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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Developer: Treyarch
Publishers: Activision (US/EU), Square Enix (JP)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U
Released in JP: November 22, 2012
Released in US: November 12, 2012
Released in EU: November 13, 2012

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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The 9th game in the main COD series, introducing a non-linear campaign with multiple endings, improved multiplayer features, and new Zombies game modes.


Unused Text
You've got your COD1 in my BO2!

Unused Weapons

Sadly, most of the weapons did not return to the final game in order to fit into the futuristic setting. However, most of the weapons were still mentioned in the text files for being bought in Zombies (most likely leftovers from Black Ops).

  • XM25: The XM25 from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has an unused create a class icon and text string to buy it in Zombies and judging by the different design compared to the used Create a Class icons it was cut early on. Interestingly, the War Machine is called the "XM25" in the game files (but only for Zombies mode).
  • Commando: The Commando from Call of Duty: Black Ops didn't return and can only be seen in the Behind the Scenes video. However, the pick-up icon still remains in the game's data and has a string mentioned in the text files.
  • OLD P90: A string can be found in text files. Possibly the old version of the PDW-57?
  • Thunder Gun: While replaced by the Jet Gun this time around a text string has been found for buying it off the wall.
  • Sabertooth: A chainsaw that was cut from the first game but has a text string to be bought in Zombies.
  • Skorpion: Not to be confused with the new Skorpion EVO but rather the Skorpion from the first game. A text string to buy still remains.
  • RPK: A text string for buying the RPK can be found. Probably replaced by the RPD, in a complete reversal from the first Black Ops (where the RPD was replaced with the RPK; in either case the wrong weapon was used).
  • Grim reaper: The Grim Reaper from Call of Duty: Black Ops has an unused create a class icon
  • Stoner 63 LMG: The Stoner 63 has a text string in the files.
  • Kiparis: This SMG beast from Black Ops sadly didn't make the cut. A text string for buying Dual Kiparis' can be found.
  • MAC-11: A text string for buying the MAC-11 can be found.
  • AUG: The text string goes unused.
  • G11: A text string remains.
  • MP40: A text string remains. It's also the only WWII weapon to be mentioned. Eventually added to Zombies mode with the release of the "Origins" map.
  • MPL: A text string remains.
  • PM63: A text string remains.
  • Enfield: A text string remains.
  • Stakeout: A text string remains.
  • WA2000: A text string remains.
  • RX4 Storm: A cut rifle. A menu icon and a HUD icon remain.
  • Strela-3: A vehicle only rocket launcher. A menu and HUD icon remain. Interestingly the menu icon is named "menu_mp_weapons_strela_big" meaning weapons in the 1980's campaign weapons were once in multiplayer.
  • DTSRS: A scrapped sniper rifle. Two versions of menu icon, one big and one small remains. Probably replaced by the DSR-50.
  • M4: Seen in a promotional poster, but nowhere in the actual game. A very early menu icon (in both big and small sizes) has been found, however. Had it made it into the game, it would be the second time in the franchise that it appeared with its standard carry handle as opposed to custom sights. Most likely replaced by the M27.

Early Multiplayer Maps


The preview image for Plaza found in the game files indicates that it was once named "Promenade", and it was heavily unfinished or completely different from the version of "Promenade" called "Plaza" today.

Early Plaza (Promenade) Final Plaza
CoDBO2-Promenade.jpg CoDBO2-Plaza.jpg


The preview image for Standoff looks quite different compared to the final version. Also, according to the game's files, the map was originally called "Village".

Early Standoff Final Standoff
CoDBO2-PreviewStandoff.jpg CoDBO2-Standoff Load Screen.png


Early Carrier Final Carrier
BlackOpsII-menu mp map select carrier.png


Early Cargo Final Cargo
BlackOpsII-menu mp map select dockside.png


Early Drone Final Drone
BlackOpsII-menu mp map select drone.png


Early Express Final Express
BlackOpsII-menu mp map select express.png


Early Aftermath Final Aftermath
BlackOpsII-menu mp map select la.png

Unused Zombies Weapons

Unlike the other cut weapons meant for Zombies these weapons are in the game but cannot be found in Zombies.

  • Dragunov: A text string remains.
  • AK-47: A text string to buy an AK-47 has been found. A string to buy one with a GP-30 exists. The AK was eventually added into Zombies mode in the "Mob of the Dead" map, but without the GP-30 (or the flamethrower on the upgraded variant from the previous Black Ops).
  • M16 w/M203: While the M16A1 is available in Zombies a text string to buy it with an M203 attached can be found. The M203 is only added when the weapon is upgraded to the Skullcrusher.
  • M1911: This is very odd as the M1911 is the weakest gun in Zombies therefore making it pointless to buy one off the wall due to much better weapons being available however this may have been for testing purposes. A string can be found.
  • SPAS: A text string remains. While the SPAS-12 appears in the campaign, it isn't in Zombies for whatever reason.
  • Bouncing Betty: Text strings remain.
  • Severed Head: In the files for Mob of the Dead, there is a model for a severed head, with working animations. It's unknown what this would've been used for, it might have been part of a scrapped Easter Egg or for the grief game mode. [1]

Unused Create A Class Icons

Unlike the above these weapons are in the game but have unused create a class icons. They were later used for the Call of Duty Elite app, so all the other Wonder Weapons had these icons created for it (with exceptions).

  • Jet Gun: Much like the Thundergun easter egg in the first Black Ops the Jet Gun would have been available in the campaign.
  • Python: The Python has an unused create a class icon and is the only non wonder weapon to have one most likely made redundant by the Executioner.
  • Ray Gun: It seems that the Ray Gun was going to make a appearance in the campaign like in World at War, but the idea was scrapped as a create a class icon has been found.

Unused Attachments

  • Ammo Pack: No remaining proof of what it was suppose to do but likely worked like the Bandolier perk seen in past Call of Duty titles. A menu icon remains.
  • Bipod: A menu icon remains. One can only presume that it worked just like it did in the past entries in the series. Most likely cut because very few found use of it (and possibly became useless with the addition of the Laser Sight, which has a similar use to the bipod with more flexibility).

Leftover attachments

Menu mp weapons attach ft hirez.png Menu mp weapons attach gl hirez.png Menu mp weapons attach mk hirez.png

Leftover images

Unused model

Probably leftover from Black Ops 1 or unused.

Menu mp heatmap figure.png Lui soldier.png

Leftover Gadgets

Leftover gadgets from Black Ops 1.

194eb3121343dcdd.png Hud tact insert 128.png 97d980380af864af.png

Leftover icons

Playlist sabotage.png Playlist sp vet.png Playlist sp reg.png Playlist sp recr.png Playlist sp hard.png Playlist wager.png Playlist teamtactical.png

Early Loading Screen Images for Zombies

Cut icons team

Team icon cia.png 150 Menu mp lobby ops.png

Unused Perks

  • Intruder: Likely merged with the Lockbreaker perk below to create the Access Kit perk. A menu icon remains.
  • Lockbreaker: Likely merged with the Intruder perk above to create the Access Kit perk. A menu icon remains.

Unused Camos

Massacre: Resembles the Red camo from the first Black Ops, but darker. A menu icon remains.

Unused Gamemodes

Hacker: An unused point-based free-for-all gamemode. Players would have to disable and then hack neutral AGRs, and were given points for hacking, killing other players, and getting kills with the AGRs. AGR kills would award more points. In the latest version of the game, all that remains of this gamemode is a menu icon. However, in PS3 version 29.824.6 and earlier, the gamemode was functional and could be played through the use of mods. It can still be played as long as you have this update installed. [2]

Unused Vehicles

  • GAZ-63: A model of a GAZ-63 can be found in the game files. It was likely cut early, judging by the lack of textures. It's loaded into the memory of the mission Suffer With Me, so it was probably meant to be used by the Panamanian Defense Forces during this mission. A few unfinished text strings also remain as well.
  • Default Vehicle: A very ugly looking thing meant for testing. A model remains in the game's files. Various Default Vehicles appear in the franchise, with different appearances.

Unused Cutscenes

  • default.webm: A 41 second video containing only a 40.29 second long timer playing in the bottom right corner.