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Bubble Bobble (Sega Master System)

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Title Screen

Bubble Bobble

Also known as: Final Bubble Bobble (JP), Dragon Maze (BR)
Developer: Taito
Publishers: Sega (JP/EU), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Sega Master System
Released in JP: July 2, 1988
Released in EU: 1992
Released in BR: 1994

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

On par with the NES and MSX versions, this port includes a bunch of extra levels and bosses while still retaining good arcade-color fashion (something the NES and MSX couldn't achieve correctly). Also the basis of the Game Gear version.

Food Sprite Viewer


On the main menu, press Pause. Then, press Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left to activate the food sprite viewer. In the sprite viewer, Up and Down change graphic banks.

(Source: GameWinners)

Sound Test


On the main menu, press Pause. Then, press 2, 2, Left, 1, 2, Right, 2, Left to activate a sound test.

(Source: GameWinners)

Unused Sound

This unused sound sounds very similar to the jingle from the NES version of Bubble Bobble.

Unused Items

Artwork Name Description
Level 50 Door This door still has data that would advance you 20 levels if you don't lose a life. Replaced by the Green Orb door.
Potion with Bubbles Appears in Sprite Viewer. Unknown as to what this item would do.
Fireball Bubble Has a 1/4096 chance of appearing in the Arcade version. It would give you 100,000 points and 5 rounds of fireballs. It is not seen in this version.

Early Levels 48 & 80


These levels still have data for them before they were transitioned into boss levels. Level 48's enemy/item data is still there, and Level 80's is too, but with different level data for the Hidegon boss. Level 80's level data is used for level 193.

Regional Differences

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: List (and translate) the hint messages

Bubble bobble jp sms.png

The Japanese version's game over screen displays hint messages, 64 in total. 32 in levels 1-100 and 32 in levels 101-200. For levels 1-100ː

Number Hint Translation
01 さいて~っ! しゅぎょうが たりないよ! Rock bottom! You need more practice!
02 いろいろな ひんとを みたいなら,

とくてんと, すすんだめんすうに きをつけることだね。

If you're looking for lots of hints,

pay attention to your score and level.

03 あんごうべやで もらった あんごうは

かいどくして げーむもーどを えらぶ

ときに, ぽーずして いれてみな!

When you've worked out a code

from the code room, pause at the

Game Mode select and enter it!

04 だめだよ!! がんばんなきゃ!! Hopeless!! You gotta try harder!!
05 20めんで みずにながされてごらん。 Try being swept away with the water in level 20.
06 どうくつの なかには, いろんな

かくされたへやが あるよ。

たからのへや, あんごうべや......

The Cave contains lots of

hidden rooms.

Treasure rooms, code rooms...

07 もっと ちからを つけるんだ!

べていーたちが まってるよ!

Keep on going!

They are waiting.

08 1めんで しばらく じっと しててごらん。 Try standing still on level 1.
09 いっぱい とくてんを かせいで, どんどん

さきに すすみなさい。 そうすれば もっと

いろんなことを おしえてあげよう。

Earn lots of points and keep

heading forward. I'll tell you

even more if you do.

10 はやく いかないと, おんなのこたちは,

まほうつかいの むすこたちの およめさんに


If you don't hurry, then

the Magician's sons will take

the girls as their wives.

11 すこしは, ましなうまえに なったみたいだね。 You seem to have gotten a little better.
12 100めんには なぞの とびらがあるんだって。 There's a mysterious door on level 100.
13 100めんの とびらを ひらくためには,

3つの まほうのたまの ちからがいるよ。

To open the door on level 100,

you need the power of the 3 Magic Orbs.

14 あか, あお, みどりの まほうのたまは,

まほうつかいが どうくつの どこかに


The Magician hid the

Red, Blue, and Green Magic Orbs

somewhere in the cave.

15 あんまし げーむばっかり やってちゃだめだよ。

たまには? べんきょうも しましょうね!

Don't give up on the game easily.

Let's study again occasionally!

16 あかの まほうのたまは, 10めんに


The Red Magic Orb

is hidden on level 10.

17 ちかの いちばんふかいところに

きょうかいが あるんだって。

けっこんしきでも やるのかな......?

I hear there's a church on the

lowest floor. I wonder

if they hold weddings there...?

18 ほー なかなか, やるじゃないの。

このちょうしで がんばって。

Hmm, you're quite good at this.

Keep trying!

19 あおの まほうのたまは, 50めんに


The Blue Magic Orb

is hidden on level 50.

20 28めんで, まっさきに



On level 28, try

taking the Timer Food

straight away.

21 30めんでは, かみなりで


Defeat Banebou with lightning

on level 30!

22 みどりのまほうのたまは, 90めんに



The Green Magic Orb

is hidden on level 90.

Try leaping into a hole.

23 100めんには, がったいの じゅつを

つかうてきが いるんだって。

There's an enemy that can use

Combination Magic on level 100.

24 40めんでは, しばらく じっとしててごらん。 Try standing still on level 40.
25 こぼすの でるまえの めんには,

たからのへやが ある。

いのちを おおくして いってみるんだね。

The level before the midboss

has a Treasure Room.

Gather lives and take a look.

26 60めんでは, あちこちで


Try jumping around in different

places on level 60.

27 70めんでは, てきを みんなあわに


Try trapping all the enemies

in bubbles on level 70.

28 まほうのたまは ぜんぶ あつめたかい? Have you gathered all the Magic Orbs?
29 92めんでは, じえーのじにのるんだよー I'm on the J in Level 92.
30 すごい, すごい, きみは てんさいだね!! Wow, Wow, you're a geniusǃǃ
31 "こくみん えいよしょう" ものだよ!! You could get the "People's Honour Award"!!
32 このっ, にくいねー, てれびげーむのぷろ!!! You... annoying... TV game pro!!!

For levels 101-200ː

Number Hint Translation
01 うらめんはどうかな? ちょっと

きみには むずかしすぎるみたいだね。

What do you think of the secret levels?

Maybe they're a bit tough for you.

02 くらやみのへやに もういったかい?


まほうのろうそくが ひつようだよ。

Have you already been to the dark room?

A magic candle is necessary to make it brighter.

03 おまえさんが まえにたおしたすーぱーどらんく

あいつは, にせものだったのさ。

ほんものは どこかて


The Super Drunk you defeated

was just a fake.

The real one is sleeping

deeply somewhere.

04 まほうのろうそくは


The Magic Candle is in level 145.
05 すーぱーどらんくのむすこたちは よわむしだが。

いざとなると たすけをよぶぜ。 きをつけな。

The Super Drunk's sons are weaklings.

but they'll call for help if they need it. Be careful.

06 どんどん うえにいけば, ちじょうにでるよ。


If you keep going up, you'll reach the surface.

It must be pretty up there.

07 105めんにいってみな。


Go to level 105. I have something.
08 125めんのとびらに はいったかい?

まほうのかぎを もっていればはいれるよ。

Have you gone in the door on level 125?

You can get in with a Magic Key.

09 145めんでひだねをつかえ! Use the fire in level 145!
10 あかのかがみがあるところ....?

そうだな。 そのまえに まほうのかぎをさがしな。

The Red Mirror should be here...?

Right. But you need the Magic Key first.

11 199めんのるーぷののろい は



The Loop Curse of level 199

can be broken with the light

of the 3 Holy Mirrors.

12 まほうのかぎは, ふういんされたとびらを


The Magic Key can open

sealed doors.

13 あか, あお, みどりの3しょくの


Gather the 3 Holy Mirrors,

Red, Blue, and Green.

14 まほうのかぎは115めんにあるぜ。


The Magic Key is on level 115.

Bring out the Skull without killing any enemies!

15 さいごのめんにたどりつくには,


To get to the last level,

you must break the Loop Magic...

16 135めんのとびらは もうあけた?

あそこには あかい.... おっと!!


Have you opened the door on level 135?

You can find the Red... Whoops!!

I shouldn't say anything about that.

17 あおいかがみ? 155めんでみたなあ。 The Blue Mirror? It was seen in level 155.
18 155めんで, ぶらっくほーるをだせ!

そして そこへ....

Bring out the Black Hole on level 155!

Then, go there...

19 みどりのかがみは, 195めんにある。 The Green Mirror is on level 195.
20 このひんとが, ぜんぶみれるあんごうもあるって。


There's a code which lets you see all the hints.

You can find it at the end.

21 195めんのとびらは, おもいっきし


The door to Level 195 shows when

you have the required points.

22 195めんにたどりつくまでにな, ふたり

あわせて 100まんてんは とっておきな。

Work together and gather a million

points by the time you reach level 195.

23 たかはしでーす。

げーむは, いちにち いちじかん。

Takahashi here.

Play games an hour every day.

24 141めんへいけ!! そしてとびらにはいれ。

あとが, らくになるよ。

Go to level 141!! Then through the door.

The rest is easy.

25 165めんで うるうろしてごらん。 Try wandering around level 165.
26 175めんでは, かぶりつきっきやない! Cover everyone in Level 175!
27 あんごうは かいどくして, もーどをえらぶときに

ぽーずして いれてね。 かなりやくにたつよ。

Decode the codes, pause on the Mode Select

and enter them. They'll help you a lot.

28 くHもが3たに 5..ー3!?けい。ぜ


す に 4 , べ

びっくりした? ばぐだとおもったでしょう。


Were you surprised? It's a bug I guess.

Is this bug really real?!

29 こぼすのまえのめんには, たからのへやが....


There's a Treasure Room on the level before the midboss...

Bring lots of Food and take a look.

30 なんつーこうとくてんじゃ!!


What an amazing score!!


31 185めんは, てきをまとめわりだ! Put together enemies in Level 185!
32 もしかして きみ, まにあじゃないの? Are you a gaming maniac or something?