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The BS-X Satellaview was a satellite modem-type deal developed by Nintendo and the satellite radio service St. GIGA that was somewhat similar in technology to the Sega Channel. During certain timeslots, the station would transmit timeslot-limited games to Satellaview-equipped Super Famicoms, sometimes with a live voice-acted radio soundtrack. Many of these games were either exclusive to the BS-X or specially modified demos of SNES games.

In addition to the below pages, see SimCity (SNES)#BS SimCity Machizukuri Taikai for info on a Satellaview version of SimCity which is currently not available online.

Following the service's closure, the Satellaview and its games have for the most part not been brought up by Nintendo. The Zelda titles were briefly mentioned in Hyrule Historia, while the BS Fire Emblem maps were included in Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo and the astronaut outfit Mario wore in promotional material can be purchased in Super Mario Odyssey (as the Satellaview Helmet and Suit, with the former's English description calling it "A momento of some forgotten service.").