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Metroid Dread

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Title Screen

Metroid Dread

Developer: MercurySteam
Publishers: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: October 8, 2021

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Prerelease Info

Unused Text

The game's Japanese string table includes a series of entries that do not appear in other languages, informally describing the content of two of the game's major cutscenes. These may have been produced by Nintendo to give MercurySteam direction when creating the scenes.

String Name Text Translation
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_01 プロフェッサーイベント Professor Event
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_02 サムス、壁画を発見。鳥人族の兵士が他の鳥人族を殺しているシーン。 Samus discovers a mural. A scene in which a Chozo soldier is killing another Chozo.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_03 兵士たちのリーダーは、サムスが冒頭であった鳥人族に似ている。 The leader of the soldiers resembles the Chozo that Samus met at the beginning.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_04 突然撃たれるサムス。身体がマヒしてしまう。 Samus is suddenly shot. Her body is paralyzed.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_05 E.M.M.I. が壁画を破壊しながら登場。サムスはつかまる。 An E.M.M.I. appears while destroying the mural painting. It grabs Samus.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_06 やられる瞬間、E.M.M.I. の動きが止まる。鳥人族が現れる。 At the moment it would kill her, the E.M.M.I. stops moving. A Chozo appears.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_07 鳥人族はクワイエットローブと自己紹介。 The Chozo introduces themself as Quiet Robe.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_08 サムスが戦った鳥人族の男はレイヴンビークで、戦士鳥人族の長と説明。 The Chozo that Samus fought was Raven Beak, described as the head of the warrior Chozo.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_09 レイヴンビークはサムスのメトロイドDNAの力で銀河を支配しようとしている。E.M.M.I. をハッキングして利用している。 Raven Beak is trying to dominate the galaxy with the power of Samus' Metroid DNA. The E.M.M.I. are being used by hacking them.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_10 クワイエットローブは、ブレニア上部の扉を開けたことをサムスに伝える。 Quiet Robe tells Samus that he has opened the door at the top of Burenia.
CAPTION_PROFESSOREVENT_PH_PAGE_11 鳥人兵士のロボットが突如現れ、クワイエットローブを殺害する。 A Chozo robot suddenly appears and kills Quiet Robe.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_01 最終フェイクアダムイベント Final Fake Adam Event
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_02 リフトはサムスをアクセスルームにつれていく。 The lift takes Samus to the access room.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_03 アダムは、サムスのメトロイドDNAが完全に覚醒し、サムスは本質的にメトロイドとなったこと、銀河の脅威になってしまったことを告げる。 Adam tells us that Samus's Metroid DNA has been fully awakened, and that Samus has become essentially Metroid, a threat to the galaxy.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_04 アダムは、その力をレイヴンビークのために使うよう命令する。 Adam orders that power to be used for Raven Beak.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_05 サムス、アクセスルームのモニターを破壊する。 ミッション冒頭に意識を失ってからこれまで話してきたアダムは本物ではなく、レイヴンビークだったのだ。 Samus destroys the access room monitor. The Adam that she's spoken to since she lost consciousness at the beginning of the mission wasn't the real thing, it was Raven Beak.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_06 アクセスルームはホログラムだった。消滅し、レイヴンビークが現れる。 The access room was a hologram. It disappears and Raven Beak appears.
DIAG_ADAM_FINAL_PH_PAGE_07 戦闘が始まる The battle begins
(Source: Bearborg)

Raven Beak X's dialogue has unused subtitles.

String Name Text
CAPTION_COMMANDERX_PAGE_02 Power is everything!
(Source: Bearborg)

Unused Sounds

An unused sound, named blah_caption_test, is present in the game's streaming audio folder. It consists of a male voice saying "blah blah blah".

(Source: Bearborg)

There are five unused lines of dialogue, featuring Raven Beak giving the speech normally given by fake ADAM just before the boss fight, but in the Chozo language. Each line corresponds with a line spoken by ADAM in a real-world language (i.e. English) so they can be roughly translated this way, though there are some slight differences in syntax.

String Name Audio Translation
Continue to follow my instructions faithfully, as you have done until now. It's that simple.
I consider your performance here on ZDR to be highly satisfactory. To imagine you would even awaken your Metroid powers.
Yes, I was right to let you live during our first encounter. That glimpse you showed told me everything.
Submit and offer up your power. My plan is the only way to bring order to the galaxy.
Samus, fulfill your destiny. This is an order. Disobedience will not be tolerated.
(Source: Unknowni123)

There is one unused line of dialogue for Raven Beak X, along with corresponding subtitle text.

String Name Audio Text
There is no power without sacrifice.
(Source: Unknowni123)

Revisional Differences

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Add videos and images, document the apparently unused content that was added in v1.01 and then removed in v1.02 (1, 2)

At the beginning of the game, there's an unintended sequence-break which allows players to skip the first E.M.M.I. (the damaged one which serves as a tutorial). Version 1.0.0 of the game caused the player to become soft-locked if they returned here after skipping this E.M.M.I. and progressing through the game. The room eventually becomes populated with normal enemies, and the E.M.M.I. gets removed from the scenario. The cutscenes that should play in this room do so as normal, but the E.M.M.I. disappears as soon as they finish. This causes the player to become unable to escape this room, since all the doors get locked until the E.M.M.I. (which has been removed from the game permanently) is destroyed.

Version 1.0.1 still allows this sequence-break, but the room setup is never updated until after the E.M.M.I. has been destroyed. This means the E.M.M.I. encounter event will be delayed indefinitely until the player decides to return, making this room devoid of normal enemies until after the E.M.M.I. has been dealt with.

This update also included several new files that continued to go unused, likely added unintentionally since they were removed in Version 1.0.2.

The first was a line of ADAM dialogue, likely intended for use after the X are released.

There was also a duplicate of the second line of Raven Beak's victory speech, but without his usual vocal effects applied.

Version 1.0.0 had an issue which caused the game to crash during the escape sequence immediately following the battle with Raven Beak. If a player used a map marker on the door that is exclusively destroyed with the Hyper Beam, the game would immediately crash with the "software has stopped" error message as soon as the door is destroyed. Version 1.0.1 removes this crash altogether.