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NBA Courtside 2002

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Title Screen

NBA Courtside 2002

Developer: Left Field Productions
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube
Released in JP: March 29, 2002
Released in US: January 13, 2002
Released in EU: May 24, 2002

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
Investigate the Nintendo debugging tape. If these bugs don't appear in the final game, create a prerelease page and document it there. See if there's any other beta stuff here (graphics, objects, etc). (timestamp 1), (timestamp 2).

NBA Courtside 2002 is the game that exclusively required a patch on the Brazilian GameCube.

Developer Message

Present at 0x1A0BA4 in boot.dol is this:

Did you know?
The Strongest Muscle in the Body is the Tongue
I don't believe it Lucky Shot
Coca-Cola was Originally Green
Pigs have 30 Min Orgasms
White Men Can't Jump

Development Text

Various development related text can be found throughout the executable.

System Reset
Machine Check
External Interrupt
Floating Point
System Call
Performance Monitor
System Interrupt
Thermal Interrupt
Exception: %d
r%-2d   = 0x%08x   r%-2d = 0x%08x
LR    = 0x%08x    CR = 0x%08x
SRR0  = 0x%08x  SRR1 = 0x%08x
DSISR = 0x%08x   DAR = 0x%08x
Address:      Back Chain    LR Save
0x%08x:   0x%08x    0x%08x
File: %s
Line: %d
SLT=%d %d,%d > %d
CPU = %d
GFX = %d
FIFO = %dK
Free = %dK
Polys = %d
CCardAccess::CCard::SetFileName(): filename == NULL
CCardAccess::CCard::SetFileDate(): filedate == NULL
Can't find player photo for player id %d
Anim storage: %x, %dK
Anim storage = %d
Cannot alloc: %d
LargestAnim = %d
AverageAnim = %d
TotalSize = %dK
NumAnims = %d
Accessed = %d
SetAnims = %d
NumUncached = %d
UncachedSize = %d
CacheFree = %d
%d, %dK
%s is not an animation file!
%s is not Dolphin format!
%s is wrong version!
No free slots!
Anim not found!
Voice: %d => %d
Sound mem: %x, %dK
Loading AudioSld.bin
Warning: couldn't find a surface for sample: %d (previously found)
Warning: can't find file to remove
pName != null
Cannot open <%s>
Unable to fast open <%s> (%d)
pCacheFile != null
pFile != null
Read size is not multiplte of 32!
Reading past end of file!
Trying to read while disk is busy!
m_pReadSize != null
m_pCmpBuffer != null
Cannot seek on compressed files.CacheSize > 0
(CacheSize & 0x1f) == 0
m_pReadBuffer != null
m_pUnBuffer != null
%s is not a GfxObj file!
%s is not Dolphin format!
%s is wrong version!
This is not a GfxObj file!
This is not Dolphin format!
This is wrong version!
============= Reset
Texture format %d not implemented in CalcMemSize()
Calc tex size does not match:
%d x %d, f:%d, m:%d.%d != %d
%s is not a material list file!
%s is wrong version!
This is not a material list!
MtlList is not Dolphin format!
MtlList is wrong version!
Could not alloc %d bytes!
Cannot alloc %d bytes!
Out of buffer memory!
Free memory:
%08x = %d
%s is not a MDL file!
Wrong platform: %s in %s
Wrong version: %d in %s
Not a MDL file!
Wrong platform: %s
Wrong version: %d
Warning: unknown DTK request: %d
Too many lights!
Replay storage: %x, %dK
%s is not a resource file!
%s is not in Dolphin format!
String will be too long!
Bad input file
String doesn't exist!
Invalid TV format!
The same task is already pending!
Out of pre render slots!
%s is not a TexFont file!
This is not a TexFont!
TexFont is not in Dolphin format!
TexFont is the wrong version!
WTF is happening to the ball?
Ball sunk into ground!
Error in ball flight prediction!
Error of flight tick prediction!
Discontinuity in ball spin angle!
Discontinuity in ball spin axis!
Attempt to take ball from wrong human!
Attempt to give human 2 balls!
Target too low!
Failed to calculate ball shot velocity, faking answer!
Attempting to fix super-short pass!
AiExitPass structure already free!
AiExitShot structure already free!
AiExitDunk structure already free!
AiBallFlightInfo structure already free!
No Ball Guy
This shot should have missed!
What happened, I only wrote this for the top of the backboard!
Correcting ball position to front face of backboard!
Correcting ball position to rear face of backboard!
Can't allocate pFlightInfo
Ball has orphaned pPassInfo!
Balls pPassInfo still orphaned!
Ball has orphaned pShotInfo!
Balls pShotInfo still orphaned!
Ball has orphaned pDunkInfo!
Balls pDunkInfo still orphaned!
Can't alloc AiBallFlightInfo for this shot!
Kicker is handler
Offensive player Goaltending?!?
Goaltending a tip-in
This shot should have made it!
Premature exit from ProcBallShotBsk!
Can't AiGetTeamCollisionName for team %d!
Hey, I thought that Al was exporting quads???
Hey, I thought that Al wasn't changing surface names???
Unknown court collision surface type!
Error in court collision poly list!
Illegal court collision team name!
Extraneous hoops!
Too many post collision polys!
Too many bench collision polys!
Too many table collision polys!
Too many a_vent collision polys!
Too many a_shed collision polys!
Too many generic court collision polys!
Unknown Defensive State.Def. not covering anybody
No receiver on alley oop
No Shooter for Shot Block
Human rebounder not jumping
2ball owner on defensive team
I'm not guarding anybody
No Mark in CheckToSwitchToDefaultMark
How do I cover handler???
Selected Rebounder can't get ball
Already rebounding!
Demo end triggered at %d
Demo Game didn't end - aborted at %d
Helper in cage???
Everybody in cage???
No Inbound helper in SelectInboundHelper Scripts
Still No Inbound helper in SelectInboundHelper Scripts
No Inbound helper 2 in SelectInboundHelper Scripts
Fouling guy on own team
2nd foul called with pending foul
Who's the technical on?
No fouler in Arcade mode
No one to replace fouled out guy
Ball has pass info during JB teleport
Handler is on defense @ %d
Killing demo @ %d - %d (%d)
In Game State None
Weird Guy with Jump ball
Who turned ball over?
Stolen by 
Ref has ball during COP
Don't know which end
– Double Shot Resolution @ %d(%d), prev @ %d(TIPIN) - will resolve
Double Shot Resolution @ %d(%d), prev @ %d(%d)
Goaltending in arcade mode!
Error - forcing shooter to handler @ frame %d
Handler is NULL - who shot the ball?
Defense made shot - shooter not handler
Handler is NULL when def.  shot the ball
Can't figure out who shot ball
Defense made shot?!?
3 pt init point != final points
#init point != @final points
 - No Basket
3 Pointer by 
%s slams it home
%s lays it in
%s makes a %d footer
Who goaltended???
%s with the assist
Who goalteneded 2
pGoaltendNewTeam == NULL
No COP on Goaltend
Goaltender is on offense!
 was fouled on shot.Shot Blocked by 
%s blows the dunk
%s blows the layup
%s misses a %d footer
Shot Resolution w/o being resolved1
Double Shot Resolution - made-made
Double Shot Resolution - made-missed
Double Shot Resolution - missed-made
Double Shot Resolution - ???-???
No shot blocker on blocked shot
Arnie - miss and left hand on same frame
Got made basket rebound. gets the rebound
 team rebound
Illegal substate in GS_InPlay
No FoulShooter in Init FreeThrowing
No FoulShooter in Init FreeThrowing - part2
plyr == NULL in Init Freethrowing
Ball has pass info during FT teleport
NumFreeThrowsRemaining > NumFreeThrowsTotal
Who's shooting the free throw???
bug #1686 fixed
Who's shooting free throw???
Non-shooter has ref pass during free throw
Forcing demo end of quarter
Bug 1684 fixed
Basket won't count-Shot After time expired
Foul After time expired.Basket won't count-Shot After 24 sec clock expired
Foul before Shot - no Continuation
Technical Foul on %s-%s shooting %d
Shot Clock Violation - 
Shot clock violator is not a PLAYER
Shot clock violator is NULL
Quarter Ends with time on clock???
Handler is ball kicker
5 Second Inbound Violation
5 Second Back To Basket Violation
Traveling by 
pAiPenaltyGuy is NULL
8 Second Backcourt Violation on the 
Backcourt Violation on the 
3 Second in Key by 
Out-of-bounds, last touched by 
Illegal Game Stop Reason
Illegal substate(%d) in PlayNeedsToStop @ %d
Re-initing Free Throw State from Time out state
PlayStoppedNextGameState == GS_FreeThrowingNUM and pAiFouler == NULL
Demo Game @ EOQ - substate 0 at %d
Setting Killdemo
Demo Game aborted at %d in PS_EOQ
End of Qtr 0???
Illegal teleport Reason
3 pt shooter = NULL
Invalid 3 point contest score
3 Point Contest is Over
Stoppage of Practice Mode???
Ai Overlay Queue Full
Illegal Inbounds Loc for GameStop Reason
Valid StopGameReason???
Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward
Power Forward
On The Bench
--------Tweaked Ball Light Values--------
Top Yaw:%f
Top Pitch:%f
Top Red:%f
Top Green:%f
Top Blue:%f
Bot Yaw:%f
Bot Pitch:%f
Bot Red:%f
Bot Green:%f
Bot Blue:%f
Red Intensity:%f
Green Intensity:%f
Blue Intensity:%f
Red Ambient:%f
Green Ambient:%f
Blue Ambient:%f
--------End of Tweaked Ball Light Values--------
Simultaneous JUMP_SEND!
Bad Speed Calculation!
fRate != 0
Error in anim %d
CalculateRatesFromTimes() has set a zero rate!
Ball below Rim
FixDunkSlamPos() correcting FRM_SEND too low!
FixDunkLayupPos() correcting FRM_SEND too low!
No motion info for BlendInitialTurn!
Wierd dunk ball release in anim %d !
Dunk %s instead of %s in anim %d !
Dunk %s simultaneous with previous event in anim %d !
Attempt to set ANIM_SLOT_LEGS with an ANIM_CHILD!
Attempt to set ANIM_SLOT_xxxx with an ANIM_MASTER!
IsFinished() being called on a looping anim!
Illegal anim request %d to SetSlotBody!
This guy is going to sink into the floor!
pCurrentHCScript == NULL
Give and go doesn't have ball
No give & goer to pass back to
Giver without goer
Help, the backboard isn't vertical!
Major AI error!- Set Which user
Fixing PreCalcMotion underrun!
Why is this guy floating in mid air?
BrainState in endless loop
Brain State NOT EQUAL to ScriptPtr
Illegal BrainState in player
Bench player Sunk into ground!
Sunk into ground!
2 balls?
Player trying to move with ball held!
Bad State!
CleanUpBodyMode forcing no ball!
CleanUpBodyMode forcing normal crouch!
CleanUpBodyMode forcing bounce ball!
CleanUpBodyMode forcing protect crouch!
Brain is overriding a previous request, %d -> %d
Brain sending multiple identical requests, %d
Why AiEnsureBounceBall() without the ball!
Why AiEnsureHoldBall() without the ball!
Fixing null collision push!
Collision close to centerline!
Illegal collision push!
Human trying to CollideWithPoly2D() on a non-quad!
No opponent to censor!
No hoop to censor!
Glitch Warning!
Big Problem - See John
Action %d in can pump fake
Illegal Speed BodySpeed Code
Illegal Speed Code
Better find out why!
Calc time in past!
AiInitPass() - No ball to pass!
AiInitPass() - Ball already has pPassInfo!
AiInitPass() - Sender already has pPassInfo!
AiInitPass() - Sender has no pPassSelector!
AiInitPass() - No receiver!
AiInitPass() - Recver already has pPassInfo!
AiInitPass() - Sender has no pRecvSelector!
Can't allocate pPassInfo
AiExitPass with NULL pointer!
AiExitPass structure already free!
AiHuman::AiInitShot - Attempting to fix ball already has pShotInfo
Can't allocate pShotInfo
AiExitShot with NULL pointer!
AiExitShot structure already free!
Can't allocate pDunkInfo
AiExitDunk with NULL pointer!
AiExitDunk structure already free!
Can't allocate pBlockInfo
AiExitBlock with NULL pointer!
AiExitBlock structure already free!
Can't allocate pReboundInfo
AiExitRebound with NULL pointer!
AiExitRebound structure already free!
Can't allocate pJumpBallInfo
AiExitJumpBall with NULL pointer!
AiExitJumpBall structure already free!
Can't allocate pStealInfo
AiExitSteal with NULL pointer!
AiExitSteal structure already free!
Human has orphaned pPassInfo!
pPassInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pShotInfo!
pShotInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pDunkInfo!
pDunkInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pBlockInfo!
pBlockInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pReboundInfo!
pReboundInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pJumpBallInfo!
pJumpBallInfo still orphaned!
Human has orphaned pStealInfo!
pStealInfo still orphaned!
%Blocked after shot resolution
Offensive guy is blocking?!?
Offense got block with no pblockinfo
Defense Blocking with no pblockinfo
--> %s(%d) <---- picked --- 
    My Rating = %d, Num dunks = %d
Fixing rebound miss below ground!
Really bad tip-in error 1!
Really bad tip-in error 2!
You've got to be kidding!
Error fixing dunk motion!
Simultaneous events!
Illegal jump height
Bad State!
There is no pass-send tree to search!
There is no pass-send anim to play!
There is no pass-recv tree to search!
There is no pass-recv anim to play!
PassSend anim contains BOTH legs and body anims!
PassRecv anim contains BOTH legs and body anims!
Couldn't jump high enough to block
Couldn't jump low enough to block
Fixing block/rebound miss jump height!
Couldn't jump fast enough to block/rebound
Error in block/rebound calculation!
Good Block
Miss Block
Requested Block time is too short
Blocker doesn't know the target hoop!
How can this guy have a pBlockInfo???
Fixing illegal -ve shuffle iBodyAnimOffset!
Fixing illegal +ve shuffle iBodyAnimOffset!
Fixing illegal shuffle anim %d !
is not valid under current conditions! 
Found TipIn qualifier without pAnimInfo!
This isn't a tip-in!
What body part is this?
Where did the rebound window go?
pHuman == NULL in addtodonotavoid
Non-fatal Overflow on iDoNotAvoidCnt
Error in RemoveFromDoNotAvoidList
Desired Position is Zero
Negative Desired Position
AiProcessStatusChange fixed mode errors!
Bob - STOP pressing those damn buttons!!!
Tested Shot
is not valid under current conditions! 
CPU won't shoot behind board
Illegal Clamp angle - %10.5f
Illegal Difficulty Mode
Unable to start pass-send, aborting pass!
Unable to start alleyoop-recv, aborting pass!
Unable to start pass-recv, aborting pass!
Catcher doing non-alley-oop dunk type %d
Time now %d, dunk inited %d
Using dunk %s
Trying to pass to myself
FindSafestGuy ToPassTo truechoice is invalid
FindSafestGuy ToPassTo choice is invalid
negative time in Approx future Pos
Using pre-selected pass target
Def. Human trying to pass
%s: Out of bounds!
Illegal attribute index
Get Rating for Non-Player
Running play for nobody
Illegal substate in BS_BasicMoveAnyOffPlayer
No Pass Reason
In BS_BasicMoveAnyPlayer
Double Dribble
Start Dribbling w/o Ball
Stop Dribbling w/o Ball
Illegal base direction in Reached-Target
Handler passing to himself
Illegal pos(%d) in IRequestPass, reason=%d, frame= %d
ZIllegal Position to Pick for
pGuyToPickFor == NULL
No one to Set Pick on
Too many players open
Backcourt handler has no FrontCourtZone
Non-breaker handler without ball
Illegal Fastbreak Pass
Non-breaker with ball
Ball rack mismatch
What the fuck!
Guy has no place to sit
Illegal Call for Pick Play
Non valid player calling for pick
Could NOT find play for player calling for pick
Invalid position in Get_Playset_Posn
Big problem in CheckForValidCourtPlaysetPosn
AiResetAllInfo forced a cleanup!
Attempt to start pump-fake without the ball (1st check)!
Attempt to start pump-fake without the ball (2nd check)!
Playing Dunk %s,%d
Where is the dunk ball!
Why didn't this guy get the tip-in!
Standing catch anim contains jump!
Error in rebound recv position!
Steal outcome has changed
Exit with shot!
ProcHumanStandingRecv(): START_RECV - Already has ball!
ProcHumanStandingRecv(): PAUSE_RECV - Already has ball!
ProcHumanMovingRecv(): START_RECV - %s Already has ball!
ProcHumanMovingRecv(): BEFORE_JUMP - Already has ball!
the human
BLOCK_JUMP_FOUL_MAKE failed to connect!
Why didn't this block connect?
Disabled block of homing-ball!
Wow, this gets called!
Unknown speed!
BackdownGame error - partner not available!
Can't play partial body stumble anim!
Trying to figure team STAT_MOST_POINTS_SCORED
Illegal Games Played
Num 2 point made < 0
Num 2 point att < 0
Illegal Starting Roster Posn
Why is this guy being subbed-in?
Where are the starters?
Bench player didn't teleport
Error 1 in PlayAmbientAnimScript
Error 2 in PlayAmbientAnimScript
Error 5 in PlayAmbientAnimScript
1st Base
Trying to run same play
Illegal Chair
Player in Error State
Illegal Position is WaitSmart
Non Court player running formation based play
Passing Backcourt
Trying to pass to myself
%s(%d) passes to %s(%d)
Shooting w/o ball
No shots found
Illegal Shot Reason
Illegal Range in 3 pt shot
Trying to do Special move without ball
No pInboundReferee
Not pInboundReferee
no inbounder
Ref has ball after inbound
Ball dead during inbound
Ref function shouldn't be called
Ref anim never started
Ref anim never ended
No Inbounder in BS-Inbound ball
Where is InboundHelper???
Inbounder not at GS_ReadyToInboundNUM or PreInbound
pAiFoulShooter == NULL in ref FT state
Referee Free Throw Abort inited
Referee Cant pass to foul shooter
Ball Free in BS_RefFT - reiniting
Illegal handshake during FT
HandShake TimeOut
Timeout in BA_Passing
Too long in BrainAction Shooting
Negative Rebounders
Steal: r=%2d, f=%2d, k= %2d, s=%d
TeamShot Info Array is full
%Bad ScoringRunDisplay
Timeout called during GS_PlayNeedsToStopNUM
Illegal Min Speed
Player ID is not on this team
Sub In is NULL in SetSubPlayersToCourtPlayers
Sub In is NULL
Sub Out is NULL
in for
Subs don't match
Sub In is NULL in Checkfor Sub
Endless loop in foulshooting sub
Ball NOT in play in practice mode
Num subs available < 0
Elbow Injury
Eye Injury
Bruised Knee
Bruised Ribs
Illegal Injury display
Illegal injury type
Error in Team Injury
Can't find Injured PID in season game
Illegal injury stat index
Multiple HandShaking
Rain Action handshake problem
No one wants to shake hands with me!
Loose Man
Tight Man
2-3 Zone
High Post
Low Post
Inside Triangle
Outside Triangle
Double Team
Give & Go
Init Play
Error in InitDouble Team
Major AI error!AiUser:Enable1
Major AI error!AiUser:Enable2
Illegal Controller change -1
Illegal Controller change 1
Major AI error!-SetHuman1
Major AI error!-SetHuman2
Major AI error!-SetHuman3
UserManager already open!
UserManager already closed!
Illegal shot attempt in UserControlInbound
Illegal shot attempt in UserControlFT
Unknown speed!..Bob - I really mean it - 
STOP pressing those damn buttons!!!
Dir. Passing - stickheld != 2
%s is not a resource file!
%s is wring version!
Invalid player id %d
Invalid player index/ id (%d/%d)
Player id %d not found in the roster!
Illegal Current Roster
New CP not team XXX
Illegal Roster Reset
Not enough starters in Put StartersAtBeginningOfRoster
Illegal Created Player index
Added Created Player can't be put on list
Illegal CP index in Delete
Deleted CP is on team XXX
Restore MemCard Options were possibly corrupted - have been reset
Illegal Playoff Round Number
Could find best sereis team
Trying to set results for invalid series
Trying to figure home/away for invalid series
Illegal Best Team in SetPOteams
LA Lakers (%d)
LA Clippers (%d)
LA Lakers
LA Clippers
Season Data not set in SetPOteams
Illegal Curdata mode in Build Playoffs
--------Tweaked Light Values--------
Red Intensity:%f
Green Intensity:%f
Blue Intensity:%f
Red Ambient:%f
Green Ambient:%f
Blue Ambient:%f
Jersey Ambient:%f
Head Ambient:%f
--------End of Tweaked Light Values--------
No joypad attached  - starting CPU vs CPU!
Only 1 Joypad Attached - starting 1 Player game
Warning:CalcObjectLoDs()- FoV is too small!:%f
Load time: %g secs
Illegal Pause Team
Setting Arcade Mode Lighting
Setting Sim Mode Lighting
no camera target
Frame = %d
FoV = %d
Yaw = %d
Pitch = %d
Cam = %d, %d, %d
-------- start copying after this line --------
-------- end copying at previous line --------
MTHPPlayer unable to open %s
Warning : frame offsets not supported
Warning : file format is newer than player
MTHPPlayer.c : Unable to open file %s
MTHPPlayer has fallen behind!
Failed to open movie
Trying to load non-loaded Created Players
Illegal slot for inserting loaded player
Weight too low
Weight too high
Overall rating error
Load time: %d
Illegal CP index in Init
CP Mark SlotNum > MAX
CP Mark SlotNum < 0
Edit %c. %s?
Deleting %c. %s will also delete him from all rosters. Are you sure?
Trying to set accessory color for invalid control!
Create: %d
Read: %d
Write: %d
MemCard File size has changed - Data is invalid
MemCard File check sum error - Data is invalid
MemCard File Version has changed - Data is invalid
MemCard Options are possibly Corrupt
MemCard File Usage Error - Where does data go?
CMemCardTask::Process_LoadDelete(): Unknown state.  Defaulting to STATE_LOAD
CEditLineupTask::Deinit(): Unknown Team Type!
CEditLineupTask::Setup(): Unknown Team Type!
CurSetupOptions = NULL
CurSetupOptions ==== NULL
Illegal Season game mode
CSeasonSetupTask::Process() -> No user Season teams have been found!
CSeasonSetupTask::Process() -> No user Champion teams have been found!
CPlayoffsTask::SetOpenThisTab(): Didn't set pad index before entering transactions!
Defaulting to pad 0
CPlayoffsTask::SetOpenThisTab(): Didn't set pad index before entering Reorder Starters!
CSeasonScheduleTask::SetOpenThisTab(): Didn't set pad index before entering transactions!
CSeasonScheduleTask::SetOpenThisTab(): Didn't set pad index before entering Reorder Starters!
CReorderStarters::Process(): Unknown pad index of %d
Defaulting to 0
Illegal team in schedule
CTransactions::Process(): Unknown pad index of %d
CThreePointContestTask::GetNextAvailablePlayerIndex(): Couldn't get next available player!
CThreePointContestTask::GetPrevAvailablePlayerIndex(): Couldn't get previous available player!
CSimManager::Init(): CurDataMode == NULL, so defaulting to season mode
ShSimulation.cpp: Unknown player position!  Defaulting to POSN_C
CSimManager::InitTeam(): FATAL ERROR!!! pPlayer == NULL for player id %d
Error correcting
Sim Team no have 12 players
Couldn't find Alt Stat for special player id %d
CSimManager::SaveScore(): What mode are we in?
This is not the UniformGfx file!
Uniforms.GFX is not Dolphin format!
Uniforms.GFX is wrong version!
No Jersey for this player!
Error correcting to Lakers jersey
This is not the PlayerGfx file!
Player.GFX is not Dolphin format!
Player.GFX is wrong version!
Bad comment group!
Too many comment choices!
%s is not a Speech Data file!
%s is not in PC format!
%s is wrong version!
%s is not a Post file!
%s is not Dolphin format!
%s is wrong version!
%s is not a Net file!
Warning: CPost::HandOnRim() called before the post has damped down from the last dunk
stadium.cpp.%s is not a Stadium file!
%s is not Dolphin format!
%s is wrong version!