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Hey! I'm DyNamo. Just a random guy who likes old video games, for absolutely no reason. I try to improve pages by:

  • Fixing spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make pages not suck.
  • Making sure pages aren't a copy-paste of some page.

I edit on mobile most of the time. It's somewhat hard to upload files, so there's that. As well, I really can't help finding unused content.

My native language is Spanish, so if you need help translating that, you have me.


Here's what I have done so far:

Wiki Contributions
Pages Edited: 72
Revision Count: 101
Total Score: 83

I know it's not a lot, but what can I say?


If you ever need me for something, here's how you can contact me:

  • Discord (DyNamo#4910)
  • User Talk Page

Yeah, that's it. I'm sorry for the lack of contact, but there's really nothing I can do at the moment. Smell ya' later.