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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Windows)

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Developers: Infinity Ward, High Moon Studios, Beenox, Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 25, 2019

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Development Text

TAC_DBG: Undefined anticheat state
WARDEN_DBG: Benchmark CPU performance for delayed rogue loads
WARDEN_DBG: Initialize hooks
TAC_DBG: Hook detection initialization failed
TAC_DBG: Injector detection initialization failed
WARDEN_DBG: Memory session on sysid seeding failed. Check with Blizzard if that affects unpacking
WARDEN_DBG: System bit tag triggered
WARDEN_DBG: Memory page unfolding failed
TAC_DBG: Undefined antidebug state
TAC_DBG: Cheat detection initialization failed
TAC_DBG: Anticheat initialization failed
WARDEN_DBG: Make sure the sysid is seeded for the memory session before we call Warden
WARDEN_DBG: Generating battle.net UID

Starting at 0x2D9AF80 in ModernWarfare.exe contains a few debug logs including bit.ly links that redirect to the RickRoll'd video. They have been removed on here.

Unused Strings


advance_mission Advance Mission Location
airdrop_incomming Airdrop incoming. Go collect it!
enemy_earned_ac130 An enemy team has earned their AC130. The race is on!
enemy_located_wmd An enemy team has located the WMD.
enemy_secured_zone Capture zone secured by enemy team. Advancing to next zone.
escape_streak_label Life Streak: &&1
fallout_desc Dropped in to a hidden Nuclear Facility in the Ukraine. Find gear, stay alive and get out.
faridah_desc Pass through the war torn town of Faridah. Find gear, stay alive and get out.
killstreak_category Life Streak Rewards:
layover_desc Survive through the bombed out Donetsk Airport in the Ukraine. Find gear, stay alive and get out.
life_stats Current Life Stats:
mode_desc Experimental survival mode.
mode_name Dark Ops
pull_wmd_data_core Extract Core
rally_point_being_deployed Rally Point Bradley being deployed.
speedway_desc Escape from mp_speedway
transit_desc The Donetsk transit terminal is on lock down. Clear what you can and get out.
stat_weapons_found Weapons Found:
use_ac130 Use AC130 to locate the WMD.
vehicle_drop_incoming Vehicle Incoming
wip_watermark MP Design WIP
wmd WMD
wmd_location_revealed WMD Location Revealed
you_earned_ac130 Command Promotion Earned - AC130 Available
zone_secured Zone Secured. Advancing to next zone.


aliens_desc Extinction Mode
aliens_killed Aliens Killed
aliens_recipe_desc recipe based on the Extinction game mode
aliens_recipe_name Extinction Recipe
depot Depot
desc_armory Open Supply Drops and view your weapon armory.
supply_drop SUPPLY DROPS
ADVANCED_SUPPLY_DROP_DESC Throw to mark a location for your personalized supply drop.
ARMORY_STREAK_UNLOCK_MSG Unlocked in supply drops or by crafting the prototype in the scorestreaks prototype lab.
PURCHASE_SUPPLY_DROP_WITH_POINTS Are you sure you want to purchase this supply drop with CoD Points?
RIG_SUPPLY_DROP_UNLOCK_DESC Only available in supply drops.
AXE_UNLOCK Only available from supply drops
UDM_UNLOCK Unlocked via challenge or supply drops
UNLOCKED_VIA_SUPPLY_DROP Only available from supply drops.
ICON_SUPPLY_DROP supply drop

Supply Drops

A leaker in September 2019 correctly predicted the 2v2 gunfight mode. Then the leaker also leaked the inclusion of Supply Drops in Modern Warfare, and this leak was made on the same day of an official Modern Warfare announcement which said PS4 players would have exclusive access to survival mode for a year. Then during the Modern Warfare Beta, a player ran into a glitch which confirmed supply drops with different rarities to be in the game. Now in the full game, the supply drops have been replaced with a battle pass system.

Modern Warfare Supply Drops.png