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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Developers: High Moon Studios, Sledgehammer Games
Publishers: Activision, Square Enix (JP)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released internationally: November 3, 2014
Released in JP: November 13, 2014

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

We got Exo-Suits now men, suit up, whether you like it or not, we are takin' to the skies. Also be sure to pack your clown costume.

To do:

Unused Weapons


The RPG from Modern Warfare 3 can be used via a glitch on the mission "Throttle". It functions identically to the Modern Warfare 3 version, although it is missing sounds and certain animations.



A near-complete weapon that was showcased in pre-release footage. Cut for unknown reasons.

Atlas Sword

A cut weapon meant for Exo Zombies.

(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)


To do:
Check if there is any other data for this gun.

All the information about this gun comes from the localization string for its description, SHOTGUN_SEMIAUTO_MULTIBARREL: "Semiauto multi-barrel".

(Source: Reddit)


To do:
Check if there is any other data for this gun.

All the information about this gun comes from the localization string for its description, PISTOL_BOLT_ACTION: "Bolt action pistol." The description is reminiscent of the RW1.

(Source: Reddit)

(Source: Reddit)

Single Wield XMG

To do:
  • Check if there are any animations for this weapon.
  • The weapon file might also have draw and drop times for the single wield version.

The weapon file for the XMG contains parameters pertaining to a single wield version of the weapon. These parameters are listed below along with the used Akimbo versions. Given the long reload cancel time, the single wield version presumably would have had a large amount of ammo like the Akimbo version.

Parameter Function Value Akimbo
fireTime Rate of fire. 705 RPM (same RPM as BAL-27 after first four bullets) 600 RPM
reloadAddTime Reload cancel time for a partial reload. 4.9 seconds 6 seconds (partial/full reload)
5.5 (reload cancel)

Unused Attachments

To do:
  • Direct Hack:
    • Check how it appears in the Create-a-Class attachments section and what weapons it is compatible with.
    • Its attachment file (filename is "directhack") appears to have no actual content about how this attachment actually functions. Verify this and add.
  • The EPM3 gets a notification for unlocking the Thermal Sight but does not have one. Probably unused, but do check the code.
  • Direct Hack - The Create-a-Class description for this attachment is "EMPs your target while looking at them." It does not function at all in-game and is glitched when attached to some weapons. A video of this attachment can be seen here. It is compatible with the Atlas 45, PDW, MP443 Grach, and some assault rifles, but with the following effects:
    • Atlas 45: Adds a laser sight-like object the the front of the gun.
    • PDW: Floats around the player character's head.
    • MP443 Grach: Appears on the gun and another copy of the attachment floats around the player character's head.
    • Compatible assault rifles: Does not appear on the weapon.
  • Unused Attachment Combinations

    To do:
    • Add Akimbo MAHEM, also shown in the video.
    • Akimbo Pytaek and Ohm have more stats listed here.

    The following unused attachment combinations function properly in-game, but in the loadout selection screen the attachments will not have any icons when selected for a loadout. All of these weapons can be seen in this video.

    Weapon Attachments
    MORS Quickdraw Grip
    Laser Sight
    Tac-19 Thermal scope
    MK14 Advanced Rifling
    Crossbow Quickdraw Grip
    Laser Sight
    Atlas 20mm Laser Sight

    The following weapons contain unused Akimbo parameters in their main weapon files.

    • Pytaek - Akimbo
      • Reload time: 8.67 seconds
      • Rate of fire: 857 RPM (normal is 631)
    • Ohm - Akimbo
      • Reload time: 8.67 seconds

    Dual Magazine

    To do:
    Add Lever Action Dual Mag reloads.

    The following weapons have unused compatibility with Dual Magazine. Stats for each weapon comes from each weapon's weapon file and are listed below along with their normal reload speeds. Times are listed in seconds.

    • M1 Garand: (for comparison, the normal Dual Magazine reload time is the same as the weapon's normal speed reload time)
    Reload Normal Dual Magazine
    Partial 3.3
    2.2 (reload cancel)
    1.1 (reload cancel)
    Empty 2.9
    1.4 (reload cancel)
    1.1 (reload cancel)
    • MP11:
    Reload Normal Dual Magazine
    Partial 2 1.7
    Empty 2.5 1.7
    Reload cancel 1.45 1.15
    • Repulsor:
    Reload Normal Dual Magazine
    Partial 2 seconds
    1.5 (reload cancel)
    1.2 (reload cancel)
    Empty 2.3
    1.6 (reload cancel)
    1.2 (reload cancel)

    Unused Weapon Stats

    To do:
    • The CEL-3 Cauterizer has segmented reload times defined (reloadStartTime, reloadStartAddTime, reloadEndTime). Are they used?
    • Bulldog has unused segmented reload times (reloadStartTime, reloadStartAddTime, reloadEndTime).
    • NA-45 and Atlas 20mm appear to have unused segmented reload cancel times.
    • In the EM1 weapon file, is reloadTime unused or used for the cooldown?
  • The RW1 has reload times for partial reloads, which is not possible as the weapon only holds one bullet. The partial reload time is listed as 1.96 seconds and can be reload cancelled at 1.43 seconds. The weapon's normal reload time is 1.4 seconds and can be reload cancelled at 1 second.
  • The AK-47 has an unused raise parameter called altRaiseTime which is set to 700 (0.7 seconds). In prior games this parameter on weapons was used for switching to an underbarrel attachment, such as a Grenade Launcher or Shotgun, but is not used on weapons in this game.
  • The EM1 has unused reload times. The existence of these reload times and their length suggest the weapon at one point had a large magazine akin to normal LMGs instead of infinite ammunition.
    • Partial reload cancel: 7.13 seconds
    • Empty reload: 8.67 seconds
  • The XMG has hipfire spread values when prone that are never used as the weapon cannot be used in prone. They are identical to its standing hipspread values.
  • The MORS has an unused speed reload time of 1.134 seconds. Additionally, it also has an unused speed reload cancel time of 1.4 seconds, which strangely is longer than the original reload cancel time instead of shorter.
  • The following weapons have damage drop off values defined despite having no damage drop off. "Max" refers to the maximum range before damage begins to drop off and "Min" is the range where the damage drop off stops.
  • Weapon Max Min
    All Sniper Rifles 1024 1792
    • When reloading more than one round in the Tac-19 and MDL, the time taken to load the first round is longer than the time to load subsequent ones. These reload times are determined by different parameters in each weapon's file. Oddly, the parameter that determines the reload cancel time for reloading the first round reload on segmented reload weapons is filled out for several weapons that do not use segmented reloads. Partial reload, empty reload, and reload cancel times are also listed below for comparison.
    Weapon Partial Empty Cancel Segm. Cancel
    Lynx 3 3 1.8 2
    MORS N/A 1.2 0.8 2
    SVO 2.75 3.55 1.75 (partial)
    1.8 (empty)
    S-12 2 2.3 1.5 1.5

    Unseen Map Content

    To do:
    This out-of-map video on Riot shows some potentially unseen content. Can any of it be seen in-game?
    • 0:50 - 1:30 shows content inside the cells in the middle of the map.
    • 1:35 - 1:58 shows a black object underneath the map.
  • The Detroit map contains the following unseen content that can be seen in this video from 7:45 - 8:44.
    • There is a lake outside the map.
    • The skybox is actually part of a photograph taken from a cliffside overlooking a bridge. While normally only the sky can be seen, part of the full image can be glimpsed by getting outside of the map.
  • Greenband:
    • One of the drones that flies by has "POLICE" on it.
    • There are many buildings placed outside the map that the player cannot see as they are obstructed by other buildings closer to the map.
    • Some buildings outside the map have a rather detailed texture for a power outlet on top of a building.
    • Far outside the map is a large futuristic company-style building that can only be glimpsed from the main stage.
    • Below the map are roads that are placed in a linear grid pattern, however, near the outer edge of the map the roads actually twist to go around buildings and connect with another road. Nothing like this can be seen from the roads viewable from the map.
    • The texture that forms part of the edge of the city has a normal amount of details to it as if it was meant to be seen by the player much closer; however, these details cannot be seen due to the fog from the main stage and neon holograms that pop up.
  • Unused Text

    The game contains early descriptions of some weapons that indicate that they originally were different during development.

    Fully automatic, recoil reduces the longer you fire.

    This is an early description of the Pytaek. The name of this string, AR_OPPOSITE_RECOIL, seems to indicate it was originally an assault rifle.

    Extremely large sniper rifle that can be deployed as a turret.

    Early description of the Atlas 20mm. The turret feature does not exist in the final.

    Alternating rounds that detonate if fired in close proximity.

    Early description of the NA-45.

    Semi-automatic, metalstorm shotgun.

    Localization string is SHOTGUN_METALSTORM. Early description of the Bulldog?

    (Source: Reddit)

    Unused Vehicles

    • Snowmobile - Loaded into "Aftermath", has the file name "vehicle_jetbike", and appears as the Modern Warfare 2 snowmobile from "Cliffhanger" with only the main body present. It appears to have been used as a placeholder model for the Hoverbikes before their model was created.
    (Source: Call of Duty Wiki)

    Platform Differences

    To do:
    • There's more than just these.
    • What variants for the AE4 were available? Were any variants for the M1 Irons and Ohm ever released?

    The last generation versions of Advanced Warfare contain some differences from the normal version of the game.

    • The game runs at 600P to ensure 60FPS gameplay.
    • The only weapons added post-launch were the M1 Irons, AE4, and Ohm. As a result, the CEL-3 Cauterizer is exclusive to Exo Zombies.
    • The only weapon variants added post-launch were for the AE4.
    • The Trident Wonder Weapon is called KL-03 Trident.
    • The killfeed font is different, and larger.
    • A blur effect is displayed on top of the screen when first loading into a multiplayer match.

    Achievement Differences

    • There is a typo in the Xbox 360 version of the Abandon All Hope achievement
    • Certain achievements were changed due to certain weapons or maps not being available.
    Achievement 360/PS3 Description ONE/PS4 Description
    Big Game Kill Oz with a Lynx in Descent. Kill Oz with a Blunderbuss in Descent.
    Abandon All Hope Rescue 4 survivor's in a single game in Infection. Rescue 4 survivors in a single game in Infection.
    Trick Shot Kill 100 enemies behind you with the KL03-Trident in Descent. Kill 100 enemies behind you with the KL03-Trident

    Regional Differences

    • In the Japanese and Russian versions, none of the weapon variant names were translated.
    • The Japanese version changed some of the names of weapon variants and clothing.
    English Japanese
    Bal-27 - Obsidian Steed Bal-27 - Obsidian Colt
    SAC3 - Fire & Brimstone SAC3 - Brimstone
    KVA Paramilitary <clothing> KVA ParaM <clothing>
    Sentinel Airborne <clothing> Sentinel AirB <clothing>