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Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party

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Title Screen

Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party

Developers: Arowana, Digitalware
Publisher: MegaHouse Corporation
Platform: WonderSwan
Released in JP: June 29, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

WonderGate Title Screens

Back when this game was released, players could upload their scores via the mobile WonderGate peripheral. Based on their score, they would unlock bonus title screens to customize the game's opening scenes. While the WonderGate is no longer in service, players can re-enable these title screens by setting a breakpoint at 1020A and changing the value from 01 to any number between 02 and OD

02 03 04 05
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-2.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-3.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-4.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-5.png
06 07 08 09
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-6.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-7.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-8.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-9.png
0A 0B 0C 0D
Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-A.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-B.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-12.png Rainbow-Islands-Puttys-Party-Title-13.png