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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Windows)

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Title Screen

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Developers: Infinity Ward, High Moon Studios, Beenox, Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 25, 2019

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare sees the start of the franchise recycling game titles like they recycle game content.

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  • This post indicates that the Mini Map Watch can display "Map Unavailable". If there are no situations where the map is supposed to not appear, this should be added.
  • This comment indicates the Time to Die Watch can sometimes show "unavailable". If it only appears due to a glitch, it should be added.
  • Were these Dead Silence lines ever added?
  • COD Wiki mentions here there is an unused placeholder vehicle model that also is placed far outside Atlas Superstore.


Leftover Images
Leftover Images.
Mw19 arena winner temp.png
Unused Images
Unused Images.
Unused Audio
Unused Audio.
Unused Videos
Cut/Unused Videos.
Unused Strings
Unused Strings.
Mw2019 Mp cmd.png
Unused Game Modes
Unused Multiplayer Game Modes.
Mw19 beta ui operator west ghost portrait.png
Unused or Early Operators
Early and unused operators.
Mw19 icon attachments.png
Unused Weapon Content
Unused Weapon Content.
Regional Differences
Content that was changed in other language versions of the game.

Easter Eggs

  • On Hill, there is a tree a short distance outside the map that sometimes has a blue flame on it, a reference to the game "Alien vs. Predator".
  • The Stim and M19 have a QR code on them that when scanned with a phone takes one to the Call of Duty Endowment website.
  • On the Clean House campaign level, killing the baby on the second floor of the house three times in a row will cause on the third instance the mission failed text to read "Are you serious?" and boot the player to the main menu. A video of this can be seen here.
(Source: Reddit, Reddit)

Unused Multiplayer Maps

The game contains names and images of unused maps. One map has a description.

Map Name Code name Description (if any) Notes
"Assault" mp_assault
"Bomb Site" mp_bomb_site
"Boneyard" (Gunfight map) mp_m_boneyard
"Borderline" mp_borderline
"Breakout" mp_parkour Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Crusher" mp_quarry Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Discharge" (Gunfight map) mp_m_discharge
"Dominion" mp_afghan Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Exclusion Zone" (Gunfight map) mp_m_exclusion
"Fallout" mp_fallout "Hidden Nuclear Facility in the Ukraine"
"Faridah" mp_faridah Map was shown in the reveal trailer.
"Firing Range" mp_firingrange Most likely a map used for testing weapons.
"Frontier" mp_frontier Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Frost" mp_proto Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Genesis" mp_dome_iw Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Grounded" mp_desert Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Hook" (Gunfight map) mp_m_hook
"Invasion" mp_invasion This map was released in Modern Warfare III
"Mayday" mp_breakneck Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Millbase" mp_millbase
"Oasis" mp_oasis
"Offshore" mp_offshore
"Precinct" mp_metropolis Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Retaliation" mp_riot Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Rivne" mp_rivne
"Saindon" mp_saindon_test
"Scorch" mp_divide Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Shattered" mp_shattered
"Shipment Night" mp_shipment_pm
"Skerries" mp_skerries V2 of this map was released as "Pelayo's Lighthouse" in Modern Warfare II
"Speedway" mp_speedway Only mentioned in escape mode.
"Subbase" mp_subbase_lm
"Takedown" mp_takedown
"Terminal" mp_skyway Leftover from Infinite Warfare.
"Theater" (Gunfight map) mp_m_theater
"Townhouse" (Gunfight map) mp_m_townhouse
"Trade" mp_trade
"Vanguard" mp_vanguard
"Piccadilly Day" Images remain.

King Night

Codenamed "mp_m_king_pm," King Night was a map used by Infinity Ward to showcase Modern Warfare's RTX features. Although cut from the game, the map is present in the PlayStation 4 version.

Unused Map Areas

To do:
  • Bazaar has other parts of the skybox that aren't seen. Video.
  • Does Hovec Sawmill have something notable at the end of the train track?
  • Karst River Quarry in the beta had an invisible floor underneath the map. Is it still in the final?
  • Euphrates Bridge has the following unused content, which can be seen in this video (2:04 - 2:21).
    • There is a short untextured rectangular block underneath the map.
    • There is an invisible floor under the map that ends at one boundary of the map.
  • Hackney Yard has the following unused content, which can be seen in this video (5:29 - 5:59).
    • There is an invisible wall that runs between the middle of the train track, despite the fact it isn't possible to normally reach here.
    • The inside of the boats have seats that cannot be seen.
  • Atlas Superstore has the following unused content, which can be seen in this video (4:00 - 6:00).
    • The floor underneath the car park contains two irregular textures: a texture with different numbers on it placed directly below the car park, and a texture with numbers and the words "IN" and "OUT" on it placed further away from the first texture. The second texture appears to be a texture used to test normal maps.
    • As this map is part of a Spec Ops map, the outside of the store contains a small part of Verdansk which has collision. As this is OOM (out of map), this area outside goes unused in multiplayer.
    • Trivia: Atlas Superstore used to show the entire map of Verdansk, in low LOD. This was originally how people found out about the later released Warzone map, as you could go out of the top of the store in spectator mode, fly up, and see the whole map. This is now no longer possible as there is a thick fog plane that fades in when you reach a certain distance above the map.
  • Broadcast:
    • Broadcast, similar to Atlas Superstore, is ripped straight from Verdansk, and as such contains a myriad of different interact-able parts of the environment.
    • One of these interact-able parts of the environment is a tower, with a working ladder that can be climbed. There is also a petrol station that has interact-able doors that can be opened and closed.
  • On Mialstor Tank Factory, there is an invisible floor underneath the map, which can be seen in this video from 18:24 onward.
  • Unused Perks

    Unused Weapon Perks

    The game contains strings and code names for several unused Weapon Perks.

    PerkName Code name Description (if any) Notes
    "Fast-Up" ADSUP Improved ADS Raise Speed.
    "Bling" BLING 1 Additional Attachment Slot.
    "Dead On" ADSIDLE Improved ADS Idle Sway.
    "Stance Training" CROUCHRECOIL Extra training provides greater accuracy in supported positions.
    "Laser" HIPAIM Improved Hip Spread Replaced with Laser attachment.
    "Long-Range" RANGE Increase effective weapon range.
    "RicoChet" RICOCHET Grants special ammunition that ricochets off of surfaces.
    "Rapid Fire" ROF Improved Rate of Fire.
    "Semi Auto" SEMI Changes fire mode to semi-automatic.
    "Skulk" STANCESPEED Greater movement speed in crouch and prone while staying silent.
    "Swapper" FASTSWAP Weapon Switch Speed. Most likely replaced with the Amped perk.
    "Bolt" BOLT Specialty Bolt with improved maneuverability for faster firing.
    "Xmags" XMAGS Improved starting ammo.
    "GLINTREDUCE" Glintereduce Reduces the angle at which enemies will see glint off of sniper scopes.
    "Hardmelee" hardmelee Melee produces greater stun on targets.
    "Enemytag" enemytag Damage will put enemies on the minimap and compass.
    "Holdbreath" holdbreath Extended hold breath
    "Flinch" flinch Increased control of aim while being shot.
    "Rush" AdsMove After each kill, gain a brief boost to movement speed.
    "Dexterity" Dexterity Training enables greater speed in combat.

    Unused Perks

    The game contains several unused perks. Some perks have names while other only have a description string remaining.

    Thief Improved speed and distance on melee. Upon landing a successful melee attack, you will receive a copy of the victim's primary weapon.
    br_thief When you Harvest, generate 20% more cash.
    Grenadier Any throwable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
    Sneaky Your Footsteps are invisible, and enemies are not warned when you track them.
    desc_br_artisan_tastes Weapons you pick up have a chance to automatically upgrade.
    desc_br_bounty_hunter If you kill someone with more Perks than you, gain enough points to match them, and then you can replace this perk. Audio remains.
    desc_br_deep_pockets Any usable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
    desc_fastslide Gain increased sliding distance and the ability to ADS while sliding while using less boost meter.
    desc_powercell Tacticals and Lethals refresh on cooldowns.
    demolitions_desc Carry an extra lethal equipment
    desc_rugged_eqp Placed equipment has more health, persists through death, and you can have 1 more active
    desc_rush After each kill, gain a brief boost to movement speed.
    graverobber_desc Scrap dropped guns to get extra attachments and ammo.^1 Cannot pick up dropped guns. Audio remains.
    sonar_desc Always show the minimap.
    Hunter See enemy footprints for a short duration. Audio remains.
    mercenary_desc Earn extra kills towards your killstreaks by killing enemies with bounties. Enemies get a bounty every time they kill three players in a life.
    Stopping Power Perk version of the Stopping Power Field Upgrade.
    Momentum Increase movement speed
    Overclock Payload charges faster.
    Strong-Arm Throw equipment farther, decrease the cook time of grenades and reset the fuse when throwing back explosives.
    Stealth Perks for enhanced stealth capabilities. Includes: Takedown, Blind Eye, Dead Silence, Incog, and Off the Grid.
    Equipment Perks for extra equipment and ammo. Includes: Extra Tactical, Extra Lethal, Fully Loaded, Extra Attachment, and Danger Close.

    Scrapped Pro Perks System

    To do:
    Check if there are any other remnants of this system.

    The game contains remnants of a scrapped Pro Perks system where perks could be upgraded to stronger versions, presumably through completing challenges as in other games, although the specific method is not known. Perks appear to start off at a level 1 version that can be upgraded to level 2 and then to Pro.

    hardline_pro Point Guard
    spotter Scout
    desc_tracker_perk See recent enemy trails, even when they are cloaked.
    blastshield_pro Tac Resist
    scavenger_pro Fully Loaded
    overkill_pro OverKill Pro
    guerrilla_desc_extra Still appear on killstreak radar when firing a weapon, Detectable by Advanced UAV, but removes direction.
    desc_br_healer Your medic items continue to heal for an additional 25% of their value over the next 20 seconds.
    desc_momentum Increase movement speed.
    huntmaster_desc Enemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations and hide the death markers of enemies you kill. Same as Tracker perk.

    Unused Equipment

    The game contains some unused equipment, some of which appear to have been replaced with Field Upgrades.

    EquipName Description (if any) Notes
    "EMP" Chaff Grenade Audio remains and most likely replaced with a Field Upgrade.
    "desc_equipment_ping" Placed equipment will alert the player of nearby enemies on the minimap. Thrown equipment will paint enemy targets upon detonation. Audio remains and most likely replaced with a Field Upgrade.
    "Radiation" Audio remains.

    Unused Field Upgrades

    The game contains remnants of unused Field Upgrades.

    "Ammo drop" Most likely replaced with munitions.
    "place_ladder" Ladder In early builds of Modern Warfare, it was originally planned that the player could have a personal ladder Field Upgrade.
    "Self-Revive" Last stand with no weapon\n^3Field Upgrade^7: Heal your wounds from last stand and get back up Video remains.
    "Survivor" Stay alive longer and earn killstreaks more easily. Video remains.
    "Demolitions" Remotely detonate explosives. Have a blast shield. Place deployable cover.

    Cut Killstreaks

    Killstreak Name Code name Description (if any) Notes
    "Dead Man's streak" death_switch If I go down, I'm taking them with me! Dead Man's was originally going to be an interactable killstreak.
    "Emp Drone" EMPDrone Detonate an EMP payload at a targeted location using an RC Plane. Disables all electronics in the area. Video remains.
    "Fuel Airstrike" Fuel Bomb Airstrike Call in a series of fuel bomb airstrikes.\n^3Objective Score Cost:^2Low^7\n Video remains.

    Unseen Multiplayer Content

    • The gore when destroying an opposing player's head also has their eyeballs, which are impossible to normally see. This can be seen in this video (2:32 - 2:42).

    Obscure Game Mechanics

    To do:
    • Can Care Packages be moved by shooting them? If they can, this should be added as it is unlikely to ever happen in-game.

    Multiplayer contains some game mechanics that, while programmed to occur in-game, cannot be encountered or are so rare they essentially cannot be encountered.

    Stun Grenade Destructibility

    Teammates in core can destroy friendly Stun Grenades. A video of this can be seen here.

    Riot Shield EXP

    The Riot Shield has a certain damage threshold that when reached will not award any more EXP for further damage. This threshold is so high that it cannot be reached in a public match.

    (Source: Youtube)

    UAV Vehicle Damage

    UAVs can damage helicopters that fly into them, although the specifics are not known. As can be seen in this video (2:26 - 2:39), the helicopter is slightly damaged by being hit by the front of the UAV, then upon flying into its mid body and being rammed by it, loses more than half its health and explodes. Deaths caused by this appear in the killfeed as a suicide. This cannot normally be encountered in-game as there are no situations where it could occur.

    Cluster Strike Killstreak Targeting

    While the game suggests the Cluster Strike laser can only target areas, it is also capable of targeting the the VTOL Jet and Support Helo even though they are a different class of game entity.

    (Source: Youtube (4:48 - 5:44))

    Juggernaut Game Mechanics

    The Juggernaut has some unique game mechanics that go unnoticed for different reasons.

    • The Juggernaut is able to perform executions. This can be seen in this video.
    • The Juggernaut is immune to Ground War helicopter rotors. This can be seen here from 9:54 - 10:06. It isn't apparent whether this is a glitch.

    Juggernaut Music

    The Juggernaut has a unique detail where it is possible for the music played inside the Juggernaut to be heard by nearby players. While this feature does occur in-game, it is not possible for the music to be heard due to the audio level it is played at being so low and all the other sounds happening in a match drowning it out.

    The Juggernaut also has third person animations for turning the music on and off, but these cannot be seen as they are too subtle to normally notice. Switching the music is done via the Juggernaut's right arm flipping a switch on the side of the helmet.

    (Source: Youtube (0:00 - 0:29))

    Dumpsters Blocking Fall Damage

    Dumpsters in Ground War when fallen on completely block fall damage and only inflict a tiny amount of damage. While this feature is present in-game, there are no situations where it can normally be discovered.

    (Source: Reddit)

    Pre-Release Differences

    The game contains an early loadscreen image of Rust. In the early image, the middle metal construction is more run down and has cables attached to it that are absent in the final.

    Early Final
    Mw19 early rust loadingscreen.png Mw19 final loading mp rust bg.png


    Early Final
    Mw19 3713e7367043c644.png Mw19 embassy.png


    Early Final
    Mw19 rammaza early.jpg Mw19 final.png
    Early Final
    Mw19 rammaza early 1.jpg Mw19 final rammaza 01.png
    Early Final
    Mw19 early rammaza 02.png Mw19 rammaza final 02.png
    Early Final
    Mw19 early rammaza 03.png Mw19 rammaza final.png
    Early Final
    Mw19 rammaza early 04.png Mw19 rammaza final 05.png
    Early Final
    Mw19 early 06.png Mw19 final 06.png

    Season Name Changes

    Originally, each season would have had its own unique name before being changed to just be numbered alone.

    • Season 1 - "Broken Arrow Season"
    • Season 2 - "Cyber Attack Season"
    • Season 3 - "Bio Warfare Season"
    • Season 4 - "Home Grown Terrorism Season"
    • Season 5 - "Climate War Season"

    Home Grown Terrorism was also seen in the Behind the Scenes video done by The Hollywood Reporter.

    Cancelled Clan System

    Some placeholder menu definitions remain from a planned Clan system to allow players to group together under a common name and emblem. You can access these menus via modding, but it's all placeholder text so don't expect too much.

    Mw19 clan menu.png

    Mw19 clan emblem menu.png

    Supply Drops

    Assets remain from a planned "Supply Drop" lootbox system that had previously had its existence leaked in September 2019 by a source who had announced a number of later-confirmed details about the game, with glitches making its presence known in the public Beta. The system was ultimately replaced late in development with the Battle Pass system, likely to avoid legislative scrutiny in several countries.

    Default Bundle Price

    The game contains a default bundle price of 30,000 COD Points that does not normally appear in-game, but can appear if there are problems loading bundle information, as seen here.

    Unused Campaign Content

    • Fog of War:
      • A building at the edge of the map that cannot be entered has a tile floor. It can be entered via a glitch, which is documented here.
      • In an inaccessible area beside this building, there are two burning objects that do not display properly. In the same area, there is also an invisible box.
    • On "The Wolf's Den", firing bullets crazily around will trigger a unique Game Over message. While this can be triggered in-game, the criteria for encountering it is so obscure that it is virtually impossible to normally encounter. A video of this can be seen here.

    Unseen Campaign Content

    • On Piccadilly, as the team apprehend the bombers before they detonate the bomb, a civilian near the truck may pull out his phone and start filming, a detail that usually cannot be noticed. When the truck drives away, this same civilian's free arm will hesitate. This can be seen in this video starting at 0:20.

    Obscure Failsafes

    In some levels of the campaign, if the player fails to complete a designated task sometimes an event will happen that will complete the task for them. While most of these "failsafes" can normally be encountered, some normally cannot be encountered at all, often times because they are tied to a task that is virtually impossible to fail.

    • On "Fog of War", if the player waits too long to call in the air strike, Hoyt will call it in for them. While this can be triggered in-game, the amount of time it takes is so long it is not possible to normally encounter it.

    Early UI

    Color Scheme

    The game contains an unused image of an early UI mockup. This mockup appears to indicate that early in development the UI was going to be green colored like in Modern Warfare 3.
    UI Color.jpg

    Different UI Layout

    There is an unused image of the Private Match menu with a different UI layout. This UI probably originated from a Pre-Alpha build.
    CODMW19 UI.png

    Development Text

    TAC_DBG: Undefined anticheat state
    WARDEN_DBG: Benchmark CPU performance for delayed rogue loads
    WARDEN_DBG: Initialize hooks
    TAC_DBG: Hook detection initialization failed
    TAC_DBG: Injector detection initialization failed
    WARDEN_DBG: Memory session on sysid seeding failed. Check with Blizzard if that affects unpacking
    WARDEN_DBG: System bit tag triggered
    WARDEN_DBG: Memory page unfolding failed
    TAC_DBG: Undefined antidebug state
    TAC_DBG: Cheat detection initialization failed
    TAC_DBG: Anticheat initialization failed
    WARDEN_DBG: Make sure the sysid is seeded for the memory session before we call Warden
    WARDEN_DBG: Generating battle.net UID

    Starting at 0x2D9AF80 in ModernWarfare.exe contains a few debug logs including bit.ly links that redirect to the Rickroll video, which have been removed on here. These are also present in the Black Ops Cold War Beta and Black Ops Cold War Pre-Alpha.


    • The Akimbo attachment erroneously indicates that it increases movement speed when it does not. This might suggest that this attachment did increase movement speed at some point in development but it was removed.
    • Several FSS attachments originally identified the manufacturer as FFS. Given how widespread this discrepancy was, it appears this acronym corresponds to an early name for FSS that Infinity Ward forgot to remove from the game.
    • The Lacedaemon bundle describes the "Kopis" JAK-12 blueprint as having dismemberment effects when it does not. This discrepancy suggests the blueprint had this effect at one point during development but it was removed and the description was not updated.
    • Shoot House's code name, "mp_m_speed", has some unusual qualities.
      • The name seems to indicate it started out as a Gunfight map as it contains the "m" prefix used for all Gunfight maps.
      • The code name "speed" seems to suggest the map had a different design or setting at one point in development as it doesn't appear to correspond to the final map, which is set in a shoot house.
    • On Fog of War, after Alex is knocked unconscious, when he regains consciousness the game saves the player's checkpoint, despite the player being unable to control their character or die for the rest of the level.
    • On Piccadilly, prior to the van exploding the first encountered Al-Qatala fighter is labelled in the subtitles as "Al-Qatala Fighter 3" and the second fighter as "Al-Qatala Fighter 1". It is not apparent why they are not numbered in order of appearance.
    (Source: TheXclusiveAce (2:14))

    Weapon Naming Oddity

    To do:
    Add the rest.

    Weapon filenames refer to weapons by their real-world names, but are oddly written in the form of "<first letter of name><NATO phonetic alphabet code word corresponding to second letter><numbers>". It is not apparent why.

    Weapon Filename Actual weapon Notes
    Kilo 141 ar_kilo433 (k433) HK433
    Oden ar_asierra12 (as12) ShAK-12 (previously called ASh-12.7)
    FAL ar_falima (fal) FAL
    M4A1 ar_mike4 (m4) M4A1
    AS VAL ar_valpha (va) AS Val
    PP19 Bizon sm_beta (b) PP19 Bizon
    Striker 45 sm_smgolf45 (smg45) LWRCI SMG-45
    Uzi sm_uzulu (uz) Uzi
    Fennec sm_victor (v) Vector
    MP7 sm_mpapa7 (mp7) MP7
    Origin 12 Shotgun sh_oscar12 (o12) Origin-12
    AX-50 sn_alpha50 (a50) Accuracy International AX50
    JOKR la_juliet (j) FGM-148 JAVELIN
    (Source: Actual weapon names from Call of Duty Wiki.)

    Revisional Differences

    To do:
    For the sections below, add the main content each patch introduced.

    Version 1.03

    To do:
    • Get more images of launch day Damascus camo on different weapons, if possible.

    Modern Warfare's launch update (Version 1.03) added several future season weapons into the game's files. These include but are not limited to: RAM-7 (with it's cut 9mm Para 60-round Drums Magazine), ISO (named SM_CHARLIE9), Striker 45 (named SM_SMGOLF45), Holger (named LM_MGOLF36), and the Crossbow.

    (Source: CODSploitzLeaks Twitter)

    This update also contained a very visually different version of the Damascus camouflage. This version of the camouflage was more of a turquoise blue and black with patterns running through it on different parts of the weapon. Additionally, its coloring matches more closely to its UI Icon, which is currently still used in the game.

    (Source: sebas44123 Twitter)

    Damascus in launch update Current Damascus
    DamascusPreUpdate.jpg CoD-MW-DamascusNow.png
    Damascus in launch update Damascus UI icon
    PreUpdateDamascusInGame.jpg DamascusUIIconMW2019.png
    A knife with the old version of the Damascus camouflage applied

    Version 1.19

    This update was released on April 8th, 2020. The game contained at this point incomplete attachment data and a description for the unreleased and unnamed Bruen Mk9 LMG, along with possibly other data. The content currently in the game had the following differences from the final release:

    • The description lacks the word "gun" in "machine gun".
    • The Bruen 18.0" Para attachment lacked the name "Bruen" as the Bruen Mk9 had no name at this point.
    • 150 Round Belt and 30 Round Mags are available ammunition attachments, which are unavailable in the final, while 60 Round Mags is not available.
    (Source: MP1st, Reddit)

    Version 1.21

    To do:
    The Reddit post lists some other content that was added.

    This update was released on May 19th, 2020. The following unreleased content was added:

    • Adds attachments for the CR-56 AMAX. In this update, the XRK Zodiac S440 is called XRK Equinox S440.
    • Adds attachments for the unreleased Fennec and attachment icons.
    • Adds a name for the unreleased Rytec AMR and a suppressed firing sound. Prior to this, it only had a codename.
    (Source: MP1st (release date), Reddit)