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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Windows)

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Title Screen

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released in US: November 7, 2007
Released in EU: November 9, 2007

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

The fourth (technically seventh) game in the series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare replaces World War II combat stuff with modern (well, modern back in 2007) combat stuff. The intense depiction of modern combat, coupled with a slick framerate and polished multiplayer, made the game a massive hit for future Call of Dutys to come.

Of course, this also meant it was more susceptible to being pried open for unused stuff.



Unused Mission Objectives and special controls
There's a lot in here...
Unused Audio
Things that were said, but can't be heard in normal gameplay.
Cod4 zipline bldg fortress 01.png
Unused Prefabs
Unused or old level building assets.

Longer F.N.G.

The original version of F.N.G. was considerably longer, going through the controls and all the game's features. Sadly, it was truncated late in development, but there's a mod that reinstates the original level.

Among the cut content was one part that would have had Sgt. Newcastle teach you how to use grenades, grenade launchers, and C4 - and because F.N.G. was forcibly made shorter, he remains complete and fully functional. A second part would have Mac teach you the basic moving controls in the obstacle course. All of the associated dialogue is still present.

Interestingly, 2016's Modern Warfare: Remastered brings all this back, for some reason.

COD4Hangar 2.png

In addition, Hangar 2, pictured above, contains an unused training course which can only be seen using noclip. This area is never used in the uncut version, and most of the course has no collision.

(Source: F.N.G. at the Call of Duty Wiki)

Unused Weapons/Items

To do:
Upload sounds for certain weapons.

Some weapons are inaccessible and unavailable without using console commands or the mod SDK.

25mm, 40mm, and 105mm

Weapons for the AC-130, which eventually got used in Modern Warfare 2. Sound effects and spots in the mp weapons folder remain.


Localization strings mention an AG36 grenade launcher for the G36C.


This weapon is only accessible using console commands. Surprisingly, it has most of its animations available, except its reload animation and its firing animation. It also has an unused perk icon and a HUD icon in the files. On the back end of the model, a noticeable separation between the rocket-loading area and the body of the launcher itself can be spotted, which seems to be why it lacks a reloading animation (as the player would be able to see that separated area). The weapon made its first official appearance in Modern Warfare 2 as a secondary weapon.


An anti-material sniper rifle which uses the Dragonov's model as a placeholder and is similar to the Barret .50 Cal. Code and sounds remain in the SDK.

Brick Blaster

The Brick Blaster, otherwise named the C4 Detonator in-game, is a USP pistol that fires cinder blocks as well as bullets. Its pickup icon is that of a squished M1911 pickup icon. The Brick Blaster has a 150 round clip, and uses a rifle butt melee animation instead of the usual knife animation for knifing, consistent with the melee attack used in earlier builds of the game.

Browning M2

If the player goes out of bounds in the Charlie Don't Surf level, they can find this weapon lying around out of bounds. It's fully functional and works mostly like in the older titles, but slightly clips through the main character's model when used.

Nonfunctional versions are also present elsewhere in the game.



While remnants of this "weapon" remain in the game, the models for it are missing from the final game. It was to be used in the cut mission Descent.

Default Weapon

The Default Weapon, as seen in other Call of Duty games, is the game's default weapon. The hands as seen in first-person use an awkward looking pose, with a small blue box sitting on the left wrist. The Default Weapon can kill an enemy in two shots on Veteran, and has a ten-round magazine, though only five rounds are put in on reloads. Its pickup icon is a squished AK-47.


This cut weapon is mentioned in a string of the cut mission That's No Sandstorm.


While it doesn't feature in the game, a string for the MAC-10 can be found using mod tools. However, it does appear in the DS version.


A leftover from Call of Duty 2. A texture sheet with heavy usage of the alpha channel is present, while its HUD icon is used in-game as the pickup icon for some out-of-reach machine guns in Campaign.

CoD4MW-MG42HUDIcon.png CoD4MW-MG42TextureSheet.png COD4mg42HUD.png

The MG42's pickup icon and texture sheet. The third image here shows its pickup icon being used for this normally out-of-bounds M249 SAW.

Parabolic microphone

This "weapon" is mentioned in strings of the cut mission Parabolic. It is known that the sprint key would target and amplify conversations. Interestingly, the Eavesdrop perk is coded as "specialty_parabolic".

Select a location

"Select a location" is a non-functioning AK-47 utilizing what is most likely Default Weapon's viewmodel. Like the Brick Blaster, this uses a rifle butt melee animation instead of the usual knife animation. This possibly became the Tactical Insertion perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Its pickup icon is a weird orange square.

Sticky Grenade

A grenade leftover from Call of Duty 2, but all that remains is a HUD icon.

CoD4MW-Sticky Bomb inventory icon.png


Another Call of Duty 2 weapon, but all that remains is a HUD icon.

CoD4MW-Thermite inventory icon.png

Hidden Level Select

By going into the console and typing /set developer 1, you can access a hidden menu that allows you to select every level in the game regardless of how far you have progressed in the game. In this menu, it shows every level and the build dates for each level.

Select Mission Game Levels
COD4MW-HiddenLevelSelect-MissionSelect.png COD4MW-HiddenLevelSelect-Menu.png

Unused Perks

Expose Enemy


A scrapped perk where only its icon remains, code name "specialty_exposeenemy".

Unused Create-A-Class Icons

It would seem that the developers originally planned to have the Create-a-Class weapon icons change based on the attachment that the player equipped on it, as the game files contain a large number of unused Create-a-Class icons for every weapon, each showing the weapon with the attachment connected to it. Some icons have files, but upon opening them the image is blank, indicating that the developers never finished creating these individual icons.

Alternate Camo

In the mission The Bog, it is possible to acquire an M21 with a unique camouflage through console commands. Upon further inspection, it appears to be an early version of the Desert camo.

M21 with unique camouflage COD4 M14UnusedCamoHQ.png

Hidden Water Texture

In various missions, increasing the brightness through console commands reveals that the water texture consists of a texture with numbers in it.

Normal Brightened
COD4bogwaterTexture1.png COD4bogwaterTexture2.png

Unused Scopes

Due to a programming error, all Sniper Rifles use the M40A3's scope reticle, which leaves several unused scopes in the files.

Also present are all of the faction-specific rifle scope overlay textures from Call of Duty 2 (for the Lee-Enfield, Kar98k, Mosin-Nagant, and Springfield rifles), as well as an unused overlay version of the ACOG scope.

To do:
Find the scopes for the Dragunov, R700, and Barrett .50cal.

Unused Multiplayer Ranks

Present in the files are 10 unused rank icons for multiplayer.

Prototype rank icon #1 Prototype rank icon #2 Prototype rank icon #3

The first three seem to be early versions of the rank icons.

Prototype rank icon #4 Prototype rank icon #5 Prototype rank icon #6 Prototype rank icon #7 Prototype rank icon #8

The next five appear to be lower-quality versions of the respective existing rank icons. It seems that there were going to be gold versions of the Eagle, Star and Double Bar rank icons.

Prototype rank icon #9 Prototype rank icon #10

The last two are highly similar in style to the used rank icons.

Most of these are also present in Call of Duty: World at War, but aren't used there either.

Michael Carver

A name that appears in the unused mission strings for the cut levels "Descent", "Training", "Designated Training", and "Designated Marksman". It is possible that he was the US Marine protagonist before Paul Jackson, but he was scrapped along with said missions.

Cut Dialogue

Mile High Club

The bonus "Mile High Club" stage contains unused dialogue of Gaz referencing Soap. This is because Mile High Club was originally intended for earlier in the game but couldn't be fit into the story, hence why it was altered to use generic versions of the cast and became a post-credits bonus.

  • airplane_gaz_1_1_R: Gaz: "Remember, the objective is to capture Kriegler, I repeat, capture Kriegler, alive. He's no good to us dead."
  • airplane_gaz_7_2_R: Gaz: "Watch your fire up here, we need Kriegler alive."
  • airplane_gaz_9_1_R: Gaz: "Nice one, Soap."
  • airplane_gaz_9_5_R: Gaz: "We're going for a little free fall Kriegler! On your feet!"
(Source: Call of Duty Wikia)


Unused sound files inside the file Villagedef_SAS_ indicate that Mac was intended to be rescued in this mission.

  • Gaz: "We got a man down! He's still alive! And he just activated his transponder!"
  • Mac: "I owe you one mate. Thanks for coming back for me."

Missing Audio

Audio that can be found referenced in the soundaliases but is missing from the files.

Ac 130

Character Voice line
Captain Price ac130_pri_confirmvisual
Fire Control Officer ac130_fco_requestsparkle


Character Voice line
SAS 4 airplane_sas4_thatsoneway


Character Voice line
Al Asad





Al Asad TV Processed armada_kaa_begun_TV


Character Voice line
Captain Price







Russian 1 blackout_ru1_scream

Bog A

Character Voice line
Cobra Pilot bog_plt_positiveid
Captain Price











































General Marine 1






Generic Marine 2












Generic Marine 3









Miller(?) bog_miller_cant_get_a_shot
Emslie(?) bog_emslie_yes_sir










Bog B

Character Voice line
Generic Marine 3




Tank Commander




Character Voice line
Captain Price












Generic Marine 2




Generic Marine 3 cargoship_gm3_oorah
Drunk Russian





Character Voice line
Female BBC News Announcer















Character Voice line
Captain Price



























Russian Farmer hunted_ruf_american
Russian 2





Character Voice line
Captain Price




Character Voice line
Captain Price jeepride_pri_soundoff


Character Voice line
Newcastle killhouse_nwc_justbetween





Launch Facility B

Character Voice line
Captain Price launchfacility_b_pri_prepbreach
HQ Radio Voice launchfacility_b_hqr_copythat


Character Voice line
MacMillan scoutsniper_mcm_dosimeter

Village Assault

Character Voice line
Captain Price





Al-Asad vassault_kaa_notmydoing

Village Defend

Character Voice line
Captain Price

















Temp Price



SAS 4 villagedef_sas4_stupidhurts

Unused Strings


ALLOW_PANZERFAUSTS Allow Panzerfausts Cod1 Leftover
ALLOW_FG42S Allow FG42s Cod1 Leftover
PLAYTOUJANE Play Toujane Cod2 Leftover
SOVIETS Soviets Cod2 Leftover
AMERICANS Americans Cod2 Leftover
1941 1941 Cod2 Leftover
1942 1942 Cod2 Leftover
1943 1943 Cod2 Leftover
1944 1944 Cod2 Leftover
1945 1945 Cod2 Leftover
COMPLETED_GREENHORN Completed Greenhorn Cod1 Leftover
BELTOT_FRANCE Beltot, France Cod2 Leftover
BRECOURT_FRANCE Brecourt, France Cod2 Leftover
BURGUNDY_FRANCE Burgundy, France Cod2 Leftover
CARENTAN_FRANCE Carentan, France Cod2 Leftover
NORTHERN_CAEN_FRANCE Northern Caen, France Cod2 Leftover
CAEN_FRANCE Caen, France Cod2 Leftover
ST_MERE_EGLISE_FRANCE St. Mere Eglise, France Cod2 Leftover
MATMATA_TUNISIA Matmata, Tunisia Cod2 Leftover
TOUJANE_TUNISIA Toujane, Tunisia Cod2 Leftover
EL_ALAMEIN_EGYPT El Alamein, Egypt Cod2 Leftover
LENINGRAD_RUSSIA Leningrad, Russia Cod2 Leftover
MOSCOW_RUSSIA Moscow, Russia Cod2 Leftover
STALINGRAD_RUSSIA Stalingrad, Russia Cod2 Leftover
VILLERSBOCAGE_FRANCE Villers-Bocage, France Cod2 Leftover
BELTOT_FRANCE_MP Beltot, France Cod2 Leftover
BRECOURT_FRANCE_MP Brecourt, France Cod2 Leftover
BURGUNDY_FRANCE_MP Burgundy, France Cod2 Leftover
CARENTAN_FRANCE_MP Carentan, France Cod2 Leftover
NORTHERN_CAEN_FRANCE_MP Northern Caen, France Cod2 Leftover
CAEN_FRANCE_MP Caen, France Cod2 Leftover
ST_MERE_EGLISE_FRANCE_MP St. Mere Eglise, France Cod2 Leftover
MATMATA_TUNISIA_MP Matmata, Tunisia Cod2 Leftover
TOUJANE_TUNISIA_MP Toujane, Tunisia Cod2 Leftover
EL_ALAMEIN_EGYPT_MP El Alamein, Egypt Cod2 Leftover
LENINGRAD_RUSSIA_MP Leningrad, Russia Cod2 Leftover
MOSCOW_RUSSIA_MP Moscow, Russia Cod2 Leftover
STALINGRAD_RUSSIA_MP Stalingrad, Russia Cod2 Leftover
VILLERSBOCAGE_FRANCE_MP Villers-Bocage, France Cod2 Leftover
CAPTURE_THE_FLAG Capture the Flag Removed sometime after beta.
CTF_DESC Get the enemy flag while defending your flag. Touching your flag while holding the enemy flag is a capture
THE_WINTER_WAR The Winter War Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_01_LOCATION Near Moscow, U.S.S.R. - 1941 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_01_01_TITLE Red Army Training Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_01_01_DESC Learn how to fight for the Motherland Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_01_02 Demolition Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_01_02_DESC Repel the enemy assault and demolish their hardpoint. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02 The Battle of El Alamein Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_LOCATION Northern Egypt - 1942 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_01_TITLE The Diversionary Raid Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_01_DESC Rush the trenches and raid the enemy supply depot. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_02_TITLE Holding The Line Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_02_DESC Defend a small desert village on the British line south of El Alamein. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_03_TITLE Operation Supercharge Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_03_DESC Assist your tanks in breaking through the Alamein line. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_04_TITLE The End of the Beginning Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_02_04_DESC Capture the town of El Daba on the Mediterranean coast. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_TITLE Not One Step Backwards! Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_LOCATION Stalingrad, U.S.S.R. - 1942 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_01_TITLE Repairing the Wire Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_LEVEL_01_DESC Repair the severed field phone line and destroy enemy tanks with sticky bombs. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_LEVEL_02_TITLE Railroad Station No. 1 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_03_LEVEL_02_DESC Infiltrate via the pipeline and retake the trainyard. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_TITLE Fortress Stalingrad Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LOCATION Stalingrad, U.S.S.R. - 1943 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_01_TITLE Downtown Assault Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_01_DESC Retake a series of apartment blocks in the city, and then support an attack on the enemy supply depot. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_02_TITLE Stalingrad City Hall Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_02_DESC Fight through the streets to City Hall. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_03_TITLE Comrade Sniper Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_04_LEVEL_03_DESC Use a sniper rifle to support the defense of City Hall. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_TITLE The Tank Squadrons Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_LOCATION Northeastern Libya - 1943 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_LEVEL_01_TITLE Crusader Charge Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_LEVEL_01_DESC Engage the superior tanks of the Afrika Korps in the Libyan desert. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_LEVEL_02_TITLE 88 Ridge Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_05_LEVEL_02_DESC Outflank and destroy 88mm anti-tank guns on a desert ridge in Libya. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_TITLE Rommel's Last Stand Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LOCATION Central Tunisia - 1943 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_01_TITLE Armored Car Escape Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_01_DESC Withdraw from Toujane in a captured armored car. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_02_TITLE Retaking Toujane Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_02_DESC Drive the Afrika Korps out of the town of Toujane Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_03_TITLE Assault on Matmata Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_06_LEVEL_03_DESC Secure the Matmata route to Tunis, and shoot down enemy planes using an anti-aircraft gun. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_TITLE D-Day Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LOCATION Normandy, France - 1944 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_01_TITLE The Battle of Pointe du Hoc Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_01_DESC Locate and destroy the coastal guns and secure the enemy held bunkers. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_02_TITLE Defending the Pointe Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_02_DESC Repel a major counterattack at Pointe du Hoc. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_03_TITLE The Silo Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_07_LEVEL_03_DESC Capture the village, then snipe enemy mortar teams from the top of the destroyed silo during the counterattack. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_TITLE The Battle for Caen Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LOCATION Normandy, France - 1944 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_01_TITLE Prisoners of War Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_01_DESC Reconnoiter the town of Beltot and then obtain a truck to transport wounded Americans. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_02_TITLE The Crossroads Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_02_DESC Secure the crossroads at Anctoville and neutralize a German wireless station. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_03_TITLE The Tiger Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_03_DESC Capture the town hall, church, post office, and German field HQ in the town of St. Louet. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_04_TITLE The Brigade Box Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_08_LEVEL_04_DESC Capture a German field HQ, then repel the enemy counterattacks. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_TITLE Hill 400 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LOCATION Hurtgen Forest, Germany - 1944 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_01_TITLE Bergstein Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_01_DESC Clear the town at the foot of Hill 400, room by room, house by house. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_02_TITLE Rangers Lead The Way Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_02_DESC Fight your way to the top and eliminate the German forces holding the hill. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_03_TITLE The Battle for Hill 400 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_09_LEVEL_03_DESC Repel multiple counterattacks at the top of Hill 400 until friendly forces arrive. Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_10_TITLE Crossing the Rhine Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_10_LOCATION Wallendar, Germany - 1945 Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_10_LEVEL_01_TITLE The Crossing Point Cod2 Leftover
MISSION_10_LEVEL_01_DESC Capture the German town of Wallendar and secure a crossing point on the Rhine River for the Allies. Cod2 Leftover
BINOCULARS Binoculars Cod2 Leftover
REGULAR_DESC You will crush the German Cod2 Leftover
AIM_DOWN_THE_SIGHT_AUTOAIM Autoaim when Aiming Down the Sight Not used in PC version due to lack of Auto Aim.
USA_NAME Corporal Bill Taylor Cod2 Leftover
BRIT_NAME Sergeant John Davis Cod2 Leftover
BRIT_NAME_2 Commander David Welsh, "Fox Three" Cod2 Leftover
USSR_NAME Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov Cod2 Leftover
CQB_TEST CQB Test Cut Mission "Embassy"
BUNKER Bunker Cut Mission "Descent"
CHECHNYA_ESCAPE Chechnya Escape Cut Mission
MARKSMAN Marksman Cut Mission
SEAKNIGHT_DEFEND Seaknight Defend Cut Mission
WETWORK Wetwork Cut Mission
SEAKNIGHT_ASSAULT Seaknight Assault Cut Mission
PILOT_COBRA Pilot Cobra Cut Mission
GET_THE_ENEMY_FLAG_AND Get the enemy flag and return it to yours to capture it.
PRESTIGE_RESET_WARNING1 Trade all of your accomplishments for a bit of prestige.\n\nOther players will see your new prestige rank icon in the lobby, leaderboards, and game. Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_RESET_TITLE1 Do it all again? Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_RESET_TITLE2 More Info Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_ENTER Enter Prestige Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_RESET_WARNING2 Prestige has a price: Everything you've unlocked including weapons, experience and challenges will be reset; you'll have to rank up again to reacquire them.\n\nOnly your Leaderboard rankings, clan tag and play lists will be unaffected. Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_RESET_WARNING3 There's no going back... Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.
PRESTIGE_RESET_TITLE3 Last Chance... Unused on PC due to lack of Prestige Mode.


HINT_SWAP Approach the rifle with the grenade launcher attachment and press and hold ^3[{+activate}]^7.
HINT_SWAP_RELOAD Approach the rifle with the grenade launcher attachment and press and hold ^3[{+usereload}]^7.
HINT_FIREMODE Press ^3[{+actionslot 3}]^7 to switch to the grenade launcher attachment.
HINT_LAUNCHER_ATTACK Pull and release ^3[{+attack}]^7 to fire a 40mm grenade.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES Approach the explosive charges and press and hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to pick them up.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_RELOAD Approach the explosive charges and press and hold ^3[{+usereload}]^7 to pick them up.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_PLANT Approach the glowing explosive marker and press ^3[{+activate}]^7 to plant the C4.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_PLANT_RELOAD Approach the glowing explosive marker and press ^3[{+usereload}]^7 to plant the C4.
MARINE3_USE_SIDEARM Carver! Use your sidearm!
C4_PICKUP Press and hold ^3&&1^7 to pick up the C4 explosive.
HINT_C4_ICON You now have a C4 icon on your screen.
HINT_EQUIP_C4 Press ^3[{+actionslot 2}]^7 to equip C4.
HINT_THROW_C4 Pull ^3[{+throw}]^7 to throw C4.
HINT_THROW_C4_TOGGLE Pull ^3[{+toggleads_throw}]^7 to throw C4.
HINT_THROW_C4_SPEED Pull ^3[{+speed_throw}]^7 to throw C4.
HINT_APPROACH_C4_THROW Approach the car.
DETONATE_C4 Pull ^3[{+attack}]^7 to detonate.
C4_OBJECTIVE When planting C4 is your objective, you will see a glowing\nmarker in the world that indicates where to plant it.
HINT_GRENADE_TOO_LOW You must aim above your target with grenades.
HINT_GL_TOO_LOW You must aim above your target with grenade launchers.
USE_YOUR_OBJECTIVE_INDICATOR Use your Objective Indicator to find the firing range. You start in the firing range in the final.
GO_OUTSIDE_AND_REPORT Go outside and report to Sgt. Newcastle.
PICK_UP_THE_RIFLE_WITH Pick up the rifle with the grenade launcher attachment.
PICK_UP_THE_C4_EXPLOSIVE Pick up the C4 explosive.
RUN_THE_OBSTACLE_COURSE Run the obstacle course.
PICK_UP_THE_FRAG_GRENADES Pick up the frag grenades.
ENTER_THE_SAFETY_PIT Enter the safety pit.
THROW_A_GRENADE_INTO Throw a grenade into windows two, three and four.
RETURN_TO_THE_SAFETY Return to the safety pit and equip the grenade launcher.
FIRE_AT_THE_WALL_WITH Fire at the wall with the number one on it.
PLANT_THE_C4_EXPLOSIVE Plant the C4 explosive at the glowing spot.
FIRE_YOUR_GRENADE_LAUNCHER Fire your grenade launcher into windows five, six and seven.


KILLHOUSE_PRI_CQBSIM1214 ^2Captain Price:^7Like hell I will...all right Soap, it's your turn for the CQB simulation. Everyone else head to observation. Move!
KILLHOUSE_PRI_KNIFETHEMELON12301 ^2Captain Price:^7Knife the melon!
KILLHOUSE_PRI_USEYOURKNIFE12302 ^2Captain Price:^7Use your knife on the melon!
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_ILLLETYOUIN11 ^2Gaz: ^7Soap, this is Gaz. Come to the firing range and I'll let you in.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_SMALLDOOR12 ^2Gaz: ^7Soap, what's the matter? Come to the small door outside the firing range.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_GOTALLDAY13 ^2Gaz: ^7We haven't got all bloody day Soap.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_GETAMOVEON14 ^2Gaz: ^7Soap! Get a move on.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_PRICEEVALUATION31 ^2Gaz:^7Captain Price wants an evaluation of everyone's shooting skills, so don't bollocks it up mate! You may have passed Selection, but you're still on probation as far as the Regiment's concerned.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_ALLGOODHERE79 ^2Gaz: ^7All good here Soap. Head outside and report to Sgt. Newcastle.
KILLHOUSE_GAZ_GOSEE10251 ^2Gaz: ^7Go see Mac at the obstacle course.
KILLHOUSE_MCM_MISSSOAP111 ^2Mac: ^ seems Miss Soap here was kind enough to join us!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_LINEUP112 ^2Mac: ^7Line up ladies!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_GO113 ^2Mac: ^7Go!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_JUMPOBSTACLES114 ^2Mac: ^7Jump over those obstacles!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_ISNTCHARITYWALK115 ^2Mac: ^7This isn't a bloody charity walk - get your arses in gear! MOVE!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_COMMANDOS116 ^2Mac: ^7I've seen "Sandhurst Commandos" run faster than you lot!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_BERTUD119 ^2Mac: ^7Move move move! What's the matter with you? You all want to be R.T.U'd?
KILLHOUSE_MCM_YOUCRAWLLIKE1110 ^2Mac: ^7You crawl like old people screw!
KILLHOUSE_MCM_PASSEDTEST1111 ^2Mac: ^7Oi! Soap! Captain Price wants to see you in Hangar One! You passed my little test, now get out of my sight.
KILLHOUSE_MCM_RUNITAGAIN1112 ^2Mac: ^7The rest of you bloody ponces are going to run it again until I'm no longer embarassed to look at you!
KILLHOUSE_NWC_FOLLOWME81 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Ok, follow me.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_TIMEFORFUN82 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7It's time for some fun with demolitions, mate.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_PICKUPFRAG83 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Pick up those frag grenades and get in the safety pit.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_GETINSAFETY84 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Get in the safety pit Soap.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_GETBACKIN85 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7No, get back in the safety pit.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_STAYINPIT86 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Soap, stay in the pit.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_THROWGRENADE87 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Now throw a grenade into windows two, three and four.
KILLHOUSE_NWC_23AND488 ^2Sgt. Newcastle: ^7Windows two, three and four, Soap.

Removed Levels

Several single-player and multiplayer levels were made but eventually scrapped for various reasons. There are no unfinished playable levels, but there are leftovers and traces in the game files and SDK.


Art Gallery

Only the skybox remains - it was ripped from "Crossing the Rhine" in Call of Duty 2. Presumably, the idea evolved into "Museum" in Modern Warfare 2.

Cobra Pilot


A USMC mission where you pilot a helicopter in a Middle Eastern city. The level was cut very late in production, as reference to it can be found in promotional material released shortly before the release of the game. A nighttime version of this level also existed, but is only referenced by name and does not have its own unique assets. Models of all the buildings in the level still exist in the SDK. Additionally, the following text strings can be found in the SDK:

20MM M197 20mm Cannon
FFAR LAU-61C/A Unguided Rockets
HELLFIRE AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-Tank
SIDEWINDER AIM-9 Sidewinder Air-to-Air
EDGE_OF_WORLD_WARNING Warning you are leaving the mission area! Turn back!
EDGE_OF_WORLD_FAIL You left the mission area! Mission failed!
OBJECTIVE_AMMO_RELOAD_POINT Objective indicator marks the ammo reload helipad
OBJECTIVE_DESTROY_TARGETS Destroy all targets. [&&1 Remaining] The string "&&1" is a common formatting string seen in many localized strings found in the SDK.
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - cobrapilot.str)


Another USMC mission. This one involves infiltrating an underground bunker to photograph and identify the remains of Al-Asad and other dead officers. The only remnants of this mission are a corridor in the mission Crew Expendable, the Camera "weapon", as well as the following text strings found in the SDK:

OBJ_DOCKS1 Eliminate the Axis naval artillery crews at the docks. [&&1 remaining] Leftover from the Call of Duty 2 mission "The End of the Beginning".
OBJ_ALASSAD Photograph and identify the remains of Al-Assad. At this point, the spelling of Khaled Al-Asad's last name had not been decided.
OBJ_PHOTO_BACKHALL Photograph the officer's face on the desk.
OBJ_PHOTO_BATHROOM Photograph the officer's face in the bathroom.
OBJ_PHOTO_DROPDOWN Photograph the officer's face under the rubble.
OBJ_PHOTO_FINAL Photograph the officer's face by the rubble.
OBJ_PHOTO_PRISON Photograph the officer's face by the jail cell.
OBJ_PHOTO_STAIRS Photograph the officer's face by the broken wall.
OBJ_DETPACK Plant a detpack on the compromised wall.
OBJ_SECURE Secure the Landing Zone.
HINTSTR_CAMERA_CLICK Pull [{+usereload}] to zoom in.\nPull [{+attack}] to take a picture. [{+usereload}] and [{+attack}] are formatting strings that would be replaced with the buttons bound to reload and attack, respectively.
HINTSTR_CAMERA_OUT Press [{+usereload}] to pull out your camera.
HINTSTR_DETPACK Hold &&1 to plant the detpack.
HINTSTR_FASTROPE Jump towards the cable to fast rope down.
TITLE Descent The name of the mission.
PLACE Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia At this point in the game's development, many of the USMC levels were explicitly stated to take place in Saudi Arabia.
DATE Day 6 - 1310 hr Assuming the game timeline was one week long as in the final version, this mission would have been a relatively late one.
INFO U.S. Marines entering underground command bunker
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - descent.str)

Designated Marksman

CoD4MW-Compass map marksman.png

Another late USMC mission, taking place in Saudi Arabia. This one would have involved defending a base and blowing up stuff like Overpasses and Satellite Arrays. Fun! Only the minimap image and the following text strings remain:

TITLE Designated Marksman
TIME Day 6 - 1500 HRS - 30 miles south of Riyadh - R.O.A. This mission was likely to take place directly after Descent.
NAME PFC Michael Carver, 1st BN, 7th Marines At this point in development, the final name of the USMC protagonist had not been decided.
ACTION ACTION HERE Likely insignificant placeholder text.
OBJ_DESTROY_OVERPASS Destroy the overpass and eliminate all hostile targets.
OBJ_SECURE_DROP_POINT Secure a drop point for reinforcements.
OBJ_CHECK_CAFE Check the ground floor of the Cafe for hostiles.
OBJ_SECURE_CONSTRUCTION_BUILDING Secure the top of the building in the construction yard.
OBJ_DESTROY_ANTI_AIR Destroy the enemy Anti-Air units. [&&1 Remaining]
OBJ_MARK_OVERPASS Mark the overpass pillars for destruction. [&&1 Remaining]
OBJ_MINIMUM_SAFE_DISTANCE Retreat to a minimum safe distance from the overpass area.
HINTSTR_DETPACK Hold &&1 to plant the detpack. This string is also in Descent's localized strings file.
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - marksman.str)

Designated Training

Yet another late USMC mission, also taking place in Saudi Arabia. This mission would involve storming and defending a construction site. Interestingly, the mission name implies that it would have been the standard introductory training mission, although its in-game assets refer to it under the development name "rallypoint". Despite the name, there is no clear connection between Designated Marksman and Designated Training.

The following text strings can be found in the SDK:

TITLE Designated Training
PLACE Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
DATE Day 5 - 1746 hrs
OBJ_ANTI_AIR_UNITS Destroy all anti-air units in the area. [&&1 Remaining]
OBJ_CLEAR_TO_CONSTRUCTION_SITE Clear the way to the construction site.
OBJ_SNIPING_POSITION_CONSTRUCTION Take up a sniping position in the construction building.
OBJ_PROTECT_BRAVO_ONE Protect Bravo Squad as they destroy the anti-air unit.
OBJ_CLEAR_ROOFTOP_AREA Clear the rooftops and enter a sniping position in the top floor of the garage.
OBJ_PROTECT_BRAVO_TWO Protect Bravo Squad as they destroy the second anti-air unit.
OBJ_CLEAR_GARAGE_AREA Clear the garage area.
OBJ_PLANT_EXPLOSIVE_CHARGE Plant an explosive charge on the final anti-air unit.
OBJ_SECURE_BRIDGE_AREA Secure the overpass area.
OBJ_DEFEND_BRIDGE_AREA Defend the overpass area until reinforcements arrive.
ALLY_GETOVERHERE Over here, Private!
ENEMY_GUARDALERT Foreign Gibberish (Alert) This is the only in-game instance of enemy dialogue being "translated".
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - rallypoint.str)

Helicopter Ride


A mission where you would presumably ride in a helicopter. The only remains are an impressively old, largely unedited minimap image with references to "COD3" in the visible dev console text on it. It can be seen from the screenshot that the image was dated December 20, 2006, indicating that this level was worked on quite early in development.

Immediate Action


A cut mission set in the American Embassy in London. This mission is likely loosely based on the Iranian Embassy Siege of 1980. This mission would have included a Breaching mechanic. Only a minimap image and the following text strings remain:

DEBUGTXT_OFFICE_SECURED All hostages secure in office XX
DEBUGTXT_HOSTAGES_TIMER_EXT Rescue timer: extended
TITLE Immediate Action
PLACE London, United Kingdom
DATE 1942 Hours
INFO American Embassy
HINTSTR_SECURE_HOSTAGE Press USE to secure hostage
HINTSTR_DETONATE Press USE to detonate frame charge
HINTSTR_LADDER_DISMOUNT Press USE to dismount from ladder
HINTSTR_FASTROPE Press USE to attach to fastrope
HINTSTR_ROPE_GRAB Press USE to grab the rope
HINTSTR_ROPE_RAPPEL Press USE to start rappelling
HINTSTR_BREACH Press USE to give breach command
HINTSTR_LEVELEND LEVEL END (end sniper sequence disabled for now) Developers' notes like these were left in several missions.
HINTSTR_TAKERIFLE Press USE to take sniper rifle
EXPLOSIVES_PLANTED Explosives planted! Stand Back!
TIMER_LABEL Time left:
MISSION_FAILED_GENERIC Mission failed. The hostages were executed.
MISSION_FAILED_SNIPE_WRONG You shot the wrong terrorist!
MISSION_FAILED_SNIPE_TOO_EARLY You shot the terrorist too early!
MISSION_FAILED_SNIPE_WAIT You waited too long!
MISSION_FAILED_HOSTAGE_KILLED You killed a hostage. Mission failed.
MISSION_FAILED_HOSTAGE_KILLED_TER Terrorists killed a hostage. Mission failed.
OBJ_RESCUE_AREA1 Secure all areas in south offices. [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_INSERT Proceed to the insertion point
OBJ_WINDOW_BREACH Breach the window with a frame charge
OBJ_HOSTAGE_SECURE_OFFICE_1 Secure hostages in south offices [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_NAV_OFFICE_NORTH Proceed to the north offices
OBJ_HOSTAGE_SECURE_OFFICE_2 Secure hostages in north offices [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_BALCONY_FLANK Flank the enemy position from the balcony
OBJ_NAV_BANQUET_HALL Proceed to the banquet hall
OBJ_HOSTAGE_SECURE_BANQUET Secure hostages in banquet hall [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_BANQUET_HALL_REGROUP Regroup with team near the main dining table
OBJ_BRAVO_RV Rendezvous with team Bravo One
OBJ_RECEPTION_CLEAR Eliminate hostiles in main reception
OBJ_SKYLIGHT_BREACH Get into position to breach the skylight
OBJ_COURTYARD_COVER Cover Bravo's exfil from the barricades
OBJ_SNIPER_ASSAULT Assault the sniper position
OBJ_LIBRARY_BREACH Breach the library wall
OBJ_FINAL_BOSS Intercept X Ray One
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - embassy.str)


An early mission involving use of a parabolic microphone to collect intel and save a prisoner. This is possibly an earlier version of Blackout, as they both involve BM21 rockets and both share many geometry assets viewable in the SDK's level editor. Only text strings and assets for the parabolic microphone remain.

OBJ_CONVERSATIONS Gather intel with the parabolic microphone
OBJ_CONVERSATION_01 Gather intel from the sentries on the bridge
OBJ_CONVERSATION_02 Gather intel from the sentry on his cell phone
OBJ_CONVERSATION_03 Gather intel from the officer on the river bank
OBJ_SAFEHOUSE_ASSAULT Assault the safehouse
OBJ_LOCATE_PRISONER Locate the prisoner
OBJ_DESTROY_ARTILLERY Disable all mobile artillery [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_EXTRACT_TO_LZ_CHARLIE Extract to the graveyard LZ
TIMER_LABEL Time left:
DEBUG_LEVEL_END End of currently scripted level. Proceed outside to see BM21 rocket test. Mention of a BM21 rocket further reinforces the theory that Parabolic was an earlier version of Blackout.
HINTSTR_MIC_TRIGGER Hold down [[{+speed}]] to target\nand amplify conversations
HINTSTR_FLASHBANG Use flashbangs [[{+smoke}]] to stun sentries.
HINTSTR_BREACH Press and hold [USE] to initiate assault.
HINTSTR_ALERT_GUNFIRE Enemies have been alerted by gunfire.
HINTSTR_ALERT_SPOTTED Enemies have spotted you.
HINTSTR_HUMANSHIELD_AIM Your weapon is slung. Line up your shot and wait for the signal.
HINTSTR_HUMANSHIELD_SHOOT Pull [[{+speed}]] or [[{+attack}]] to draw pistol.
MISSION_FAILED_HOSTAGE_KILLED Mission Failed: You killed the hostage.
MISSION_FAILED_HOSTAGE_TIMER Mission Failed: The hostage was executed.
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - parabolic.str)


Only a .vision file and a very short localized string file remain. The only two strings left for this mission were copied and pasted from Parabolic's localized string file.

(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - rivertown.str)



Only a minimap and localized strings file remains. However, the localized strings file is an identical copy of Designated Training's localized strings file.

Seaknight Assault

Only a small number of geometry assets viewable in the SDK's level editor remain. Appears to have been a Middle Eastern USMC mission.

Seaknight Defend

Likely an analogue mission to Seaknight Assault. A small number of geometry assets viewable in the SDK's level editor remain, as well as string files in the mod tools.

OBJ_LOCATE_CRASH_SITE Locate crash site.
OBJ_DEFEND_CRASH_SITE Defend crash site.
OBJ_DEFEND_BUILDING Defend wounded marines until extraction force arrives.
MISSION_FAILED_SITE_OVERRUN Crash site was overrun by enemy forces.
OBJ_SECURE_BUILDING Secure building to the south.
OBJ_OVERWATCH Cover retreating marines.
OBJ_ESCORT_TO_HUMVEES Escort wounded marines to the Humvees.
TIMER Extraction:
OBJ_CLEAR_DEBRIS Clear debris from trapped marine.
FOLLOW_ALLEYS Follow alleys to extraction point.
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - seaknight_defend.str)


Possibly a campaign version of Strike. Only a .vision file remains.

That's No Sandstorm


An early USMC mission involving border security patrol on the Omani-Saudi Arabian border. Only an untextured and flat shaded minimap image and the following text strings viewable in the SDK remain:

TITLE That's No Sandstorm
PLACE Omani-Saudi Arabian border
DATE Day 1 – 1012 hrs
INFO U.S. Marines on Border Security Operations
HINTSTR_C4PLANT Press USE to plant C4
HINTSTR_USE_VEHICLE_GUN Press USE to mount the 50cal machine gun
HINTSTR_TAKELAW Press USE to take LAW rocket
TEMP_PLAYER_HAS_LAW You have obtained a LAW rocket
OBJ_PATROL Patrol the Omani-Saudi Arabian border
OBJ_PATROL_DEFEND Defend the patrol with the 50 cal
OBJ_PERIMETER_DEFEND_A Defend the west perimeter
OBJ_PERIMETER_DEFEND_B Defend the east perimeter
OBJ_DESTROY_BMP_A Destroy the BMP Transport
OBJ_DESTROY_BMP_B Destroy the BMP Transport
OBJ_C4_WEAPONSCACHE Plant C4 on the base weapons cache [&&1 remaining]
OBJ_DEFEND_BASE Protect base interior from being overrun
OBJ_FIND_VEHICLE Locate transportation out of the base
OBJ_ENTERGARAGE Access the vehicle depot
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - sandstorm.str)



Training is another early USMC mission where you... get trained, surprisingly enough. Not to be confused with Designated Training, which was not a training mission at all. This mission was replaced with "F.N.G.". Only a minimap image and the following text strings remain:

OBJ_REGROUP_WITH_SQUAD Regroup with 2nd squad at the obstacle course.
OBJ_BASH_DUMMY Bash the dummy at the end of the obstacle course. At this point, your melee attack was bashing with the butt of your rifle instead of stabbing.
OBJ_GOTO_RIFLE Proceed to the rifle range.
OBJ_GET_RIFLE_AMMO Get ammunition for your M4 Carbine and load a magazine.
OBJ_ENTER_STALL Enter the fourth firing station and aim down range.
OBJ_HIT_RIFLE_TARGETS Hit the four targets.
OBJ_HIT_RIFLE_TARGETS_TIMED Hit four targets in six seconds.
OBJ_GOTO_SIDEARM Proceed to the side arm range.
OBJ_GET_SIDEARM_AMMO Get ammunition at the sidearm range.
OBJ_EQUIP_SIDEARM Switch to your sidearm and load it.
OBJ_HIT_SIDEARM_TARGETS Hit the target five times with your sidarm.
OBJ_GOTO_FRAG Proceed to the frag grenade training area.
OBJ_GET_FRAG_AMMO Pick up some frag grenades and go to the instructor.
OBJ_THROW_FRAGS Throw one frag grenade through each window and one into the dumpster. [&&1 Remaining]
OBJ_THROW_FRAGS_DONE Throw one frag grenade through each window and one into the dumpster.
OBJ_GOTO_LAUNCHER Proceed to the m203 training area.
OBJ_GET_LAUNCHER_AMMO Swap your current weapon for a M16A4 with a M203 grenade launcher attachment.
OBJ_HIT_WALL Hit the wall marked number 1 with the M203 grenade launcher.
OBJ_HIT_LAUNCHER_TARGETS Hit the three remaining targets with the M203 grenade launcher. [&&1 Remaining]
OBJ_HIT_LAUNCHER_TARGETS_DONE Hit the three remaining targets with the M203 grenade launcher.
OBJ_GET_EXPLOSIVES_AMMO Pickup an explosive charge.
OBJ_DESTROY_VEHICLE Destroy the civilian vehicle with an explosive charge.
HINT_CHECK_OBJECTIVES_PAUSED Press [{pause}] to check your objectives.
HINT_CHECK_OBJECTIVES_SCORES Press [{+scores}] to check your objectives.
HINT_OBJECTIVE_MARKER The yellow circle in the compass tape at the bottom middle\n of your screen indicates the direction of your objective.
HINT_OBJECTIVE_REMINDER Your current objective is to regroup with your squad.\n Press [{toggle cl_paused}] to check your objectives.
HINT_OBJECTIVE_REMINDER2 Turn until the yellow circle in your compass tape\n lines up with the white ticks and head in that direction\n to locate your current objective.
HINT_ATTACK Pull [{+attack}] to fire your weapon.
HINT_ADS Hold down [{+speed}] to aim down the sights of your weapon.
HINT_ADS_TOGGLE Press [{toggleads}] to aim down the sight.
HINT_BREATH_MELEE Press and hold [{+melee_breath}] to steady your breathing.
HINT_BREATH_SPRINT Press and hold [{+breath_sprint}] to steady your breathing.
HINT_BREATH_BINOCULARS Press and hold [{+breath_binoculars}] to steady your breathing.
HINT_MELEE_BREATH Press [{+breath_binoculars}] near your target to strike it with your weapon.
HINT_MELEE Press [{+melee}] near your target to strike it with your weapon.
HINT_PRONE Press [{goprone}] to go prone.
HINT_PRONE_HOLD Press and hold [{+prone}] to go prone.
HINT_PRONE_TOGGLE Press [{toggleprone}] to go prone.
HINT_PRONE_STANCE Hold down [{+stance}] to go prone.
HINT_PRONE_DOUBLE Double tap [{lowerstacnce}] to go prone.
HINT_CROUCH_STANCE Press [{+stance}] to crouch.
HINT_CROUCH Press [{gocrouch}] to crouch.
HINT_CROUCH_TOGGLE Press [{togglecrouch}] to crouch.
HINT_STAND Press [{+gostand}] to stand up.
HINT_STAND_STANCE Press [{+stance}] to stand up.
HINT_JUMP_STAND While standing, press [{+gostand}] to jump.
HINT_JUMP While standing, press [{+moveup}] to jump.
HINT_SPRINT Press [{+sprint}] while moving forward to sprint.
HINT_SPRINT_BREATH Press [{+breath_sprint}] while moving forward to sprint.
HINT_HOLDING_SPRINT You don't have to hold [{+sprint}] down to continue sprinting.
HINT_HOLDING_SPRINT_BREATH You don't have to hold [{+breath_sprint}] down to continue sprinting.
HINT_RELOAD_USE Press [{+usereload}] to reload your weapon.
HINT_RELOAD Press [{+reload}] to reload your weapon.
HINT_MANTLE Touch the obstacle and press [{+gostand}] to\n mantle over it.
HINT_ADS_SWITCH Release and pull [{+speed}] to automatically\n switch to a nearby target.
HINT_SIDEARM_SWAP Press [{weapnext}] to switch to your sidearm.
HINT_PRIMARY_SWAP Press [{weapnext}] to switch to your primary weapon.
HINT_SIDEARM Press [{weaponslot primaryb}] to switch to your sidearm.
HINT_SIDEARM_RELOAD Press [{+reload}] to load your sidearm.
HINT_SIDEARM_RELOAD_USE Press [{+usereload}] to load your sidearm.
HINT_LADDER Look up the ladder and press forward to climb it.
HINT_FRAG Pull and release [{+frag}] to throw a frag grenade.
HINT_SWAP Approach the M16A4 and hold [{+activate}]\n to swap your weapon for the M16A4.
HINT_SWAP_RELOAD Approach the M16A4 and hold [{+usereload}]\n to swap your weapon for the M16A4.
HINT_FIREMODE Press [{+actionslot 2}] to switch to the M203\n grenade launcher attachment.
HINT_LAUNCHER_ATTACK Pull and release [{+attack}] to fire a\n 40mm grenade.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES Approach the explosive charges and press\n [{+activate}] to pick one up.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_RELOAD Approach the explosive charges and press\n [{+usereload}] to pick one up.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_PLANT Locate the glowing explosive marker and\n press [{+activate}] to plant the explosives.
HINT_EXPLOSIVES_PLANT_RELOAD Locate the glowing explosive marker and\n press [{+usereload}] to plant the explosives.
MARINE3_USE_SIDEARM Carver! Use your sidearm!
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - training.str)

Wet Work

A cut mission with no relation to the "Wet Work" multiplayer map. Only a .vision file remains.


A mission which is likely a precursor to Blackout, as prefabs in the level editor are mostly identical to those of Blackout and Parabolic. Only the skybox texture still exists, and was reused for Blackout. Additionally, a single string remains with no useful information:

OBJ_WHATEVER Temp text This mission was likely cut very early in production judging from the lack of localized strings.
(Source: Github - English-localized strings file - zipline.str)



A skybox and a script file remain.


Only a skybox remains.


Originally meant to be a night version of mp_convoy (Ambush). A skybox remains.



A small map centered around a jail cellblock in the Middle East. Only text strings and the minimap image remain.



A remake of the Call of Duty map Dawnville. Only a loadscreen image and an untextured and flat shaded minimap image remain.



An industrial facility of some sort. Only text strings and the minimap image remain.



Originally intended to be included in the Variety Map Pack, where its minimap was found. Recycled for Modern Warfare 2.



A forest with varied terrain and a river with pink water due to a missing texture. Only the minimap image remains.



A multiplayer port of Heat. Only the loadscreen image and a script file remain.



Planned for the Variety Map Pack but was recycled for Modern Warfare 2. Only a loadscreen image and minimap image remain.



A small map centered around a single building. Likely cut because it sucked. Only text strings and the minimap image remain.



Possibly based on Al-Asad's palace from the campaign level "Shock and Awe". Only text strings and the minimap image remain.



A road dividing two streets with lots of buildings for a snipefest. Very small! Only text strings and the minimap image remain.



A town with oddly-shaped buildings. Only the minimap image remains.

(Source: Call of Duty Wiki)

Broadcast Changes

Early Load Screen Final Load Screen
COD4-BroadcastLoadScreen-Early.png COD4-BroadcastLoadScreen-Final.png

Some differences can be seen between the early and final load screens for the map Broadcast. Such changes included the black ceiling in the early one and the load screen showing a lobby in contrast to the final which has a white ceiling and shows the newsroom. On a related note, Broadcast has an early minimap as well.

Early Broadcast minimap

Unused Cutscene

An unused soundless video called dog_vs_player_load, showing a USMC player being killed by a dog at an unknown (possibly unused) location. In the final game, the USMC never encounter dogs in the campaign.

The video also shows an unused USMC first-person model that is completely gone from the game. The blood and gore effects are also very low-quality, likely putting this at an early point in development.

Regional Differences

To do:
Hi-res screenshots.

For some reason, the German version not only removed the dramatic gore effect upon shooting Zakhaev's hand off in the "One Shot, One Kill" mission, but Arcade Mode is disabled and cannot be unlocked.

(Source: Schnittberichte)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

Released for the Wii on November 10, 2009 alongside Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized.

Cheat Differences

  • The ragtime warfare cheat was replaced with a paintball cheat.
  • When using the "A Bad Year" cheat, you must get headshots for enemy corpses to turn into tires.

Misc. Differences

  • There is no voice chat, and hence no Eavesdrop perk.
  • Exclusive Squadmate mode for Campaign.
  • Some weapons have different reload sounds.
  • Variety Map Pack isn't available.
  • The game was adapted to the Wii's motion controls, giving the player more control layout options. It also includes the addition of gestures.

Layout Differences

Title Screen

Wii Windows
COD4MW-ForComparison-TitleScreen-Wii.png COD4MW-ForComparison-TitleScreen-Windows.png
  • The font scale is much higher in the Wii version.
  • The Wii version displays which profile is signed in at the top-left corner.