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Bubble Bobble Plus!

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Title Screen

Bubble Bobble Plus!

Also known as: Bubble Bobble Wii (JP)
Developer: Dreams
Publishers: Taito (JP), Square Enix (US/EU)
Platform: WiiWare
Released in JP: February 10, 2009
Released in US: May 25, 2009
Released in EU: April 10, 2009

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Bubble Bobble Plus! is a fairly simplistic remake of the original Bubble Bobble arcade game. It later received an Xbox 360 port under the name Bubble Bobble Neo!.

Unused Graphics

Found within the root of 00000005.app are several placeholder graphics:

s_sample.jpg, sample.jpg and sample.tpl are all leftover graphics from a currently unknown game.

s_sample.jpg BebesParty-sample.jpg
sample.jpg BubblebobblePLUS-sample.jpg
sample.tpl BebesParty-sample.png

test.tpl is a texture of a wall.

(Source: tikal.)