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Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party

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Title Screen

Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party

Developers: Arowana, Digitalware
Publisher: MegaHouse Corporation
Platform: WonderSwan
Released in JP: June 29, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

WonderGate-Exclusive Stuff

Unlockables obtainable solely through the mobile WonderGate peripheral, an online service that has long since shut down, rendering these unused.

Seventh Hyper Item

RIPP-7th-Item-Icon.png Players can earn six "Hyper Item" power-ups during normal gameplay. A seventh item, まおうのナミダ (Demon King's Tear), enables the abilities of the other six Hyper Items simultaneously and bypasses the "bad ending" that is normally earned when using one of the items.

The item can be added to the first save file by setting the value at 1001B to 01, then loading or reloading the save file.

Normal File Screen After Adding 7th Item In-Game Screenshot
RIPP-Before-Adding-7th-Item.png RIPP-After-Adding-7th-Item.png Example of the 7th item being used in-game

Extra Title Screens

Players could upload their scores and, based on said score, unlock bonus title screens to customize the game's opening scenes.

To re-enable these title screens, set a breakpoint at 1020A and change the value from 01 to one of the below IDs.

02 03 04 05
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-2.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-3.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-4.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-5.png
06 07 08 09
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-6.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-7.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-8.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-9.png
0A 0B 0C 0D
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-A.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-B.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-12.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-13.png