROW: 31 MODEL: ct_wom1
ROW: 32 MODEL: ct_wom2
ROW: 33 MODEL: li_man1
ROW: 34 MODEL: li_man2
ROW: 35 MODEL: li_wom1
ROW: 36 MODEL: li_wom2
ROW: 37 MODEL: docker1
ROW: 38 MODEL: docker2
ROW: 39 MODEL: scum_man
ROW: 40 MODEL: scum_wom
ROW: 41 MODEL: worker1
ROW: 42 MODEL: worker2
ROW: 43 MODEL: b_man1
ROW: 44 MODEL: b_man2
ROW: 67 MODEL: b_man3
ROW: 45 MODEL: b_wom1
ROW: 46 MODEL: b_wom2
ROW: 70 MODEL: b_wom3
ROW: 47 MODEL: mod_man
ROW: 48 MODEL: mod_wom
ROW: 49 MODEL: st_man
ROW: 50 MODEL: st_wom
ROW: 51 MODEL: fan_man1
ROW: 52 MODEL: fan_man2
ROW: 53 MODEL: fan_wom
ROW: 54 MODEL: hos_man
ROW: 55 MODEL: hos_wom
ROW: 56 MODEL: const1
ROW: 57 MODEL: const2
ROW: 58 MODEL: shopper1
ROW: 59 MODEL: shopper2
ROW: 60 MODEL: shopper3
ROW: 61 MODEL: stud_man
ROW: 62 MODEL: stud_wom
ROW: 63 MODEL: cas_man
ROW: 64 MODEL: cas_wom
ROW: 123 MODEL: gang01 LEONE_A
ROW: 124 MODEL: gang02 LEONE_B
ROW: 69 MODEL: gang03 TRIAD_A
ROW: 3 MODEL: gang04 TRIAD_B
ROW: 68 MODEL: gang07 YAKUZA_A
ROW: 11 MODEL: gang13 HOOD_A
ROW: 12 MODEL: gang14 HOOD_B
ROW: 89 MODEL: gang15 Forelli thug1
ROW: 90 MODEL: gang16 Forelli thug2
ROW: 88 MODEL: gang17 Sindacco thug1
ROW: 89 MODEL: gang18 Sindacco thug2
ROW: 65 MODEL: SAL_01 Salvatore (Mob Don)
ROW: 66 MODEL: RAY_01 Ray (Bad Cop)
ROW: 72 MODEL: VINC_01 Vincenzo Cilli
ROW: 73 MODEL: GRDANG1 Avenging Angel
ROW: 74 MODEL: NED_01 Ned Burner (Reporter)
ROW: 75 MODEL: MASTOR Massimo Torrini (Assassin)
ROW: 76 MODEL: TOOL_01 JD O'Toole
ROW: 77 MODEL: Not used Fthr Kenny
ROW: 78 MODEL: GRDANG2 Avenging Angel 2
ROW: 79 MODEL: M_HOLE Mayor RC Hole
ROW: 80 MODEL: FRANFOR Franco Forelli
ROW: 81 MODEL: KAZUKI Kazuki Kasen
ROW: 82 MODEL: PAULIE Paulie Sindacco
ROW: 83 MODEL: HOPPER Jane Hopper
ROW: 84 MODEL: AVERY Avery Carrington
ROW: 85 MODEL: CASA Giovanni Casa
ROW: 86 MODEL: BABY Giovanni Casa (baby)
ROW: 87 MODEL: MCAFFRY Det. Leon McAffrey
ROW: 93 MODEL: MAR_01 Maria
ROW: 94 MODEL: LOVE_01 Donald Love
ROW: 96 MODEL: WAYNE Wayne (Biker Dude)
ROW: 97 MODEL: BIKER1 Biker Dude 1
ROW: 98 MODEL: BIKER2 Biker Dude 2
ROW: 100 MODEL: KAS_01 Toshiko Kasen (kimono)
ROW: 101 MODEL: WKAS_01 Toshiko Kasen (western)
ROW: 104 MODEL: JDMADE JD O'Toole - Made Man
ROW: 106 MODEL: THUG_01 Sicilian Thug 1
ROW: 107 MODEL: THUG_02 Sicilian Thug 2
ROW: 109 MODEL: CAMP_MAN Campaign Worker
ROW: 110 MODEL: CAMP_WOM Campaign Worker 2
ROW: 112 MODEL: DELIASS Deli Assistant
ROW: 113 MODEL: HOBO_01 Donald Love 2
ROW: 125 MODEL: HOLEJOG Mayor RC Hole (Jogging outfit)
ROW: 126 MODEL: Chauff Chauffeur
ROW: 128 MODEL: plr2 (Lawyer)
ROW: 129 MODEL: plr3 (Travel clothes)
ROW: 130 MODEL: plr4 (Chauffeur)
ROW: 131 MODEL: plr5 (Hockey mask)
ROW: 132 MODEL: plr6 (Tuxedo)
ROW: 133 MODEL: plr7 (Avenging Angel)
ROW: 134 MODEL: plr8 (The King of Rock'n Roll)
ROW: 135 MODEL: plr9 (Cock's Mascot)
ROW: 136 MODEL: plr10 (Boxer Shorts)
ROW: 137 MODEL: plr11 (Bad Super Hero)
ROW: 138 MODEL: plr12 (Dragon)
ROW: 139 MODEL: PHILC Phil Cassidy
ROW: 140 MODEL: GREASE Grease Zuko
ROW: 141 MODEL: GUN_ASS Gun assistant
ROW: -- MODEL: JD_shot JD shot dead
ROW: -- MODEL: BODYBAG bodybag
ROW: 142 MODEL: SAL_CON Sal Convict
ID:131 MODEL: Landstalker (TBC)
ID:135 MODEL: Perenial (TBC)
ID:138 MODEL: Firetruck
ID:141 MODEL: Manana (TBC)
ID:152 MODEL: Kuruma (TBC)
ID:164 MODEL: Dodo (TBC)
ID:169 MODELL: Rc Bandit
ID:170 MODEL: BellyUp (Triad) (TBC)
ID:172 MODEL: Leone Sentinel (TBC)
ID: 174 MODEL: Yakuza (TBC)
ID:179 MODEL: Flatbed (TBC)
ID:181 MODEL: Borgnine Taxi (TBC)
ID: 188 MODEL: Sindacco Argento (TBC)
ID: 189 MODEL: Forelli Lexcess (TBC)
ID:192 MODEL: Speeder (TBC)
Press CIRCLE to swap building model.
ROW: 2 - Portland. Safehouse Exterior. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:24 - Portland. Safehouse Interior. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW: 3 - Portland. Ferry Terminal.
ROW: 4 - Portland. Callahan Bridge 1. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW: 4 - Portland. Callahan Bridge 2. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW: 5 - Portland. Les Cargo Freighter.
ROW: 6 - Portland. Doll's House Brothel 1. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW: 6 - Portland. Doll's House Brothel 2. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW: 7 - Portland. Tower Block.
ROW: 8 - Portland. Eddie's Garage.
ROW: 9 - Portland. Bowler's Fist Pub.
ROW:10 - Portland. Hepburn Heights.
ROW:11 - Portland. Short Stay Hotel.
ROW:12 - Portland. Car Dealership.
ROW:13 - Portland. Bus Graveyard.
ROW:14 - Portland. Drugs Warehouse 1 (awaiting approval). Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:14 - Portland. Drugs Warehouse 2 (awaiting approval). Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:15 - Portland. Ma Cipriani's Restaurant.
ROW:17 - Portland. Basketball Court, Callahan.
ROW:18 - Portland. Bike Shop.
ROW:19 - Portland. Building near Basketball Court.
ROW:20 - Portland. Luigi's Nightclub 1.
ROW:20 - Portland. Luigi's Nightclub 2.
ROW:20 - Portland. Luigi's Nightclub 3.
ROW:21 - Portland. Casa's Gourmet Deli.
ROW:22 - Portland. Rusty Ship.
ROW:23 - Portland. Door for Shopfront.
ROW:25 - Staunton. Casino.
ROW:26 - Staunton. Phil Cassidy's Store.
ROW:27 - Staunton. Zip store.
ROW:28 - Staunton. Container Park.
ROW:29 - Staunton. Ferry Terminal.
ROW:30 - Staunton. Fort Staunton 1 NORTH.
ROW:30 - Staunton. Fort Staunton 2 NORTH.
ROW:30 - Staunton. Fort Staunton 1 SOUTH.
ROW:30 - Staunton. Fort Staunton 2 SOUTH.
ROW:31 - Ferry - Not Visible At Present.
ROW:32 - Staunton. Safehouse Exterior (unchanged). Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:32 - Staunton. Safehouse Interior. Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:33 - Staunton. Steps Added To Building.
ROW:34 - Portland. Outbuilding.
ROW:34 - Shoreside. Safehouse Exterior (unchanged). Press CIRCLE to swap.
ROW:34 - Shoreside. Safehouse Interior. Press CIRCLE to swap.
Not in Doc - Staunton - Warehouse Interior (not internally approved).
Not in Doc - Staunton - Church Exterior. Press CIRCLE to swap.
Not in Doc - Staunton - Church Interior for scripted cutscene. Press CIRCLE to swap.
Modify World Speed
Changing World Speed

MOCAP Scenes
You cannot be on a mission when using the cutscene selector.
Select the scene you want and press CROSS. Press TRIANGLE to exit.
~g~scene name - script name~w~
1. Biker - mar4
2. Bonevoy - jdt1
3. Campain - dons3
4. Cashchp - tosh4
5. Contban - sal5
6. Crazy69 - rays3
7. Cuttest - none
8. Deadly - tosh1
9. Donprob - donh6
10. Drivnmr - sal8
11. Electon - dons7
12. Homswet - vic1
13. Hotwhel - vic6
14. Kidnapp - jdt5
15. Landgrb - donh1
16. Morgue - dons1
17. Overdos - mar5
18. Rufjust - salh1
19. Sayonar - rays1
20. sicilan - salh5
21. Theofer - sal1
22. Intro
23. Final
24. Final_2

Cut Sidejobs

 ENGLISH.gxt/TURPASS/~W~Massacre Passed! 

Most likely an early name for the Rampages or something completely different.

ENGLISH.gxt/TURTXT/Mobile Massacre!

Seems to be all that remains of a cut RC Car mission.

 ENGLISH.gxt/ST_ASSI/Assasination contracts complete

It seems that the assassination missions from Vice City were going to return at one point.

Early Mission Complete Theme

An early Mission Complete theme is present on the disc. It's a clip from the intro cutscene of the game, with the sound effects from the cutscene still there, hinting that it might just have been a placeholder.

Unused Graphics

Leftover title cards from Vice City, placeholder loading screens, PSP save background and unused screens for a TV newscast about the closing/opening of the bridges are present on the PS2 disc.


  • Leon McAffrey's missions are labeled RAY1 to RAY5. Ray Machowski is his partner who was more prominently featured in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Between the Ma Cipriani missions Dead Meat (MAC4) and No Son of Mine (MAC5) is an additional mission Casa (MAC4_0). Nothing remains of it but the name, it could be a simple leftover however.

Regional Differences

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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The menu in the Japanese version uses different wording for its options. Additonally, subtitles are turned on by default in the Japanese version.

GTA LCS US Menu.png GTA LCS JP Menu.png

For the German version, many of the changes done were similar to that of Grand Theft Auto III. These include:

  • Blood was removed, including bloodied tire tracks when driving over pedestrians.
  • The ability to kick enemies when they are lying on the ground.
  • The removal of headshots caused by the sniper rifle and katana.
  • Pedestrians won't drop money when they are killed.
  • The massacre minigame is removed.
  • The statistic menu removes the body count numbers.

Revisional Differences

Early PSP versions of the game was notable for a buffer overflow exploit in the saved games, opening the floodgates of homebrew programs to be run using specially crafted saves by Fanjita and n00bz. Not only a new firmware was released to patch it (which turned out to be ineffectual for a while), the game was reissued with the exploit fixed; distinguishing fixed and original versions were noticeably difficult, likely to crack down the use of the exploit.

This was an important point in PSP homebrew history.