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Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

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Title Screen

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

Developers: Treyarch, High Voltage Software
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube
Released in JP: June 29, 2006 (PS2)
Released in US: November 1, 2005
Released in EU: November 18, 2005

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Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is a console-exclusive game featuring a never-seen-before invasion of Sicily and the so-called "Fighting First".

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  • COD Wiki says here that in the prologue level the player will be killed by a mortar if they linger near the starting point on the level too long. If most players won't encounter this, it should be added to the page.
  • Collector's Edition differences.
  • The Japanese PS2 release also appears to lack multiplayer.

Baptism By Fire Plane

On "Baptism By Fire" in the second hangar, the plane that escapes cannot normally be destroyed but can be destroyed under very specific circumstances. To destroy it, one has to dash down to the bottom floor of the hangar, which requires having to avoid all enemies, and then grab the MG-42 and shoot the plane until it explodes.

(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)

Version Differences

  • The GameCube version has no multiplayer.
  • In the GameCube version, objects and characters in the game cast no shadows.
  • The Xbox version has a trailer for Call of Duty 2.
(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)